Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jal - damp squib in concert

A band has a couple of hit songs. It decided to quickly 'cash in' by giving a bunch of concerts. Now this never really happened in India, until now. What's more it's Pakistani band 'Jal' that's leading the way.

It began with 'Woh lamhe' setting the charts on fire. Then came Aadat, and Jal became more than a one-hit wonder. Next thing you know, the band is on a blistering schedule of concerts all over India. 20 performances in 25 days flat - in the current month.

So far, so good. The trouble is, the band is making a huge mess of it. As they airdash from Delhi (3 Feb) to Bangalore (4 Feb) to Rourkela (5 Feb) - the same feedback echoes from across venues. Jal is a disaster. The band is simply unable to hold - let alone enthuse - the crowd.

Delayed, lacking energy and spunk, poor choice of songs, poor singing contributed in making the first half i.e the Jal half of the show worth not even the cheap entry fees that were being charged.
- report from IIM Bangalore festival, Unmaad (4 Feb)

An identical scenario was replayed at NIT Rourkela the next day. The band arrived 4 hours behind schedule to start the concert scheduled for 9 pm at 1 am! The 3000 strong crowd was somehow held together with the NIT band 'Euphony' putting up an unscheduled performance. The crowd grew restless and angry, hungry and cold.

And yet, when Jal finally arrived, the crowd stood up and roared - forgetting about those frozen fingers and toes. All was forgiven, as junta swayed to 'Woh lamhe'. And then, the trouble began.

The band sang some of the other, relatively unknown songs from their album. Slow ballads, all sounding the same. Smart alecs called for the 'Taansens' to stop their torture. Many in the audience got up and left - after all, they'd heard the one song that really mattered.

Sadly, at this point a fuse blew out and so did my patience. I too left the venue.

Deliver or else...
A much anticipated show turned out to be a huge letdown. And I think Jal is squarely to blame.

First of all, professioanlism demands that the band arrive on time. That you were in Bangalore the night before is not an acceptable excuse. Don't commit, if you can't manage the logistics.

The band later claimed they had been told by their event management company that Rourkela is only a 4 hour drive from Calcutta. Yeah right! It takes close to 8 hours - by train. Given the road conditions in Orissa, it actually took them 14.

Secondly, having arrived at the concert - at least then, the band should have given the audience paisa vasool. If you are a relatively new band with only a couple of hit songs, fine. Showcase them. But be open to singing other popular songs to keep the crowd on its feet.

As Prasoon Gupta reported for JAM from IIM Ahmedabad's Chaos festival where both Jal and another Pakistani band Strings performed:
Somehow, it was Strings which made the day – not only did they sing their originals but they even performed a medley with songs from DCH, Sholay, etc. and the crowds kept tapping their feet....Strings carried along the cricket mood into their erformance too – they not only spoke of ongoing matches but also played a little cricket right on the stage and hit many balls into the air for public.

Contrast that attitude with Jal, who chose to sing a sonorous new composition they'd penned in memory of 'earthquake' victims.

Given that Jal were charging around Rs 2.5 lakhs, the organisers effectively ended up paying them about a lakh of rupees to hear two hit songs. That's about 10 minutes worth of 'entertainment' and another 1 hour of we-sing-you're-forced-to-listen.

Repeat value
You get away with it once... But if you're in this business the fun lies in being called back again and again. And that is definitely not going to be the case with Jal.

This is especially true of the college circuit.There are 7 IITs, 6 IIMs and 18 NITs -all of whom hold festivals with big enough crowds and budgets to hold pro-nites. This year Jal and Sivamani/ Indian Ocean have been permanent fixtures at a large number of these fests. Past favourites include Euphoria and the old warhorse Parikrama.

Given that these fests mostly take place between Dec-Feb, there's a cool Rs 50 lakhs or so to be made over these 2 months if a band does about 20-25 such concerts. The issue is that even if one band performs very well, the college would like someone different the next year. Which is why Jal was snapped up at all venues.

But given that Euphoria has a reputation for pleasing the crowds, the wheel will turn full circle and they will be in demand next year once again. Jal, certainly won't.

The Atif Aslam angle
Of course, part of Jal's desperation lies in their need to be seen as the 'real' Jal, minus their lead singer Atif Aslam.

Aslam started his High School in PAF College Lahore, where he played cricket and became interested in music. He paired with a guitarist named Gohar Mumtaz, and the two performed for their college and at restaurants, later calling themselves "JAL" which means water.

The pair recorded Aadat together - it became extremely popular. But then Aslam left Jal and went solo with an album called 'Jal Pari'. The songs Woh Lamhey, Dil Haarey on this album were smash hits. Later, Mahesh Bhatt asked Atif Aslam for permission to use 'Woh Lamhey' in Zeher and the rest is history.

Meanwhile 'Jal' with Gohar Mumtaz and band members Farhan, Shazi also released an album with Woh lamhey, Aadat etc. So who is the real 'Jal'? Did Atif 'steal' Woh lamhe? Or did he, as a co-creator, simply exercise his rights?

Since the issue remains unresolved, the producers of Kalyug cleverly included both Aatif and Jal's versions of Aadat in their film. Mukesh-Anil, Atif-Gohar - the battles continue...

