Thursday, October 13, 2005

Caution Notice re: IIPM in Outlook magazine

1) Published in Outlook magazine issue dt 4 July 2005, on page 87

2) Published in Outlook magazine issue dt 18 July 2005, on page 34


  1. Thats great. You guys have helped students everywhere.

  2. Hi, I'm not able to see whatever you just posted. The yahoo site says that data transfer rates have been exceeded (or something to that effect). So, I figure I'll give the link to that particular issue that I'm guessing you're trying to show. If this isn't right, just delete the comment. Regards.

    Withdrawal Of B-School Rankings To IIPM -
    Mind you, you'll need to have an outlook india account to read this. Registration is free, by the way.

  3. Hi all,

    this flickr image is slightly bigger and better -


  4. Why hide who you are? Are you scared of something? Or that Google will take your blogger data and use in their quest for world domination.

  5. ...And the battle continues.

  6. Here's something to ruminate about. They want to burn their IBM laptops.

    I have one myself (a neat R50e, I call her Layla :D ) and I love her with my life. I'm still paying off the loan that helped me get her, but yet she's the best friend I've ever had. I could go on about this, but what bothers me is that I could never EVER consider dousing her/it in petrol and lighting her up. NEVER EVER.

    And considering that all IIPMians (IIPMite? IIPMscian? w/e) are more or less shutting up about this whole issue, it makes me wonder if they made the actual threat, or this yet another IIPM-admin concoction.

    Then again, the students do get the laptops for 'free' (guffaw).

    Keep at it Ms. Bansal. Let's give Mr. Ponytail an asswhooping he's not going to forget for a while.

  7. Thanks Rashmi. Something to wave under the nose of IIPM. :)

  8. anywas, i have just thing to say, "the truth shall always set u free"

  9. Rashmi you make us proud. Andy, I am waiting for your response, I won't mind this time even if you give it here, but do not cut and paste it everywhere, or maybe even that will do!

  10. You and Gaurav are doing an admirable job of bringing these con artists into public realm. The disgusting way IIPM management been darting away the criticism is a testimony to their class. Keep it high and make them bite the dust.


  11. Congrats on a well investigated piece, you called the bluff of those assholes at IIPM(yes I said that, sue me). Hope the mainstream media will pursue this. Are these guys against free speech, I mean now they are hurling abuses at Outlook perhaphs the one Indian Magazine which champions free speech.

    I am no marketer or a PR guy but what the hell were the PR ppl at IIPM thinking, do they expect that by bad mouthing others they can annul facts, geez these people really need to learn the art of management.

    IIPM opened its Bangalore "Campus" (as they call it) 2 years back near my Engineering college in Koramangala, Bangalore. The campus looked like a two floor modern chawl (although I admit it had glass walls and air conditioning :D).

  12. Fanstastic. There's more news coming up on IIPM's UnScrupulous ways. You may have noted that a blogger already called up the person/firm in Canada which IIPM claims it has tied up with. Nada. Nothing of that sort exists. I found that link off DesiPundit.

  13. Some people never learn. IIPMPR - If your institute feels so bad why the hell didn't they sue Outlook. Outlook has more circulation than JAM and the blogs- was it because what Outlook says is the truth?

  14. For a full-fledged HT report on IIPM dropped from rankings, see this:

    shreyas, and all other IIPM sympathisers:
    Before going to London to open yet another 'campus', can we first have links to your AajTak or Tehelka story?

  15. *correction: shreya, not shreyas*

  16. To the best of my knowledge Sandeepan quit Outlook two months ago. Anyway, Mr Publication and Research even predated his blog. Damn!
    Secondly, IIPM would be astounded to learn that - several journalists have MBA's. Many of them from institutes ranked way above IIPM. Several journalists have MA (Econ) degrees - and many of us actually did our graduation in top-notch colleges.
    And I always thought he was Sandeepan Deb, not Sandeep. Or is this like the Aaj Tak thing...

  17. Will one of the IIPM groupies out here give me the name of Columbia faculty who visited IIPM? Was it someone from the GSB? Since I am at Columbia, it should be fairly easy to verify this and what they really thought about the institute.

    Instead of simply claiming that faculty from here, there and everywhere came to IIPM, why not provide a list of names?

