Friday, March 17, 2006

Indian Idol 2: Please watch our antics

History repeats itself, so why not reality shows... After drama, controversy and walkouts spiced up viewer interest in 'Sa re ga ma pa', Indian Idol 2 had no choice but to follow.

Ameya Date, one of the guys expected to make it to the finals was voted out earlier this week. And his 'fans' protested loudly both on the show and off it. Once again, questions arise about the sms voting process. Here's what I wrote about it in my column on

Indian Idol's voting process is not designed to eliminate the 'worst' singer. Instead, viewers are asked to send in votes for their favourite singer - like in a popularity contest.

You might say it's one and the same thing - that the person with the least number of votes is eliminated and that's fair. But think about it more closely and you'll see that the 'elimination' approach may well produce a very different result.

The 'popularity' method often attracts people to vote for all the wrong reasons. As in the case of 'Sa re ga ma pa', it could be a case of regional/ home state voting. Or just a case of people getting obsessed with a particular personality whom they will support regardless of the quality of his/ her singing - as happened with Qazi on Fame Gurukul.

And it's not a problem peculiar to India alone. Commenting on the voting pattern on American Idol on MSNBC, Linda Holmes writes,"People don't really care about the performances week to week. They treat "Idol" like a horse race. Pick your horse, bet on your horse, cheer for your horse. And, in some cases, carry your horse across the finish line. Above all, tolerate no suggestion that your horse has shortcomings.

He acted like a jerk? He's misunderstood! He sang badly? He has a cold! He has irritating, cloying, obnoxious mannerisms? That's what you love about him! No one understands him! Everyone is jealous of him!"

She goes on to observe that people love geeks, underdogs, losers. And they love everyone who is picked on by Simon Cowell.

Well, we saw that kind of thing happen here as well with Ravinder Ravi - the painter from Ludhiana - getting votes week after week in Indian Idol 1, despite his atrocious singing. Conversely the people who are perceived as 'smart' and 'good singers' often don't get votes because:

a) The average not-so-smart and talented bloke who comprises the mass of voters does not identify with that person
b) The rest think woh to itna accha hai, usey meri vote ki zaroorat nahin. With the result that a deserving singer loses out!

Of course this format suits the makers of the show. Had they asked viewers to vote out the worst singer they would have gotten far fewer smses. There's more passion - and revenue potential - in supporting your favourite!

The other interesting phenomenon in the Indian context is that women don't seem to fare too well in reality shows. Again, from the sify column:

Indian Idol host Mini Mathur hit the nail on the head when she wrote in the Indian Express, “While a male contestant is judged on his vocal talent and the 'X' factor, for a girl, the audience will also note whether she's wearing too much or too little, got attitude, if her hair is too straight, or whether her eyebrows are plucked."

The girls certainly think appearance can make or break their chances. In the previous Idol season, when Prajakta and Aditi wore Western outfits they emerged at the bottom of the pile. Apparently from then on, they stuck to Indian clothes....

In fact, after Idol contestant Meenal's performance Farah Khan observed: "Because she's good looking and sang a song that's unusual and sexy, she probably won't make it." And she was right! At the semi-final contestant stage, Idol 2 turned into an all-male contest.

Venkat Iyer wrote in with an interesting theory on that front...

I wanted to share my observation with you on why female participants are not getting the kind of votes that males get despite being equally talented. I think Indian TV shows such as Indian Idol are watched by many more females than males. That directly translates to a greater female vote bank that votes on these shows.

Guess who the females are attracted to? The males. I feel more convinced about this especially after reading that female participants got fewer votes when the wore western attire. If men were voting, the result would have been different.

I'm sure gender-wise viewership data is available... Shall certainly try and lay my hands on it.

As for Indian Idol 2, I think all this is too little, too late. Better luck next time, Sony!


  1. ya a lot of factors count? Nice post..since the indian idol we select he/she the real idol?...sms has become an easy tool to vote, change it to some snail mail and u c the response drops by some percentage , and might include more serious voters(though cant make a blanket statement on that too)...also how the participant carries himself in the show is important and what the judges tell him and their feedback too counts..

  2. Good point about how whimsical the voting format is. I find it very amusing when the judges/anchors make dramatic and ponderous-sounding statements about how "Bharat ki junta" has voted so-and-so contestant out. It would be much fairer if voters were actually asked to vote a contestant out at the end of every round, instead of randomly multiple-voting for all the contestants they find deserving.

    Also, have you noticed, when a particular contestant is notably bad or mediocre in one round (and is criticised by the judges etc), that person is almost never voted out. The reason for this in my opinion is that the contestant's supporters (family, friends, people from his/her state) go overboard sending multiple SMSes that week. And then, the format being what it is, all that's required is that he gets enough votes to not finish bottom. Whereas if people had been asked to vote someone out, he would almost certainly have been eliminated.

