Friday, October 07, 2005

Lies, damned lies and fake blogs

It feels strange to issue a clarification about an imaginary expose written about on an anonymous blog created 48 hours ago with 0 links (and I won't gratify them by providing the first one). But since Gaurav has blogged about it, and it's in the public domain, here's the deal:

The anonymous blogger wrote
"An article by a dubious small-time publication called JAMMAG on IIPM was sponsored by Amity, it turns out. Aaj tak ran a sting operation where it was revealed on camera that JAMMAG, accepted money in cash from Amity group of educational institutions to write a negative story on IIPM, Amity's cmopetitor for business education programs at the post graudate and undergradute level.

The Aaj tak story has JAMMAG employees on camera talking of the deal... and referring to another such deal for a engineering college which wanted to smear the respected IIT Mumbai."

Yeah, right! And the Pope is fasting because it's the holy month of Ramzan!!

There has been no story on Aajtak re: JAM magazine.
There is no expose because there is nothing to expose.

JAM is a magazine which, in the student interest, printed an article to verify some of the claims made by MBA institute IIPM in its advertisements.

Incidentally, the institute spent Rs 5.1 crores on advertising in May 2005 alone, making it the highest advertiser in print for that month, according to the Economic Times.

As for Amity, here's what I've written about them in the recent past

Credibility Crisis
Considering how 'dubious' and 'small time' JAM is purported to be, someone out there is sure going through a LOT of trouble anyways.

A series of 'blogs' (3 created two days ago and 7 created one day ago) have sprouted up, extolling the virtues of studying at IIPM. They are named:

IIPM Infrastructure
IIPM Rankings
IIPM Rankings 'The Real Truth'
Great Lecture by Sir Geoffrey Owen at IIPM
Placements IIPM
Summer Placement in Planman
IIPM is ahead of its time
IIPM's Publication and Research
Real Gaurav Sabnis (To know what Gaurav 'flesh and blood blogger' Sabnis has to say about that click here)

And they even feature 'comments' such as this:

IIPMstudent9 said...
I dont agree - Hindustan Lever, McKinsey and Bank of America came to campus in IIPM Bangalore - but they only offer 7 lac - 8 lac packages! My friends were happy, buit I'm looking for 12 lac packages... guess the international placements will be able to do that... I heard in New York IIPM students get 20 - 25 lacs...
2005 Student

RealGauravSabnis said...
This IIPM movement is really catching on ... here in the UK everyone is talking about your institute after Prof. Arindam Chowdhry attended meetings with Prime Minister Blair, to promote his book The Great Indian Dream,... Cheers!

And oh, 'The Real Gaurav Sabnis' has also blogged about attending a lecture by Prof. Raymond Richardson from the London School of Academics...

There is nothing more I have to say. Or can say. Except send me a copy of that tape! And do mark a copy to Aajtak!!


  1. Watch out, Rashmi. Someone might start the RealRashmiBansal blog.

  2. i like it whn ppl fight on blogs but this is amazing. now, its not business. its personal.
    I will like to point out a few things:
    1. Blogs by OracleCoder, Jassi, Raghuveer Srinivas, IIPMStudent9 and Ansh are pretty new. Most of them have just one or two posts. Whereas Gaurav and Rashmi have been blogging for quite some time now.
    2. All of them are or were IIPM students.
    3. Some of them have made links to themselves. Someone must go and teach them about Google PageRank fundamentals.
    4. In the comments, none of them is defending IIPM but they are attacking Rashmi on a personal front. So, Rashmi is a lesbian. She got thrown out of IIM A. Do tell me how does that make IIPM a better college?

    Well, am I the only one who sees the obvious here?

  3. ok people
    Lets go and see something known as facts. I dont really know what IIPM's problem is with rashmi or with gaurav sabnis, have never met any of them,i do read their blogs quite avidly, as they are based on the TRUTH..

    THis time however, To quote colonel jessop from A Few Good Men

    Jessep: You want answers?
    Kaffee (Tom Cruise): I think I'm entitled .
    Jessep: You want answers?
    Kaffee: I want the truth!
    Jessep: You can't handle the truth

    So the junta wanted answers, JAM gave them the truth, some of us COULDN't HANDLE the truth, and hence the potshots and what nots

    Seriously, its bad enough to study at bad B schools, i know IIM's cant take Tom, Dick and Harrys and even Ramlals, Shyamlals and MOhanlals, so they have started a revolution along the lines of Che ( though the means and causes remain dubious), against two bonafide IIM grads.

    Now which part of the truth they couldn't handle, that they didnt make it or that these people did and are trying to sort the future out...

    i cant help but wonder

  4. when was the last time u saw a student angst like this about an institute. and such language ... tut tut ...maybe IIPM should hand out a bar of soap in addition to the laptop (to wash out their minds and tongues).
    i would also think that a response like this is more a reflection on the person who posts than then intended recepient of libel (oh they have libelled u in print and lets hope that they have extremely big bank balances - if you decide to go after them)

  5. Rashmi,
    Continue the good work.Have linked your article and posts on this issue in my post.We need more such exposes.

