Thursday, October 13, 2005

Caution Notice re: IIPM in Outlook magazine

1) Published in Outlook magazine issue dt 4 July 2005, on page 87

2) Published in Outlook magazine issue dt 18 July 2005, on page 34


  1. Thats great. You guys have helped students everywhere.

  2. Rashmi,

    Two pleas
    1. The pictures of the outlook in this post are not coming out well. (not sure if I am the unlucky one or its universal)

    2. Why dont you allow Non blogger / anonymous comments also temporarily ? Just for the sake of posting here many of us are compelled to open an blogger account.

  3. Hi, I'm not able to see whatever you just posted. The yahoo site says that data transfer rates have been exceeded (or something to that effect). So, I figure I'll give the link to that particular issue that I'm guessing you're trying to show. If this isn't right, just delete the comment. Regards.

    Withdrawal Of B-School Rankings To IIPM -
    Mind you, you'll need to have an outlook india account to read this. Registration is free, by the way.

  4. Hi all,

    this flickr image is slightly bigger and better -


  5. Why hide who you are? Are you scared of something? Or that Google will take your blogger data and use in their quest for world domination.

  6. ...And the battle continues.

  7. Here's something to ruminate about. They want to burn their IBM laptops.

    I have one myself (a neat R50e, I call her Layla :D ) and I love her with my life. I'm still paying off the loan that helped me get her, but yet she's the best friend I've ever had. I could go on about this, but what bothers me is that I could never EVER consider dousing her/it in petrol and lighting her up. NEVER EVER.

    And considering that all IIPMians (IIPMite? IIPMscian? w/e) are more or less shutting up about this whole issue, it makes me wonder if they made the actual threat, or this yet another IIPM-admin concoction.

    Then again, the students do get the laptops for 'free' (guffaw).

    Keep at it Ms. Bansal. Let's give Mr. Ponytail an asswhooping he's not going to forget for a while.

  8. Thanks Rashmi. Something to wave under the nose of IIPM. :)

  9. anywas, i have just thing to say, "the truth shall always set u free"

  10. Rashmi you make us proud. Andy, I am waiting for your response, I won't mind this time even if you give it here, but do not cut and paste it everywhere, or maybe even that will do!

  11. You and Gaurav are doing an admirable job of bringing these con artists into public realm. The disgusting way IIPM management been darting away the criticism is a testimony to their class. Keep it high and make them bite the dust.



    Clearly, you have taken these notices severely out context, Rashmi. Yet again, your bias shows. You can choose to hide by just posting the notices without explaining the background, but here it is, in the INTERST OF TRUTH & FREE SPEECH:

    Palety (C-FORE) issued a press statement saying IIPM removed from the rankings for providing bad data - an accusation the Outlook people and Editor Sandeepan Deb specfically refuted in the media (refer Hindustan Times - i'm sure its in their archives or I'll post a scan, Rashmi style)

    Recently in 2005, Outlook, in a bid to force IIPM to spend money on advertsing in its magazine and buying bulk subscriptions, then asked IIPM to participate one again in its survey - IIPM refused, quite reasonably. Interestingly, most of the IIM's and ISB also refused.

    Then, Outlook issued notices in its own magazine saying IIPM could not use the 2003 rankings in their promotional material any more, as the ranking had now been withdrawn. Ridiculous, since, across all parameters, the institue has improved constantly over the past 2 years. Further, a blatant effort at arm twisting an institute into spending money on essentially buying rankings.

    Other publications, including India TOday, Business TOday and Business Barons, have placed IIPM in the TOp 10 on various parameters... but the institute has never actively participated in these surveys, and has sent notices to thesepublications requestng that their name not be used in any rankings.

    That is the truth... how media uses the rankings to get advertisements and revenue. Corruption and illegitimacy surround this exercise. And an institite which is changing the country, creating entrepreneurs and managers, is embroiled in it, and only wants to continue its mission, without having to face interference from meddlesome and profiteering researchers and publications. IIPM was founded by Dr. MK Chaudhuri – he is the Director at the institute today, and has taught Economics at IIM – Bangalore and XLRI. The institute’s prospectus has his detailed profile….
    Its a shame that Outlook every year gets its ranking done by C - FORE, a one man firm run by Palety, who owns a webite called Indiabschool dot com, where he blackmails business schools to advertise. It must be the first time in the universe that someone has a business interest in same thing he is ranking...

    In fact, maybe Outlook editor has a cut from revenue from website? Palety also publishes a book each year called India's best b-schools, with ex-Outlook editor... Telling, eh?

  13. I have been assisting the faculty at IIPM in our journals (4P's - now a succesful magazine in Marketing - India's largest), our HR and FInance journals as well for almost six months now. I will pass out of IIPM this year, and will not stand for this mud slinging in the name of journalism.

    I cannot stand to see these lies any more. Rashmi or her cronies posting vile comments on her own site, to get sympathy?!

    Rashmi sending emails to IIM alumni saying she has been physically threatened - by her own staff on a blog?!!

    Free speech is our right, and those who abuse it must be brought to justice under the relevant laws, lest we all lose our freedom...

  14. Fact - IIPM refused to take part in rankings whenever requested by various magazines until 2002, because the institute did not believe that journalists who have no business education, much less a understanding of how to teach business, could try to rank the courses offered.

    Fact - IIPM took part in Outlook's 2003 survey, after Editor Sandeep Deb and C-FORE (research agency with 3 employees, owner Palety is related to Outlooks publisher - talk about bias!!) said they would use only objective methodology so that no bias would creep in.

    Fact - IIPM was Ranked 4th in Industry Interface in the country, by Outlook survey. Industry Interace measure how corporates and faculty and students interact, and is an objective measure, verifiable easily.

    Fact - IIPM was ranked 7th in International Linkages - professors from Harvard, Kellogg, Columbia, Stanford and many other leading b-schools worldwide come to IIPM and teach. A research tie ups with Yale School of Management is also there.

    Fact - IIPM was ranked 5th in Extra curricular activities - students at IIPM have won competitions at the IIM's and every other institute they have attended - the focus on Leadership and Communication at IIPM shows!!