  3. Hey wolud like to add few points here. I think that the whole natak of judges walking out was scripted following the success of sa re ga ma.. by succeess here i mean the sms for the candidates post drama in sa re ga ma increased exponentially as it played on with the emotions of people... sony tried to do the same here.. results?? well wud it succeed again.. time will tell... Secondly about gender-biased voting.. would not buy Venkat Iyer's theory.. i mean you gotto realise that the number of votes that are making difference here is not the votes which a female after liking 1 contestant is giving... its the votes which contestant's contacts, friends, family, relatives, people whom he knows/ who knows him, people in his locality/city/region are giving... and definitely believe me... on an average a male contestant will definitely have more of these than a female...

  4. yeah too much of anything can get sickening... i do not understand why so much fuss is made about these talent shows???... it is quite obvious seeing winners like qazi and debojit, that the best do not get the adulations always... all the channels want is revenue, and also the TRP ratings.... they never give a damn as to who the most deserving is!!!
    I followed indian idol last year with great interest.... this year the charm is missing, i haven't seen a single episode as yet........

  5. Indian Idol sucks in comparison to American Idol. The energy and passion jsut doesn't exist. Just compare the crowd and the singers. No Simon! Indion idol is boring as hell.

  6. you missed an important point here. An excerpt from my blog:
    Consider this case. Suppose there are 100 people who have decided to caste their vote for their favorite contestant. Now lets say 99 of them liked X's performance and only 1 liked Y's, and that one guy sends 100 smses while the remaining 99 send just 1 each. Do this simple maths and you will know that while X is clearly the 'people's' choice, it is Y who has emerged as the winner.

    The point is, it is just reflective of a NUMBER, period. It may or may not reflect on his/her popularity. Simple maths.

  7. i believe that there is another reason why the SMS for the most popular is the way it is. It will add more money to the company isn't it? voting for the worse will generate much lesser revenue than voting for EVERYBODY!

  8. Some good points there ...

    I somehow feel that the average Bombayite/Delhiite does not 'mass vote' for a contestant from his city, at least not unless it's the final 2 or 3 (which probably happened in Abhijeet Sawant's case). Such a thing, in my opinion, usually happens only in the smaller towns and villages. That's because a contestant from a small town or remote village is not just a contestant, that fellow/girl, for them, is the person who is going to highlight their region on the map of India, like Debojeet did for Silchiri, Assam.

    I guess this is a controversial statement & I hope it doesn't sound condescending or anything :-D. Just a thought, 'coz me being a Bombayite myself, see hundreds of people discussing these shows and how they like Vinit/Himani, but they will never go out of the way and spend 2-3 bucks to vote for the contestant they support.

    This trend of popularity scoring over talent will continue, until these so-called talent hunts die a slow death ... it would have been a lot better obviously had there been no sms voting or if people were allowed to vote only once ... but then, where would Sony & Zee have got all their bucks from? ;-)

    Had written something on reality shows with special emphasis on Saregamapa on my own blog - ... and yeah, as a passing thought, I wonder whether it is Indian Idol II - Agla Kaun? or Indian Idle II - Pagla Kaun?

    - Raj.

  9. At the end of the day, the only ones who earns big money is the channels and mobile providers. We are all sucked into the whole sms lot. I may be wrong out here, but this is definitely what i feel

  10. Though I find TV in general and reality shows in particular inexplicably ridiculous in terms of entertainment, I fully support all that they do in terms of business. The purpose of business is nothing but to earn profit. You have to produce what sells, however much ridiculous it might be. And this has worked. Starting from WWF to daily soaps and now 'reality' TV, every production that should have been thrown into the nearest municipality garbage bin before it was produced, has been aired with unprecedented success. If people are baboons, it is not the fault of the TV channels.

  11. The reality shows have lived way beyond their shelf life..I m sure the falling TRP's reflect this..I would like to add to the reasons why female singers are unlikely to come on top..Yes females contribute 2 the majority of viewership...and the melodrama quotient has certainly been added to the keeping the saas bahu brigade in mind...but as far as the voting many females do actually sms(barring the metropolis,how many would have access to the cellphone.) and my strongest argument is ...even if a female does vote ..she would NOT vote for an outstanding female participant (even the smses become free)...rather she would pay and vote for a medicore male ...

  12. There's a greater female vote bank? :-O

  13. Once an SMS has been sent from a phone number, does the vote from the same phone number again count. I dont think so.

    I think its the underdog effect at work here. And its boring anyway.

  14. I really did not like Anuj voice wise from the start and surwise from a few weeks but he performed well when ever he was confident and I should say that he is a good singer when he got a supporting song for his voice. I should say that first time ever any candidate amazed me was his performances on Bheegey Hanth Tere and Aada because although I was expecting him to perform well but it was not the best performance although but still was another side of his voice. I know, many of you will not like if I support the views of his neice in Amey Date vote out episode, but I do. Let us see what she said. I am not mentioning the circumastances as you all could imagine the same.

    What the first words of her "Main Usaki Bhanji hoon , woh Bahut Achche singer hain, yeh Aap bhi Janate hain woh isiliye yahan par ayae the,rahi Mumbai ki baat to Amey Amey chillane se kuch nahin hota hai, I am biggest fan of Amey at this moment, got it"

    but just after this line I was shocked why Farah stopped her to say more, as really this was not her intention to say, what it became. What do you expect from a relative sitted there for first time and seeing his contestent in this kind of hated situation even if you won. Should not you get angry but even in that situation, I got her pretty cool. She was really not shouting and I was little bit surprised why Farah is saying her not to shout, it was just to place the environment against her.