  6. Rashmi,
    What we could do is flag [on you're blogger bar] all these fake blogs. Thats what the facility is for really.

  7. Ouch...some dirty commenting this. Instead of Planning, these guys seem to have more to say on Pants!!!

  8. Rashmi,
    Ignore the stupid fake bloggers who have posted nasty comments. All of us know that IIPM is serious crap.
    Do IIMs,Xavier's and other do so much marketing to sell their institutes? Arindam is a salesman and not an educationalist.

    You keep up the good work.


  9. DesiHowardRoark

    Dear me, you need to try harder, child - and here's a tip: truth, logic and brevity will go further in supporting your case than a corny name (DesiHowardRoark - doesn't leave much to imagination, does it? Well, not till you read the diatribe).

    Our faculty at IIPM is drawn from the best in IIT Dehi (for Operations Research), FMS, MDI and many others... What! The great IIPM stoops to include faculty from these local institutes? No no no no no. You must be mistaken Mr. Roark - it is drawn from the BEST in Harvard, Yale, Stanford et al, surely. Don't mislead us, now.

    Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame, to Michael Porter, to recenty Zig Ziglar... Are you sure you're not confusing IIPM with that other shining light of higher education in India: the Amity group? No? Well, to their credit, Amity has been organizing a number of these lecture/ talks but even they didn't get Porter out here. IIPM, of course, must be doing these events for select audiences and in a low-key, advertising-eschewing way that's their signature style (and that's why the rest of haven't heard of it till you wrote of it).

    ridiculous lies from this non-credible site immediately, and do more productive things... Why bother, dear Howard? These ridiculous lies are going to be seen for what they are anyway. But here's a tip: If leading lights such as you leave comments, won't that rob this blog of its "non-credible" status quickly? Think about it: even if she doesn't have more productive things to do, you surely have, right? Like, maybe, proofing, one of IIPM's advertisements?

    the mainstream media may be easily corrupted, but they understand their responsibilities... Oh yes, Rs. 40-odd crore of media spend engenders a lot of responsibility, so keep reading the mainstream media, Mr. Roark. So, if this blog is NOT in the mainstream and printed things are, then is JAM in the mainstream or not? Why/not?

    I'm proud of my alum mater... Umm, desiHR, my friend; I think you may want to be prouder of your alma mater (The school, college, or university that one has attended); than your alum mater. Alum is something else totally (Any of various double sulfates of a trivalent metal and a univalent metal, widely used in industry as clarifiers, hardeners, and purifiers and medicinally as topical astringents and styptics.)

    And finally - heartiest congratulations on your rapid career advancement: from your first comment - where you say "I teach at Haas (UCLA) while I'm completing my phD"..., you have made amazing strides by your second post "I teachPhD students at Haas...(UCLA)".... I am convinced that it is the IIPM degree of 6 years ago which is propelling you so quickly through the ranks. Don't bother to update us - by the time your post gets uploaded, you are sure to have moved through a few more levels once again.



  10. Rashmi,

    I've followed your articles for some time, and as others have expressed, I fully support not just your view of IIPM, but your right to publish it. I've written my own views on the matter here, but I just cannot go away without responding to some of the disgusting comments here.

    OracleCoder, IIPMStudent9, RaghuveerSrinivas:

    So all you can do to defend IIPM is shower obscenities on Rashmi. I think you're the one who needs to grow up, and respect intellectuals, here. She's presented facts and you are spewing complete nonsense. Has the idea of rebutting a factual and logical argument with logic or facts ever occurred to you? You guys have blogs that are basically one-post-wonders. You are countering intellectual and factual opinion on an educational institution with disgusting and obscene comments that makes one even doubt that you received an education. And you talk about respecting intellectuals?


    I think you know the answer to why JAM wasn't sent a letter - the legal summons is laughable. "Judicially notarized email"? "Phone numbers recorded" for arrest? "President of the legal IIPM Cell"? Give me a break.


    You forget to note that Rashmi could have easily deleted all of your comments which include links to your blogs. She has chosen not to do so and your points of view are in fact represented. Despite the disgusting and loathsome content of some of them, I might add.


    Your institution claims to be at the leading edge of technological infrastructure. Well, in case you hadn't noticed, a part of such an infrastructure usually happens to be this thing we call the Internet. Coupled with a rather nice provision in the Constitution of the Republic of India called the right to free speech, this means Rashmi, you and me are all entitled to our own opinions. If you want to answer criticism by suppressing it, I suggest you find a dictatorship to give you citizenship. I respect your opinion that IIPM Delhi was a meaningful educational experience for you. That doesn't mean that others cannot have, and express, their own opinions and factual findings about IIPM.

  11. Rashmi....ignore those idiotic and vulgar commets, and continue to do what you do. They can create as many overnight blogs as they wont....and it wont change a thing.

    I'm sorry you have to go through this kind of abuse too.

