Friday, October 14, 2005

Life after 10/10

I hesitate as I write this, my first regular blog post in 6 days. It used to be so easy. Ideas danced in my head. Words took form without much effort. Fingers flew on the keyboard.

190 posts, over 100,000 words worth of thought and feeling were expressed through this space in the last 8 months.

And now, I hesitate. Because innocence is lost.Because my space is no longer my own.

Now, there are gawkers and stalkers. Waiting to seize on what I write next. Which completely drains away the pleasure of writing. The reason I blog in the first place.

Can the old feeling be recaptured? Maybe, in time. Maybe, never wholly or in complete measure.

Like a post 9-11 New York, the post 10-10 blogosphere is changed, forever. For better or worse, only time will tell.

Comments policy hereon: IIPM comments on posts unrelated to the subject will be deleted. Personal and petty comments unrelated to the subject of a post will be deleted.


  1. Unfortunate incidents do happen in life, and they make you stronger. They also make you realise who are friends and who are foes. As long as you know that you are right, nothing should deter you.

  2. I hope this change is for the better. Things have changed but I hope the fightback has given us courage to express our thoughts more freely. Your posts were never in the wrong and I don't think you should be thinking twice about penning them down.

  3. Enough of your bullshit. What do you think you are the only one who can write a blog. Well you are wrong. I have started my own blog . My first blog is about my life but next time i am going to write about you and that gaurav sabnis. Just wait and watch.

  4. This is EXACTLY what you should not be doing. I have contacted as many legal experts as possible.There is nothing unlawful in writing whatever you want, let alone being accurate. Come on Rashmi, you can't let a bunch a petty and really stupid frauds bully you like this. As spoilt urban brats , we rarely are confronted with situations that challenge our fundamental rights.Now that it has,the entire blogosphere has responded magnificiently.Carry on Rashmi.Write on anything you want, anyone you want and anyhow you want.You owe this to your friends, readers, alma mater and your countrymen.We are all allowed our opinions.Idiots who don't understnd tis should stick to counting chickens and hatching eggs

  5. Rashmi/Gaurav, please don't get disheartened, personal attacks are just a mean to deter others to follow.
    I am in full and strong support of Rashmi and Gaurav. Lets crush this small threat on freedom with full force.
    Too much has been said and its obvious, who's playing the devil. Its time to act now... guys just spread the word in your groups and organizations on whom IIPM depends so much for executive education and sponsorships.

  6. Rashmi,
    Some of the offensive comments left on your blog are so blatantly stupid, I wonder if they were left by people who wanted to intentionally besmirch IIPM's image even further.(Just a thought...)

    Carry on blogging. Ignore those petty comments. You can be sure those halfwits will stop bothering you soon.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Dear Rashmi, I fully agree with shouldn't get bogged down by these ...seriously! Be what you are, where you are and who you are...the change must only be for the better...The blog community is not going to let you down at any cost...keep that in mind. Cheer up and just move forward...turn deaf years and a blind eye to these idiots...Good Luck...eager to see more exposes in the same fashion...Be brave and speak out as usual. If you give up, it is a win for all these bast***. Take care

  9. Keep up the good job of writing.
    One event shouldn't make you lose your resolve of being whatever you are.

    Good luck and God bless :)

  10. Keep writing Rashmi, because this wasnt a set-back rather an awakening for a lot of people. Blogspere's redefined!
    And we need you, for the evolution.

  11. Geetha says one should do his/her 'Karma' without caring for results. Just don't care about the stooped comments and keep writing. Don't let those stalkers sieze your freedom and hence pleasure of writing.As Sandeep says, This is EXACTLY what you should not be doing

  12. TCP always asks one question to resolve a issue "Shaadi karni hai kya?" If not, then why to take load? But perfectly understand what you mean. Take Care.

  13. you shud blog more and more to prove ur detractors wrong! if u stop wrtng, it will gv them a sense of chievement. dnt let them hv this. prove tht Rashmi rocks!

  14. RA:

    Move on, girl.

    And now, I hesitate. Because innocence is lost.Because my space is no longer my own.
    Why? Your space is the one that you control - the main page of this blog. If comments become too overbearing, ban them - hell, let folks write 'em and then delete 'em, if that makes you feel good! (this one, too!!).

