Thursday, November 30, 2006

Website reviewers wanted

JAM magazine recently undertook a comparative review of newly launched Indian social networking sites. The list includes Minglebox, Yaari, Go,Yaar! and Humsubka.

The article was written by a lay user and inveterate orkutter, who took the trouble of registering and using all 4 sites over a week's time. You can read his analysis here.

If you are a net addict who fancies doing a similar job on a different family of websites - dating, classifieds, buying stuff online, whatever - do get in touch with me. The id is

Also, if you're an orkutter who'd like to write a regular column for JAM on... orkutting!... drop me a line.


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Count me in........

    on Orkut since december last year... and got hold of complete orkut funda ;)

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    just give it a read,, u might like it,,

  3. As a hobby-writer and pretty avid 'orkut-ter' I'd be quite happy to write a regular column for JAM on orkut-ting. How often would 'regular' need to be? And any ideas on how to prolong interest in a single social site? Sure it'd be alright to focus on current trends and fast growing groups..and then there's the ramblings I have whenever there's effervescent furor that our thoughtful moral police have over any part / sub--site of Orkut deemed anti-social in any way, but these are short term interest articles. Thoughts?

    Ohh.. would this regular job involve a paycheque?

    Carlos Albuquerque.

    PS - Emails sent to the Yahoo! Id keeping bouncing faster than my cousin does after his daily sugar rush!

    Rambling on at

  4. A regular column on orkut - I want to know what they are going to write so much about it. would love to read this up when you start it in JAM.

  5. Ah well i am addicted to orkut , but still

    i had written this before reading this.

  6. I could help on the Orkutting stuff, since I am in there for a long time, and also moderate the India-Pakistan GenNext community(over 2000 members)..

    That apart, I could also help in reviewing drop me a line..


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