Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Idea accha tha magar..

Being a 'brand manager' is no easy thing. You have to eat, drink and sleep thinking about your brand. Bad enough. You also have to keep thinking about how to make others think about your brand as often as possible.

Which means pasting your logo and branding everywhere.

In what must surely be described as an 'innovation' in someone's CV Britannia has decided to advertise its bread on the handcarts of Mumbai's famous sandwichwallahs. So far so good.

But please note that the sandwich guy still prefers Modern bread. Kind of like Sridevi endorsing Lux and then using an expensive firang soap.

Advice to Britannia: Figure out how to get your bread used at those stalls. Perhaps offer a discounted steady supply?

Idea accha tha magar
magic always lies in the implementation.


  1. Looking forward to your 'new 48 hrs' blogathon. Btw, i came across the "Gogola" news on Amit Agrawal's blog some time before. But it was good to know what a brand manager like you think about it.

    Keep on writing :)

  2. :) Nice one!!! but this is the kind of thing that gives marketers like me Nightmares!

  3. And Sridevi at least doesn't show the soap she uses, unlike this sandwichwaala..right above Britannia, he'se busy selling Modern bread!!

  4. Idea is too gud, wel god 2 c street vendors getting 'HYTECH'


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