    She then said "Apane trend start kiya tha voting ke liye to jab voting ke hisaab se Anuj Ji aa rahe hai then you can't do it like, Meenal Gayi", again she was broked in her staement and Sonu came with the worst statement that "koi bhi cheez constant nahin hoti"

    what you want to show, you will change the rules, the rules who have not chanegd when 7 good singers left, the rules have not chanegd when on the average of 10 lakhs only, you have recived about one carore votes means according to 40% of money which is arround 1.2 carores which is more than the title. Means the public was fool and you making them fool again and could dare to change the decision while you have gotten lakhs of votes costing in similar way to save the top three.

    No SOnu, It is really crap. I am not opposing Amey Date but I strongly accept the format. If you can't make the people crazy for you then you should chose the other way to came in singing, make your album and see what si the response of that. But for Indian Idol, you need the guts to make people crazy for you all over not in a part of the country.

    Even on this crap the girl kept her in control. I really appreciate that how she could do it? BUt she did it well. After that she said "Agar Aisa hi tha to Antra chali gayi Monali chali gayi to", now again Sonu stopped him, why who was wishing to hear his nonsense out of rule arguments.

    What is wrong if she said "Aap boliye main aap hi ki baat sunane ke liye hi to yahan hoon" then why Faraha said that "mam, you should talk a bit politely" why she should?? If any person have self respect and a little bit of love for hier relatives then why she should? After that she put a question that "Jab Anuj Ji Piano round mein bahar gaye the to apapne rematch kyon nahin karaya tha, Anuj Ji aur Amey Ji ki performance us time pe best thi aur jab Anuj Ji chale gaye the to usi wakt apane rematch kyon nahin karaya tha", then see what crap Sonu did said and what a angry voice (why not Faraha say him to say a bit politely, why a celebrity is not behaving like he should).

    What is the argument that Amey better tha aur Amey rah gaya. What she wana to say that you judges have rated him the best means best from all the contestent in piano round means even if you rate Amey at top then you should rate Anuj at least at second and there were 12 places and twelve contestent had to be selected,really she was right on her point (although Anuj performances are never close to that performance and his voice does not look like supporting slow songs or if I say staright then none other than folk ones).

    she was said by Anuj to sit down. What a poor man, he was at that moment. No one wil ever wish to be in situation like he was. How could you now say to your friends to vote for yuo when votes does not matters for Judges, how wyou will thank for your supporters to vote for you, when they are declared as regional and biased. She really left the argument, what a girl could do when she was on a loosing side.

    Her situation was loosing as she was at the side of Anuj Sharma, when Anuj Sharma have won against Amey Date from Mumbai in Mumbai. It was really embrassing when Anu said that "Mumbai Mubai wale kah rahe, is tarah nahin kahana chahiye" What do you want to say "has not she praises to Meenal, Antra and Monali" then what kind of regionalism, when she is also prasng Meenal like Mumbai candidate.

    Although I understand the point of Judges that they maight not be in a good state of mind. But they are celebrity and they should not behave with a little girl like that as they did. At least I was not expecting the same from Faraha at least.

    Well!! if have to summerize all above then I would say that the Judges were again doing the best job to make the crap of the show. But I am sure that it paid off in favour of organizers as it stimulated people of Mumbai in a strong sesation and the name of show goes to News Channel although the show like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa or Fame Gurukul did not get in to that limit. Sure it raised the TRP, not lessened even though some of you were expecting so.

    I hope Anuj will perform well in next rounds which has to be organised at large scales although I do not know that he will perform at Delhi or Lucknow, but I think Sony people want Delhi, the central for Karunya only as he could get mass support, so a kind of confident that Anuj will perform in Lucknow. I am in Allahabad but will not watch the show, as no one could force me to took a LWP from my job if Sandeep Acharya is not performing.


    I am really upset of somethings that are very irritating going on here.

    First of all, Sifymax website is accepting very few choosen messages. I really do now know that it is happening straitegically or really some technical problems.

    In both the cases, I am not satisfied. If thoughtfully then the intention is clear, you are promoting more and more Amey Date & Karunya messages and at the same time, while a huge support started building up to join Sandeep side, the same fact is not being shown on Message Board. I know the same because I have written messages more than 150 times in last four days, but I think my less than 10 messages have been apeared. At the worst you are desprately providng Mona like people to make crap in a particular contestent, Sandeep Acharya's area. I really do not know what is the problem with this girl. I, myself never writed a word in Anuj Sharma's area then why this girl is behind Sandeep Acharya and the most interesting side of the problem is that I never saw her a single message in Anuj Sharma's Area or at common message board by her, why she is doing so, God knows.