  15. Objectively, if you want to say look at the education IIPM provides, why don't you just look at the course materials? Why dont you ask an academic referee? Visit the campus...

    DO SOMETHING other than criticize all around you. What sort of a attention disorder do you have - your own employees posting comments on your blog!!! Ridiculous popularity quest - GROW UP!

  16. IIPM is taking Indian business education GLOBAL!!

  17. Congrats on a well investigated piece, you called the bluff of those assholes at IIPM(yes I said that, sue me). Hope the mainstream media will pursue this. Are these guys against free speech, I mean now they are hurling abuses at Outlook perhaphs the one Indian Magazine which champions free speech.

    I am no marketer or a PR guy but what the hell were the PR ppl at IIPM thinking, do they expect that by bad mouthing others they can annul facts, geez these people really need to learn the art of management.

    IIPM opened its Bangalore "Campus" (as they call it) 2 years back near my Engineering college in Koramangala, Bangalore. The campus looked like a two floor modern chawl (although I admit it had glass walls and air conditioning :D).

  18. Fanstastic. There's more news coming up on IIPM's UnScrupulous ways. You may have noted that a blogger already called up the person/firm in Canada which IIPM claims it has tied up with. Nada. Nothing of that sort exists. I found that link off DesiPundit.

  19. Some people never learn. IIPMPR - If your institute feels so bad why the hell didn't they sue Outlook. Outlook has more circulation than JAM and the blogs- was it because what Outlook says is the truth?

  20. For a full-fledged HT report on IIPM dropped from rankings, see this:

    shreyas, and all other IIPM sympathisers:
    Before going to London to open yet another 'campus', can we first have links to your AajTak or Tehelka story?

  21. *correction: shreya, not shreyas*

  22. To the best of my knowledge Sandeepan quit Outlook two months ago. Anyway, Mr Publication and Research even predated his blog. Damn!
    Secondly, IIPM would be astounded to learn that - several journalists have MBA's. Many of them from institutes ranked way above IIPM. Several journalists have MA (Econ) degrees - and many of us actually did our graduation in top-notch colleges.
    And I always thought he was Sandeepan Deb, not Sandeep. Or is this like the Aaj Tak thing...

  23. Hi.
    This happens to be my first post and surprisingly i'm ready to ink on a topic even before introducing myself~!
    Cutting the formailities short, Why are we all so ready to gun down something/someone so vehemently?
    Agreed that IIPM was never pleasing to the eye in the full page advertisements. I am trying to understand the reason behind people starting this blog-chain. I believe it was to make people aware of certain aspects with this institute and the people behind it. Now, what are we all achieving by blogging left right and centre about this issue? I am reminded of the scene from Munna Bhai MBBS, where Sunil Dutt catches the thief red-handed and people start mauling him in rage. Sunil dutt then says," Look at these fellows. They have so many frustrations in life. They cannot vent out their anger and outrage elsewhere. You are the softest prey they could lay hands on!"
    Isnt it what we are all trying to do now? Yes, certain revelations are striking and need to be raised at the appropriate channels. As a mature society shouldnt we exercise some restraint in criticising someone? Why are we all hell-bent on mudslinging. Is counter-critisism of this kind the only way out?
    I wonder and wonder aloud about the future of those thousands of Indians who are and have studied from this Institute. Such negative publicity can create a lot of discomfort for those people. So we defeat the very purpose of this exercise. We wanted people not to fall into this trap and ruin their careers and in the process we ruin the careers of those who have been through this.
    I dont want to sound moralistic here but i think its time we do a rethink on our stance!

  24. Will one of the IIPM groupies out here give me the name of Columbia faculty who visited IIPM? Was it someone from the GSB? Since I am at Columbia, it should be fairly easy to verify this and what they really thought about the institute.

    Instead of simply claiming that faculty from here, there and everywhere came to IIPM, why not provide a list of names?

  25. Hi Publication and Research Dude,

    I have noticed that you have opened a brand new blogger account, Could you do us a favour and post the damn scan that you are talking about or at least post the link to the archive. I mean I consider myself to be a bit of a expert on search algorithms and stuff but I couldn't find any Hindustan Times article that you said exists.

    P.S: If you don't know how to upload images, I am pretty sure some of the bloggers around here can help. What the heck mail the scan directly to Rashmi, I am sure she will post it in the interest of fairness.

  26. I apologise - its Sandipan Deb. Anyway, I would be keen to know if Sandipan, who is a respected and senior journalist knows that his name is being 'sullied' over here. And what puzzles me is why they are using Sandipan's name. Maybe we might even see a blog from the IIPM Blogmeisters - TherealSandipanDeb - or something like that!

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. How clever! Now the IIPM-ites are claiming that Rashmi herself posted the vile comments on her own blog to evict sympathy!
    What next are you going to come up with? That Gaurav quit to gain more popularity?

  29. Um, Rashmi, I'm worried. And here's what bothering me so. IIPM is taking a bloody beating at the hands of hundreds of bloggers across India, right? And every attempt they put to pull themselves out of the mud is only shoving them deeper in. All the anonymous pro-iipm guys are trying quite hard (and in a particularly futile manner, I might add) to make your credibility seem weaker, and the Indo-blogforce is fighting back even harder. Alright, so it seems the odds are heavily tipped in your favour.

    So why haven't they shut up yet?

    Wouldn't a public apology salvage what little dignity they do have left? Haven't they figured out that nothing's working, that AC's run out of options and that they better pull out the contingency plan and work at fixing this?

    So,again, why haven't they stopped the rubbish?

    Please tread carefully. Something smells very fishy. Unless they're bigger idiots than we've thought them out to be :D


    PS- I love JAM. Thought you'd like to know that.

  30. Some instances of inductive reasoning:

    A guy claims "the whole of India is behind you" hence hijacking the higher moral ground or unabashedly assuming it.

    Behind you for what?

    A 'youth' mag prepared a story. The effected party responded. Vulgarly yes, a couple of ugly posts, which were more than penalized by similar uncouth personal attacks, threats and libel.