Bottomline: Jal is talented enough to survive without Atif . But talent alone is not enough. By being greedy and unprofessional on their concert blitzkrieg the band is losing fans and goodwill.

Their own lyrics sum up the current sentiment, "Na jaane kab se umeedein kuch baaki hain..."


  1. they are coming to my college - Amity school of communication on saturday. We have a rock fest happening during the Big Picture!

    I hope they dont bore us.... and screw up the singing...

  2. I've heard Jal's album Aadat and they have got a number of good songs. The two you mentioned plus Panchi, Bikhra Hoon Main and Ik Din Aayega. And these are the only ones I've heard. So I wonder why they didn't play those.

    I don't think bands which play concerts should keep playing 'Dil Chahta Hai', 'Humdum Suniyo Re' and other popular songs. That is what KK did this year at IITKs pro-nite this year. He got a lukewarm response. The response of course, was much better than the one to Indian Ocean the year before when they played only originals, most of which were unknown.

    Euphoria is, as you said, pretty good. They play original compositions, interspersing them with some good popular songs and some crap. Of course, Palash Sen is also very good with the crowd and that goes a long way.

  3. Rashmi
    Don't have much of an opinion of Jal except a couple of their songs are pretty good. But yeah, a rock show is a lot more than just about a band's music and Parikrama can definitely show a thing or two to all band's on how to work hard on stage.
    A small grouse that you missed out mentioning my Alma Mater, BITS Pilani when you mentioned "college fests across IITs, IIMs and NITs". "OASIS" rocks for 120 hrs. non-stop every year and anyone who's been there can vouch for that.
    ~Just a nostalgic-once-upon-a-time-BITSian :)

  4. Of the BIG ones that perform in colleges - Parikrama, Indian Ocean and Euphoria rule the roost. They are brilliant! I must have heard each of them at least a few times in concert, and have come out feeling completely drained of vocal chords! :)

  5. As u cud c Rashmi, from the comments, tht ppl who hv heard JAL dont hv such bad opinions abt them. I hv downloaded their album AADAT, n frankly speaking, it rocks. It is far better than the usual stuff doled out in Indian Rock these days.The songs sound really good after listening a few times.The youth crowd can relate to lot of their lyrics.

    But yes, singing is another aspect as compared to performing. Performance is very important, esp. in places like college fests, where ppl r hyper enthu. U just dont give them wht they expect, n they wud not take seconds to defame u, or berate u. I hv not seen JAL performing, but going by your account, i wud say they need 2 learn this aspect sooner than later, if they want 2 b a hit. Also, i feel they wudnt hv such experience in Pakistan, dealing with such a large crowd. Thus they r a bit inexperienced on stage.

    Secondly, I wud say tht concerts are all abt songs which r famous. Ppl come 2 enjoy there, do karaoke singing, bang their heads etc etc. So, if they cud get songs they hv heard, to which they can also shout along, then they feel their money well spent. Of course, the band cud chip in with one or two of their unknown or new songs. But when a band is relatively unknown, n hv only a few songs in public, it is then the problem starts.
    But it is a difficult riddle for bands like JAL who hv only a few songs in public and the one way they can make their songs heard is thro. concerts like these.I feel they wud hv 2 lift up their performance, n follow some basic discipline to come back.

    N I wud again say,the band is not bad. If they work hard on non-singing aspects, they wud surely b a hit in India.They need to connect with the audience as an imperative.
    "Faasle jo mit na saake.
    Un Faaslo ko simatna hai."


  6. At NIT, Surat (formerly REC, Surat), we had concerts by Euphoria, Shaan, Udit Narayan, Abhijeet.
    By far with biggest margin, Euphoria is THE favorite. We liked it so much that we have already called them 3 times to perform at the college.

    The best thing about Euphoria is that they not only play their hit songs, they play other popular songs and some famous rock hits from West.
    They are extremely high energy people and you can see that energy reflecting in the crowd. Simply the best! :)


  7. Euphoria is one of the best Indian bands ever.I've seen them perform at RAIT(Horizons) twice and the energy levels on stage are just insane.However,it's sad that they have to cover done-to-death numbers like 'It's My Life'.The classics though are another matter...

  8. Woh Lamhe was a good track I liked, interesting to read the full story of the people behind the music. Live performance is a different ball game alltogether. Not everybody can pull that off. Sometimes, early success creates an illusion of self which is far from reality!

    First time here. You have got some serious stuff going on here. Will visit again. Cheers.

  9. u r right rashmi in saying that bands like euphoria ,indian ocean are in demand every year in the fest circuit,
    This year too at IIT KHARAGPUR both euphoria and shankar mahadevan rocked the full house

  10. rashmi
    having attended a few (15-20!)college rock concerts in my college and BSchooldays (its been a while must confess), and enjoyed the likes of Parikrama and Palash/Euphoria, one also gets the sense that the good "performers" also treat the colleges as good businesses will their customers, i.e be flexible to their requests(covers, popular songs, interaction on stage), spend some time knowing what the crowd wants in advance, and of course be professional by being on time.

    this is the least a band wanting to have colleges as clients can attempt to do. the good thing for JAL and their fans would be if they unlearn and change FAST. the mood is currently all for their brand of rock, the typiucal pakistani music-lyrical and full of great rhythms, but they can soon be on the recieving end

    Anish aka QuizLab

  11. Only after reading your post I came to know why Kalyug had two tracks of the same song... I don't know much about JAL and have only seen their performances in TV News Channels :-) Yeah, they show it everyday... But I simply love "Woh Lamhe"... That song alone ROCKS!

