Monday, May 25, 2009

IIT JEE - social cauldron bubbling over!

Gopi Sivakanth, who appeared for IIT JEE from the Madras zone, has achieved an All India Rank (AIR) of 3. Sivakanth happens to be an OBC but has cracked the general merit list.

Mukul Singh, AIR 220 in the common merit list and Kirtesh Meena, AIR 281 in the common merit list are the toppers of the SC and ST candidates, respectively.

Gopi's achievement is creditable but I wonder: Will he be considered part of general category or OBC? Obviously he does not need the 'relaxed entry' criteria! But, if he gets in through merit then it would mean one seat less - for non-OBCs.

Reading between the lines of the IIT JEE press note you'll see there is a 44% spike in the number of test takers who are OBCs (from 72,116 in 2008to 104045 in 2009). So from a political angle, reservation can be termed as a 'success'!

Some statistics of interest:

Selection ratio of general candidates: 2.98%
Out of 232331 candidates who appeared 6930 qualified

Selection ratio for OBCs: 1.85%
Out of 104045 OBC candidates who wrote JEE, 1930 qualified.

Selection ratio for SCs: 2.67%
Out of 36117 SC candidates 967 qualified

Selection ratio for STs: 1.66%
Out of 12484 ST candidates 208 qualified

Selection ratio of girls: 1.06%
Out of 98,028 girls who attempted JEE, 1048 qualified

That last statistic is quite depressing - both for educationists and all the boys who have made it to IIT!

P.S. There is a proposal to set up an 'all-girls IIT' in Amravati. No prizes for guessing who it will be named after...

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  1. If a candidate fill in his admission form claiming reservation then he should be given admission in that category only. This way number of seats will not vary for any category. I hope this is what is followed today?

  2. all-girls IIT is a terribly bad idea... having yet another IIT is ok, but let all IITs be co-ed... increase the number of girls in those IITs rahter than having an all-girls' IIT...

  3. No prizes for guessing who it will be named after...
    All IITs have been named as IIT-XYZ, where XYZ signifies the town/city in which it is based.

  4. 1. All-girls-IIT is BS. The people concerned are just trying to treat the symptoms instead of the underlying disease.

    2. Interesting statistics.
    Stastically speaking, one has a better chance of being selected if one appears in the general category than in other categories (OBC, SC, ST) ignoring all other factors.

  5. the females of our society also need to step up and see the ratio's that u've put up here miss rashmi...there are a very few who want to pursue this line.....and those who want to cannot stand up to their parents for the same.. we cannot help those who are not seeking help.....the fact remains that iit is seen as a very tough test for woman in india...(although it should not be) i mean the trend is such that women are not allowed at the developing an iit for women is according to me not such a bad idea..........

  6. IIt-Jee is still considered one of the toughest exams of world and iit is shining just because of the meritorious students who are able to make it through.well augmenting the seats of Sc,St and oBC is only making their life difficult since these incapable students not only faces discrimination in coll but also could not able to clear the papers nd subsequently could not able rope in single job. u r degrading the reputation of this coll which this country boasts of.i think it is not a good idea just to balance the gender ratio in iits, u need to commence iits for girls.these steps will undermine the status or robust privelge of iits

  7. A girl's only IIT? Why don't they start a OBC only IIT and an SC/ST only IIT?

    That will be real reservation and then we will see what use if any, reservation has!

  8. "A girl's only IIT? Why don't they start a OBC only IIT and an SC/ST only IIT '

    I second that


  9. Resonance Students Secured Rank-I in Unified Cyber Olympiad

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    According to MR. Nilesh Gupta (HOP PCCP ) topper “Abhay Singh” will be awarded with a Cyber Champ Gold Medal and Laptop Computer + a Momento. And third ranker “Yash Gupta” will be awarded with a Gold Medal and a Cash prize of Rs. 2500/- + a Momento

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