Monday, May 11, 2009

Internships @ JAM, and more

If you are BMM or BMS/ Arts/ Commerce/ Science/ Engineering student thinking of a career in the media, you might want to apply to work as an intern with JAM magazine.

You must have excellent English, be web savvy and open to do anything and everything in terms of reporting, writing, editing and uploading.

The internship is essentially for experience - you will get a recommendation letter if you successfully complete it. There is no stipend, only a small travel allowance.

The position is in Mumbai and duration minimum of 4 weeks. Drop me a line asap at rashmi_b at if interested!

The Stay Hungry show
Also, a small update on my new show on UTVi. In a happy turn of events it's now called the 'Stay Hungry' show and the first episode went off well... Although there is always scope to get better and better :)

I realise many of you are not near a TV at 7 pm, especially on a Friday; will try and put it up on Youtube. There is also a repeat telecast on Sat early morning ie 1230 am.

The subject for the 'Stay Hungry' show on this Friday (15th May) is the advertising industry. So if you have any queries on copywriting/ media planning/ client servicing / what have you, feel free to email me with your contact details. Again at rashmi_b at

The hills are alive!
Lastly, I have a lot to write about my recent trip to Kumaon. Yes, it was only five days but heavenly nevertheless. We live in such an amazing country, where there's always something more to discover.

Details in my next post!


  1. Ah.. Kumaon? Waiting eagerly for that post now..

  2. Posting videos on Youtube sounds a great idea. It will allow people outside India to watch the shows. You can also create a Youtube channel which will make it easier for people to subscribe.

  3. I'm a journalist and I was wondering if freelance writing for the mag is an option. Where do I send my CV?

  4. will definitely watch ur show dear.........u rock!

  5. will definitely watch ur show

  6. The show was very nice and pretty informative and the industry person you had there brought a lot of insight and said it like it actually is.

    The fact that you cant actually pick your callers sometimes made questions repetitive. Maybe you can choose callers with different kinds of questions so you cover a wider range of topics.

    With all due respect and this is just contructive criticism, I felt you were blinking too much on the show. Felt like you were wearing uncomfortable contacts or such. I found it a little distracting but this is just my opinion.

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