  12. Hey Rashmi,
    I'm from MGIT hyderabad. Super blog. Just saved me 3 lakh rs.
    Was planning to get them down for my college fest.

  13. hi rashmi.

    I was the organiser of the indian musical night at my institute and this was what Jal's manager told me: "I wont be responsible for any stone pelting that takes place during the show, the guys come on stage completely drunk, have very low energy levels and aren't worth even 25k...forget about 2 lacs that these people are currently charging". We finally had Strings for the show and needless to say, the night rocked.

    Lots of Luck to all Jal lovers.

  14. I have just started to write blogs. But writing has been my passion. Your articles are cool. Keep writing. I dont know much about JAL. But I am a great fan of Rehman A R. Musicians should not be money oriented. Its a lovely ... Godly ... art. Hope good music creators come up!

  15. hey rashmi,
    I am from the affected institute in question, NIT rourkela. And story didnt just end after you and the audience leaving. What followed was a mass pandemonium as everyone, right from the organisers, to the dean and the student convenor playing the blame game.
    Of course we ended up losing 7 lacs in cash and there still are a lot of rumors and long tales going around. Yours is the only article which tries to point the stick to JAL. Nice to read that.

    hopefully they will learn from their mistakes and put up better shows for the moolah they are raking in.


  16. Hey Rashmi!!
    Its quite true that Jal is messing around too much. Recently in IIT Guwahati's cultural festival 'Alcheringa' Jal denied to perform just 3 days before the show inspite that the agreement was signed weeks earlier. But finally we ended up with a splendid performance by STRINGS. Strings is simply superb.


  17. Well written :)

    they were really bad n my friends curse them even today when they remember that day's performance at Chaos - thank god STRINGS was there which did a saviour act for IIMA ..

  18. I am from pune and Jal were here yesterday for a concert and the concert sucked. big time.

  19. Jal's album was released in Pakistan in 2004 and was available in India for a while at that time as well. So for someone like me who has been listening to their music for nearly 2 years...Jal isn't really a 'new' band. In fact, I'm surprised it took so long for India to recognise their talent and i'm glad they are finally performing here. So i don't really agree with you when you say that they decided to quickly cash in with a bunch of concerts. I think they finally found an opening in India and are finally showcasing songs that have been popular for well over a year, in Pakistan and among some fans in India (like me:-)).

  20. hey rashmi
    c wen u go to a concert of a "certain band" u go there to listen to THEIR songs. as a jal fan , all the songs on their album are good and their concerts rock. im my opiniun like many others, they are better in concert, which is why people are still flocking to their concerts (even if they are on their"concert blitzkreig"). if u like jus 2 songs by them den u r NOT A JAL FAN n wat d hell r u doin at their concert neway?? go home n watch MTV 2 listen to jus their 2 songs..allright???

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  22. OK I DISAGREE..!!
    1.Like WHO doesnt want to earn money woman..!! Its not everyday that a band makes it big in India, that too a "relatively new" one... so well if tehy wanna ride on their success and perform.. whats YOUR issue..!??! ive attended more than a couple of their performances, and i for one did not happen to think they "lacked energy".. as a matter of fact its a welcvome chnage, one better than seeing a flabby Palash sen jumpin round on stage n strippin off his shirt.

    2. I've watched Strings in concert too. ummm .. NO GOOD..!! not for an 18 year old.. no thanks. i mean they ahve a couple of songs n thats it, n NO I DONT WANNA LISTEN TO DIL CHAHTA HAI at a concert. if i wanted to id go n watch sum dork on INDIAN idol do that..!!

    3.To make(/proove) my point. the day i watched Jal in concert at gargi, i went n got their CD the next day. the day i watched EUPHORIA in cencert. i THANKED god i didnt own their CD.!

  23. hey rashmi,
    nice to say u were frustrated.....u shud have seen the crowd getting mad behind you ppl jus walked out as they were singing out their sad jokes still being made on them and circulated.....well it was hard to control ppl wwho were waiting since 9pm and hungry and cold......yet after the concert of 45 min was painfully ended the paisa vasool gang went on asking for more and they were asked to come back to stage.....well we can say to ppl who get jal to their coll only 1 thing: - make sure they r not performing anywhere else previous day......and they are at venue at least 2-3 hrs b4

  24. hi Rashmi,

    now one can definitely say tht u were frustrated wid the show all ends up. and i dont blame u at all.. JAL has made a disgusting impression when it comes to performing in front of a good music-loving crowd. they might be singing better than a lot of ppl, but they surely do not know how to keep a crowds attention..

    they had a show a couple of days back in ELYSIUM, Pune.. as usual, they were late.. and ofcourse, the reason given was that they were stuck in a traffic jam. however, no 1 was smart enuff to realise that exactly 5 min prior to the announcement, it was told to the jam-packed ground, that JAL was in the green room.. Traffic, green room??? how many JALs were there in the Green Room????

