Saturday, February 04, 2006

Swear word mil gaya

We hold these truths to be self evident: That all words are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among which is the right to life — to simply exist free of harassment; liberty — the right to be seen and spoken freely and used whenever deemed desirable. And happiness — the special joy that comes when they happen to say best what is in one's heart.
- The Bawdy Manifesto

Why do people swear? Most people start because it makes them feel cool and grown up to use 'forbidden' language. But in time, these words become a sort of short-code to express certain emotions - anger, frustration, amazement.

Swear words are extremely 'all-purpose' and can usually be moulded to fit into any mood or situation. As Bawdy Manifesto believes, "Few other words have their force, directness, or clarity of meaning".

While all cultures and languages have these words, some use them more freely. And the use of swear words in art forms like music and movies remains a contentious issue.

Hollywood uses swear words - so does the music industry, especially with the advent of rap and hip-hop. Parental concerns are addressed by rating films using expletives PG-13 or R. And albums with the 'parental advisory - explicit lyrics' sticker.

Gaali gaali mein shor hai...
No new information so far - so why write about it now? Well, two reasons. As film makers seek to make movies which reflect 'youth culture' how do they get around this problem? You want dialogues which embody how people actually speak but if you do that, the censors will go bleep bleep bleep!

The scriptwriters of Rang de Basanti solved this problem by getting creative. They coined entirely new phrases like 'Teri maa ki aankh' and 'Behn de takey' to convey the actual swear words... And it was pretty amusing and effective I must say!

On the other hand the song 'Sutta na Mila' by Pakistani band Zeest - a current campus cult - actually uses MCs and BCs and gets away with it because it's been 'released' only as an MP3. XLRI band Bodhitree's song GMD (G**** mein Danda) is also quickly spreading from PC to PC.

Whether you like it or not, it is a trend to take note of. I've explored the issue in greater detail in my new column on Desi bands to swear by

Beyond the literal
Personally, I'm not into swear words - or smoking - but I quite like these songs for the spirit they represent. The words, I think, simply add an extra 'underground' appeal. Part of the overall package.

As lyricist and lead vocalist Skip of Zeest says, " I created this satirical, comical, slang song just for fun, but I always wanted to compose a song that could reflect my life story and that of other optimistic losers too. The song is so popular only because every average “tapori bachcha” can relate to it".

Here's to more songs by unknown, talented bands, outside the realm of ishq vishq pyaar vyaar. Songs with or without swear words that junta can relate to!


  1. /*
    I created this satirical, comical, slang song just for fun, but I always wanted to compose a song that could reflect my life story and that of other optimistic losers too. The song is so popular only because every average “tapori bachcha” can relate to it

    What the world has come to ? I miss the days when good lyrics was
    a necessary part of songs...
    "dil ki yeh aarzoo thi koi"
    "choudavi kaa chaand ho"...

    hmmmm (sigh)...

  2. new phrases like 'Teri maa ki aankh' and 'Behn de takey' ....

    These phases are not new. They have been revived in 'Rang De ...'.

    As far as i can remember Shakti kapoor used 'Behn ke takey' and 'Maa ke takey' in many movies.
    I have also heard Mithun use this in a movie ... while his all time favourite was 'Teri jaat ka bichu maaron'.

  3. I listened to both od above stated songs. Sutta na Mila and GMD. I didn't like these songs.

    You being a woman liked these songs!

    I think slangs are bad. There is no necessity of such songs. These come under C grade category.

    I think those students who like these songs, are not actually good students.
    They are sick or must have problem in them.

    Don't spread such bad things.

  4. At the time of its release, GMD was one of the most popular songs in IIT Kharagpur. Though we are used to songs/poetries of such genre, most of the compositions were either very short compositions (like 'Pinky' from IIMA, though it was later attributed to a different origin) or were very unprofessional. BodhiTree's GMD, 'Sabka Katega', etc. were both complete as well as professional(ly recorded). They have been successful in a level of what private releases into colleges would allow, but I doubt whether they would get clearance to launch them commercially. It is possible to release albums like 'Asshole' in USA, but anything equivalent would be heavily dealt upon by the government or the 'moral police'.