    The blogsphere is with you. If you need any support (these idiots shouldn't be too hard to handle.....including the "real" gaurav sabnis :-)), just yell, and you have our support in any way you need.

  12. Two words to say abt the comments: Impossibly dumb. No one in the right mind would give comments like this so that the author stops writing. It aggravates the issue multifold. In the end, IIPM good-seekers might even be able to ruffle up a few people using their might, but the bad mouth is going to go on for years. Its really downnright impossibly dumb.

  13. Oye DesiHowardPork,

    Haas is not in UCLA.. you fool...When you wanna write crap and lies why dont u search the net once man?
    I am from IIM(B'lore) in Chennai :-)) LOL
    And I liked you ALUM Mater !!!
    What the heck is ALUM mater mate?

    Jhoot bolne se pehle decide tho karlo ki kya kehna hai..

  14. Hi Rashmi
    My eyes nearly fell out when I read the libelous comments above. What do these clowns think they are going to accomplish. I think there could be grounds for a lawsuit because the commenters above are clearly in the employ of IIPM and are trying to smear your good name.

  15. If IIPM considers Amity their competition it again speaks volumes for them! Some of the Amity's program has been derecognized by AICTE recently. And a student of their engineering college committed suicide.

    Rashmi, keep up the good work, ignore the idiots.

  16. Amazing, the number of people who support their, ahem, institute.

    One assumes many are fees-paid-up students. Sad; they're going to move the country forward, and they can't put together a logical argument with substantiated facts. Or even spell.

    Long live the alum mater.

  17. Alum matters indeed. Need a lot of alum to settle this mud!All the best for that.
    Really wouldnt dare to think beyond the IIMs. Rashmi, great post once again!

  18. I think you are all doing desi howardroark a big injustice - if he says he is proud of his alu mutter, then we must cheer him for this accomplishment. after a degree from IIPM and PhD from er, whatever, he still is modest enough to boast only about his culinary skills.

    (Rashmi, go for it!)


  19. I havent' had so much to laugh about in a long time. The idiocy of people never ceases to surprise me.
    IF desi howard roarke could read and had managed to read fountain head he would know that howard roarke (the lead character) is expelled from university - because he thinks that the curriculum is crap and doesn't let him be 'creative'.

    We even had courses on alternative Leadership teachniques based on religious texts; and experential learning models that no one in India uses at b-schools today.

    there are two reasons why it may not be used a) no one has thought of it, b) they have, then gone on to examine it, and then abandoned it. Not many people dye their hair purple either.

    and finally alum mutter sounds very bad for your digestive system :)

  20. Hey Rashmi ... have been away from blogging for a bit and only just read about all of this. Just wanted to say, we're with you all the way. IIPM is dropping its pants for sure.

  21. I wonder if these people actually think they are increasing their institute's credibility by posting these comments. Maybe they're actually against IIPM, and they are posing as IIPM people to discredit it even further - just a thought. :)

    I think it is very impressive that you've kept these comments up, in spite of their nature, and there is no greater argument against them than the very fact of their existence.

    I just want to agree with all the proper bloggers up there and say that the blogosphere is with you all the way.

  22. "The pope is fasting b'cos of ramzan." ROTFL :)

    I read 2 other articles on this issue b4 i landed in urs and i have the same thing to say "bigger the ad,lesser the quality".

  23. Hi Rashmi,

    Just to say that I think these *new* bloggers are complete bastards! I love your magazine and your blog and well you can read how I feel about IIPM right here:


  24. That is:

  25. If graduates of great B-school IIPM write such posts,it reflects what they were taught at IIPM.One gets clear idea of their Marketing/Management skills and Leadership qualities.IIPM should have faculty to teach students good manners.

  26. Hey Rashmi,
    This whole episode sounds to me more like a Hindi movie story happening in todays technologically advanced world! The story can be put like;
    A person is being straight forward about her opinions/thoughts & is penning them down in a magazine. One day she decides to write about a legally & politically correct FRAUD being promoted heavily in the country (& is virtually wasting a lot of parents hard earned money.) The scamster gets hurt/insecure by the ruthless allegations... & then the scamster/s getting all set to defame her by all sorts of ridiculus allegations. Just add in 2 love songs, 1 quwaali, a dance troupe, foriegn locations, (maybe a fight sequence when you confront the guys who threaten you of visiting your office)some stunts & you have a super-duper Hindi filum ready!! Hit hai boss hit hai!
    Line lag jayegi box office pe.

    But apart from this would like to tell you 1 more thing. That this anger/hatred the IIPM guys have towards you & your magazine is quite obvious. The way you f**k people & their activities is merciless. Your satire & sense of humor can & would be pricking like hell to the receiver. Anyways what we love in JAM is this Ruthless but Honest portrayal of opinions.

    I have been a passive supporter/admirer of your work through JAM & otherwise & I would like to tell you that I support you & stand by your side of the story. Maaro un kamino ki.....!