    This group mindset of bloggers is astounding. But these same people who have assumed moral excellence in cyberspace have accepted corruption as a way of life.

    Let sanity prevail. Stop making personal attacks against each other. Stop trusting small journalists.
    No, I am not an IIPM student. I am just someone who is wondering if I am seeing here a venting of insecurities, by a loose affliation of people who call themselves 'bloggers'

    If you really are so earnestly concerned about depravity in society - Heres the key:
    Stop buying homes at exorbiant rates due to the land mafia. Stop marrying sanctimoniously within your caste. Stop getting used to other peoples' poverty. Stop bitching about a 'rigid, conservative' society when you are plagued by the same attitudes

    How does one who pens blogs about which sandwich you ate today or what music you listen to suddenly get so conscientious about misleading representations of B-Schools in some goddamned newspaper ads nobody cares about?

    If it irritates you so much. Heres an idea. DONT READ IT. Like Microsoft doesnt force you to buy their OS, IIPM doesnt force you to do their MB

    After the last I checked, eye eye pee em is not responsible for poverty, illiteracy, corruption, casteism, daily rape of women in this country.

    Write a blog entry about that, and declare your hilarious "BLOG WARS" on them

    Next come down on me and make personal attacks. Can't expect more from a self-righteious Mob which trusts journalists over something that even doesnt remotely concern them

  31. hi guys, jus came back. was good back in shillong. did u guys know people out there don't even know what blogspot is? i wuz not surprised as i myself didn't know bout it b4 actually hitting the pedal.

    but u know what, first of all i seriously need to thank all u guys who thought i was trying to do a backup job for my insti (spl thanks to mridula, the only motivation for coming back). well, even the bad mouthed ones didn't hit it that bad after i came up, did they.

    i saw priya today n she was saying i shdn't post; actually my apologies priya for posting (guys, almost everybody out here's gone out for dussehra so i really dunno whether i shd tell them to blog or not as whatever i've seen is still very one sided; but i guess it's all the name of the game).

    comin back to the context, i saw the notices. actually we guys out here had seen the notices much back.

    the discrepancy that is quite evident in rashmi's notices is quite blatant (i know i know, the moment i use 'blatant' and stuff like that, i'll be blown to bits by all u guys; but pray pretty plz patiently here on; ooops, i mean hear on, with due specific apologiz to patrik's, or was it patrix).

    coming back to the discrepancy; if outlook says that iipm was using 2003 rankings and not 2004 rankings, doesn't that mean that outlook never took iipm out of the 2003 rankings?

    this is quite evident from the notice itself and shows the hollowness (andy andy andy you are askin for trouble by using such strong statements) of ms.rashmi's earlier statements where she claimed (on the basis of words of mr. palety of c-fore) that iipm had been thrown out of the 2003 ranking.

    if iipm had been really thrown out at that time, why in heavens did outlook require to issue iipm a notice in 2005 saying that iipm should mention the year of the ranking?

    well, that's one of the reasons ms. rashmi's research is not believed an iota by us students at iipm.

    but anyways, u people (wow, patrix, i am going places now with english) might not agree (i should say would not agree) because u've never interacted with our faculty.

    but u know what, even our faculty is like playing it cool.

    mridula, i lost out on ur blogsite. can u plz mention it here so that i can start visiting it regularly. i'm kinda liking this blogging stuff now.

    best wishes and regards to all of u always,
    andy, andrew dot dot dot

  32. ....and hey bj, i luvvved ur piece on the blogger community....

    ...but know what, it ain't gonna make no diff to nonna 'em (snoop dd)...

    ...cuz the wurld ain't bloggin, and bloggers ain't have no wurlds...

    silly man. bj, i really luvved ur piece. it'll be good if u write summore.

    take care dude,
    si ja tmrw

  33. We are getting sick and tired of all this bullshit against iipm.

    Just because none check you on the blogs you think you can ruin our reputation? Who read all this crap anyways.

    Everything can be bought in this world. You journalists are the first ones to sell yourself.
    We all laugh at you and the time you are wasting. Seems you have no life or work.

    We are looking everything and will get all of you. Screw all the journalists!!
    You have no brains. You wouldn’t even get admission in iipm

    Stop messing our life or else….

  34. Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had a few eggs and was always chanting:

    Count your chickens before they hatch,
    Count your chickens before they hatch,
    Count your chickens before they hatch,
    Count your chickens before they hatch,

    Bang! Bang! Bang! ABORTION!!!!! All the eggs tumbled over and all those to-be-chickens stayed in Heaven forever and never came to earth.

    Well nothing new. It happens to all bad products. Any MBA worth his Kotler would tell “no amount of advertising can save a bad product”. Same is the story of IIPM and its Man Friday… Arindam Choudhary or is it numerologically correct Choudari??...Their time is up...may be it’s high time for our little boy to revisit his Kotler and Kapferer, if they teach all this in IIPM at all, from where our little boy is a GOLD MEDALIST….Mere Papa ka Sapna, Gold Medal ho Apna….Humpty Dumpty!!!

  35. Dear Andy,
    Did you hear the latest? Rashmi sent an email forward to 93 batch yahoo groups at IIM A claiming that the allegations of lesbianism against her and bribe taking against jammag are totally wrong (facts she claims are supported by thorough backing from Aaj Tak).

    Rashmi, here I believe you, without prejudice. But I think Rashmi, you overdid it. Nobody did ever believe those allegations, least of all your batchmates; and you should have chosen not to respond to such lowly allegations being given on your comment form. Those are illogical and should not have been considered. I, for one, found the lewd comments by so-called iipm supporters completely distasteful and if I had to side with anybody at that moment of time for that cause (or now or in the future), it would be you. But that is the only space where I side with you... read on.

    Rashmi, perhaps you have conveniently forgotten to mention to your readers how, one year back in 2004, when you brought out wrong articles in jammag, and received caution notices, you were forced to remove the articles as it was proven that the research presented at that time in 2004 by you was thoroughly hollow.

    And you very well know what I am talking about Rashmi.