  5. Behen de Takkey, Maa ki aankh etc. are pretty ancient. :) But very Dilli. We don't dare to use it in Bombay. :))

  6. :-)
    I had heard XL Ki Kudiyan before. Now i am hearing the rest. Do i appreciate the lyrics? Now that is something i need to ponder on. Being an REC engg. student i can assure you swear words is part and parcel of your life. They start a sentence and ends a sentence. They are the beauty of the whole line. So can they be sung outside campus? Not really. In college these words are used for the heck of it. No meaning or conotation is meant when they are used. This cannot be guranteed when used outside. Do i like their music? It is nice...good...But i think they can do better by composing and writing better songs than writing crap and thinking they represent the youth because i really don't think they do. End of the day music and its lyrics are individual choice, any one can write lyrics, the deciding factor is whether they are good or bad.

  7. Thanks for the songs! My friends were raving about GMD and Sutta, so I wanted to see what the big deal was. Amusing.

    Swear words are definitely an essential part of language, and regarding the 'quality of the lyrics' argument, low-brow songs exist in every generation, and even they are generally necessary (as necessary as something of this sort can be). They provide a compliment to the 'quality' songs, after all.

  8. A common song that u'll want to sing along when you are drunk and want to make a noise.
    "Alice, who the F*** is Alice?"

  9. Swear words and acne ridden teens, you cannot seperate the two, Can you imagine an ID Rock without 'Start the Fuckin' Music'? Not that I am pro-fanity ;) In many ways a band wants to stand out and what better way than to stir up a controversy? Checked out the new site, it looks awesome! have you changed the design of the inner pages as well? Will trawl around a bit and let you knw. Psst did you read by Rang De take?

  10. I've heard "maa ki aankh" being used a whole lot in Delhi. It wasn't really coined by the Rang de Basanti Swear Team!

  11. I think it comes down to the fact that there's a time and place for everything, and if you're with college buddies, *especially* if they're Punjabi, swearing is as much a part of ettiquete as is a well pressed shirt for a job interview.

    For those interested in the "psychology" of swearing, read Broca's Brain by Carl Sagan, which offers an interesting viewpoint on why we swear.

  12. Hi Rashmi,
    I am a grt fan of ur blog :)
    ur Thoughts are really grt and ur postings in the blog really reflect the exact things at the exact time.

    Yeah as u said "Sutta naa mila" and G***d mei Danda" are the favourite numbers here among our students and we, the whole batch in our college sung it together during the cultnite.

  13. Unrelated :

    found it ironic that a guy who drinks , drives and then goes on to kill a person is giving doses of ethics and social responsibilities to the media

    hes out on bail and things are just fine!

  14. hmmm....though these songs have good entertainment value, the ease with which they are available and the harm it can cause to impessionable young minds is quite scary...No parent would like his kid going around saying "yaar, aaj mere papa ne mere gaand main danda ghusa diya"....
    But personally, i like both the songs... maybe they reflect how some(if not most) of the college crowd (i'm willing to bet my life that it's the male population that these songs speak of) thinks :)

  15. Hi,
    If you go by the words and use it literally then probably you will draw unwanted attention and censorship (in movies).
    But if you happen to say it as any other word in your day to day life,then I don't see it the wrong way. Well let me put it this way,you are fresh out of college and you love those 4 and 5 lettered words and they are used in your langauge quite frequently but with time,one matures and you don't use those.I studied in the Southern belt and graduated from REC,Surathkal and there a very common word is "chumma" it is used for everything such as "chumma class ditch kiya","chumma yaar" (when I am with a female class mate),all these doesn't make me insane or bad character guy. It just adds to the youth culture.
    Nice post,Rashmi :-)

  16. I thot the bands that did "Sutta" and "GMD de" were the same i.e Zeest. Am i missin' sumthin' here?

  17. I havent heard both the afore mentioned songs...but i think i more get the gist of the conversation.
    Rashmi i've heard a lot of my panju friends use "bahen dey takey" pretty often...dont think its new...

  18. Anonymous8:47 PM

    ohh now i get what that was all about... in the university i used to study in , there was a formal event by international students showcasing their culture.. and this one guy came to the stage and started singing and suddenly going bc mc bc mc..of course, the americans didn't get it, but those who did went red in the face...