  27. Hi Rashmi,

    I am a reader of your blog since your very first post & I would like to extend you my support.


  28. Hi Rashmi,
    I'm with you all the way. IIPM's behaviour is despicable and downright lowly. Stinks even.

  29. I don't even want to insult my intelligence by replying to THOSE comments. Rashmi, I just want you to all we all are here to support you. Not that they can do a thing. Keep the good thing up.

  30. I don't think OracleCoder, IIPMStudent9 and RaghuveerSrinivasare are worth responding to. Intellect and Intellectualising are also not needed.

    Rashmi, dont do anything about it such shit does not deserve a thought.

    Evereyone knows what IIPM is. There advertisements are self explainatory.

    Rashmi think about it, I mean I have been observing certain things, Opposites hold so much in this world, we have IIMs that hardly advertise and talk about them, and we have IIPMs on the front page of all national dailies bragging about 150 companies came to placements and what not. .

    Sometimes to know the truth of a situation you dont need to do much research you know, just invert whats projected . .

    just invert whats projected by OracleCoder, IIPMStudent9 and RaghuveerSrinivasare and you would know a better story, close to what the truth is, about them, about IIPM

  31. Going by the commnets on your blog by (alleged) IIPM students, IIPM stands to lose much more than you or Gaurav. IIPM's credibility, morality, and ethics are in question here. The blogging community is firmly on your side.

    There's maybe not much we can all do, but we can definitely help spread the word about this institution's claims and, going by the comments on your blog, its uncouth students.

    I have posted about this here: A Call to Arms.

  32. Rashmi,
    Those who read your blog regularly know who is right. Keep the faith.
    We are supporting you

  33. Dear Rashmi

    Please take this issue head along and prove to "IIPM" that finally truth does prevail.


  34. I too am very proud of my alu mutter. Very proud indeed.
    Keep it goin' RB! I'm amazed at how the Blogosphere seems to be shutting Ac down here.
    Hey, my word verification term was 'hilaon' - so keep on 'hilaoning'...

  35. Wow....just look at all those abuses about Rashmi, just the thing that says how effective her writings are. I wud love if my detractors wrote such comments , coz that wud surely mean i got my message across and it has really hit em where it really hurts...Kudos to Rashmi. Maybe just one such incident will go on increase your popularity...after all as always controversies are gud in India.

  36. After a great article you have done a greator work of leaving the comments untouched.I have made a point to circulate the link to all I know and will try my best to ensure that best emerges out of this situation.Needless to say that our total support goes with you.
    Good work BTW.

  37. Carry on Rashmi --- You are going great guns --

    FYI, we have already exposed Hindi version of the book "count your eggs ...."
    see yourself here- पहचानी डगर का एक और पथप्रदर्शक


  38. the kind of comments that have been wriiten against rashmi show their level of thinking. all u guys who r making such foul commenst abt rashmi, i wanna ask u, why do u need to talk abt her being caught in a loo or her being married to a man or not?
    just quote ur facts and substantiate them with proper links na
    rashmi, just wanted u to know that u r not alone in this

  39. n btw, gaurav sabnis rocks for his decision to quit that publishing house

  40. Hi Rashmi,

    I've been reading your blog for sometime now but was a total non-commentor (like someone up there in this long list of comments). Came back here after a while and found this *interesting* post!

    Well, hope that none of this bulls*** bothers you. Because when people start talking about alum maters (ROTFL) you can seriously stop paying heed.

    You run a great magazine. And I love reading it.


  41. Way to go, Rashmi. Keep up the good work.

    formerly from Haas (Berkeley).

  42. Hi Rashmi

    I was directed here by the post on IndiaUncut. I read your article and also all the posts by Gaurav and others at DesiPundit. I totally support you. The facts you stated in the article have never been refuted by any of the foul mouthed commentors. They are utilizing the "attack the messenger" strategy.

    Current students at IIPM will feel outraged and threatened about their future. To all IIPM students: You are doing harm to your institute's reputation and your own career by posting such comments. Instead, go and demand the stuff promised in the ads from your management.

    If anyone from the IIPM management is doing this... then I guess there is no hope. What management education can one expect from an institute which doesn't know how to handle simple criticism? IF this is how you defend reputation then soon there will be nothing left to defend.



    Here goes my post on the same.

    I am going to email few famous bloggers to create more awareness on the same.

  44. Hi Rashmi,

    Am here via India Uncut. This is crazy stuff! I've been reading the entire saga, and have been astounded to say the least!

    Way to go lady!


  45. please Please PLEASE !!!!
    i CANNOT stop LAUGHING !!!
    OMG OMG OMG !!
    ok i read through maybe about HALF the comments section here...

    for one
    i think all the IIPM side of the comments are by 1 or 2 fulltime IIPM-blog-managers. So now they've probably opened up a new Blogger Department.

    As for Rashmi... well... I'm sure you wont think i'm being insensitive by NOT trying to comfort you after their harsh words. OMG you DONT need comforting..coz I'm sure you must be laughing your ass off as well !