    But Rashmi, how does that hit you? Or would you ask Aaj Tak to again refute this claim too? Wow Rashmi, thank god for the transparency of our faculty that we keep getting to know so much more about your background. How strange that you have chosen to remain silent on that issue of last year!

    Be a journalist who has ethical standards and does not have a past precedent of being proven guilty of doing faulty research, not once, but so many times in the past, and with such a decrepit background.

    Dear Andy, don’t you find it strange that Rashmi has kept responding to illogical comments and not responding to logical destruction of her research?

    Andy, coming back to the the email forward that Rashmi has desperately sent to her batch yahoo groups, she also mentions how IIPM faculty some months ago came to visit her at her office to offer the logical mistakes in her research. She claims they could not substantiate anything against her research.

    So Andy, why do you think IIPM faculty (and a senior journalist alongwith them) would go to Rashmi’s office? Just to request her? Wow, that’s cool logic Rashmi.

    Rashmi, how funny that you forgot to mention that when our faculty proved in front of your employees how you've not done correct research on so many fronts in the article, all you could do was ask them to leave. Our faculty has already updated us on the meeting.

    But Andy, the truth is that I finally found you. If you love bj (as you have mentioned), I love the way you give arguments and logic. I really love the way you've blown out Rashmi Bansal's caution notices. Even I hadn't seen the logic of the notices in this manner.

    Of course, Rashmi Bansal's newest claim seems funny. Till yesterday she was claiming that Outlook had thrown out IIPM formally in 2003.

    But suddenly, today, she puts up a notice saying Outlook only issued notices to IIPM in July 2005 saying that IIPM should mention the correct year of ranking.

    I find the notices very much against her as they themselves prove IIPM was always part of the rankings (unlike what she claims).

    Then what has suddenly prompted her to go against her own logic? Does she believe readers will miss the point that by Outlook's own admission through the notices, IIPM was always part of the research? But then Andy, the blog readers are none others than the fifteen odd bloggers themselves. It's so hilarious.

    Did I hear anybody questioning her claim in her articles that no professor from ivy league ever visited IIPM? When in reality more than 35 professors till date have come here to teach IIPM students. But hey no, Mridula would never believe that, and a handful of others who will continue being as blind to the hollow claims of Ms. Rashmi Bansal as anybody ever could. It’s very clear who these people are.

    (Mridula, when you want proof, all you need to do is ask even one iipm student; unlike Rashmi, who never even asked one). You know Andy, why Rashmi would never accept her mistake; because the lady has now started talking about 'freedom of speech' rather than the real issue, that is, the falsities in her research.

    Did I hear anybody questioning Rashmi's silly claim that no student is given laptops at IIPM and that no campus has wi-fi? When the reality is that all students have laptops and all campuses have wi-fi facilities. But hey no, Mridula would still rather jump off a cliff than believe in truth.

    Look Andy, I'm being such a kid by trying to defend such a silly proposition. Mridula, when you want proof, I repeat, just ask any IIPM student, or visit any IIPM campus. Don't be so blind (All caps: BLIND).

    So did I ask anybody questioning her astonishingly ridiculous claim that HLL had not visited the campus of IIPM, but HLN had? When the reality is that HLN is the biggest direct marketing division of HLL and took so many of IIPM students, apart from more than 400 other companies. But hey, Mridula still won’t believe; because Rashmi said so!

    According to Ms. Rashmi Bansal, HLN might be a division of HLL, but IIPM should not write HLL recruited students as, according to her, that would be misleading students. That means, according to Rashmi Bansal, when IIPM students joined Dell last batch, they should now write they were recruited by ‘Home PC’ and never mention Dell; when IIPM students joined ICICI Bank in the last batch, they should never mention ICICI Bank from now on, but should mention that they were recruited by “Retail Banking”. Ridiculous is the only word that keeps coming to my mind when I think of Ms. Rashmi Bansal’s logic in her research.

    But Andy, the fact is that Rashmi’s heights of ridiculous research can be beaten by only one thing; the heights of defence that she (and two handfuls of IIML bloggers and one IIM A blogger, that is, Rashmi herself, is trying to give).

    I’m sorry to put it in such bad words, but if even the hard factual evidence can’t be accepted by the handful bloggers, then nothing would. It’s such a sorry state for these bloggers Andy; come to think of it.

    But know what Andy, "it ain't gonna make no difference to none of them" (What's the snoop dd thing? I didn't quite get it!)

    Now to more important stuff Andy, what's up with the amaze stuff? I asked you to forward the same to me and you never set it up for me!

    Can you stop blogging and start sending the project; QC's going to grade us D the moment he knows we're not sending the regression variants with your east research. I need them fast so that I can run the factors tonight on s.a.s. Andy please send the details fast. And pick up your phone. I've been calling you for so much time now.

    Sorry guys for making this a non-topic comment. But I really need Andy to work on our group projects.

    By the way, if you guys saw Patrix's site Andy, he asked me to not write on his site (in not so polite words). So that's one learning you would get from trying to be so nice.

    Love you Andy,
    Don’t write on these sites again…

  36. Well guys i am having fun here...
    till now I believed Rashmi but now i find IIPM supporters arguments also good...

    Actually what is the problem , I am not able to understand..
    why did JAM publish this article on IIPM? not anyother institute but just IIPM ? Has JAM published anyother article like this , I mean have they EXPOSED someone else also before? or this was the first one??
    Well frankly, I found some bloggers jealous of "choti" or "PONYTAIL" :D! Well Rashmi, have u met the ponytail ago?? or anytime?? I mean this can be a personal war also, i suspect..

    any way, i m really happy that blogger can do a lot..bloggers are powerful now..I am really confused by this war so i cant say more in this, but one thing which pop up is now blogger have good power...
    the main fault of iipm in this case is, they treat Rashmi and gaurav very wrong manner or UNCIVILISED(?) manner..if they had treated them with appropriate answers than they might get more supporters. but they chose to lie like the AAJTAK one..which was a bigger joke than anyother on Indian Laughter Challenge..

