Saturday, December 28, 2013

Do you have a Bloody Good Book in you?

An invitation to first time authors

Many of you write to me, asking for advice on how to get published. Often you say, “I have a manuscript but I don’t know who to send it to.” Or, “I have sent my manuscript to 5 publishers but there is no response.”

At these times, I remember how lucky I have been to get a break in this industry. And I truly and deeply feel that I must help budding authors out there do the same.

But how? I have thought about it for a long time and have finally decided that the only way to do it is to create a new platform. A platform whose purpose is to select, publish and promote the most promising new authors.

The author whose work makes you exclaim: “It’s a ‘bloody good book!”

‘Bloody Good Book’ (BGB) is a new concept in publishing. Traditional publishers employ a small group of high-minded editors, who sit at a desk or in a conference room and decide which book makes the cut. This method may be traditional, but more often than not it doesn’t work well.

For instance, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was famously rejected by 12 publishers, and the 13th only picked it up because his 8-year-old daughter insisted, “Dad, this is so much better than anything else!”

And that’s the chance we are giving all of you. A chance to read manuscripts with a fresh and enthusiastic eye, and spot real talent.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Authors upload their manuscripts on (exclusively, for a period of 6 months).
2. The first 3 chapters of these manuscripts will be displayed on the site for readers to rate and comment on.
3. We will review the top 10 books of the month and aim to select 1 book every month to publish in the electronic format.
4. BGB will undertake the editing, proof-reading, cover design and all other such aspects of the selected book in order to give it the ‘professional’ touch.
5. BGB will also represent these books on the author’s behalf to print publishers.

Advantages to the author:
1. BGB will publish a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 books in a year. If your book is selected, it means it’s ‘bloody good’.
2. Your manuscript will attract a better deal from a print publisher if it can demonstrate popularity with potential readers.
3. Print publishers do not understand the eBook world. EBooks is BGB’s whole and sole focus; we will move heaven and earth to excel in it.
4. Even if your manuscript is not in the top 10, or selected for publication, you will receive honest and valuable feedback on how to improve your work.
5. ‘Bloody Good Book’ is an idea by an author, for the benefit of authors. We will never shortchange you; the author’s best interest will always come first.

Advantages to readers:
1. You get a say in what gets published—it’s more democratic and fair.
2. You could be the one who spots the Next Big Talent.
3. There will frequently be some goodies like author-signed books and chats with well-known authors for you.
4. You will be part of a like-minded community, which loves books and spreads the reading bug.
3. At the end of it all, you just might get inspired to start writing a book of your own!
So what do you have to do? Send me your manuscript. I am looking for the first 100 manuscripts which will launch

The manuscript must be in doc or pdf form and be a complete manuscript (although we will display only the first 3 chapters).
My team and I will lightly screen the manuscripts (making sure they are original, for instance) and suggest some minor improvements, if necessary.

Email your manuscripts/ comments / suggestions to
The website will launch in February 2014.

From next week, I will be sharing advice on writing, publishing and promoting your book in this space. So keep coming back! And keep the faith in your writing project.

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