    OMG is this for REAL ???
    are we talking about a B school or a B GRADE school ?! I'm a tad confused.

    Well well... thanks for the entertainment though :)
    cheers and carry on !

  46. Just came through Sudhish's blogspot..Losers of IIPM...I understand that you have paid some fee and cannot leave your school now...DesiHowardRoark - better call yourself DesiPeterKeating....protecting your ass since you are in idiots at IIPM need to know that bloggers know when you start blogging...creating false blogs...just to protect your ass and to start hatemail...I hope the world recognizes this and stops recognizing your institute...your website (IIPM) says free laptop...ha..haha..what is free after you pay 4 lakhs or more...just buy a second hand Laptop for Rs.50000 and get an online MBA that would be better than getting a degree at IIPM..its time can still strike and get your money back from IIPM and still do it...since rashmi did not allow anonymous guys started your own blogs to you know that whoever comments here...the ip can be detected to a point that we can pinpoint your location...just to let you know since you are new to blogging...and I am sure your institute did not teach you that. I think you need to change your slogan from "Count your chickens b4 they hatch" to "We are chickens and we chicken out" ...Next time you comment you eggheads....try making an omlette...instead of counting chicks...

  47. To further take this case, I called up the telephone number listed on their contact page for their IIPM's Toronto Research Center, Canada; which is listed at The Indian Institute of Planning & Management; Suite 806; 150 Cosburn Avenue, Toronto: M4J2L9; CANADA Phone: +1-416-424-4649

    All I get is a recorded message followed by a human voice speaking the seven digit number. What is this, a bucket shop ?? Does anyone familiar with Toronto know where this is ?

    OK now this is big......

    Just as I finished typing this sentence, my cell rings and a person by the name of Sanjeev calls back saying that I had called his telephone and he was returning the call. I said that I had called because this telephone number was posted on their site and I wanted to find out more about the institute. He categorically told me that they had nothing to do with IIPM. I asked him if there was a center there and he said “nothing is there because nothing worked out and its not like what they say on their website”.

    I now leave it to you to decide what’s going on !!

  48. i am surprised no one had a conspiracy theory on rashmi doing all this for comments on her blog!!
    rashmi, i think you should seriously think about suing these guys for defamation and character assassination...

  49. Hi Jammers,

    Well, it's good that someone reads these ads adn questions them. Keep it up.

    You can always take the help of Advertising Standards Council of India if people trouble you.

  50. I've been an reader of JAM for around 7 years, more than that maybe...
    came to know of the IIPM controversy thru DesiPundit and got the link to your blog thru the same.

    I used to wonder seeing those full page ads in HINDU why these guys were creating such a publicity...
    I really am lazy to write to JAM though I've a lot to say. Hope u wont mind me leaving comments abt JAM on your BLOG.

  51. Rashmi: I've always respected your opinions on colleges and universities. You're kind of an authority on that.

    NOT A NICE MAN TO KNOW: tell me more!

  52. Was hilarious to see how the stupid students of IIPM have been responding to that what they taught them at IIPM??

    An institute that needs to advertise itself as much as IIPM does, needs to be ignored - an instt's name is not because of advertisements or tall claims (which have proven to be entirely false) but because of the quality of students - and we have seen that up here already...

    thanks for the expose`...I am not surprised that the print media hasnt taken this up - what with IIPM being a major its left to magazines like yours...maybe some news channel should do a sting..I always thought Arindam Dutta was more faff than fact too!

  53. woohoo nice blog!

    btw for all you know, those comments on your blog aren't even IIPMians.. just some pranksters probably.

    and if they _are_ IIPM students - well you guys better keep quiet and let the issue die (plus revoke the lawsuit on GS etc etc).. else you'll be guilty of rolling this up into something really big more than anyone else!

  54. Hi Rashmi & Others, this is Ved from IIMA 1994.

    Having come to the party late, I scanned the blogs for any comments left by officials of IIPM. After the sick shit I see on the blogs by so called IIPM students, I was hoping to see a message by the institute distancing itself from the comments but I don't see any such statement. C'est La Vie.

    Silly me, I thought we'd gone past this inane debate about MBA institutes in the last century. Still I wonder if the so called IIPM students' realize how much their personal attacks on Rashmi says about their education and how little it says about anything else.

    I shall do my own homework and be back with more.


  55. IIPM should be on spree currently - asking each and every member of their organisation to respond to blogs and thats what keep the keywork IIPm at the top on technorati.
    well, abt the blogosphere - each one of us shud be with rashmi and gaurav. Lets face IIPM with more and more posts on our blogs.
    Keep posted..

  56. I thought I would make it 102. The IIPMs are getting what they deserve. I hope Arindam and others who seek to give credibility to thw institutes are flayed by the media. Good post. Keep up the good work.

  57. Great stuff Rashmi! This reminds me of a quote "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win " M.K Gandhi.

