Wednesday, November 23, 2005

NDTV on Manjunathan

Tonight's 10.30 pm bulletin had an excellent story on what NDTV refers to as the "IIM Murder Case".

The channel visited the petrol pump in the interiors of UP where the killing took place. It even got a witness to declare - on camera - the names of the two people who shot Manjunathan. One of them was the petrol pump owner's son, Monu Mittal, as reported earlier.

So for once, bloggers should have no complaints with the "MSM"!

Ironically, the top story - preceding this one - was also about a man dying simply for doing his job. M R Kutty, 36, was a driver working for the Border Road Organisation (BRO) which is building roads in Afghanistan.

The Taliban ain't too pleased about roads reaching their part of the world - so what do they do? Abduct Kutty. The demand: "BRO, return to India, or else". Kutty learnt the cruel meaning of 'or else'.

His decapitated body was found "dumped by the roadside in Delaram, a district in southern Afghanistan's Nimroze Province".

Dangers ahead
There are apparently 290 employees of BRO still in Afghanistan - and work on the Zaranj-Delaram road project must continue...

Should they stick to their jobs or petition the government to be brought home? What would you advise if someone you loved was in such a dilemma?

We all know the answer...

And Manjunathan's father was on his son's case too. "I often pleaded with him that he should give up this job in that part of north India where the border with Nepal and the forest terrain made mafia operation conducive," Shakumugan told The Telegraph.

"But he would not listen," he sobbed, "and he would say he loved Lucknow which gave him his management degree, and that he was ready to give his life for Indian Oil..."

And he did.

Update: Indian Express has front-paged the news this morning. Read the report here.


  1. It was indeed a sad ending for Manju n his parents.
    n yes, MSM does have few better organizations in it - NDTV happens to be one of them - whereas the TIMES group - i just don't have word. Just today, the 'guru' was shown with Miss Universe n I just had the same ole issue right in front of my eyes.

  2. Somehow I dont understand the title "IIM Murder Case" under which the story was covered.

    The same thing happened with Satyendra Dubey's story when he was brutally murdered and the media only referred to him as the "murdered IITian" or the "slain IITian."

    Could these men have been less devoted towards their duty or could the consequences have been different had they not been an IIM/IIT alumni?

    Perhaps today even solidarity requires a brand name.

  3. Here's the link to the NDTV Manjunathan article

  4. pat to bloggers for atleast bringing it to notice of MSM. by the way i too am disguised the way they have reported the case. would he not been in IIM aluminus, his efforts would have gone in vein.

  5. god only knows how many more satyendra dubeys n manjunaths r waiting for their dead ends.....

  6. It is a helpless feeling. One feels so much about 'machan' (Manjunathan's pet name at IIML) - but feels numbed as to how can one make a difference so that his sacrifice is made to count. Any ideas?


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