    And if this is a kind of technical problem then shame on Sifymax people, if you could not handle even two thousand messages then how could you dare to took such a big assignment in your hand. I am really searching for Sony management's IDs to do something about it as I do not want that they give you the assignment of Fame Gurukul 2 at least, if the same is going to be happened there. On the good side,I appreaciate that the video section works well from this site although it does not allow us to download the videos.

    The second and the biggest problme is about the opinion poll. The current topic is running from 17th March and today is a 22nd March means a total of six days. No opinion poll was ever in Indian Idol for that much days and what is the topic "Is Karunya better than Abhijeet Sawant?" Do not you think that it is really offencive towards others. I have to say if you have decided the winner from the begining or from now on then why to begging for votes from us. Some great (crap) Gurus keep praising someone even he goes the worst by saying that "he managed well and it was a sign of very intelligent singer" or "he became too greedy and chosing the toughest songs", while diluting the effects of others by saying "Though your sur went here and there at places" or "his sur had gone off track in a couple of places".

    What kind of opinion poll is this why somebody other than Karunya's supporter or Karunya's hater or Abhijeet's fan will go to sign such a crap. What do you wanna to say that Karunya is such a great singer that he has no competition in this Indian Idol, what he is, all of us have seen at 20th March, when he simply gave up aginst, a confident Sandeep and deidcated to prove himself Anuj Sharma. We the person supporting Sandeep Acharya or even Anuj Sharma do not really interested in such any poll that's why the poll is here from so many days. Each day Karunya's percentage is increasing because everyone thinking the poll a crap and no one is really touching that one except Karunya supporters and as about Abhijeet's supporter, I do not think they are really here for saving him from this crap. But the slow increase is percentage tells the whole story, when it is clear that only Karunya's supporters or haters are polling.

    I had seen the message board in last days, many new viewers have joined, why they joined because of the Amey cotroversy and what they have heard about the controversy was in words of Anu MAlik, who on NDTV said that Karunya is very very good, Sandeep is good too, and Anuj is lucky, means Anuj is out of competition and like SOnu Nigam I too announce Karunya is a winner and we were expecting Amey to be the second. In this kind of situation, who joined will be affected by this view from the start. really unfare not only for Anuj Shrama but also for Sandeep Acharya. I am not saying that Anuj was good at last occasions but if he has reached upto this mark then why are you making crap of him. Of course, the Judges have made Karunya at a sure leading edge and Sandeep has to work hard and consistently to make over it.

    As about Anuj, now only God could save him even if he sings well as four rounds have to be happen and with such a huge humilation, I do not think that even if Anuj Sharma could do it great, all the times even then I am in dubt that he could make it at a large scale, specially for new viewer joined who are very very biased. They came with the view that Judges have given them that one best singer have gone away and other is going, please save him. Ridiculas is not that word I wanna use but I have no more better word for it.

    One problem that many persons have been pointing that why not Sony People show the number of SMSs. I have to say something about it. We have see Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2005, where they were not showing the number of votes and started the same from Top 3 and as Indian Idol 2 seems followig the same, I hope that they would start to show the number of SMSs, so do not think that it is because of Amey. But I was really expecting hat they would show the number of votes from now on. But I should say that it is not worthy to show the number of votes in early stages because of lesser counts, so I am with Sony people.

    Some of you may say that Sony have shown the number of votes in case of Fame Gurukul, so I have to say that that was another issue that was the magic of Kazi Taukir, as much votes he were getting in lower rounds even whole of the Indian Idol have not got in first three or four final rounds, at least I think so. So, do not compare the show from the magic of Kazi.

    Now the next problem as someone have raised a question that why Karunya get to perform in last of the episode. I want to list out the episodes for giving details that who performed in last:

    1- 16th January: N C Karunya performed last (Only Boys show)
    2- 23rd January: Antra Mitra Performed last (Only Girls show)
    3- 30th January: N C Karunya performed last
    4- 6th February: Amey Date performed last
    5- 13th February: Meenal Jain peformed last
    6- 20th February: N C Karunya performed last
    7- 27th February: Sandeep Acharya performed last
    8- 6th March: Amey Date performed last
    9- 13th March: N C Karunya performed last
    10- 20th March: N C Karunya performed last

    Although at first I did not paid much on this but really a big score 5 out of 9 as one was only Girls round, if we check second then Amey date 2 out of 9. On what basis, the serial is being decided, I do not know. Was that some kind of favourism? I support the view that the last performance and comments of Judges make the more effort than the person who performed first and also he could prepare well and get the level of the competition too, so a little bit benefitted, in fact I should say much. Now, by my all last posts and many other things happening are a kind of proving that some kind of strong favourism is going on here.

    Last but not the least, although I never wanted to comment on someone as person from now on but Karunya is really a irritating character for me, he has told to Sony TV as written on Parade Ke Pichhe “For Sandeep and Anuj to have reached this point, it is a big thing. They have surprised audiences and themselves. But now after Amey leaving I feel I have no real competition,”, in next, the person thinking that he is winner now said that "I feel that Amey might have missed out because Maharashtra’s votes were distributed between him and me.". This man is really great and I am very sure that I was not writing about him at this point, if Sonu Nigam and Anu Malik haven't praised him so much, in fact, out of limit, because then he was then not in even top five or for his sake top four. I have to say that he has surprised me by coming up to this level of competition when Panna, Monali, Neha, Sandeep, Amey and even Antra like singer were here.