    Ah, they finally arrive..half of the crowd didnt even recognize them. but wat do they come and do?? a half an hour sound check?? wow... now thts time wasting. and to no use.. then they start off wid WO LAMHEY (I)... crowd goes ballistic.. gr8 start.. hats off to them for such a composition.. next 3 songs, GOD KNOWS!!!!! ans wat was inexcusable was the number of SOUND CHECKS done between each song.. dude, u want more money, is it???

    crowd continued wid the foot-tapping, head banging, and all sorts of stuff done in a potential rock concert, only to entertain themselves.. bcoz the guys paid to do so, werent doin it one bit.. for god's sake, ppl including me, were yawning durin the show, and a frnd of mine started playin football wid a coke can at the back of the crowd.. gr8 show mates!!!!!!

    the only highlight of the show was when the lead guitarist took over the acoustic guitar, and strumming it like when DHONI bludgeons the ball again any bowling attack.. way to go!!!

    ah, now comes the worst situation for JAL in the show. next day was INDIA vs PAK, 3rd ODI.. and JAL come and announce tht PAK is gonna win.. now u don do tht on INDIAN SOIL.. immediately, they were deafened to the sounds of "INQUILAB ZINDABAD","INDIA" and "SIMON GO BACK".. and guess who was speechless.. to pacify the patriotic crowd, they started wid their final song, ADDAT..widout ATIF ASLAM.. but good job done..

    so finally, sleepy as we were, we returned back to our resp places, happy to get over wid this lousy show.. RASHMI, this show was a deja-vu of wat u have written to u, and i congratulate u for doing so.. good job done...

    and to those who hve commented negatively abt EUPHORIA and STRINGS, its time u hear some MUSIC..

  25. In response to Kaushik's comment...
    i was there at the pune concert too but have different opinions. the late thing was of course a put off. besides that...
    1. After woh lamhe, the 'GOD KNOWS' songs they were performing were their other original compositions...which any original band does at a normal concert. sadly crowd in pune is not very open to originality (that is why they were raving at vertigo's note-perfect covers..which were boring shite in my opinion). The reason they kept doing sound checks in the middle was coz the sound system was not up to the mark so they had to adjust their performance to make the most of a bad sound system.
    2.Abt Jal saying that Pak is gonna win the was a gutsy step but c'mon he just said Pak is gonna win the match! what do u expect a pakistani to say...india is gonna win?? i've said "pak shud win" a zillion times inspite of being indian. it is all in good faith. all that 'simon go back' shit is just stupid (also the slogan doesnt apply to pakistanis). i understand cricket is a religion for most of the kids out there...but seriously, chill out and dont make a mountain out of a molehill. And they didnt sing aadat to 'pacify' the crowd. They were gonna sing it anyways.
    3.Euphoria & Strings is good music. But i like Jal more. To each his own. Peace

  26. yeah..i heard the jal concert was quite bad..I remember strings coming last year to bangalore,though. They were really's to hoping better bands come up soon...

  27. To Rashmi..
    I'm from NIT Rourkela.Great job done publicising this failure. It was a big failure. However,I would like to correct you on one minor issue. They did play all their songs. Summed up to maybe 5 of them. But then,you dont come to a concert to listen to 5 songs,with long sound checks after each. The band should have some common sense to play some other songs. Its not like they are gonna lose their iedntity or anything.Last year,we had Euphoria. And it rocked.

    And for all those who think Euphoria sucks...Palash Sen really knows how to handle a crowd. And his songs r pretty gud. They released abt 3 albums. Now no failure can have three successful albums. JAL,i guess,is gonna b jus a one-album wonder. Most of the songs in their album sound the same. 'Bikhra Hoon Main' is jus another version of Aadat,by the way.

  28. Why are people so against original music? Why does a band have to play 'other songs' (covers) to be popular?
    In Jal's defence, they did play Duma Dum Mast Kalandar at the Pune concert...for all you the 'cover lovers'.

  29. This is with reference to the band - Euphoria. I am and will ever remain a big fan of their songs which have a folk-rock genre. But I was quite shocked by their performance here in IIT KGP in the current year's fest. Though it was not a complete disaster, yet there's no point is singing Maaeri in super slow motion; I mean its itself slow. The point I wanna make is that bands should play their original compostions as much as possible and in their original way. They tend to overdo their mixing talents and end up creating a big mess in front of the ever eager audience.
    With all due regards to Euphoria and Palash.. you guys do rock.. but not on stage. At least you all didnt in KGP this time. I just hope you all dont disappoint the next audience you play in front of.

  30. rashmi
    i am a student of NIT Rourkela...i totally agree with u on the fiasco that jal created that nite.N not only did they give a cold performance,they also managed to enrage the public even further by playing for a total of just probably 1 and a half hours.i firmly belive that the band lacks professionalism n they seem to be doing concerts just to rake in the moolah before they fade off....they have no respect for the audience!!
    The only bright side of calling JAL to our college was that it created a major hype n was a supposedly good publicity stunt for our institute!!but to everyones dismal..they did not live up to anyones expectations!!
    the yr before we had EUPHORIa playin at our college...n even with age old songs they seem to have roked the crowd as hard as it gets..not with just their music..but also with the way in which they have the audience involved at all times n their interactive nature!!
    any college henceforth inviting jal please be ware...IT MAY BE A REALLY LATE NIGHT!!!