    Can the old feeling be recaptured? Maybe, in time. Maybe, never wholly or in complete measure.
    Maybe it's for the better! Maybe, who knows? Remember:
    I am a part of all that I have met;
    Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough
    Gleams that untravell'd world, whose margin fades
    For ever and for ever when I move.
    - - - - Ulysses (Tennyson)

    Like a post 9-11 New York, the post 10-10 blogosphere is changed, forever. For better or worse, only time will tell.
    Lets moderate the comparisons. They have been beaten back now and are probably licking their wounds somewhere. End of story. If it isn't the end of story, they'll be punished more - in the cyberworld if they want it or in the courts if they pick a fight there.

    There's lots of other things to write and talk about. File this one under Experiences and move on.


  15. "
    Comments policy hereon: IIPM comments on posts unrelated to the subject will be deleted. Personal and petty comments unrelated to the subject of a post will be deleted."



    Rashmi will remove all the comments that are unrelated etc.

    WHEN IIPM asks them to do the same.. we start a blog revolution ?

  16. Dear Rashmi,

    You really should move on. I am a "non contributor" so to say. but i follow your blog from time to time.. you views on youth related topics are quite insightful. your sorry state actually made me sign up to leave this comment.

    "That which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger" - Frederick Nietze


  17. hi rashmi,
    hey me a recent visitor (from last two posts...)
    chal lets make a new beginning...

    shall keep visiting...gluc and we shall rule... trust me we shall
    (allow non blogspot comments na plz)



    Rashmi will remove all the comments that are unrelated etc.

    WHEN IIPM asks them to do the same.. we start a blog revolution ?

    LOL. True. Blog Wars. Yeah

  19. this whole episode is making me laugh, real hard...

    hope its not too much of a trouble on the legal fronts though, the bullies have already lost it on all the other fronts, and theyre gonna lose if they take you on the legal front too...

    Am really looking forward to a hilarious issue of JAM making a mockery of this...

    your fan for always,




  21. Its now on

  22. Glad to see your going to keep blogging, some of the comments the pranksters left were awful.

    How do you manage to block comment-spam using the images?

  23. I couldnt bring myself to read thru the entire comments.

    disgusting. that they attacked the woman, instead of using arguements makes me think they dont have arguements

  24. Please dont loose your passion for writing n blogging bcos of this incidence. Rather you should feel more confident now about your skills and the support of other bloggers.

    Keep blogging !!!

  25. Rashmi,

    Neither do you have to move on, nor do you have to actively engage the issue. IMO, best shift to reactive mode, wherein you need to respond only if something new crops up and you have to make a decision so as to whether it affects you or not.

    So far, I say, you've done mighty fine in restraining yourself. Enough of us have lost our collective tempers (and slipped into reams of abuse, whether justified or not) on this issue.

    Good luck, with life and with JAM.

  26. This reminds me of a quote from the movie love actually when Emma Thompson's character tells her philandering husband that 'would you cut out and run or would you stay knowing that things would be that much worse'(or something like that, my girlfriend can do quotes better).

    Honestly, you have every right to be apprehensive of blogging but I do hope you write, I've spent a fair bit of time reading your stuff and it would be a shame if you did stay away.

  27. Rashmi, agree with Sidharth - dont make these idiotic things more imp by letting them hurt you. Probably easier said than done ... but I guess there will always be people in life who will try to hurt / malign u ... i guess there are only 2 ways to deal with it ... either ur one of those who are really genuinely so strong that nothing affects u or u focus on the rest of people, who love you and admire you and are trying to tell u they r on ur side & try to ignore the pests. take care and hope u r ok

  28. I am pretty old to the blogging world..took me so long to pick up this IIPM debacle happening..

    Its good work that you've been exposing fake institutes for what they really are. Come down south and you will find many more.. (my commendations, not that you need any)..

    But, why the sudden caution? Isn't freedom of speech guaranteed? I don't think its such a nice idea to back off just because a bunch of frauds think that they are right. You are free to express what you think. And BLOGS and the internet is all about FREE SPEECH!

    And this is not the first time this is happening either.. its like the mediaah issue all over again.. ( Where the 'big' guys try to armtwist the smaller ones.. .

  29. IIPM - Who is to be blamed?

  30. This is to Humidifier and bj.

    You use faulty reasoning. Rashmi was not shouting out her opinions on the IIPM campus - she was doing it on her blog, in her magazine. This is her space. She can control it. And she is still being nice about it, and pre-warning.