    Jus one question from you all, we were not paying much attention when in Takatak someone said that karunya is most jealous one and just took it as a joke but what now. Even his own supporters are not feeling comfortable to defend him personwise. Could anyone name me, any one else so proudy in Indian Idol 2 or even Indian Idol 1. Note that I have used the word Proudy not attitude as the later is another thing and may be good some time but the first one never pay you back and alone will make you fall from any height.

    May some people not liking my views in these days, but I am sure that they all would realize that this man was right on his views. NOte that I have all the videos of the show from the begining and when I write something then write only after watching the concerned show or all the shows again and again.

  16. true,
    im a trained classical singer and when i see good talent go down the drain just because they arent fortunately associated with some story( rural resident, painter, beggar), it makes me sad that these contests arent talent contests at all.
    Hey why not simplycome up with a 'BACKGROUND STORY CONTESTS', and then get in people like ravinder ravi etc.who have kahanis to tell the junta?

  17. I should say that yesterday was a good day for this message board as many guys came with thoughtfull comments although much of you were agianst me but if my message trigger you to go this much crazy and thoughtfull too then I really, really liked it.

    Many names, I have recieved from you people, I never got angry on even worstest comments. Now, I want to remind you all the summary of the show as happned to me and how I got my favourites.

    23rd January 2006
    Today, I was watching the episode in which Monali sang “Ghar Kab Aaoge”, I will always remember this episode as this was one which make me joined in voting as I thought Monali could be vote out in that Gala and I will never ever forgive me that I neither voted nor paying too much attention on the second Gala because of one serious job assignment on me.

    The link for that show is given below:

    30th January 2006
    The first round of Girls clearly sorted out my favourites as Meenal Jain, Monali Thakur and none other but Neha Kakkar, I am sorry but I was not impressed by Antra as she did not touched Sunidhi Chauhan in “Ruki Ruki Si Jindagi”.

    Then it was the time for boys, I was really looking for the boy, who have sang “Nasha yeh pyar ka nasha hai” in Theator rounds as I have never seen him yet nor was knowing the name. My wait paid off and Sandeep Acharya was first one with “Papa Kahate hain”, he was really good on stage and really really impressed me a lot. This show refind my favourite list with the names:

    1- sandeep Acharya - Papa Kahate Hain
    2- Neha Kakkar - Jubi Jubi Jubbi
    3- Amey Date - Tum Jo Mial Gaye Ho
    4- Meenal Jain - Lambi Judai
    5- Antra Mitra - Tu rutha to main ro doongi
    was not so good but her ending made her in my good list.
    6- Panna Gill - Janu Meri Jaan
    not good in voice and sur but performance was too good like Neha/Sandeep.
    7- Monali Thakur - Yaar Bina Chain Kaha Re

    The best performance was of Monali thakur, this girl killed me to the bottom, what a voice, what expression, what smile, she was the most prettiest and most lovable candidate ever in Indian Idol 2 or even in both the versions of the program. If this Girl remained till thelast Galas, I was eraly really going to resign my job to make support for her from all over India. Today her each style make me into tears as she got out very earliar. I will never ever forgive me as the most unjusticefull result of Indian Idol (Not that of Amey Date).

    Some may argue that why I have not menioned Karunya, I am not becase I thought that the corus was more in the song not the singer itself and in those few lines he have not impressed me.

    Seven candidates on my favourite list means most of the candidates, means really a good show. In deed, it was. Ever best as most of them performed well after that some were good and other worst but not like all were at that

    The link for the ever best show is given below:

    6th February 2006
    Next show was for old songs and my faourite list again became refinded:
    1- Panna Gill - Aa Aa Aa Ja
    2- Sandeep Acharya - Lo Jhuk Gaya Aasama Bhi
    3- Antra Mitra - Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na
    4- Monali Thakur - Piya Tose Naina Lage Re
    5- Amey Date - Laga Chunari mein Daag

    Ok! the list shortened as we have lossed Neha Kakkar and Meenal Jain losted her charm this time.
    First time, I thought that Panna is suitable for some kind of song and as a performer, he is alwasy flawless. Sandeep Acharya and Monali were making the place in my heart. Antra Mitra and Amey Date realy really surprised me. Antra was too good and Amey Date choosed the toughest song in this Indian Idol till yet as really sang it, perfect or not, I do not have to say but only singing it is sufficient. Overall a good show. But I always remember this show as we losted Monali after this show. The show really really losted his beauty at best.

    The link for that show is given below:

    13th February 2006
    This was Valentine show and I started to watch show while truely missing Monali as I was started to love the girl more than my Girlfriend (I know she will ruin my head if she read it).

