Saturday, February 25, 2006

Debo jeet gaya

...And here are some observations about reality show finales

- Approximately 1 hr and 46 minutes will elapse between the time the host first announces, ab kuch hi der mein aapko hum batayenge ki 'India ki voice' kaun hai... And the actual announcement

- That a 'chhota sa break' will last for 6 minutes and 21 seconds. After all, the channel has to make hay while the TRP shines (and make up for several low years)

- That the final two are completely unrecognisable from their original selves thanks to 'make overs'. (A sign of having well and truly arrived is that you are now no stranger to the world of streaking and hair colour!)

- That every time a personality who is at least 5 years older than the contestant the simple rule is: lunge for their feet. They may claim to hate this but... Why take chances.

- That with all the mutual backsratching going on, every major and minor personality called on stage is going to have no back problems - for some time to come.

- That you can call a show that is telecast with a 2 hour delay 'live'...

In addition, specific to the Zee show
- The announcement of results resembled an annual school Sports Day function with the number of wellwishers, hangers on and actual stakeholders crowding onstage at the very end.Even Brij Mohan Munjal as he announced results of the 'kumptition" reminded me of an avuncular old school principal.

- That in the end I have this teeny weeny doubt about whether Assam and NE really did manage to swamp the voting earlier. In the end Debojit won by a slim margin of 50.42%.

Yes there are supposed to be auditors but... Didn't it make for a much bigger 'story' this way?

As close to 5.5 crore votes were cast yesterday that's a cool Rs 30 crores plus which goes into the pockets of Zee + Cellcos. Controversy sure helped to fuel those numbers!

- Noted in the closing credits two gentlemen under the heading 'Reality Director'. What exactly do these people 'direct'? How to pit one kid against the other - and other such spontaneous events?

- For the first time I heard both Vinit and Debojit - I think they're both competent singers and I have no problem with Debojit winning. He deserved it as much as the other finalist.

But it was Himani who I think was truly outstanding and as Alka Yagnik said, she will go a long way. I never saw any shows with Nihira or the others so I cannot judge how good they were but I have no doubt in the long run (say 5 years from now) the 'winners' of these reality shows may not achieve as much fame and fortune as some of the others who also competed.

Already, it is clear that Qazi - who was a great performer in the context of Fame Gurukul - cannot repeat his magic outside the sets. His first video is a disaster thanks to lack of singing talent, atrocious dress sense and endless narcissism which is now irritating rather than endearing.

I think the Sa re ga ma winner and also-rans will fare better because the show roped in so many big names from the world of music as mentors. And they will promote their personal favourites - which outside of the show format is a good thing.

Unlike the old days when big singers and composers zealously and jealously guarded their own territory, the new lot has (willingly or unwillingly!) accepted the recognition and promotion of young talent as part of their portfolio. It's no longer seen as a personal threat.

More talent, more variety, more voices - we as audience could not ask for more!


  1. We are such regionalistic w****s. I really dont see the point of India continuing as India. Ganguly gets chucked out of the team, and all of West Bengal cries foul, curses the rest of the country, and wants out. We have a singing competition, and most people vote for their home-boy, not the best. Like Debojit is going to donate all his money to help the state fight its terrorism issues. The South will always be the South, never part of India. Punjab has already fought for its 'freedom'. Kashmir is halfway there. Pakistan, and Bangladesh are there. Mumbai wants its own independent economy. States cannot live with their neighbors. They cannot live peacefully with themselves. They fight with each other over water, and they split up.

    Oh well, ignore all that. Come Budget time, and its all Hum Ek Hain.

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  3. so much for reality TV tht put out the story tht debojit had won.even as the show was being telecast o zee tv.. the only show which did not hav any voting was Mission udan for godness sake people cant decide who will fly su koi mki 30 anywaz the one thing i didnt like in all thse Singing shos is no one seems to have any PRIVACY at all ... everything is fair maybe in reality TV

  4. I dun think it is really a contest. Because I think it was pretty much a lip sync thing yesterday night. How can a true performer or singer sing in his proper sur n taal while dancing. Absolutely Ridiculous to say the least. Like you mentioned somewhere, these shows are good money making machines. I felt like laughing when Hemchandra came on the stage in a bike. My mom is like, what is he doing ? I told her, 'Mom, Hero Honda is sponsoring the event their bikes have to be endorsed!'It has become a joke of people emotions and psyche. The sad part is such shows are only increasing in magnitude and coverage. God, when we would be spared from this cruelty pathetic TV shows.

  5. well written. was cool and quite objective coverage.
    What i feel is that reality TV is a niche in Indian market and it needs to be filled - so the promoters will play with it and use the hype to generate big bucks. As for the participants, it is better if they can find mentors because most of them are good - have watched a couple of episodes. And 5 yrs down the line - only the 1s with will & humility will shine through - agree with u there

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