  31. Rashmi,
    I have been reading your blog for a while. I must say I enjoy your articles and wouldnt want you to stop writing because of some mentally challenged pranksters. Keep up the good work

  32. Hey Rashmi,
    Will I do well in marketing?

    Hope you like it! :-))

  33. I'm following this issue closely, and have noted this blog has a very interesting take on this IIPM matter:

    The facts are INCREDIBLY clear...

  34. Hi Rashmi,
    I would not try to elaborate on what is life and what does one do when happens this and that.If I can take this space, I would like to tell a bit about myself.
    My family had very high expectaions with me , to get into SRCC/Hindu/St.Step. and then to get into the very obvious IIMS.I was made to join all sorts of Launchers(Career Launcher being one of them).I even used to go to attend a class of an alumni from IIMA, who assured me to get into IIM,"if, then , else etc etc."
    Fate transpired against me:), I dashed their hopes and scored average grades in my 12th exams(72.6%..These r the only grades I remember egzactly, none there after).I had to adjust, as I was of a different class, and got into Deshbandhu College, DU.The whole of my college life, I had regretted my grades and repented about my bleak future.Getting into IIM was the only hope, which ended very soon.I had to resit for my accounting papers, in my final year. Now this is where the IIPMs get into picture. My Dad in particular was crestfallen.How can a boy who was the Head Boy at DPS, and scored 83%(which majority do)in tenth, and this and that, could fail(partially as I was only denied the Hons degree.Otherwise, I could pass with a Pass degree).I had never seen my family so sad and betrayed .I was the obvious culprit. Aha! There came an advertisement in the TOI, which said that they enrolled students, with all sorts of background.They explained that the students would be taught in the first half and then they would go on to work with any of the organisations, listed in the advertisement(which in my view were the top100 Indian cos.).I appeared for the ineterview, and got selected.We semi-celebrated the selection and the vows were renewed to achieve the unachieved(i.e. to try to get into the IIM, next year, which could never happen).
    However, I got into the college, which existed in a five bedroom bungalow in Sainik Farms, which later shifted to a ten Bedroom Bungalow, and exists even today.They have branches in 7 Indian cities(even in Bombay), and they rake in quite a moolah.I am grateful that I got into a college, where I did not have to work hard; infact I did not even toil as I might have toiled to pass my 1st grade examinations.Today I am a proud owner of a GOd-knows-what foreign degree and no credentials.To top it all I taught BBA classes at the same place for six months, while I was in my last semester.As an apprentice I had worked with ICICI and had worked as their selling agent(called as apprenctice, and the alsses held at the college were called as seminars).
    By now it was getting clear to my family that I was not worthy of IIMs.So, the next thing was to go to the US of A.Again, I was asked to prepare for the GRE, and againI came up with a very bad score(I guess it was a notch more than 1000 out of 1600).
    So, there were my cousins, who had passed out of IIMs and workin with Infy and Wipros; and the ones who had landed in the US of A, would sermonise about my uneventful and bleak future, which fully convinced my family.I still had no idea of what could I be and where should I study or if there is another IIPM or Wigan&Leigh(Oh!It seems I had failed to disclose that I am an ALUMNI of Wigan & Leigh College,U.K., which could gift me another honourable degree.
    So, Rashmi! I must apologize, as I have taken a lot of space to say a small thing ;that amidst all of the above, I READ AN ARTICLE IN BUSINESSWORLD, WHERE IN YOU HAD WRITTEN ABOUT URSELF AND ONE GENTLEMAN WHO HAD NOT DECIDED TO JOIN THE PLACEMENT PROCESS, AND START A SCHOOL INSTEAD.
    Instantly I had gone ahead and bought my first copy of JAM , just to appreciate your good work, and your independent thinking.It is the most difficult thing to be yourself.And you have been a shining example of that.Off late I am trying to realize what I would love to do and am also scrubbing away the old layer of expectations, repent and complex from my mind.YOU have been one person who gives me strenght, whenever I feel low and down.
    I had never thought that I would write a fan mail.But I have for the first time, when I had read your blog today(it was the first time I have read your blog).So, I hope I have babbled anough and if possible tried to indictae how precious you are.May you read this.
    Till then
    be the way you are

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