    My favourite list this time:
    1- Amey Date - Suno Na
    2- Antra Mitra - Jara Jara
    3- Anuj Sharma - Dil Kya Kare
    4- Sandeep Acharya - Tere Naam
    5- Karunya - Hum Tum
    6- Panna Gill - Hume Aur Jine Ki Chahat

    one added named Karunya, although he, Anuj and Panna hardly make it into my favourite list as both sang well but voice s were not suiting their songs. I am very sad for Meenal as somehow his song did not touched me. I was not totally satisfied with Sandeep because of his facial exprssions which were not matching with song but but after some more days I got that it was his nature, but I alwasy suggested him to become more good performer otherwise your craze will go out, you will be gone. Anuj with the best song, my all time favourite, go the benefit of song. I should say only Antra made it safely in my favourite list for the show. All this show will alwasy be known for the pretty women Disaster. I am sorry fr Ravi as he was from my near Villege Pratapgarh and my neighbour’s friend means my closest contestent but I never favoured him sorry!!

    The link for that show is given below:

    20th February 2006
    My favourite list this time:
    1- Meenal Jain - Mera Piya Ghar Aaya
    2- Ravi Tripathi - Teri Deed Ko Ankhiya Tarase
    3- Anuj Sharma - Dil Le Gayi Kudi
    I am really surprised with my favourite list this week. Even Sandeep, Antra was out of mark. Karunya got a good song but not that passion. Sandeep was out of mark this time, He started good as always, hisvoice was good but I think this innocent boy goes with the expression of Audience, he should not. I should say Meenal Jain made it but was not good overall only technically good. Amey was was not good at that song, as I compared that with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale Performance. Ravi Tripathi/ Anuj Sharma I think were at their best.

    The link for that show is given below:

    27th February 2006
    My Favourite for this show:
    1- Karunya - Lagan Lagi
    2- Meenal Jain - Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
    3- Sandeep Acharya _ Main Nikala Gaddi Le Ke
    4- Amey Date - Tadap Tadap Ke

    I think it a disappointing show, Karunya was good this time, Meenal was a kind of best. Sandeep Acharya made it although I was not satisfied with his stand of defending his stand to choose a Udit Ji Song. About Amey Date I should say that he make it in my favourite list with a very short margin as this was one of my favourite song, so anyone could get into my favourite list by just singing it but I really missed the soul in the song but I just gave him reward of getting a very very good song.

    The link for that show is given below:

    6th March 2006
    My favourites for Shadi round:
    1- Antra Mitra - Mere Hatho Mein
    2- Sandeep Achrya - Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhana

    The most disappointing show ever. I do not say that Antra was good at her song, but she was looking fabulas at expression and preformance and I specially benefitted him for her performance at the opening song “Sapane mein Milati Hai”, which was the best opening song ever for Indian Idol 2. Sandeep was not at his best but good thyan others. Karunya did not given justice to the great song and for Amey, I do not know what is the problem with “Kal Ho Na Ho”, whenever anyone touches it, he/she goes down, I was really surprised that why Antra gone not Amey. In fact, the things other than stage were responsible for that her Gaon Ki Gori image broked after appearance of her parent and her deeds were making her a vamp kind.

    The link for that show is given below:

    13th March 2006
    My favourites for Holi Round:
    1- Amey Date - Satrangi Re
    2- Sandeep Acharya - Holi Khele Raghubeera/ Rut Aa Gayi Re
    3- Karunya - Ramata Jogi
    4- Anuj Sharma - Chal Chhiya Chhiya

    For Amey and Karunya, I should say that they are benefitted by the song they got. Satrangi Re or Ramata Jogi. How a Ramata Jogi peformance could do a magic, you should remeber Hem Chandra of SRGMP, Karunya was no where near him but make it in favourite list this time. Anuj Sharma was really good at the second time. The best who made me into tears was one and only Sandeep Acharya, the man realy really banged at both the times. Although as a bad memory, Diya Mirza has losted her good image in my eyes because of her regional comments. As about Sonu Nigam he was worst as always about Karunya, I am really surprised that why this does not move into press for campaigning Karnuya?? Seriously many may start thinking that there is somehting behind it.

    I should say that you all must see this as best performance by Sandeep Acharya, which will ultimately make him to the crwon.
    The link for that show is given below:

    At the end, I have not described about result episode and out of stage things as I was thinking to keep it short (although failed again), but anyway, for other shows, you could write me at, I will really love to anser you all in positive at my best.

    If any one want to read some article in Hindi then please come to my site named

  18. Ok! it’s done Nitish Kumar finally strike back again, All Anuj supporters, this time you too might be happy with my message.

    I am talking about the performance of 20th and 21st March. Yes, so late because of one reason that I received those video at yesterday eve, I was really able to post message about the show but as I was really waiting for the recording to get more and more of it as it was a turning track, how you will get when you read the whole message.

    This was a transformation day, I do not know why people are rating it lesser than the Holi round, just because of the fact that Karunya did not got good comments?? Not fair.
    A lot of reservations before the day, as like Sandeep is a bit lesser in High pitch songs and Anuj's voice have not tenderness (which was my point), Karunya could sing only high pitch songs. A lot of those reservations did broken today.