    However, Mridula, if u r asking the IIPM research guy questions, some questions should be ask to rashmi or gaurav also that can they prove IIPM threatened IBM to burn their laptops in front of the IBM office? Because i dont think they are so fool to give such threats to IBM because doing such a silly thing for just removing a damn blog paragraph from a blogger site???? I mean imagine, IIPM tells IBM to tell their employee to remove his blog or else they will burn IBM (OR LENOVO?? I m confused!! IBM do not have any laptop unit now...) laptops infront of the office..I cannot believe this..and if it is true anyway, Gaurav did not have to leave his job because if IIPM students have done this silly thing, than they will surely get publicity in newspapers as the guys who burnt thier laptops and than they would have to tell the press why did they do this war would be famous..imagine wht would they tell the press ..

    but all this is a big mystory for me..on both sides..
    so i request rashmi to clear my doubt : Have u been associated with Arindam chaudhary any time? or any old rivalry?

  37. This whole episode only blackens IIPM's image if at all it had any! I have never heard/seen an institute which calls itself a B-School get down to such low levels trying to prove what they call facts!

  38. I loved the post from BJ.

    There are sevaral flaws from both the parties.

    Rashmi not sure why she chose IIPM as there are thousands of colleges like this making false promises and looting students

  39. People are taking this beyond proportions.

    Patrix wants to make his new blog very famous.. the desipundit one..

    IIPM has some cheap admin that they made lewd comments on the blogs.. and made them heroes.

    We dont know what conspired between Gaurav and IBM. IBM as any other corporate wants to stay away from controversies.. so they would have told "Could you please do something abt this" ? Its fcukign irritating to hear Gaurav say " I Love IBM etc and I Resigned" as if IBMs fame is his mothers virginity

    Lets us not jump into the bandwagon knowing nothing. Its only going to defame the blogger community.

    We don't even know whom we are figting against.

  40. when so many bloggers are slogging our assess off here, we don't even know what Rashmi is doing.

    Just one post today of the OUTLOOK mags..

    what about other matters..

    the bloggers are fighting for you but you dont seem to update us on what is happening...

    your attitude is not too different from IIPM..

    both are EXPLOITATION

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Hi,
    Am a long time reader of your blog but this around seem to have missed out on all the fun. Anyway keep up the good work. You shall always have your Ahd community to back you up.
    We have just started a new discussion board and I have started a thread regarding this issue over there.
    I have also uploaded a better quality copy of the outlook maagazine's IIPM notice on the board:
    I'd also like to offer you our boards resources if we can help out in any way.
    A few humble suggestions though for the bloggers here:
    *Lets not malign or target IIPM students for abuse in any way. For all we know, they might be perfectly rational individual. Theres no way of knowing the people who have attacked Rashmi and Gaurav are actually IIPM students. Even if they are, theres no reason to generalize them all for the acts of a few.
    * Lets not take things too personally and take things out of context. It will only result in complicating matters. As important as making a stand is, its also important to keep a cool head.


    Some snips from a person of high upbringing and manners:

    1. To further aggravate my foul mood, I read the incendiary comments on Rashmi Bansal’s Youth Curry

    Possibly the most annoying thing about bloggers is their artificial sense of self-importance on getting the cheapest bit of publicity (i.e 'hits' on ur page by people whom uve never met) People who might actually care about your moods, foul and fair, until the day they meet you for the first and last time in a coffee shop, and see your real face

    2. Now, I am seriously pissed. I am openly calling for a blog war on IIPM and its potty-mouthed fake wannabe-bloggers third-class graduates who don’t possess the necessary etiquette to exist in this world

    Potty mouthed, third class and ill etiquettes.

    3. They are trying to sully the image of the blogosphere that I love so much. I am not taking this lying down

    Yes, you are the Full General of a dungeons and demons Army, locked in a Blog War against Mr. Imaginary Enemy. A Celebrity Blogger, or 'Blogobrity' in short :p

    Time to come out of the dark basement dungeonmaster, and feel life that does not fire away nerve endings, and does not prolong Egos that stay in orbit

    4. I would have laughed but I have seen the demise of the wonderful Mediaah, thanks to TOI

    Er.. I am sorry that you take the integrity of Blog Journals(or 'Blogumentaries' in short? :P)
    too seriously

    TOI wasnt the only one carked by the Mediaah group. They had a history of fudgin lawsuits until they finally ate the big one at the hands of the Times Group

    Unfortunately, signing petitions and posting misleading one-sided rants on blogs across the blogosphere about 'Freedom of Speech' did not save Mediaah the lawsuit

    Sometimes 'Blogs' are also an abbreviation used for Journalism dropouts and Management failiures to give legitimacy to their shallow opinions. And more often than not, these people will underhandedly play the 'freedom of speech' plank to rope in gullible personal bloggers to make it seem they are spearheading a revolutionary civil rights movement and doing charity.

    All that while they make money of you gullible FOOLS (No I am not talking about IIPM or its students)

    And to the Bloggers getting all excited about the 'International' coverage this issue is getting
    (" WOW. ITS ON A HARVARD BLOG. WE ARE FAMOUS") Hold it. Its not on CNN.

    Its the same law blog (Blawg? :P) which carried the Mediaah controversy before the Mediaah got was haled and shut down by the Times Group:

  44. Am one of those folks,sitting on the fence,undecided,clueless and still wondering what the hoopla is all about.And why are both the parties behaving in this manner?

    Why cant we have Rashmi clarifying/defending her stand against what these IIPM chaps are saying? And why are these IIPM chaps so bothered about these blogs, when they themselves mock about its reach and influence.

    If Rashmi is so sure about IIPM's dubious nature,why cant she issue a notice to them,based on her research,to stop their media publicity till they come clean on the objectionable issues? Was just wondering aloud,am no lawyer,so correct me if something like this cant be done.

    And if the IIPM chaps are so sure about their institute,why not make a point by point rebuttal for her accusations and make it public (like the Indian express report on this issue which highlighted Gaurav's case) ? Why are most of their posters one-post wonders of the blogland? Cant they have one proper blog which speaks for them? And what explanation do they have when their 'All-India' Dean denied the legal notices? Who was sending them then?