  32. Hey really Jal concert in NIT Rourkela was really was the worst concert i hav ever been to !! so bware of JAL concert

  33. Bang on the target. I can say so, because Jal had performed in our college, Sardar Patel College of Engineering for SPACE 2006. I told my friends that this was one of the most pathetic concerts that could be held anywhere. But they were so enchanted with the two hit songs that they refused to confess it. Jal are definitely a damp squib but again, except for some very good bands like Euphoria there is not much good choice available with the organisers. Newayz, like all the previous comments, I would like to warn people about the dire consequences of attending a JAL concert, "You will be bored to death!!!"

  34. hi,im 4m NIT-rourkela.everyone out here is echoing the same concern.y the hell should we call a band like jal for our college fests when they show up late (3 to 4 hrs late) & doesnt care to irk the audience.their performance in our college indicated that they are highly un-professional,un-punctual & leave the audience very very disappointed by their non-exuberant performance.i have seen performances by strings & euphoria & i suppose they are far far better than the jal.i just wanna know if these people are still performing in the colleges across the country, so that we can warn others from being cheated by this troika.

  35. Hi I am an artist manager in India and have done a couple of shows with jal.
    I shall tell you about them since day one they landed here..

    26th January
    The band landed in Delhi with a relative alongwith and so did strings in Mumbai.
    Strings however stayed on the airport for 5 hours because the show was in ahmedabad the following day.
    Howevwer for Jal the flight was to leave in 4 hours and they created this huge scene that we need to be booked in a bote for those 4 hours.

    27th January
    Finally after all the the chaos that happened last day we were finally in Ahmedabad. The sound check was to start at 4 o clock and jal was to start playing at 6. Jal artrived only at the venue at 6 o clock and did a 15 minute sound check. And after that they blame the sound guy for the sound to be screwed up. What kind of a band can complete there sound check in 15 minutes?

    anyhow's the show went on .... Jumshaid the so called manager is treated like a dog by the band. In india a manager's role is to manage and get shows for the band. Whereas Jamsheid's role is that of carrying the bands stuff from the airport to taxis to hotels that's all. It was told to us that the following day the band will be going off to a friends place and all arrangements were done by them. But since we get air tickets from the organisers and the band says we dont want to leave right now as we want to see the city. Anyhows somehwow there were no tickets available for a later flight so they had no choice but to leave.

    28th January
    Like told to us earlier that the band will leave for some of there friends house. we said bye to the band and left. Moments later we start getting calls from goher for having theyre stay arranged. It appeared theyre so called friend had backed out.Anyhows nothing from my side could have been done since i had already left for mumbai.

    3rd February
    The band alongwith their relative reached bangalore. Moments before they came outside the airport I got a call from a friend that who was amongst the band who was smoking nside the flight. I said i have no clue apparently the relative that was travelling was flirting with the air hostess and smoking inside the flight & the air hostess turned out to be my friends girl friend. And my friend happens to be one of the big event managers.

    4th February

    The same problem ... sound check scheduled at 5 o clock but the band reaches at 7 o clock....

    5th February

    6th February
    Band was to leave for an early morning flight from Calcutta to delhi and they created this huge chaos that they wont leave so early get us booked on te evening flights and huge tantrums as if they are blood Pink floyd or something.

    7th February
    Band has to leave by road for chandigarh and last moment they say that they will fly and not go by road. The poor organiser pleaded them, fell on his knees asking them to leave by road and they were laughing on that guys face.


    This is just part of what they did I have worked with other pakistani bands including rahat fateh ali khan, atif, strings ad fuzon. But i have never come across such immature people ever. Frankly speaking they dont deserve more than 10,000 bucks and they are getting 2 lakhs. apart from whatever type of musicians they as humans are the worst people i know off. The reason i wanted to post this that atleast the people in Pakistan also comes to know about how the band has been in India and how they treat other people and take everyone for granted.

    Trust me after having worked with them i realise how good Strings and Fuzon are . Really amazing people and so was atif he is a genuine person and I am sure it is goher who actually stole the songs.

  36. you wanna know one more about jal!!
    well i got a call right now it's like 1.30 am 28th feb in the night...
    it's from orissa college of engineering..
    jal apparently is perfoming in the college on the 28th evening....

    and they get a call from the band stating there visa has been freezed ....

    well if you ask me ive been doing shows with a lot of paki bands and what i can figure out is...the band would have taken the money first without applying for orissa and later on there visa would have been declined and viola.... bloody jal doesnt even let me sleep just because i did a couple of shows with them seems to be haunting me...

  37. @vibhor

    Can't say for sure if its the band or the band's manager playing with them; when we were planning to do a jal's show at our institute, I got a similar sms from the manager at 2:30AM with same content. The actual reason we found out was that the manager like the band was unprofessional and had already confirmed a show (advance taken from the institute) for that date somewhere else and was simply playing with us planning whoever gives more money gets the show (His excuse then for the former insti would have been the same SMS mentioned above).