  58. Umm ....
    .... would it do you any good to extend my support for you? ... to let you know I stand by you in the face of quite a lot of mindless verbal carnage?
    ...for now, I would only like to tell you, that however much your sympathizers have stressed on their whole-hearted support for your (worthy) cause, I, but only, seek a few clarifications :

    1) I went to this guy, Chaudhuri's site. And from all I've seen here, everyone just gets a snapshot of his (not-so-credible) academic credentials. But, it is also true, that the people mentioned in the list of "What some corporate leaders say..." are one of the mighty influential (and proven) leaders of our times. And yes, they speak of him (and his work) in quite a glorifying manner. (So were these statements made by the real guys or a planned act of misleading the masses by IIPM folks?)
    2) Questioning the authenticity of a book's content based on claims like "have all been taught previously by IIM (etc.) profs. and he merely collated and published them". Well then, he surely seems to have done a great job and there's no point labelling the book as crap coz maybe you didnt like it. (No i haven't read it, and hv no mind to either :)).

    I am not here to take a stand.(Though i must admit those claiming-to-be-IIPMers did make it hard for me not to believe in all tht you've been writing). If inspite of what you try to achieve through a fact based exposure drive against IIPM doesnt prevent him from raking in the moolahs, I could only but wonder how much of your life you're willing to devote for your cause.

    So far so good, I shall keep my fingers crossed for you. Cheers!

  59. First to the authors of the lewd, slanderous comments against Rashmi:

    If you folks really had balls, you'd leave your names and REAL phone numbers here. I just wanted to know if you had any balls at all in any case, since I do believe you are eunuchs. If this is all your oh so great IIPM taught you (sexual harrassment), be assured that the best jobs you will ever get to is cleaning IIPM toilets with your tongues....but then, I think you are doing that already or are very close to being promoted to that job. Your posts show that. I hope IIPM pays you well for cleaning up its shit.

    To non-eunuchs and Rashmi:

    If there was ever a perfect example of a stupid, ham handed, mismanaged and tactless way to handle an issue like this, IIPM is now basking in glory for perfecting the art.

    Managers are taught the skill of handling things in the most efficient way. THis could never, ever have been even close. What were the IIPM morons thinking! Looking at the shameful way in which they've handled themselves, I don't think IIPM and the pony tail ought to be in the business of management skills. They most certainly excel at mismanagement though. Ever tried getting government contracts guys? The babus certainly could do with a lesson or two from you! But then, you would go and bungle things up even there.

    Also, if this is what you teach your students, you can be rest assured that I am not hiring an IIPM grad ever. In fact, anyone who approaches me with a certificate from IIPM will be out of the reckoning before you can say ponytail.

    I think we have a good way of getting back at them. Could someone make a coherent mail with all the links and stuff and start mailing it to every corporate higher up that you know of? Please point out the lies that were being spread around by IIPM (the Aaj Tak story) in that mail and make a complete presentation. I'd personally send it to a 100 people myself. When patrons find out what a worthless bunch IIPM is, perhaps ponytail might think twice before getting his legal cell to crap out of their mouths. Lets hit them where it hurts.

    What say?

  60. hi rashmi,
    i've read a few of your columns from JAM earlier, and have always respected your opinion. the courage that you and gaurav have displayed is amazing. i only wish that more of us were like the two of you!

  61. I'd love to be present at these kids' placement interviews in a couple of years.

    "So, young man, how do you deal with criticism?"
    "I call my critic a lesbian, sir."

  62. This is another example how powerful blogs are in spreading the information around. No doubt the side-effects being, that quite a few can twist and turn it to their own personal agendas.

    So far the blogs claiming the sting operation seem to be using another blogger as their source or hearsay, and that other blogger does the same and on and on it's moving in circles.

    Emailed Aaj Tak to issue a clarification, which you should too and publish it here to shut the mischief mongers up.

    All the best!

  63. bj:

    You're right, of course. Degrees are overemphasised in India, and educational institutions should have every right to advertise, without being derided for going commercial or 'selling out'.

    But this 'War of Good against Evil' is hardly about the points you've raised. It's about:

    1. Making misleading claims in advertising, which is stupid and ends up pissing off your customers.
    2. IIPM using strong-arm and smear tactics to discredit criticism.

    When you have someone resorting to personal attacks such as those in the comments above, or bulllying somebody into a position where they have to quit their job, 'War against Evil' tactics aren't funny. They're justified.

    Sticking by your principles to defend what you've written is good. Lying to your prospective students is evil. Making personal attacks based on lies is evil.

    If the IIMs aren't in the top 30, or don't produce startups as business schools do, that's regrettable. It's not evil.

  64. How juvenile can people be? After reading it seems that studying at IIPM must be like a holiday in the sun, complete with bikini clad babes grunting "go get them ponytail". Whew. Morons, grow a life, and a tiny brain to sit on.

