Thursday, November 06, 2008

Manjunath Shanmugam Memorial Candle Light March

Anjali and Jaishankar, two lovely people who are also trustees of the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust asked me to help publicise this cause. I am more than happy to do so!


Manjunath Shanmugam, was an Indian Oil Corp. Ltd (IOCL) employee and IIML alumnus. He was working to curb oil malpractices in his territory; and was murdered on 19th November 2005 by a petrol pump owner and his accomplices. Manjunath was a popular student, noted for his passion for music, sincerity and integrity.

The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust is an international corporate community initiative; and works to improve governance in Indian public life.

Candle Light March
This candle light march has been organized on his death anniversary so that the entire student community of India can embrace and stir nationwide consciousness, and make our voice heard about prevalent widespread corruption. Youth across the country are honouring the values he stood for, by joining hands on this day; and in one voice, taking a pledge - Honour Integrity! Fight Corruption! If you wish to sign up for this pledge please click on:

The trust is looking to mobilise a large number of colleges across India to participate in the event. If you can organize the march in your own college please email us at and we will help you.


  1. Hai Bhagwaan!

    You too believe in those good for nothing candle light marches? We have learned to show off even sorrow!! I was accustomed for human rights people doing it for terrorists or criminals but...

  2. Taking off from this post, if some-one like Majunath sees corruption happening in front of his eyes or feels that things will only move after supplying " speed-money ", what should one do about it?

    Is it heroic or stupid to say that I waited for 2 years for a telephone connection ?

    Corruption is there everywhere. In India you pay to get things done. In certain other countries, you need to pay money so that you prevent certain things from happening. Some call it Lobbying, some call it "Smart-working ". Having lived in US for a while, I would not be surprised if they coin a nice term like " Financial-Inclusivity " for this act.

  3. Rashmi, thanks for this ... spreading awareness among the youth is key, and your blog more than enables this!

  4. Some comments here remind me of the following quote.

    The angels know what too many practical men eat their bread with sweat of the dreamer's brow! — Kahlil Gibran

    Thanks Rashmi for spreading awareness about a dreamer like Manjunath, in a country where people even are afraid to dream, lest they be disappointed!

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