  38. please no one listen to this vibhor guy, he isnt seeing both the sides but just saying wht he thinks and giving JAL a bad name, he doesnt really care abt jal or wht ppl will think of them. And abt this thing tht ppl didnt get wht they paid for, u shud know tht ppl shudnt go to c a concert just bcoz of one or two songs, and in evry concert for the crowd JAL performs lamhey at least three times and aadat abt 4 times and they mix bikhra hoon main into the song. they shud remember tht JAL doesnt only hav two songs they hav an album not two singles tht went of the charts, u ppl shud listen to their performances carefully, then u will notice, they perform the original version and the new earthquake version together aswell, ppl are soo busy just listening to lamhey and aadat tht they dont really count how many times it was performed! Farhan always gives an energetic performance ask anyone who was in the front they will all say tht Farhan was in evry spot of the stage, and if u guys dont appreciate their music then why did u guys call them in the first place? because they had a huge demand they performed 20 concerts in 25 days all over india, and them being late must hav sumthing to do with their manager, it is most likely tht person's fault who had decided to take the responsibility of JAL, if u cant handle something then why do it in the first place? JAL is not at all boring, listen to their songs carefully and u will hav alot of fun, there is something evryone can relate to in their songs, and the thing with atif is ancient history why do ppl still talk abt it as if it was the most newest thing? evryone knows tht atif stole Goher's songs, not one but 4 of them, Goher even showed the proof of all tht.U guys its easy to notice the negative sides but noticing the positive things is wht the human eyes just seem to look over, the fact tht they actually arrived at the destination,gave ppl a show, apologised for being late,survived thru the whole performance, gave ppl the chance to sing along with the most popular songs is alot, not much ppl do tht, and no one can say tht they wer extremely rude to the crowds, it has bcum an aadat for them to compliment the crowd no matter how unenergetic it is!

  39. vibhor who ever u r u seem to be too far away from the reality. My friends and I have seen most of their shows and we love them and i think they are rocking and their music is genuine and close to the heart.I have seen Europhia in concert as well but I would prefer JAL any day. they are amazing and talking about their energy levels man where did u get this idea that their shows are boaring ,probably u made it up your self, I am a live example the shows were soo pumped up with energy and so full of life that we went crazy while they were playing.All the band members are amazing and especially Farhan and Goher they are really interactive with the crowd .

    Instead of appreciating them that they came all the way from pakistan to perform in our country you are just simply discouraging them,Who does not have problems I am sure every band does and they deal with it and they also have their own reasons for it.Who are you to judge them?
    and I am sure you have made up half of the stuff your self.

    I think Jal is a really cool band and i wish them all the best for their future
    and I hope they come to India more often ...

  40. everyone!!
    picture this
    if a friend of yours comes at your home throws a bottle on your dad's face wont you get furious

    what jal did was exactly the same they spoke to the sound engineer's badly

    in the pune show they hit fali with the bottle..

    we work as a family if someone comes and does anything to my family member i will make sure they pay for it

    how do you guys expect me to rate this kind of a band in terms of a performance whill all the while during the concert im thinking that what they did wasa not right... and dont know what more do they come up with.

    The band no matter how young or anything they are they have been in the market for roughly 2.5 years they should know how the market has to be handled.

    Guys please keep your messages rolling and spread this message as far as possible

  41. Guys
    why the hell would I need to make up this stuff something like this happened and again I say is not acceptable anywhere in the world

  42. Ok i've had it with all your BS Vibhor.

    1. First of all for anyone who knows jal personally, they would know that all you are writing about them doen'st make any sense at all. they hit one of your "family" member sound check guys with a bottle? give me a break. goher is my best friend. i've spend more time with them than i have with anyone and the only reason i became friends with them is because they were so down to earth. from what i have heard about you is that you have some personal vendetta against them because they didn't want to work with you and all you do now is badmouth them online. how childish on your part. i heard that you just say alot of garbage about them when you have no clue yourself as to how they are.

    2. i flew to india to attend two of their concerts- one in mumbai and another in guwahati. and in both concerts we were received very warmly and the crowds were wild with excitement. the opening band at the first concert, Talash, were great guys and gave us the most amazing review. and the organizers at that show were amazing. the sound check guy was fantastic which is why jal never had to adjust during the show. the guwahati concert was great too however the sound check guy was horrible. he even shut gohers mic off during the show while he was singing and didnt even notice until i ran down there to inform him. so that is why they had to keep adjusting. sound check being bad is not a band's fault - its the organizers job to hire competent people. if they dont adjust the sound, the crowd says the sound is bad. if they do adjust, the critics say that they kept adjusting - its a no win situation. oh and let me address once again the useless comment that you posted about them throwing a bottle at your sound check guys head during the concert. hmm, let me think, goher put down his guitar just to pick up a random bottle lying on stage and throw it at the guys head, and hit him perfectly? he didn't miss? didn't hit anyone else? was the bottle glass or plastic? because the only bottles on stage while they perform are water bottles and those are usually stowed with their manager. so i guess he must have passed the bottle to gohers hand during the show. or did farhan throw it? maybe the drummer threw one of his sticks at the guy? maybe your sound check guy SUCKED. logically, your lie doens't even make sense. in both concerts, the crowd loved the performance and were wild after jal when they were leaving. and we had a great time in both shows.

