Monday, November 24, 2008

Smile please!

While times are tough and some are throwing themselves off buildings, at least one hardy soul out there has retained his sense of humour. The guy who writes 'The Secret Journal of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.'

Not Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, silly. It's a fake blog. But such a delightful one!

I just hope Rakeshji has retained his sense of humour and laughs along with the rest of us. It's a singular honour you know. How many people have a fake blog dedicated to them, which is actually more interesting than what the real man would write?

Sample (a post by 'Rakesh' on that recently conducted exam named after an animal): If you were to pass this test and get an MBA degree you would end up working for someone rich like Mukesh Ambani or Kumarmangalam Birla. Would you prefer this or be a self employed professional like Abdul Karim Telgi?

And this post on what Barack Obama could learn from Deve Gowda is truly a classic. Don't miss the pains taken to illustrate each point with appropriate pictures!

I guess the brain behind this one is inspired by the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Well, if this one ever unmasks himself I tell ya, he would give the Cyrus Broachas of the world a run for their money!

And how do I know it's a 'he'? Well... I just know. Women don't care about stocks and stock brokers that much and I may add, very very few are able to kick ass when it comes to humour.

Anonymous blogger, I salute thee! And thank ye for sprinkling a li'l bit of sunshine in our financially withered lives!! May your tribe increase :)

And oh, if you ever want to write for JAM magazine, it would be an honour.


  1. whoever is writing the blog is doing a great job... and the 'Deve Gowda is Better than Obama' post is really too good.

  2. as a long time follower of "Fake Steve", i feel offended that you compared him with Cyrus :)

    BTW Fake Steve has revealed himself long time ago.. he is Dan Lyons, a very famous reporter (from Fortune, Newsweek etc).. check out his old postings and his book too.. no one moons at silicon valley as he does

  3. Who sd women don't care abt stocks...??? Dey much do, as you and me...provided they don't share their ideas in groups like us..and as far as Rakeshji is concerned, he is a GEM..

  4. Ok! i dint know this all these days. I was wondering how is finding time to find all those pictures in Deve Gowda post. I really enjoy reading those posts. What ever be the case he drives a bit of traffic to my blog.Thank you (Fake) Rakesh ji

  5. An example of a famous woman who cares about financial investments and makes money off her advice: Suzie Orman.

    An example of famous comedienne:
    Ellen Degeneres (and a TON of others, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler included)

  6. fake e-mail ids, fake orkut profiles, fake facebook profiles and now fake blogs.....WTF(what the fake....lolz)

  7. Whether fake or real, blog is a real enjoyment, no doubt about it. But how do u know it'z a fake one? Obviously he may not have much time for all the research behind tha t. Some ghost writer must be writing for him?

  8. I have been following the blog for months now and its a real fun and at times you wouldn't stop laughing at those pictures.....true entertainment!

  9. Hi,
    I have been reading both blogs and
    he commented about you recently :)


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