  18. Hi Publication and Research Dude,

    I have noticed that you have opened a brand new blogger account, Could you do us a favour and post the damn scan that you are talking about or at least post the link to the archive. I mean I consider myself to be a bit of a expert on search algorithms and stuff but I couldn't find any Hindustan Times article that you said exists.

    P.S: If you don't know how to upload images, I am pretty sure some of the bloggers around here can help. What the heck mail the scan directly to Rashmi, I am sure she will post it in the interest of fairness.

  19. I apologise - its Sandipan Deb. Anyway, I would be keen to know if Sandipan, who is a respected and senior journalist knows that his name is being 'sullied' over here. And what puzzles me is why they are using Sandipan's name. Maybe we might even see a blog from the IIPM Blogmeisters - TherealSandipanDeb - or something like that!

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Um, Rashmi, I'm worried. And here's what bothering me so. IIPM is taking a bloody beating at the hands of hundreds of bloggers across India, right? And every attempt they put to pull themselves out of the mud is only shoving them deeper in. All the anonymous pro-iipm guys are trying quite hard (and in a particularly futile manner, I might add) to make your credibility seem weaker, and the Indo-blogforce is fighting back even harder. Alright, so it seems the odds are heavily tipped in your favour.

    So why haven't they shut up yet?

    Wouldn't a public apology salvage what little dignity they do have left? Haven't they figured out that nothing's working, that AC's run out of options and that they better pull out the contingency plan and work at fixing this?

    So,again, why haven't they stopped the rubbish?

    Please tread carefully. Something smells very fishy. Unless they're bigger idiots than we've thought them out to be :D


    PS- I love JAM. Thought you'd like to know that.

  22. Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had a few eggs and was always chanting:

    Count your chickens before they hatch,
    Count your chickens before they hatch,
    Count your chickens before they hatch,
    Count your chickens before they hatch,

    Bang! Bang! Bang! ABORTION!!!!! All the eggs tumbled over and all those to-be-chickens stayed in Heaven forever and never came to earth.

    Well nothing new. It happens to all bad products. Any MBA worth his Kotler would tell “no amount of advertising can save a bad product”. Same is the story of IIPM and its Man Friday… Arindam Choudhary or is it numerologically correct Choudari??...Their time is up...may be it’s high time for our little boy to revisit his Kotler and Kapferer, if they teach all this in IIPM at all, from where our little boy is a GOLD MEDALIST….Mere Papa ka Sapna, Gold Medal ho Apna….Humpty Dumpty!!!

  23. Well guys i am having fun here...
    till now I believed Rashmi but now i find IIPM supporters arguments also good...

    Actually what is the problem , I am not able to understand..
    why did JAM publish this article on IIPM? not anyother institute but just IIPM ? Has JAM published anyother article like this , I mean have they EXPOSED someone else also before? or this was the first one??
    Well frankly, I found some bloggers jealous of "choti" or "PONYTAIL" :D! Well Rashmi, have u met the ponytail ago?? or anytime?? I mean this can be a personal war also, i suspect..

    any way, i m really happy that blogger can do a lot..bloggers are powerful now..I am really confused by this war so i cant say more in this, but one thing which pop up is now blogger have good power...
    the main fault of iipm in this case is, they treat Rashmi and gaurav very wrong manner or UNCIVILISED(?) manner..if they had treated them with appropriate answers than they might get more supporters. but they chose to lie like the AAJTAK one..which was a bigger joke than anyother on Indian Laughter Challenge..

    However, Mridula, if u r asking the IIPM research guy questions, some questions should be ask to rashmi or gaurav also that can they prove IIPM threatened IBM to burn their laptops in front of the IBM office? Because i dont think they are so fool to give such threats to IBM because doing such a silly thing for just removing a damn blog paragraph from a blogger site???? I mean imagine, IIPM tells IBM to tell their employee to remove his blog or else they will burn IBM (OR LENOVO?? I m confused!! IBM do not have any laptop unit now...) laptops infront of the office..I cannot believe this..and if it is true anyway, Gaurav did not have to leave his job because if IIPM students have done this silly thing, than they will surely get publicity in newspapers as the guys who burnt thier laptops and than they would have to tell the press why did they do this war would be famous..imagine wht would they tell the press ..

    but all this is a big mystory for me..on both sides..
    so i request rashmi to clear my doubt : Have u been associated with Arindam chaudhary any time? or any old rivalry?