    3. regarding their manager jumshaid- no one treats him like a dog. this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. we are all one big family and if you dont know jal personally then you have no right to make such comments. have you ever hung out with jal and their manager? have you ever seen the relationshp between them? i dont think so. and jumshaid would never tell an organizer that the "guys are really drunk right now," as one comment above said. that also is such BS. for your information goher doesnt even drink! if you ask anyone who has had them for a concert, the only thing he requests backstage is REDBULL. redbull doens't have alcohol last time i checked. oh, and water bottles as well. water and redbull does not equal alcohol and being drunk on stage. what a bunch of garbage.

    4. i have traveled to shows with these guys. and we have waited hours at airports. and we have also been on flights that have been delayed causing us to rush to the hotel with barely any time to shower or get ready or eat even and then rush on to the show. they are human beings and they also need a break. would you like to switch positions with them? you probably couldnt even handle it. the organizers arent exactly that truthful in india as well. for one of their shows they were told that they had to travel by road for four hours to get to the town. well four hours turned out to be a 10 hour road trip - how does 4 equal 10? tell me that. the organizers weren't honest for that show and i'd be pretty damn exhausted after a 10 hour bus ride so if youre going to point fingers why dont you point some towards indian organizers?

    5. goher and these guys are so amazingly down to earth that i was even surprised when i met them. for you to even hint that they are something other than this is just garbage because you dont know them. if you have some personal issue against them, why cover it up with lies about them only to make your case seem stronger? in my opinion it just shows how weak you are. regarding the whole goher vs atif issue, give it a rest. its already been proven in courts that goher is the owner of all the compositions and lyrics, so theres no need to rehash how atif stole from him. you can say it until you are blue in the fact, but no matter what you say, in the end all of the songs will have GOHERS name in the credits, not atif's. look at the example of Mahesh Bhatt who apologized to Goher for not giving him the credit after Atif sold his song for his movie. so please give it a break this issue is like 2 years old.

    6. you criticise them for being unprofessional? if you really are an artist manager, then i think its you who is unprofessional. what kind of professional so called business man goes online and posts lies about bands? jal doesn't need to work with you. if you hate them so much just move on and never work with them - its simple. you dont have to work with them, they dont want to work with you from what i've heard- so move on and get on with it. but to post lies about them being drunk, hitting your guy with a bottle, smoking on an airline flight (wow this one boggles me, can you please explain to me how anyone in todays day and age can smoke on a flight and not get fined thousands of dollars or arrested? did your friend, who just HAPPENS to be the airline hostess of that specific flight - yeah right!, just let them get away with that? oh i forgot, they were flirting with her right? so maybe she just let it slide that they were committing a felony and let them smoke? you make no sense at all. its so sad that people actually are reading the garbage you are writing and making an opinion out of it.

    7. for all the cricket worshippers who were pissed that farhan said "i hope pakistan wins" - who cares. i mean, he is pakistani after all. i live in the states and people from other countries come here and say things like India is the best, states suck or pakistan is the greatest not the states- do i say, how dare you say that on american soil? who cares! and for your information when India won the match, we were doing a concert in mumbai and that same Farhan said CONGRATULATIONS on stage to India for winning the series and the crowd went wild.

    8. to all the critics out there, you have a right to not like their music. you have a right to not like their shows. but to call yourself a "professional" and post lies about them online, that is just sad. to all of us who have attended their amazing concerts and to those who know them perosnally and know that half of what is written on here is pure made up garbage, at least we know that we are not fooled by these useless comments. i live in new york and i have attended 2 Oasis concerts. one of them was great and one of them simply sucked. does this mean i will never attend one again? no. does it mean i have the need to go online and post junk about them? no. jal is human. and india loves them. that is a fact. they are doing good for pakistan and its good to open the borders between to the two countries with any channel - if music happens to be that channel, then good for them. there are other pakistani bands that are great, like strings but it is a fact that strings are not as high in demand in india as Jal is. if that was the case, strings would be nominated for the Best Artist India category for the MTV Asia award and not JAL. but Jal is nominated and for a reason - they are a great band and india loves them.

    they are great guys. say all you want about them, it doesn't matter to those who know them personally because we know how to sort out lies and garbage from reality. every show i have attended with them has been great. and these guys are very good guys, much more down to earth than a lot of other celebs i have come across. if you dont like them, dont listen to their music. dont deal with them. its simple.

  43. well u contradict ure own points

    if you talk to haleema jumshaid's cousin she'll only tell you how jammy is treated and so goes for all your other statements

  44. how bout you just start acting like the so called professional you profess yourself to be. and just leave it alone! i mean really, if you are so gung ho about bands like Jal being "professional" why dont you set the example. and that doensn't really include going online and criticising by making up lies just because they didn't want to work for you. and you can enlighten me on how i contradicted all those points. the fact is you cant. you can just write it. i dont need to talk to any haleemas or anyone's cousins. its just a sad case . just let it go.