  65. my gawwdd you DesiHowardRoark you don't know whose name you've spoilt....Rand would've torn you apart for bringing libel upon her most famous character's name...and Rashmi jus don't give a fu** about these idiots who are proud alum maters of their desparetly-trying-to-get-attention-by-keeping-a-name-close-to-IIM institute...we are all here for you..jus go ahead and sue them!

  66. Arindam Chaudhuri surely has dug himself a deep hole full of shit by attacking the bloggers of the land they call India. One of the finest examples of democracies in this world.

  67. Hello Rashmi,

    I landed here through many posts on IIPM when it became the top search on

    The whole issue and the personal defaming posts state its own story.

    From the blogger community I am with you. Just writing to get added in the supporters.


  68. as a foreigner of indian origin, i'm amazed by this issue ...first, i didnt know indian bloggers were so unethical to resort to personal villification on a story like this.I dont find it any fair for anyone to villify reshmi's personality for this what if she was a dropout of lesbian...who farking cares dude! The issue is the controversy and ligitimacy of the claims made on Jam mag ...

    I'm from malaysia and this story has reached our most prominent blog on corporate government and freedom of speech (voted freeblog of the year internationally)

    Anyway, to put an end to this saga, all the institute need to do is to post proof that the JAM allegation are wrong and put an end to it....if they dont have proof to support the ligitimacy of their ad, then the government should take action for misleading public, if Indian even has such laws... Gaurav has suppurt from manay malaysian blgggers! U'll see more soon!

    Whats with the gangster mentality of IIPM? of bullying individuals who condemn it's advertising ethics? It's sad and pathetic, and anyone who supports IIPM by not clarifying the facts are equally shallow beingS

    BTW, u can refer to asia's freedom blog ofthe year here:

    and look at article: Blogger and IBM India


  69. इस चर्चा में तो रावण-दहन का आनन्द आ रहा है ।

  70. Rashmi,
    I support your article in JAM completely and please don't mind the kinky comments posted by so-called IIPM students. We shall stand by you in your fight against the movement to curb freedom of speech!
    Truth alone triumps!

  71. There is no death for true courage...The comments are totally condemnable...shows the lack of substance of the students and hence the institute itself. Why bother to defame you or drag you to courts if your claims are even true? If they have kept silent, things would have been better, but by barking they have proved that there is something dangerously wrong with them and where they hail from. In the end everywhere, Truth and Justice prevails...take them by their horns...come on...don't give up. The powerful blog community is with you so take them on right away and sue them for defamation. Good Luck!

  72. Rashmi, I am so sorry that in my name you have to suffer such a big and inarticulate reply from Andy.

    Andy, as I said before, stop copying and pasting your inarticulate comment in name of replying to me. If you wish come over to my site.

    And give me a relevant link to IIT K story. And you see, they are not bothered by your comments or rants on our blogs. Now that is called reputation, that can not be unmade by sundry comments.

    You have begin to irritate me.

    Rashmi, of course you have all my support.

  73. Hi Rashmi,

    Let the truth prevail. Many people above has suggested that you should delete the posts by IIPM donkeys but my humble request is that you keep it there to let the world see that not only the IIPM educational facilities are crap but more importantly their products have

    1) No integrity
    2) No respect for counter view
    3) No communication skills
    4) Are certainly not tech savvy
    5) Are trying to covert the truth by totally unrealted talks
    6) Eligible to join hands with Laloo

    Let the corporate world know that they are piece of craps.


  74. Hi Rashmi,

    My saying anything is not going to make any difference but can't help throwing in my own two cents.

    I have always known that all this IIPM hulla is crap; afterall the propogator has made his name in spreading the crap hasn't he?

    Posts by the IIPM supporters - half of them seem to be written by the same person - same track, same kinda language and same your-batchmate-saw-that-know-that kinda stories. As someone has already pointed out, none tried saying anything in defense of IIPM, tried to give any counter-arguments or tried to prove any of the allegations false.

    Going through their posts, one thing is pretty clear, at IIPM they give good lessons on "how to invent unbelievable stories and then make them sound real".

    I am with you Rashmi.

  75. Satyameva Jayate !!!!!

    Rashmi and Gaurav - The whole of India's intelligent junta is behind you. Please keep up the fight for the truth.

    Even if these losers at IIPM continue the slander, please ignore them. We can ruin this IIPM by simply publishing the truth in each and every Engineering and Science - Commerce colleges of Mumbai and Pune. We can follow up by going to numerous HR departments of leading companies. Also an article in the Economic times or Financial Express will suffice. Please keep away from politicians though !!!

    Jai Hind

  76. Good Work Rashmi!!

    keep it up!!


  77. hi rashmi
    i have been an avid reader of your blogs and i am in full support of your battle against iipm.
    keep up ur spirits. IIPM will certainly pay for its blunders.

  78. Hi Rashmi, after a long, long while :o)

    Having come to this controversy late (have been travelling), there's plenty of commenters on here who have captured my thoughts on this issue very well.

    Nonetheless, I just thought I'd add my tuppence of support. I am glad you, JAM and Gaurav are not intimidated by this crap that's being flung at you.