  24. This whole episode only blackens IIPM's image if at all it had any! I have never heard/seen an institute which calls itself a B-School get down to such low levels trying to prove what they call facts!

  25. I loved the post from BJ.

    There are sevaral flaws from both the parties.

    Rashmi not sure why she chose IIPM as there are thousands of colleges like this making false promises and looting students

  26. People are taking this beyond proportions.

    Patrix wants to make his new blog very famous.. the desipundit one..

    IIPM has some cheap admin that they made lewd comments on the blogs.. and made them heroes.

    We dont know what conspired between Gaurav and IBM. IBM as any other corporate wants to stay away from controversies.. so they would have told "Could you please do something abt this" ? Its fcukign irritating to hear Gaurav say " I Love IBM etc and I Resigned" as if IBMs fame is his mothers virginity

    Lets us not jump into the bandwagon knowing nothing. Its only going to defame the blogger community.

    We don't even know whom we are figting against.

  27. when so many bloggers are slogging our assess off here, we don't even know what Rashmi is doing.

    Just one post today of the OUTLOOK mags..

    what about other matters..

    the bloggers are fighting for you but you dont seem to update us on what is happening...

    your attitude is not too different from IIPM..

    both are EXPLOITATION

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Am one of those folks,sitting on the fence,undecided,clueless and still wondering what the hoopla is all about.And why are both the parties behaving in this manner?

    Why cant we have Rashmi clarifying/defending her stand against what these IIPM chaps are saying? And why are these IIPM chaps so bothered about these blogs, when they themselves mock about its reach and influence.

    If Rashmi is so sure about IIPM's dubious nature,why cant she issue a notice to them,based on her research,to stop their media publicity till they come clean on the objectionable issues? Was just wondering aloud,am no lawyer,so correct me if something like this cant be done.

    And if the IIPM chaps are so sure about their institute,why not make a point by point rebuttal for her accusations and make it public (like the Indian express report on this issue which highlighted Gaurav's case) ? Why are most of their posters one-post wonders of the blogland? Cant they have one proper blog which speaks for them? And what explanation do they have when their 'All-India' Dean denied the legal notices? Who was sending them then?

    Let ALL the facts be out here,before we commit to either side. Blind faith/love never helped anyone.And let's not forget,we have careers at stake here...

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. IIPM students and faculty who are commenting on this blog in an avalanche, here are some points to ponder:

    1. Outlook and Sandipan Deb would be informed pronto of your defamatory allegations against them. Expect legal notices very soon.

    2. Dude, be very careful about claiming anything about Yale. Private universities in the US are very lawsuit-happy and would pursue you to the ends of the earth.

    4. Reuben, the Columbia faculty was Partha Mohanram who visited IIPM Bangalore. Also Sunil Gupta was a participant in the Planman Consulting CEO Forum.

    5. As mentioned in K's blog, Aaj Tak never did a sting operation against JAM. So stop repeating that bullshit.

    6. And dear lord, did IIPM teach you nothing about succinct presentations. Or in other words, KISS - Keep it Short, Stupid

  32. "Because i dont think they are so fool to give such threats to IBM because doing such a silly thing for just removing a damn blog paragraph from a blogger site????"

    No they do not give threats, they give notarized emails, and of course they are not bothered about small blogs with overinflated sense of importance.

    Oh, you can click on my name it will take you to my blog or else it is at

  33. Supriya, if I were you, I too would be confused and worried right now. And I would be asking my institute some tough questions.

    The article in JAM was brought out for the benefit of students such as yourself. If there has been a material change in facilities since June 2005, when the article was published, we are happy for the students.

    It's unfortunate that you and your batchmates are caught in the crossfire. JAM is on your side and pledges all help/ support.

  34. Supriya, if I were you, I too would be confused and worried right now. And I would be asking my institute some tough questions.

    The article in JAM was brought out for the benefit of students such as yourself. If there has been a material change in facilities since June 2005, when the article was published, we are happy for the students.