    The way the show started was good as they have given the right explanation about the format, specially those freementle peoples. In next, when Anuj said that he was feeling bad on Judges Walk out on Amey Vote out day, definitely Anu’s and Sonu’s comments are nothing in comparison to the pain they had given to him. But thanks that they did tried at least at that stage. So thanks for the good step.
    Now, as this show was called as Yagya, I will be more critical even on Sandeep too. The choice of statements for the Yagya in start of the episode was really well chosen. Although both the times, Sandeep sang first but I will mention about his performance after Anuj Sharma, the hero of the show.
    I am very very happy about Anuj performances for the day, I, Nitish Kumar, himself is saying that “Anuj Sharma stole the show at 20th March”.

    Bhige Honth Tere – Definitely the best song of the show today, I just said superb is not the word as Sonu is used to say about Karunya every time. You could not imagine that I was, how much surprised by the voice, with which Anuj performed this song. I should admit that I never thought that Anuj do deserves, but he changed my view, that was the first reason why I said this show as the transformation episode. The roughness of his voice really became erased this time as if it was not ever there. The only mistake with him was the pronunciation but I do not pay attention to that at least this time as he has the basic material. Heads off Anuj Sharma. A man in pressure made it, now I really want to see you in the Grand final and I will not be sad if you make it.

    I was not surprised to see the views of Judges and celebrity judges (except Vivek) as what could you expect after last episode’s controversy. But on the behalf of Judges, I should say that I should stand up to show praise for his performance.

    Adaa – This performance was not a transformation because as performer (not voice wise) I always rated Anuj even above Amey Date. His voice at some places cracked in the way which most of the time I do not like in him. But he really entertained us on today’s hot number, so I forgive him. His new voice really gave justice to the song.

    I really liked when Anuj said that Sonu Ji prasied him this is the real Indian Idol for him,. Yes! He is a person with golden heart.

    Now to Karunya, Sorry dude! this time the trick to sing last did not paid you off. In finals, now this trick will not work at all.

    Who Lamhe – I really thought that this time I will try my best to say something good about Karunya, but really sorry. He is just unlucky, his song was really the best as I have sang it many time and was never satisfied by mine or anyone else voice except the original track. And I was very jealous to Karunya that why he got this song as it was obvious that his performance, if even 30% of original he could do, will be enough to grab the attention. That “Oho Oho” was really missing its life. Truly speaking, he felled too much flat to me and I really lost my control on the injustice with the song when he not even tried the log paused nodes for which I always loved this song. The soul and the best material of this song were its long paused nodes and Karunya messed up with them, I ask you all, should anyone forgive that mistake? Yes!! Of course, all the people who are affected by the views made by Judges are already forgiving him.

    Anu Malik really irritated me by saying that Karunya did mistake but covered up them which was a sign of being “Intelligent Singer”. Could any body answer me that how many times, who else than Karunya got praised after making mistakes by these Judges?

    Yes!! Mini Mathur silently made a point that no one even in Indian Idol 1, got this much praise as Karunya have gotten. Is anybody here to say that Karunya is not hyped???

    I was not shocked to see the views of the contestants who have left the show as it was expected from them. Even I was not expecting from Monali to do support of Sandeep. Because all of them know that now in music Industry they only know two people closely (at least till yet) Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam, do I need to say some more.

    Yashshavi and Ravi but I was expecting Meenal and Amey to join in support of Sandeep as I found them sincere. Neha and Monali are too innocent to be affected by Judges. I liked Panna Gill’s stand and now I should say that I always rated this guy as the best person to face any kind of situation. The shocking one was Antra, but I am sure that she was meaning to say that but her view were edited as she was never in favour of Anuj as she said many time even in Chatting too.

    Kambakht Ishq – I have said much time that it was a transformation round. But the transformation goes in negative this time. For first song I have said him unlucky as he got the tough song (and not even tried) but for this second song, I was shocked, as at least, I always thought that Karunya’s power is high pitch song and you messed up at that one, really pity on you, you are the highest level of competition. You will never able to pay for that what the Judges have given you by making hyped this much. Without Sonu Nigam you were out in very first levels. I think you should give all money to Sonu Nigam, if you won. Although I think I and lakhs of Indians will be angry at that day when we made to see you with crown of Indian Idol II.

    If somebody argue with me about the above view then just look the video that how much disappointed the man Fardeen Khan, itself was. The man, who was the most close to the song, how could see his memories with this song tarnished. Karunya you were totally flat without emotions. That is the main problem with you. Your high head always work with tricks and your heart never got the chance to play. Make your inside good then you will feel that goodness touching everyone around you and the listener of you too, then you will not need any Sonu Nigam to survive.

    Now coming to my all time favourite Sandeep Achary, the man himself.

    Dil De Diya Hai – The sad song that Sandeep sang, and I was really worried because I know that none of the three could satisfy me at least on this song and as the worst, I was always thinking that Sandeep’s smiling face is not doing justice with the mood of song some times, although he sang always better but performance is not that much open. But as I have said it was a transformation round and as last time in Holi round, Sandeep amazed me again, he was really looking sad as was the mood of song and the show touched many hearts when Sandeep sang “Insaaf Kar Do, Mujhe Maaf Kar Do” and walked to the Judges. If someone has even a slight doubt on his voice then he should be ashamed of it.