  19. hey ...just so you know maa ki aankh and behen ke take are not innovative ameliorations of curse words ..they have been there a long time...they werent invented by the rang de basanti scriptwriters :)

  20. I'm enormously amused by the commentor who thinks that you as a woman should be morally outraged. Because women don't swear and have higher standards of morality than men, right?

  21. Let me say that was a good article.

    Swearing is a part and parcel of our daily lives. We hear it on the road, on the bus, in the campus etc. Then why do not we hear it in films. Directors show crap in their sleazy films and they become fricking hits. So why not use swear words in songs as it is indicative of the society we live in.

    I swear that I shall swear.

  22. Anonymous11:11 AM

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  23. Hi,

    I learnt swear words and used them for the first time in my engineering days (Believe it or not). Then onwards, I used them frequesntly in my MBA and at work (with only guys around). However, as I sat thinking one day abt the usage of these swear words, I thought that god has not given me a tongue to use it for such words, whose meaning is absolutely bad and which we really dont mean, I started holding myself back when temptatio nwas to use such words out of sheer habit. Then owards, I stopped swear words all together and am happy for doing so. I think that while you are right that youths do enjoy usage of bad words, it is media which has to take and show some responsibility to ensure that people actually beocme mature enough to understand that swear words are a gross waste of time and actually bring you nothing but disrespect and fights. Often I see on the streets small children using these words without ever knowing what these words mean and I feel sad for them. So while you are lauding the youth brigade for their bold lyrics in songs, we also should own up to some responsibility to propogate positive thoughts in the youth than encouraging such negative thoughts. today when I look back at my college days when I used these words abundantly, I am ashamed of myself for embarassing others in public places. So while I always appreciate your blog, Rashmi, I strongly regret this particular blog for the sheer tone of 'chalta hai' regarding usage of such swear words.

  24. was @goa recently with friends...sutta sounds gr8 if u just substitute BC with raincoat and MC with jerkin...v were actually thinkin up of alternatives 4 BC/MC to sing in a public place witout gettin beaten up...raincoat/jerkin seemed to d song seems even better as it can easily b sung anywhere witout actually offending any1 in particular

  25. Well let me add another dimension to the usage of swear words in campus and in friends circle.

    The choicest of the swear words are always meant for best friends.I mean I can't remember any day when friends will meet together in a simple desi way and say "namaskar" to each other.I remeber having competitions between batches and also have a swear antakshari.

    For us BC,MC and GMD was always a part of college campus."XLde kudiyaan" and" XL meri jaan and "Sutta na mila " are something which generations co relate to the fun which people have had in college.

    The Manipal version of Summer of 69 is another song which comes to my mind which has become hugely popular cause songs like these strike a chord with a complete batch and it lingers in our mind for a long time to come.

    I guess Enimen would really be proud of the "Sutta" GMD song.... Perhaps its not the literal meaning of the word which matters but the kick one gets out of its usage is what makes it really COOL.

  26. just adding to the TMKA-is-not-an-original-RDB-creation thread: Rajnikant kept spouting that in CHAALBAAZ.

  27. Heard both the songs as well as the XL ki Kudiyan one. Bodhi Tree has amazing lyrics and feel - this band is going to better Zeest.
    And to this Anil guy, I love both the songs, and I guess people think I am a good student. Don't see what the problem with swearing should be - getting dissed with just because of a word is simply stupid.

  28. Your post reminds me of what former minister and journalist Arun Shourie did. He exposed a former deputy prime minister's foul language by printing it on the front page of Indian express.

    To some, such language comes naurally. Some pick it up the way one picks up a mother tongue.

    Films have a genuine problem and Rang de Basanti have shown a cute way out.

    Though such language can never be condoned, some extremem situations bring them out. I am suprised that none of the top bloggers mentioned in blogstreet use swear words. I would not be surprised if such language would be used against them though undesirable.
    Beginners must be encouraged in all fields.

  29. It would be a pleasure to read all your posts but it is not possible because of time constraits. I wish it were possible to categorize posts in blogger to enable one to see at least those posts where one's interests lies.

    You really have a unique expresion and are doing a great job.Keep it up.

  30. I do not like these songs, because they are remarkably poor in musical or entertainment values. What they do represent however, is a remarkable paucity of content, especially in music and movies, that the Indian college going student can relate to. Does not mean that we have an entire generation using swear words, but profanity is a part of youth, and the brashness that comes with it.