  45. and by the way what's unprofessional about getting the truth out in the open and letting the world know what happened and what the band is in reality.
    if they were to act with there fans also like they behave with other people then you guys would also be posting what i have posted here ....think logically

  46. Like i said before, just because you have a personal vendetta against the band because they didn't want to work with you, doesn't mean you need to stoop to such a level in which you have to go online and spread rumors in order to have your case heard. its pretty immature not to mention unprofessional. by the way, jal is winning by a landslide in the MTV Asia Best Artist India category. Did you hear that? I-N-D-I-A. that same india in which you claim they played and "sucked" and were not worth it seems to love Jal so much that they are beating all the other artists without comparison. Lies are lies and you can say what you want but in the end, jal fans will love jal, and you just end up looking like an unprofessional fool (logically speaking of course). just give it a rest already. whoever whats to listen to your B.S. has already done so. and the majority who dont care to hear what you have to say will go on loving Jal and their music and vote them into the winning category for the MTV Awards, not to mention enjoy their shows like so many people before them. and you'll just stay bitter bc you cant let it go which is pretty sad.

  47. lisen like said earlir i have never commented on there music...
    personally speaking im not into that..
    and everyone knows how jal got there share of fame and as far as the award are concerned the are for the music ..and not for the live act and attitude... and by the way you speak of india category have been avoiding it to say it... there is no pakistan it's because of india only they are there if we can take them that high we surely can bring them down too.

  48. ok one thing...jal is unprofessional ,they r really bad...happy now???

    Anyways...u cant hate DYE CORDUROY!!its one of the best bands in pakistan that is the brainchild of the worlds most talented 26 year old...heres the link

  49. lol..aadat and woh lamhey are good because of Atif Aslam's vocals...the way jal lashed out at atif sounds like they are jealous. Jal has the music, but the singing can never be as good again. And Euphoria and Strings are amazing artists. Vocals, music, everything is so polished and amazing.

  50. you vibhor ..... i dont know who the f...k you are . but all that u have sed is utter bullshit... holy crap.. u are so wasted in life man to actually fall to such a level.... you are frustrated..big time..... i feel like laughin at you and then i feel sad for u aswell.. you know something no one is ever gona believe your crap. JAL ROCKS.. ITS THE BEST BAND INDIA COULD EVER GET.... i am an indian myself and i think that they are simply great.. they are a respectful lot and treat every one with respect and dignity.... and you will see it for yoursef that they will reach heights in India.... i know the fan following that they have here in India ..its not easy to survive for 2 years if everything about you sucks...... and they have not only survived but have been ruling India..... another thing i would like to mention is that since you have so much of time to waste writin bullshit about them?? i obviously assume you have no other job or work left with.... right after JAL saked you..... you are jobless...mindless.....and wasted in wonder you are sitin online and posting crap while they are on their way to really think that sayin all this and writin crap will effect their fan following or status level...well intelligent people know exactly which frustrating level are you comming from.......hahahahahaha........leme explain another tiny one liner to you...may be you get some sence into your nut after must have watched the movie GURU ??? there is a very good saying in that which i would repeat for you and for the current situation....."when people start talking bullshit about you...just think that you are on the right path to reach the top and rule the world......i forsee sure shot success for them.... and i am happy people like you give me the surity that they are really doing matter what they are the best....

  51. you vibhor ..... i dont know who the f...k you are . but all that u have sed is utter bullshit... holy crap.. u are so wasted in life man to actually fall to such a level.... you are frustrated..big time..... i feel like laughin at you and then i feel sad for u aswell.. you know something no one is ever gona believe your crap. JAL ROCKS.. ITS THE BEST BAND INDIA COULD EVER GET.... i am an indian myself and i think that they are simply great.. they are a respectful lot and treat every one with respect and dignity.... and you will see it for yoursef that they will reach heights in India.... i know the fan following that they have here in India ..its not easy to survive for 2 years if everything about you sucks...... and they have not only survived but have been ruling India..... another thing i would like to mention is that since you have so much of time to waste writin bullshit about them?? i obviously assume you have no other job or work left with.... right after JAL saked you..... you are jobless...mindless.....and wasted in wonder you are sitin online and posting crap while they are on their way to really think that sayin all this and writin crap will effect their fan following or status level...well intelligent people know exactly which frustrating level are you comming from.......hahahahahaha........leme explain another tiny one liner to you...may be you get some sence into your nut after must have watched the movie GURU ??? there is a very good saying in that which i would repeat for you and for the current situation....."when people start talking bullshit about you...just think that you are on the right path to reach the top and rule the world......i forsee sure shot success for them.... and i am happy people like you give me the surity that they are really doing matter what they are the best....

  52. now plz stop dis discussion...gettin too personal...
    bands came and go...bad or nice....doesnt matter..
    let it b so....a new n better jal may come n rock ur....
    ill past better be forgotten !
    chill guyz....we r gonna have so many rock bands nw in india....dis discussins hardly matter..
    till den keep bangin !

  53. i love jal. they are the best and definitely not a new band. the band was made way back in 2002 with goher mumtaz and atif aslam as it's members. but they split after the release of the vidoe of aadat. then atif went off to make his single debut album by the name jalpari which had songs like woh lamhey, dil harey and aadat which were written and composed by goher mumtaz. a court case was filed against atif aslam by goher, which eventually led to the victory of goher mumtaz. aadat and voh lamhey didn't do that well when jalpari was released cause it lacked a certain touch, a touch that only goher could provide. when jal released their debut album aadat, it was a super dooper hit, so was aadat and woh lamhey. besides these, i would say all the all from aadat were amazing.
    RASHMI BANSAL you're a complete4 freak!! you are just pouring down your frustrations here or maybe because you're an atif ass lame fan

  54. Anonymous9:30 AM

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