    Let ALL the facts be out here,before we commit to either side. Blind faith/love never helped anyone.And let's not forget,we have careers at stake here...

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. IIPM students and faculty who are commenting on this blog in an avalanche, here are some points to ponder:

    1. Outlook and Sandipan Deb would be informed pronto of your defamatory allegations against them. Expect legal notices very soon.

    2. Dude, be very careful about claiming anything about Yale. Private universities in the US are very lawsuit-happy and would pursue you to the ends of the earth.

    4. Reuben, the Columbia faculty was Partha Mohanram who visited IIPM Bangalore. Also Sunil Gupta was a participant in the Planman Consulting CEO Forum.

    5. As mentioned in K's blog, Aaj Tak never did a sting operation against JAM. So stop repeating that bullshit.

    6. And dear lord, did IIPM teach you nothing about succinct presentations. Or in other words, KISS - Keep it Short, Stupid

  47. Zarine said:
    "....If Rashmi is so sure about IIPM's dubious nature,why cant she issue a notice to them,based on her research,to stop their media publicity till they come clean on the objectionable issues? Was just wondering aloud,am no lawyer,so correct me if something like this cant be done....."

    Well we looked around a little. It appears that even if IIPM is guilty of misleading and false advertising, only the affected parties can move the courts. In this case only the IIPM students who have availed of services rendered by IIPM may appraoch the courts.. which seems unlikely. Even if Rashmi wanted to approach the courts,it would not be permissible. Perhaps as a PIL? I dont know..maybe someone can get a professional opinion over this?

  48. Hey,

    C'mon Andy & Co.. We are not kids here to believe everything you say.. ! IIPM's Publication and Research says in his only blog I quote

    " I was remembering, when I was a student of management, we use to face so much trouble for getting this kind of information and we use to slog here and....

    ... Day before yesterday, I was sitting with my colleague who happens to be from our HR department. Who does not know, how stressful "

    And then he comes here now and says in his comment

    "At 8:29 PM, IIPM's Publication and Research said...
    I have been assisting the faculty at IIPM in our journals (4P's - now a succesful magazine in Marketing - India's largest), our HR and FInance journals as well for almost six months now. I will pass out of IIPM this year, and will not stand for this m "

    Now please somebody explain how in the world could he do this. Guys if you are paid for putting up all this posts better make sure that you do some credible postings & don't contradict yourselves. Already IIPM is in a soup now dont make it worse ! and yeah dont bother to edit it I have a copy of both !


  49. "Because i dont think they are so fool to give such threats to IBM because doing such a silly thing for just removing a damn blog paragraph from a blogger site????"

    No they do not give threats, they give notarized emails, and of course they are not bothered about small blogs with overinflated sense of importance.

    Oh, you can click on my name it will take you to my blog or else it is at

  50. Supriya, if I were you, I too would be confused and worried right now. And I would be asking my institute some tough questions.

    The article in JAM was brought out for the benefit of students such as yourself. If there has been a material change in facilities since June 2005, when the article was published, we are happy for the students.

    It's unfortunate that you and your batchmates are caught in the crossfire. JAM is on your side and pledges all help/ support.

  51. Supriya, if I were you, I too would be confused and worried right now. And I would be asking my institute some tough questions.

    The article in JAM was brought out for the benefit of students such as yourself. If there has been a material change in facilities since June 2005, when the article was published, we are happy for the students.

    It's unfortunate that you and your batchmates are caught in the crossfire. JAM is on your side and pledges all help/ support.

  52. Well Thanks for telling me that Mridula..I didnt know that!

    Anyway, I was asking all questions because I was planning to include this story in my magazine "Talk n' Cafe" which is releasing in November for the first time and I thought apart from Rashmi, you folks too have good writing skills (which I do not have!). What I believe, it is not a question of expression of freedom. because this is not china where government instructs Google and Microsoft also to show their people what the goverment wants! Its India. So never ever try to hide behind FREEDOM of EXPRESSION stuff. ( However Gaurav has done such a big task: Resignation. I doubt think any other one can do this). NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR RIGHT TO EXPRESS AWAY. Let me remind you, this is not the first incident in blogosphere, before this a popular blog called Mediaah! had been under controvercy. It was forced to shut down and now they run their own website , I guess. My only point is, please do not say you are fighting for freedom of Expression , you have it. so use it wisely. If you have claimed something, prove it. Rashmi proved it initially. IIPM folks proved thier foolishness by AAJTAK joke. But now, IIPM folks are doing good job. they have also raised some questions. so their question should be answered. As Rashmi and Gaurav is popular blogger, they have to express their view very carefully. Right of expression comes with "burden" of responsibility. Well still I am on no one's side. hmm may be still against IIPM due to only their foolishness.

    And Mridula, I have been reading your blog regularly. I was reading blogs when first controvercy related to Mediaah happend. the difference is now i am commenting here. at that time , i was not writing nor commenting.. but now the days are all are STAR BLOGGERS..

    cheers everyone..
    PS: see my website
    this site is still under development, you can express your views and ideas on my blog :

  53. See the Mediaah blog, I was talking about, may be many of you know this,

    the difference is today its IIPM and in march it was TIMES OF INDIA group (which is much more powerful ofcourse).
    can anyone tell me where is this guy now? I heard he started his own other website or blog.

  54. Hmm, I deleted my long comment here because I wrote my own post on some of these super long comments.

  55. Just to say that I am with you Rashmi...

  56. Supriya

    I'd read your comments on Patrix's blog ( and I really was moved by your passionate comments. Your commments in this blog, unfortunately, sounds plan insipid, reactionary and vacuous. YOu seem to forcefully say and ingeminate the words - "false research of Rashmi" I think you'r just repeating the same words over and again this time. I wish to answer some of your allegations -

    1. HLL and HLN ARE different companies. What would you say if I told you that HLL is the company that manufactures, promotes, sells products (complete end-to-end operations) as against HLN merely a direct selling arm? Didn't your marketing faculty explain you the difference between sales and marketing? If you were placed in HLL alongside other b-school grads, you would be earning a cool 7 lakhs. I dont know how much HLN pays, but I'm sure it would pay much less.
    Ditto for McKinsey v/s McKinsey Knowledge center. The former is the consulting company whereas the latter is a research arm. Their pay terms would be different, so would be the career prospects. I hope I've made it clear. Now ICICI retail bank/treasury/home loans/forex etc etc all have the same prospects - so there's no differentiation in this regard. Again, if you get placed in one direct selling agency (lets call it ABC marketing ltd) which sells credit cards of ICICI, would you say that you work for ICICI?