  31. goin by the dubious 1 will agree 2 ur pnt 4 i read sm commentz yes 'sutta', 'GMD' & 'mamoo' as well plenty more viz 'jhoom barabar' ... r splendid creationz f the superior brain...itz nt child's play creatin such trcks 4 mass appeal jus by smearin swear wrds n slangs... m nt advocating the y shy away frm thngz we say n do evry hr...atleast i do..n i c ppl doin bt non-admissible et sm pnt... newes it least bothrs as lng as U NJOI the LYRICS n the SPIRIT... dis topic has already invitd plenty many coffe tbl discs...nt 1 more plzzz..atlst 4 christ's n Mutt's sake let the creative stint flow...(unlike ppl like Ramadoss again come up with sm health hazards for use of swear wordz...).. keep bloggn Rashmi... btw hwz da 'NITRUTSAV'???

  32. goin by the dubious 1 will agree 2 ur pnt 4 i read sm commentz yes 'sutta', 'GMD' & 'mamoo' as well plenty more viz 'jhoom barabar' ... r splendid creationz f the superior brain...itz nt child's play creatin such trcks 4 mass appeal jus by smearin swear wrds n slangs... m nt advocating the y shy away frm thngz we say n do evry hr...atleast i do..n i c ppl doin bt non-admissible et sm pnt... newes it least bothrs as lng as U NJOI the LYRICS n the SPIRIT... dis topic has already invitd plenty many coffe tbl discs...nt 1 more plzzz..atlst 4 christ's n Mutt's sake let the creative stint flow...(unlike ppl like Ramadoss again come up with sm health hazards for use of swear wordz...).. keep bloggn Rashmi... btw hwz da 'NITRUTSAV'???

  33. Hi,
    Sorry for the red-herring. Just came across this article:

    would be gr8, if you could throw some light on the matters discussed there.

  34. hello all,

    has anyone heard this song called vertigo (no, not U2, this one is Indian). It has sanskrit shlokas played to heavy rock, plus opening English stanzas. Wonderful sound, though I am sounding cliched.

    It goes something like "Do you believe it ..." and then the Ganesh mantra,then the Gayatri mantra and then the Hare Krishna chant.

    For whatever you guys call me, Kulashaker , the british band who once mixed Krishna hymns, WAS GOOD. They had a good sound, though many of my friends thought it wasnt, particularly the secular types. ( My liking it has nothing to do with secularism or lack of it, it just sounds good ).

    It sounds better after a couple of beers. If these guys become a hit, we can say that it can start a rage in Indian rock.

    (not Pakistani rock, so dont consider the repititive Strings. they have been using the same guitar riff for over 4 years, song after song ).

  35. This reminds me of one of my friends from college days who used to say "Saale Makhanchor Bansuriwaale" to all those who used to take offence when we used MCs and BCs for them ..

    And if somebody objected he would innocently say "What?? I am saying name of god!!" .. :)

  36. Swearing (verbal Diarrhea) is a habit like bed-wetting or nose-picking. Evolved ones grow out of it. The lesser humans die with it. Every now & then while driving you see well dressed, elderly people in high-end model cars cutting lanes like an ill behaved professional driver or a ill-bred young person. These are examples of people who never grow out of their bad habits. It is mostly a function of pedigree. We have all been through collage using swearwords. Some feel embarrassed at the memory (function of pedigree) & some condone it as youthful exuberance (again function of pedigree). And Indian culture, education & society do not help in this toilet training.

  37. Dun care what the others say or do...
    neither am i in to swearin or smokin... but the song - suttah na mila... is jus 2gud.... its not a cult... its kinda devine to a few i know... haha... u jus play the track once... n ur lips ll sing along... the ALTER EGO hits in! play it once for my cuzin n day long he ll be talking the same way.... mein khana khaaya... hajam na hua... g* mein se... he goes on n on.... It has the EFFEX! ;)

  38.  Rise & shine don’t stand up & stink.

  39.  Rise & shine don’t stand up & stink.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Maa kee Aankh was a Rajnikanth creation. Please see Chaalbaaz if you want to be sure. Please dont take away the novelty of Rajni. RDB was a good movie. But it was Rajni all the way for that curse word.

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