Thursday, October 12, 2006

Get blown away at Shiro: Mumbai's trendy new nightspot

I don't go gaga over nightspots too often. That's because I rarely visit them.

Well, cosmic forces combined to take me to a place so amazing I feel compelled to write about it. Coz there are clubs and there are lounges and there is Shiro. The moment you enter, your jaw will drop and you'll say "Wow!"

Never heard of it? Well, neither had I. Which is why I first took a peek into the Hard Rock Cafe located in the same mill compound. Verdict: yummy. But having been to a couple of Hard Rocks in other parts of the world, we thought let's give this Shiro place a chance.

And what do you know. Inside a plain, unmarked wooden door lies a world in itself.

The very first thing that hits you is a 50 foot high stone sculpture - whoa! Coupled with the soothing sound of water, dim lighting and oodles and oodles of space. So much space that you suddenly feel "this can't be Bombay.. it just can't".

We were led upstairs (yes, there are two levels) where the two of us chose a luxurious sofa to loll on. Right opposite, on the wall, was a fantastic wall sculpture - the kind you might see in Khajuraho - except these weren't kinky and the faces are all south East Asian.

In a corner there's bamboo shoots gently swaying, look above and there's a 100 ft high ceiling. Giant red lamps dangle from the ceiling - more for decor than lighting. The seating area to the side of us resembles a 4 poster bed with gauzy, golden curtains. The 'table' in front of me is a low wooden chest.

Close your eyes and gurgling water and soothing music give you a sensory massage. In 10 minutes you are completely relaxed. Ah, now for the menu.

There's a wide and interesting range of drinks, although gven the lighting, it takes effort to squint at the menu. Cocktails with names like Balinese beach and Shanghai sunset. Margaritas nicknamed 'irresistible concubines'. And something called shochutinis (martinis made with Japanese rice wine). Prices range between Rs 250-475.

I tried out the wine cocktail 'fortified with vodka' in cranberry-black currant flavour (Rs 325). Very nice.

There is a wide range of eats of the Japanese-Korean variety. The menu includes stuff like Norwegian salmon (5 pieces for Rs 500), sashimi platters (Rs 700 to Rs 1850, depending on number of pieces). There were many items on the menu mentioned as "bulgogi in bao" ie chicken bulgogi in bao, beef bulgogi in bao. Pata nahin kya hai but sounded intriguing!

There are a decent number of vegetarian options but only if you like tofu/ shitake mushrooms (which are an ingredient in almost everything here).

My friend tried chi-chow dumplings (which are like chicken momos, Rs 250) while I, the ghaas-phoos lover went for mixed veg dumplings with glass noodles (Rs 175). When it came, I could hardly tell what I was eating (did I mention the lighting is dim!). Whatever it was - accha tha. Service was cool but then, being a weeknight there wasn't much crowd.

The bottomline however is, food and drink is incidental to the experience. It's the ambience which is mindblowing.

Is it a replica of the famous Buddha Bar in Paris? Well, from the pics of Buddha Bar I checked out on the net it does not seem like an exact copy. There are no Buddhas per se, at Shiro, just a predominantly Far Eastern theme with an emphasis on the Japanese.

The idea and the overall atmosphere may well match - but who cares?

Although it's a really really romantic place, Shiro is essentially designed for large groups. The best seating in the house is what I call the 'boudoirs' - the area which resembles a canopy bed although with low L shaped sofas.

Yes, it is expensive (factor in VAT and service tax also!) but completely worth it. This is the place to see/ be seen at for some time to come. If you're going on a weekend better make a booking!

Sorry, I have no pictures to put up yet. I did take some with my camera phone but those do no justice to the place. We did in fact seek permission for JAM magazine to shoot some pictures... but they are yet to grant the same.

We're told there is a PR agency which is very selective about who gets to review the place. Aha. But what about people like me... We didn't need a freebie invitation. We came, enjoyed the experience and want to write about it.

Yes, I understand they want to slowly build up this place. Keep it mysterious and exclusive for a while. That way everyone wants to come here. And you don't depend on minor celebrities to endorse you to be seen as 'happening'. In short, no hangers-on who don't pay because they grace your club with their presence!

All I would say is, a write up in Bombay Times is not necessarily the best thing for a really cool place today. Yeah, they did feature Shiro yesterday, on some obscure page (bet you didn't notice it!). With a picture which looked like it was shot by an amateur (if you put on the flash, how can you capture the atmosphere!).

Aap hamein gale lagayein ya nahin, hum to aapke chahne wale ho haye. So, no hard feelings. The pics will happen. Watch this space!

Shiro, Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai. tel : 022-24383008


  1. Shochutini is not made from Japanese rice wine(Sake??) but from Shochu which is a distilled drink made mostly from barley. Shochu is often referred as the Japanese Vodka. Shochutinis are becoming a rage amongst the hipster crowd.

    The Saketinis are made obviously from Sake(rice wine) but they are passe nowadays.

    More info about Shochu can be found from the one and only wikipedia.

  2. rashmi, i've been raving about your blog to my dad [who has known you and jam for a while.. i won't put his full name out there on "the intarnets" but his initials, if that's sufficient, are SJT] for months now, but i don't think i've ever actually dropped YOU a line to say how much i enjoy reading your stuff.

    but after this post -- one of those where as you read your neck hurts from nodding so hard, where EVERY SENTENCE is just spot on -- i just had to throw in a comment. not only because the writing is spot on, but also because your timing is uncanny. i was at shiro last night, and was totally blown away, too, so had just had the exact same conversation with my dad ("couldn't believe this was bombay!") earlier this evening before i logged on to google reader to check for feed updates. and voila, my very words have been blogged! it's a small world :D

    maybe i'll run into you @ shiro sometime? take care, and keep them astute and entertaining posts comin'!

  3. so you're finally getting el-cool hotspots near your dud of an office eh? buddha bar is a bit too over-rated. Yep, worth a postcard visit atleast and the albums, adds to the boast factor. don't wonder who I am -- just connect one gujju bhai with a kanjoos baap and you'll get an idea. dad's actually doing well these days. he's shelling out some dough too

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  5. Hi Rashmi,

    Will check out Shiro some day when bombay touring happens.

    There seems to be a typo in
    "Aap hamein gale lagayein ya nahin, hum to aapke chahne wale ho haye." ..Shouldnt that be "gaye".

  6. I will check this out when I am
    there in January:)


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  8. hi rashmi

    a friend mentioned the place--and the decor :)---and i was trying to find out who designed the place when i landed here !!--loved your write-up !!! if you get to know who the architect/designer is do let me know




    Visit this website and see the advertisment carefully.

  10. too good place ! even better described

    keep up the good work

    ....hum aapke chahne wale ho gaye hain

  11. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Rashmi could not agree more. I just wrote about it and then decided to google, to check if others had noticed it. It is the most mindblowing lounge bar I have ever seen (by a big margin), its soooo soothing and peaceful, almost impossible to describe. I first thought that this was also a franchisee thinge, being a part of the package for being a Hard Rock master franchisee.
    Hard Rock is pale compared to Shiro... I only wish they decide to keep themselves open in the afternoons on weekends and holidays.

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  14. hey, sounds like a real cool place. first heard of this via an orkut community and ended up reading ur blog. will have to check this place out, on my next visit to mumbai!

  15. Hey Rashmi...
    Nice review....feels like being there....can't hardly wait!

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