    2. If Rashmi informs her alumni network of the ruthless and unscrupulous bolgger comments, whats wrong with that? I mean whom she informs is her prerogative, how can you comment on it?

    3. If you dont know, bschools are also known by the extent of their alumni network. IIMA has one of the best alumni networks in India. Their alumni are placed well and are in really important positions. Does IIPM have any alumni network? It's been around for abt 30+ years now. Tell me the name of at least ONE IIPM alumni who's the CEO/CFO/CIO of any company (other than planman)

    4. I know at least 2 IIPM students (one in Mumbai, one in Bangalore). None of them have laptops. Not even calculators....or sliderules for that matter. If you wish, I can furbish the contact details of the two as well. I was told that IIPM had asked for extra cash for laptops. This year I guess, they've included the laptop costs in the fees itself - thereby calling it "free"

    5. It is not merely Rashmi and the alleged "handful" of IIML bloggers which are on the offensive. A whole army of bloggers stands firmly against the high-handed IIPM and it's foul mouthed supporters.

    Yes Supriya, I think you should be more objective and level headed while writing on these topics. See, the image of your institute is already maligned. So what you write is now even more important.

    PS - hope you were able to submit your project report on time :-)

  57. Congratulations for exposing this fake institute and bringing the truth to public.

    Why dont u delete all these comments posted by fake bloggers and that too repeatedly ?

  58. I would beg to differ from Sachin Khandekar’s views and throw some more light !!!

    1. HLL and HLN ARE different companies. What would you say if I told you that HLL is the company that manufactures, promotes, sells products (complete end-to-end operations) as against HLN merely a direct selling arm? Didn't your marketing faculty explain you the difference between sales and marketing?

    Well The question here is not about the difference between sales and marketing but that of a parent company - or have you not been taught the definition of a parent company heading several subsidiaries. The argument put up by you saying selling credit cards doesn’t make u an ICICI employees - well there is no comparison as HLN is not an outsourced arm of HLL - it a full fledged part of HLL.

    2. If Rashmi informs her alumni network of the ruthless and unscrupulous bolgger comments, whats wrong with that? I mean whom she informs is her prerogative, how can you comment on it?

    The point of argument is all the IIM alumni are trying to prove egoistically that apart from IIMs all other B Schools are bull shit.

    3. If you dont know, bschools are also known by the extent of their alumni network. IIMA has one of the best alumni networks in India. Their alumni are placed well and are in really important positions. Does IIPM have any alumni network? It's been around for abt 30+ years now. Tell me the name of at least ONE IIPM alumni who's the CEO/CFO/CIO of any company (other than planman)

    To name a few, Mr Asheesh Khaneja - Exec Director or Oracle Corp (south Asia region) , Mr Ramagopal Rao - M.D. - Fuji Xerox - Hong Kong , and many more.. And to be quite frank - does being alumni from a prestigious IIM guarantee being a CEO - I know alumni of IIM-A and IIM-c who used to teach me at IMS Mumbai (IMS are tutions preparing students for CAT/XAT etc.. so not all are CEO's) - It depends on your individual performance that shoots you up towards any corporate ladder..

    4. I know at least 2 IIPM students (one in Mumbai, one in Bangalore). None of them have laptops. Not even calculators....or slide rules for that matter. If you wish, I can furbish the contact details of the two as well. I was told that IIPM had asked for extra cash for laptops. This year I guess, they've included the laptop costs in the fees itself - thereby calling it "free"

    Free Laptops have been introduced only 5 months back - so currently only the Fall winter batch and Spring Summer batches of 2005 - 2007 would have free laptops - if you check TOI archives - IIPM was not advertising free laptops for the previous yr batches - only for current yr. And feel free to furnish contact details on this page.

    5. It is not merely Rashmi and the alleged "handful" of IIML bloggers which are on the offensive. A whole army of bloggers stands firmly against the high-handed IIPM and it's foul mouthed supporters.

    The mere size would never crush the false facts reported by Rashmi or Gaurav.. Exaggeration is a word which would soon be included in all Thesauruses against advertising... If RIN shows bright white shirts after every wash using their powder - do we sue them for false advertising if we cannot remove a stain from our shirt...

    The point about replying to all these messages is not covering our aarse , its about creating awareness about the genuineness of IIPM and exploiting our own right to the so called Freedom of Speech.


  59. time to teach some lessons to rogue advetisers like IIPM,NIIT,AMWAY etc

    i checked out iipm website and it was badly done . being a web designer i realised who cannot create a decent site cannot teach principles which even IIMs adopt tomarrow !LOL
    two other similar cases .
    ..1).amway was exposed in similar way in USA…
    2)NIIT ads are also misleading…i could have chosen some serious education instead of becoming a dozen-a-dime web site designer…..

    sunny(hey rashmi remember me! i suggested you paktribune forums..)

  60. i wonder abt these print media guys... they will publish ANYTHING as ADs.. do they have ANY responsibility towards
    society.. its collective failure of PRINT MEDIA as well. Shame on all newspaper who publish such ads..

  61. I hate NIIT who wasted my father's life long savings. Their ads are very misleading.

  62. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Hey Guys,
    Great Job... The best test to see how good an insti is ??? The cadre of the insti is inversly proportional to the size of it's ads... ever seen the IIMs posting full page ads ???
    I rest my case..

  63. Went through the entire conversation on IIPM. I have tracked these people closely, as well as the articles written in a section of the media as well as the notices published in Outlook.

