Monday, May 04, 2009

'Careers with Rashmi' on UTVi

Starting 8th of May, I will be hosting a new weekly show on UTVi - 'Careers with Rashmi' - where I answer queries from viewers. Now this is really exciting - as well as a little scary. Because the show is 'live'!

As they say, fortune favours the prepared mind. So the show will not be based on completely random call-ins. There will some method to the madness :)

Since 'careers' is a very broad area, each week I will choose a theme for my show, It could be industry specific (say, the advertising industry) or an idea ('finding a job you love').

The theme for my first show is the 'software industry'. So any of you out there working in software, or considering a career in that area, please do write in to me with your questions! You'll then be asked to call in at a specific time. Or, I'll use your email query.

Aise kyoon? Well, I want questions that are interesting to people @ large. Which bring up issues that many of you might be facing. Also, we'll avoid having the same 2-3 questions repeated over and over again.

A few broad areas which I think are of wider interest:
* Software jobs vs Core jobs: which would you choose today, as an engineer graduating from college

* If I join software, should I go for a big company, a mid cap or even consider a start up?

* Programming vs testing vs product development

* Will the cap on H1 B affect my chances of going abroad?

* What is the growth path for a software engineer?

* If I want to start my own company, what kind of experience would be most relevant for me?

* What is the future of SAP? Is it worth shifting to today?

* What are the hot new areas/ programming languages I can get into today?

* And of course the old favourite: to do or not to do the MBA.

Well, that was just my two bits but I would love to hear from you. Do send in your queries to rashmi_b at And remember to mention your name and contact no as well.

And the rest of you, do tune in to my show on Friday, 8th of May @ 7 pm on UTVi (channel # 541 on Tata Sky). It is a big day for me, and I need your moral support :)


  1. Hey,
    Another feather in your hat!
    Your hat has surely gotten heavy by this time!
    Would love to the see the show!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Good for us..
    Hope you do a great work as always..

  3. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and I must confess its absolutely crappy to be so popular. You mentioned a load of questions about a programmer's job which IMO(I am a programmer by profession for the last 4 years now) are the dumbest questions an aspiring programmer might ask to himself/herself. All you talk about is IIM and IIT, there is hardly anything 'youth' about that. IMO you are writing all this just to make money out of your books, and just in case you really wanna make a difference for the youth then try raising this question "Do you really have the aptitude, love and the passion required to program/code? If you do then you dont need to worry about H1B and the growth path you shall shine for yourself". Questions like the ones you wrote are the reasons India produces shit load of shitty programmers and I am pretty sure that extends to a lot of other professions as well.

  4. Rashmi,

    Guess few questions I hear from the candidates are:
    Whether to join a services company or a product company?
    Difference between Product based companies and services based?
    Choosing between offers from multiple companies?
    Domain expertise or jack of multiple things
    Application side or systems side et. al

  5. Hey Rashmi,
    You have a nice blog! I've been following your blog for a while now and I enjoy reading it. I am a grad from ISB and can relate a lot to the stuff you write..keep it going!

    Also reading your book 'Stay hungry Stay Foolish' and the compilation is truly inspiring!

  6. Congrats. Regarding career guidance, I would recommend helping students through online medium as well (JAM website). What you can do is create a expert panel from among the blog readers and JAM members or let the panelists self nominate. Students can post questions and panel members can give their feedback. This would be completely voluntary and a student would get multiple perspectives. A good example of online advising model is available at

  7. Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations! Will try and catch some episodes online.

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  10. Take entreprenureship as a topic tooo, in ur upcoming shows..


  11. Awesome.....congratulations!!

  12. All the best Rashmi.. Will be cheering for you :)

  13. I think one question you should address is:
    What should a s/w engg do to keep himself/herself motivated in this career, coz its such a monotonous work, which doesn't demand any skills.

    We are just making a fleet of dumb ppl coz of this s/w industry who live in a parallel utopian world, which is such a misnomer.

    Every other person in IT keeps preparing for MBA, or some other degree while at work, either coz of no work OR work that is so monotonous.

    One should deter ppl to join such a stale industry.
    Easier said than done.

    A programmer,

  14. Congratz for adding another feather in your cap... :)

    Also i'm working in s/w industry frm last 3.5 years, in case you need some sort of help then kindly let me know...

  15. Hey,
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  16. Hey this is interesting.

  17. Hey Rashmi,
    Congrats..These days it's difficult to retain the existing job in s/f industry. What kind of attitude someone needs to have a smooth sailing..You can address this issue.. I think it's very important in the current market situation..

  18. Hi,

    I saw your programme, it is very nice.


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