Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The unholy 'jehadi'

Traditionally, you wake up on Diwali morning and the first thing you look at is a silver coin or rupee note. It is believed that "Laxmiji ke darshan' on the day of Laxmi puja brings prosperity and luck in the coming year.

Additionally, you wake up on Diwali morning and the papers are full of stories of children who will never see their parents again. Of entire families wiped out by Saturday's serial blasts in Delhi.

'Jehadis' have planned and executed this unimaginably evil act during the very month of Ramzan when they are enjoined by their God to undertake fasting and penance to purify themselves.

Can the elders, leaders and imams of their community please stand up and declare strongly and clearly, that they will burn in hell?

So far I've seen one picture of Shabana Azmi in some kind of protest march and I'm afraid she is not the kind of person whom the average jehadi looks up to for career guidance.


  1. Its high time that someone from this community stands up and says that all this going on in the name of JEHAD will not be tolerated ...enough is enough...everything has a limit and it has been crossed in this case, a probable solution to this problem will be to set a meet of all the important and intellectual members of this community to take drastic steps against these fedayeens , outcast them,penalise them, punish them to give them a strong and stern message that these things will not be tolerated now.
    Nothing can stop these men except humiliation from their own community.

  2. Nitin, the problem of taking stern actions against Jihadis' are acts and ordinances like POTA, MCOCA etc. If the Govt. uses it, you have HR activists up in arms saying that these acts violate HR.

    Besides, such acts leads to more misuse than use.

    If the GoI comes up with something like the Patriot Act, you have no idea how much trouble folks are going to be in...

  3. I fail to understand why do we need any symbol of protest from the particular religious group who are as much Indians as anybody else. This henious act is condemned by everyone. Time and again we should stop expecting a sympathy statement. I am sure that even if a hundred thousand people take to the streets it won't make any difference to the Jihadis who have been brainwashed by the ISI .

    I am in favour of getting the POTA back .As for HR Activists they care for the life of one terrorist rather than the hundreds who are victims of the terrorists.

  4. Now I have that fear in mind that before any festival,auspicious day, therez going to be bomb blasts and tears everywhere.It might be a natural cause or a man created issue.Dec 25 had Tsunami, Diwali had bombings.With the earthquakes,train mishaps and the Capital bombings,I wonder should we still feel happy about a Festival.:(

  5. I wonde what Shabana Azmi's actions or inactions have to do with this? Leave her alone will you...?

  6. I think we need a comprehensive strategy to defeat terrorism. We should crack down on the financial and logistical support networks of the terrorist organizations.


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