    In their notice, printed in outlook, a widely read magazine, it has made serious allegations against IIPM, for telling lies, for misrepresentation. Mind you, it is read by 25 lac people. This notice has also gone in their MONEY and HINDI publications.

    If IIPM had an axe to grind, it would have sued OUTLOOK for defamation. They DID NOT. that says a lot. My opinion is, that they WOULD NOT DARE SUE OUTLOOK. Because, a lot of SKELETONS WILL FALL FROM IIPM's cupboards. IIPM has more to hide than any one else in this game.

    Coming back to IIPM's stand, it is the worst institute. What can you say about a management institute, which is supposed to impart ethics to students and follows unethical practices (as boldly claimed in the Outlook notice, which has not been disputed).

    In fact, my sources in the media also tell me that IIPM wanted to participate in the 2005 survey, but post the notrices, through a letter to Outlook, they have withdrawn their application.

    For your information, I have not seen a single ad of IIPM in the last 3 years of outlook cvopies that I have with me.

    As far as the withdrawla was concerned, the rankings even for 2003 were withdrawn by the research agency through a notice in the B School ranking web site of the research agency. Having published it already, Outlook could have only acted through the website which is referred to by the students of B Schools. Later, when that did not happen, and in the height of the adverts and false claims by IIPM, notices were published in the magazine.

  64. hi
    rashmi dont get panic
    we are with u 2 support ur cause.Apart from the iipm pls concentrate on current issues and make the blog as surfers lovable spot. still arindam choudary has not posted his view related 2 ongoing issue so it reveals that u r runnig on true lane

  65. All,

    Somebody should clarify on the status of IIPM as such. I've seen the glossy brochures and was thinking of sky scraper colleges. However the last time I saw an IIPM(Bangalore), I was shocked. It was wholly different from the photos in brochures. The building looked extremely small for a kindergarten school, let alone a management school of repute. Also in some ads in the previous years, IIPM states that they are not accredited by UGC, nor do they seek recognition from such institites. But it still awards MBA degrees. Please clarify whether the certificates are valid and they do get jobs.

  66. All stupid commments on posted here by IIPM students just shows that they are well aware of the facts which were published in JAM... or else if i would hav been an unaware IIPM student i would be asking the collge to clarify it and not target rashmi. This just shows wat kind of things students are been taught at IIPM.. i thanks rashmi for publishing the article and the post to help all other students....

    cheers for freedom of speech

  67. At my blog,,

    there is an article from Outlook magazine on Indian bloggers... I believe the word 'stupid' is used to describe them...

    Dear Bloggers, after posting Outlooks notices on your website, now they call you stupid!! :) Burn baby burn!

    Check out the maal on Business World article as well - veryinteresting trends on the blogosphere story...

  68. The story by you on your site has sure opened up quite a few blind eyes. ( including mine ) Thanks.

    The public sure has the right for right information, but shouldnt the netizens also have an unbiased view into it ? Shouldnt we also do our part of digging into these ?

    How many of us know someone who is persuing their career in IIPM right now ? How many have bothered to talk to them in person ? and again on the flip side ..Why has IIPM gained a not so enviable reputation over the past years ?

  69. ufff...the comments were awesome....just read the entire comments from my side...i hope i put a lid to the discussions....Do I say sth??....i would just ask guys/gals to be careful while choosing their instis...and not fall prey to any other words do ur research and then join any insti...thats it....but i got hold of other controversies too...hope to find the details on rashmi's blog ;-)


  71. I read all the comments posted by pro-IIPMites and anti-IIPMites. I too would like to add my comments. First of all, I just finished my post-grad. in management from IIPM-Mumbai. I got a job from the institute itself with one of the best IT firms in the country. I have earlier done my engineering from a REC/NIT which can be easily referred to as a premier institute of the country. But, surprisingly, I didnt get any placement there. This had made me realize and I want others to realize too that the bottom-line is "PERFORMANCE" that matters who you are and not the institute's name or any OUTLOOK ranking or whatsoever.
    Someone commented whether IIPM has produced a CEO/CIO/COO. And someone has also given some names as a valid answer. But, I just want to ask whether any institute on this planet can guarantee anyone to become a CEO/CIO/COO. I am sure whoever is one will agree with my opinion. Although most of the entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley are ex-IIT's and/or ex-IIM's, Sabeer Bhatia is not and he did create one of the hottest brand on the planet to shake the foundations of the one of the largest multi-national corporations that the world has ever seen. Thus, ultimately, it is performance that matters more. I am sure that in the entry level, college name will matter but a couple of years down the line no body will remember which college you post-graduated from or which projects you did in college etc. But, rather your performance during those years of working will determine your competency and abilities rather than your past qualifications.
    Also, someone referred to this illegal claims put by IIPM in newspapers. Well, Madame Rashmi why dont you blog against the Levers and Gambles of the marketing world who use false claims to sell almost everything in their brand kitty. And, can anyone forget the Reliance campaign which "fooled" so many people in the country by their "famous" 49-paise scheme. How many of our fellow-bloggers decided to campaign against the Ambani clan? I am sure many of them are faithful and happy users of the Reliance, isn't it? And surprisingly the same is the story of the IIPM school of management. And, neither do they pull people out of the street to coerce them to pursue management education, do they?
    All the students of IIPM very knew (including myself) what the college is and what it can offer from them... and by the way if you deserve to join McKinsey or PWC you will sooner or later whether you pass from IIPM or IIM or Timbaktu Institute of Management.
    And about the faculty of the college, all our professors were from the industry and only from the industry who brought with them strong years of commendable experience. At times, we did get to interact with guest speakers from International business school like Sloane or Harvard or Stanford like Philip Kotler, Jack Canfield, etc. to name a few.
    Finally, rather than listening to people on this blog talk to someone from the institute and get the right information. I will never recommend anyone to falsely believe any claims whether from IIPM or anyone else. If anyone wants any more information or give comments on me, please do it without any hesitation. And finally, if anyone wants to join IIPM, do it and become a part of the IIPM alumni

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