Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Aamir ko gussa kyun aaya

Aamir Khan is suing Bennett Coleman and co, publishers of the Times of India and Filmfare magazine for running this ad using his photograph and a 'quote' without his consent. Aamir is demanding Rs 21 crores and an apology.

A 'close associate' of the actor told Midday: "One can’t attribute quotes to someone or use his picture to promote or endorse something without permission... After all, they are cashing in on his reputation and image, and he has the right to choose what he endorses."

And Aamir would never endorse the Filmfare awards because he 'does not believe in awards'. Or any others, for that matter except the National Awards. And, I guess the Oscars.

This, I think, rankles the folks at Filmfare. Other stars were featured in the series of ads but note how staid the copy is. Woh to award lene aayenege, unhe naraaz thodi kar sakte....

The one with Amitabh reads: Amitabh Bachchan has been nominated for 'Black'. On Feb 25, the Lady in Black will decide.

And the copy in junion B's ad is identical! Abhishek has been nominated for 'Bunty aur Babli'. On Feb 25, the Lady in Black will decide.

Had they similarly written 'Aamir is nominated for 'Mangal Pandey' I doubt the star would have bothered to sue them. But implying he 'incited a revolt to win over the Lady in Black' (the Filmfare statuette) is a bit over the top.

I think if an actor does not believe in awards you should respect that and not nominate him in the first place. Organisers, please keep this in mind next year - there were other fine actors in Rang de Basanti besides Aamir.

But of course if it isn't a major 'star' the nomination will only be for 'best supporting actor'.

Besides, this year sees both Karan Johar and Rakesh Roshan releasing films which means the competition will be Shahrukh vs Hrithik.

And oh, KJo's film also features Amitabhji and Abhishek.

Sigh! Wish more stars would revolt against these 'I Love You-You Love me, We're One Big Happy Family' series of awards...


  1. Aamir is blowing things out of proportion by suing Bennett Coleman & Co. Aamir Khan comes across to be overtly conscious of his brand positioning as an actor, a person. It's about time that he takes such issues more sportingly.With due respect to his professional ethos, Filmfare would've only wanted to draw a few more eye-balls with that copy. Alas! Aamir Khan's strength might just end up being his weakness...

  2. C'mon dude, who cares? It is time Bennett and Coleman coughed up some money anyway. Imagine how many computers get raped everytime the user visits the site. Sepia Mutiny posted an awesome post about news/crap ratio on TOI the other day, it was so much fun. Don't we have better things to talk about?

  3. Anuj it's not about taking things sportingly. Like Rashmi says, if they had used the same tag line as in Big B and Chota B...Amir wouldn't have freaked over it. It is the tagline which has hyperbolized his impulse...


    this looks like the JAM mutt!!!

    do you have some timeup with the times of india?!?!? :o

    or have they stolen your graphics?!?!

  5. Aamir may have incited a revolt as Mangal Pandey and Dijje but using this analogy to sell a magazine doesn't speak well of the advertising genius of the concerned party. I think Aamir's actions are justified specially coz he never even gave a thought to winning the coveted 'lady in black'.

  6. ...using this analogy without permission...(otherwise, I'd think it's a good idea)...

  7. aamir can take the moral high ground if he refuses the oscars (i.e if and when he gets them)..

  8. hey rashmi....good one...dunno how i missed it in the news today.
    These filmi award functions suck big time.....they are so psuedo and predictable.....its like same people dancing, same people compereing....and the same celebrities sitting in the first row...(all the other rows are for other celebrities turn up!)...its so stupid....i just hope people stop watching such shows and the TRPs come down and we spared of them...and their million other reruns played every sunday..

  9. I don’t think Aamir would be expecting the bucks. It is more of a “dare-not-do-it-again” stunt.

    About the Awards: With even the “Nasal” Himesh Reshammiya getting a filmfare I can imagine the dip in quality. Today it’s more about masses than classes.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. The Big B ad wasnt the one that you have mentioned. I remember seeing a diff ad
    "I ran a parallel govt. (i.e sarkar) to impress her" [i.e. the lady in Black]
    They changed the ad later..and I do believe that Aamir is right in his stand.
    [Big B/Chotu B/other actors didnt protest, because either:
    1. They dont want to take any panga with media
    2. They won the lady in Black...
    But for Aamir, none of the above matters!!

  12. I think that Benett & Coleman tried to take milage of Aamir, the person who the country knows. If he doesn't want to be in any ads without his permission, that needs to be respected by TOI.

    In all fairness, this is a very silly thing. Why should we all waste our energies in either supporting or speaking against TOI. Both of them are gaining a huge lot of internet space anyways.

  13. I simply don't understand the logic here. Just because Big-B and Little-B don't have a problem does it mean everyone else shouldn't? This is the chalta hai attitude we are notorious for. Bennett and Coleman is not the roadside paan-wala dukaan to slap an image of XYZ chewing paan. Aamir is being a thorough professional and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. This isn't about money. This is about pissing off people who take others for granted.

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