    It's unfortunate that you and your batchmates are caught in the crossfire. JAM is on your side and pledges all help/ support.

  35. Well Thanks for telling me that Mridula..I didnt know that!

    Anyway, I was asking all questions because I was planning to include this story in my magazine "Talk n' Cafe" which is releasing in November for the first time and I thought apart from Rashmi, you folks too have good writing skills (which I do not have!). What I believe, it is not a question of expression of freedom. because this is not china where government instructs Google and Microsoft also to show their people what the goverment wants! Its India. So never ever try to hide behind FREEDOM of EXPRESSION stuff. ( However Gaurav has done such a big task: Resignation. I doubt think any other one can do this). NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR RIGHT TO EXPRESS AWAY. Let me remind you, this is not the first incident in blogosphere, before this a popular blog called Mediaah! had been under controvercy. It was forced to shut down and now they run their own website , I guess. My only point is, please do not say you are fighting for freedom of Expression , you have it. so use it wisely. If you have claimed something, prove it. Rashmi proved it initially. IIPM folks proved thier foolishness by AAJTAK joke. But now, IIPM folks are doing good job. they have also raised some questions. so their question should be answered. As Rashmi and Gaurav is popular blogger, they have to express their view very carefully. Right of expression comes with "burden" of responsibility. Well still I am on no one's side. hmm may be still against IIPM due to only their foolishness.

    And Mridula, I have been reading your blog regularly. I was reading blogs when first controvercy related to Mediaah happend. the difference is now i am commenting here. at that time , i was not writing nor commenting.. but now the days are all are STAR BLOGGERS..

    cheers everyone..
    PS: see my website
    this site is still under development, you can express your views and ideas on my blog :

  36. See the Mediaah blog, I was talking about, may be many of you know this,

    the difference is today its IIPM and in march it was TIMES OF INDIA group (which is much more powerful ofcourse).
    can anyone tell me where is this guy now? I heard he started his own other website or blog.

  37. Hmm, I deleted my long comment here because I wrote my own post on some of these super long comments.

  38. Just to say that I am with you Rashmi...

  39. Congratulations for exposing this fake institute and bringing the truth to public.

    Why dont u delete all these comments posted by fake bloggers and that too repeatedly ?

  40. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Hey Guys,
    Great Job... The best test to see how good an insti is ??? The cadre of the insti is inversly proportional to the size of it's ads... ever seen the IIMs posting full page ads ???
    I rest my case..

  41. All,

    Somebody should clarify on the status of IIPM as such. I've seen the glossy brochures and was thinking of sky scraper colleges. However the last time I saw an IIPM(Bangalore), I was shocked. It was wholly different from the photos in brochures. The building looked extremely small for a kindergarten school, let alone a management school of repute. Also in some ads in the previous years, IIPM states that they are not accredited by UGC, nor do they seek recognition from such institites. But it still awards MBA degrees. Please clarify whether the certificates are valid and they do get jobs.

  42. All stupid commments on posted here by IIPM students just shows that they are well aware of the facts which were published in JAM... or else if i would hav been an unaware IIPM student i would be asking the collge to clarify it and not target rashmi. This just shows wat kind of things students are been taught at IIPM.. i thanks rashmi for publishing the article and the post to help all other students....

    cheers for freedom of speech

  43. The story by you on your site has sure opened up quite a few blind eyes. ( including mine ) Thanks.

    The public sure has the right for right information, but shouldnt the netizens also have an unbiased view into it ? Shouldnt we also do our part of digging into these ?

    How many of us know someone who is persuing their career in IIPM right now ? How many have bothered to talk to them in person ? and again on the flip side ..Why has IIPM gained a not so enviable reputation over the past years ?

  44. ufff...the comments were awesome....just read the entire comments from my side...i hope i put a lid to the discussions....Do I say sth??....i would just ask guys/gals to be careful while choosing their instis...and not fall prey to any other words do ur research and then join any insti...thats it....but i got hold of other controversies too...hope to find the details on rashmi's blog ;-)

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  48. All this since IIPM gave a lot of ADS in outlook in 2003 and none in 2004...

    The rankings of these magazines are just Basic b*** S***


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