    I was expecting that Anu Malik will appreciate the song and Sonu should also say some good things as now he is being criticized for being rude on Sandeep. But again I became disappointed; really I am not going to change my views about Sonu Nigam, even after the moment, the show ends. They both have decided they have to take it as a mission to make Karunya Indian Idol and Anu, you too …..

    I do not know that if anyone noticed that after Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik was too going to say some prewritten negative words but Vivek Oberai silently objected and Anu Malik modified his stand but finally he did what he was made to do even before the performance itself.

    But I go with the celebrity Judges. Sandeep really amazed me as if he satisfied me on this song then really he has done the best, this song is among some of the songs that really touched me in last two year releases and I was really not going to forgive him, if he makes it tarnished.

    Jaye Jaye – As I have said this show as transformation round, again a transformation, who says that Sandeep could not dance; he is not Kazi Taukir but has enough star material. But this was not the only transformation. But there was a tight slap on faces of them who said that Sandeep is uncomfortable in high pitch. I really jumped in which way he sang “ek baar” at the end of song specially.

    Vivek Oberoi mentioned that he continued singing well when for a second he slipped on the stage (not that kind of slip only legs messed up), but I am asking to Anu Malik that why this time why not he said that this was a sign of great singer when even Vivek Oberoi said the same indirectly. Sonu Nigam finally said what I was expecting; yes he was better than Sonu that time.

    As a summary, I should say that Anuj was first by his “Bheege Honth Tere” and Sandeep by a close margin at second by his “Dil De Diya Hai” and “Jaye Jaye”. As the top four from the show were:
    1- Bheege Honth Tere – Anuj Sharma
    2- Jaye Jaye – Sandeep Acharya
    3- Dil De Diya Hai – Sandeep Acharya
    4- Adaa – Anuj Sharma

    Karunya dear!! Although no one was expecting from me to support you, but I swear that this time I was ready to do that. But you are unlucky that you missed the chance, may the last chance.

  19. Indian Idol II: what’s behind the talent hunt?

    I wanted to write about Indian Idol few days back , but its good that I am writing it today after the so called much publicized glamour stricken finale. Well, does it really searches talent, seems a bit cynical.
    I have full confidence in public and if public feel that Sandeep is the Indian Idol, I respect their sentiments though my wishes were with Karunay.
    Without raising any finger on the singers who participated in so called talent search, I feel that there is some fundamental flaw with the talent search process. The Judges seems to look at some other perspective as more important while selecting the singers in the preliminary round.
    I was watching the program Sare Gama on T.V and found that the talent coming in Sare Gama sounded classically much better than the Indian Idol. Though I don’t have any knowledge about classical music, but I feel even a lay man can identify a good singer and you don’t need to be a Nigam or Malik or Khan to judge them. After all it’s the masses that make RD or Kishore or Lata or Asha and not a bunch of band master.
    I hope if any Indian Idol III takes place, it will make some changes in its preliminary selection process and look at parameters which truly identifies great singers , as the anchor says Indian Idol is the “Betaz Badshah” of Indian Music .
    I have no concerns about what goes behind the talent search, as the anchors were once discussing, sorry gossiping in front of camera that how this so called music composer gives breaks to most of the ladies participant and how the choreographer turned director searches for the AXE effect.
    Best wishes to the Indian Idol participant and hope to see a better structured transparent part III next time.

  20. The person who posted two people above me, Nitish Kumar, really amazed me.

    A question to Nitish: How can you even THINK about criticizing ANY aspect of Indian Idol? Sorry, but it's kind of hard to take you seriously if we have no idea what you're talking about. I had to sepnd almost 15 minutes trying to decipher your poorly (understatement) worded and grammatically incorrect sentences. I agree that people need to have their own opinions, but the way you just blindly support those who were the worst does actually amaze me...a LOT.

    As for the despicable way in which Anuj sang throughout the show, he sucked. Really. A lot. And everyone who supported him needs to learn some music so that they will actually have a standard of comparison to judge him by.

    I can't believe you even have the audacity to criticize, of all people, SONU NIGAM. Sonu is basically the best singer ever to have graced Indian movies, and it always angers me when people think (as they do SO OFTEN in India) that they know more music than him when all they can do is sing in the bathroom. The JUDGES on Indian Idol are there for a REASON - to JUDGE (maybe you missed that from their titles). THEY are the people who know about music (at least, Sonu and Anu do, not so much Farah) and THEY are the people who have a right to criticize the contestants and guide the public.

    One last question: Did you support Ravi during Indian Idol I? You sound like the kind of person who would have.

    And to the person who posted above me: See the part about the judges, please. The idea that "laypeople" can judge the contestants better than the "judges" is so ridiculous that I'm basically speechless. How can you even say that?

    And, by the way, it's "X-factor," not "AXE effect". They're not beheading people on the show, are they?

  21. i really love antra mitran ... kaash ki koi use jakar bata de

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