Friday, October 06, 2006

JAM Engineering College Rating Survey 2007

Here's an update on this inititaive, which I wrote about earlier.

Well, the project is well underway. In fact, readers of this blog were the ones were the bakras who took the pilot survey. Based on your feedback, we then formulated a second, more comprehensive survey which is now being circulated within the engineering college community. The survey can be accessed here and is open to current students as well as those who have graduated in the year 2003 or after.

As I had mentioned the JAM survey aims to cover 250-300 colleges across India. In fact, I think that number will go up to 350.

66% of the survey is based on 'peer group ratings'. The remaining on feedback from the college management and Department of Technical Education. The survey is extremely transparent - no complicated formulas or calculations. Points are awarded for specific factors being present or absent and every college rated on a 100 point scale.

However, rather than a bland collection of statistics we will aim to provide some qualitative inputs. As well as some non-serious ones which capture the flavour of life in various colleges.

How you can help
This is an open source project. It can only be completed with your co operation and collaboration.

Firstly, we require a minimum of 30 responses from each college to arrive at a rating. I therefore request each of you who is eligible to fill the questionnaire to circulate it among batchmates, your egroup or orkut community to reach that number. The link is here.

By 30, I mean 30 seriously filled up questionnaires. We are inspecting what comes in and chucking out invalid/ fudged/ extreme responses. Yes, it would take about 15 minutes to fill the survey but anything less detailed would not be fair and would affect the credibility of the exercise!

Secondly, while no important institution will be left out, we are concentrating on 6 states with the maximum number of engineering colleges:

- Maharashtra
- Karnataka
- Tamil Nadu
- Andhra Pradesh
- Delhi NCR
- Uttar Pradesh

We need 3-5 volunteers per state who can help with propogating the survey among the engineering college communities.

You should be:
- a well networked person with friends and contacts in many colleges
- someone who can beg, bully and cajole people into getting what you say done!

What you will have to do:
- Just spend a little of your time, from home, online in doing this work.

What you will get:
Right now - nothing in terms of money. This project is a labour of love. It's a project JAM is doing to help and guide students. A huge and formidable task which we have embarked on because someone has to do it.

And while we may not have vast material resources to back us up, we have the passion and commitment to the end user which no one else does.

Yes, the objective is to eventually make some money doing so (capitalism zindabad!). But that's a few months away and until then I can only offer you more of an intellectual kick. A feeling of having done something towards the greater common good.

JAM t shirts / other such goodies will be sent out of course. But I am sure that you won't volunteer only for that! That's just a survey ka side-effect :)

If you would like to get involved as a Survey Evangelist, email me at

Thank you for your support so far. For more updates, watch this space!


  1. Survey Evangelist??? innovative name. We guys seem to be getting better each day when it comes to designations!!! Good luck for the survey anyways. By the way, the spelling of Evangelist needs to be rectified on your post.

  2. just a note on the survey. consider providing a text box
    for the Others. For eg. Course Name: if a student selects Others, currently there is no way of tracking what course s/he is taking. maybe that data is insignificant in terms of overall purpose, but it never hurts; considering usually certain courses are neglected in colleges.

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  4. Hi Rashmi

    Few more questions that could probably be asked:

    1. Are any industry specific testing/research projects (sponsored by companies) taken up by the institution? If possible, an example, (this is a major differentiator as this shows industry view of the college)
    2. Is there an auditorium/open air theater/cultural center on campus?
    3. Do student representatives have a say in things like examination schedule, placement council, elective courses etc. (maybe this is valid only for autonomous colleges)
    4. Approximate faculty-student ratio.

    These may not help much with actual ranking but would definitely give a better picture to aspirants.

  5. another very interesting question...

    How and when did you come to know about this college? (you could come out with possible options)

  6. I wonder why you did not include Kerala in your project!

  7. one more question that can be included is number of students selected in CAT/GRE etc.

    CAT would give you an idea on the personality development in the college.. thats where DCE/NSIT scores over others.

    Also list of major prizes won in various national and international contests should help you gauge the quality of students. over the years you will get to know major competitions instititues take part in and their standing in it.

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions and feedback.We have decided to include all states in the project. State wise listing of colleges other than those mentioned will shortly be available on the survey form.

    The idea to go in depth into the states with maximum no of engineering colleges and also cover a limited number from every state. Finally, all depends on how well you guys respond !

  9. i was here to write about not including all states as that would leave out some good institution like BITS, Pilani, School of Mines, BHU, Benaras etc.
    i got answer in ur comment only. thanx
    though i am not a Enginneering Grduates but a Industrial Designer, i would like to see Engg. Branch specific ranking of college. As some college are good in mechanical other are good in electrical or civil.
    i means to study a specific field of engg. , which are the best place.
    IITs are anyway there so focus more on second tier institute.
    my best wishes

  10. Thanks for including all States in the survey...

  11. Anonymous10:42 PM

    This survey will be a great resource for engineering aspirants....

    and i hope you will soon give a thought to take survey of MCA(Master in Computer Application) colleges...

    Keep up the Good Work !!!

  12. if everybody from every college rate their college highly how would you differenciate?

  13. Err..perhaps this is the wrong place to post...but I ve tried the other(s)...

    I had sent a couple of articles that I had written in recent times -to get it published in JAM- to the aforementioned email address.

    Whilst I havent got a bounce back, I havent got a reply either.One way or the other, I d really appreciate if you could reply.

    God Speed

    P.S I ll resend it, just in case.

  14. Err..perhaps this is the wrong place to post...but I ve tried the other(s)...

    I had sent a couple of articles that I had written in recent times -to get it published in JAM- to the aforementioned email address.

    Whilst I havent got a bounce back, I havent got a reply either.One way or the other, I d really appreciate if you could reply.

    God Speed

    P.S I ll resend it, just in case.

  15. Hi..I dont find PESIT,Bangalore in the list !

    Why has it been excluded? Any specific reason?

    Anyways, looking forward to the survey results.


    Visit this website and see the advertisment carefully.

  17. When will the results of this rating be published?

  18. A lot of NITs even IITK missing in your list. Reasons??

  19. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Well, the survey looks pretty impressive, but don't you think it focuses a bit too much on the academic part?? What about life in the campus, and other such things, which quite a lot of people, like me, give a pretty high priority to (for me it's top priority: I can't live in a place that sucks even if it will later give me the salary that an MBA deserves). I think quite a few people will agree with me there.. I'd like it if those who do, show it here..

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