  79. Dear Rashmi,

    It is really courageous of you not to delete these comments from your blog. Kudos!!!

    I was a management student till May 2005 and had been to one of the "Business Quizzes" organized by IIPM.

    There, we saw this written on the classroom walls: "Dumadam, dhanadhan, Arindham."

    I do not know how good or bad IIPM or Mr. Arindam Chaudhari is, either personally or professionally. But I now surely know what his own students think of him.

    Guess I need to say more?


  80. Rashmi,
    u must be having a good laugh reading all these posts.

    For all the stupid men, who cannot match your intelligence think they can piss u off by commenting on your sexuality or sexual orientation - get a life boys...

    I have always wanted to raise my voice about the screwed up education system but never got around to doing it...


  81. we support you Rashmi and Gavrav. The guys posting as IIPM students have shown their culture and manners (not mentioning their intellect) by vilifying RB and IIPM has proved that all talks about culture, values, passions and moral (Mr. Chaudhury talked about these things in his so called bestseller Count Your Chicket Befor they Hatch) are nowhere in practice.
    Probably, this is going to put mr. chaudhury under test and challenge him to show his problme solving and leadership skills to come clean. Sadly, I do not see any hope for him.

  82. To iipmstudentx: or else what, dude? What'r ya gonna do? Boo. Poke. Show us what you're *really* made of.

  83. Good work Rashmi. At last someone brought out the truth about those ads. But they don't limit themselves to management I guess. Remember that over-hyped, over-advertised dud of a film called Rok Sako To Rok Lo? hehe

  84. Some wonderful publicity for a trivial issue. As for the 'fake blogs',they wouldnt have come up if you would have allowed anonymous comments.

    On the brighter side, its wonderful to know there are hundreds of Indian Bloggers and that Indian blogs can also create controversies. Great going everyone.

  85. Rashmi,

    Too much has been said for me to add anything relevant if you're still reading the 150 odd comments. For what it's worth this is my post in support

    I respect you for your stand in a way I cannot respect these spurious commenters.

    With you.

  86. Very interesting turn of events! Keep jabbing at those stinkers.

    It's shocking enough that they're trying to manipulate the media, but the way they're playing with the federate blogging machine is ridiculous.

  87. an interesting blog...

    I havnt had pleasure of frquently changing moods while having entertainment ( i mean switching on to different channels frequently while watching TV)
    for past few weeks. 2 main reason for this were: 1) unavialability of remote ( dont know where it is lying) at my hostel @ IIFT
    2) poor reception of cable operator @ home..

    but I really enjoyed the whole stuff.

    I guess someone needs to take lessons from other institutes/Org in india, the way they handle any such issue.

  88. Hi Rashmi,

    IIPM adverts always make hollow promises. A look at them and you can make out how much of what is being touted is true. I can still remember full page adverts extolling their own greatness. I am sure Arindam Chaudhuri believes IIPM is better than IIMs. If somebody can be gullible enough to go by the adverts, I am not too sure about their management aptitude. I wish them and IIPM conjugal bliss.

    I am not taking anything away from IIPM. They may be imparting very sound knowledge, but I am not one of those who would judge the quality of an institute by the adverts they run in the newspapers. In fact, I feel it reflects badly on them.

    Any case, thanks for enlightening the world about the truth - it always does prevail.

    Good Luck,

  89. Hi Rashmi,

    I think the dirty comments left on your page by "iipm students" will manage to dent the institute's credibility even more than your article did! here's hoping Jam continues to expose such fradulent advertising, cheers.

  90. Hi rashmi

    Joining in late on this topic, but still just wanted to tell you to keep up the Good work.

  91. eye eye pee emm sucks... anyone with enuf intelligence knows it... and how does rashmi's sexual preferences affect the fact the ol' AC is a fake show??? & I know what they dont teach at the IIMs which is taught at eye eye pee emm.....
    how to abuse on others blogs.....

  92. shameful stuff here!...rashmi excellent article..and thanks for exposing the IIPM fraud. I was wondering who was ever going to step up and make that happen , we need a lot more investigatory journalism like this...well done. Some of the nonsense on these comments reminds me of online fights i used to have when i was 16 on ICQ hhahahaha, its hilarious and yet embarassing....

  93. Hi Rashmi,
    Of course you have done a great job. I think the battle is won but the war has just started. You have started it, I can give my support. Please find out more such instis which are sucking up hard earned money from the Indian middle class in the name of education.

    Besides that, I think the IIPM supporters have really helped us a lot to start all of this. If there filthy comments had not been there , hardly tens or hundreds of us who regularly read you blog would have known about it. Thankx to them for making it the headlines and giving it all the required exposure.

    You carry your good work, and let the IIPM and similar corporate backed junta give such work a nice exposure and let us (fellow bloggers) write and comments and blog entries - Then I think blogging would come to age in India.

    A sincere request to all the players here, keep on with your good work and a special note of thanks to Rashmi for initiating it.

  94. Scene at IIPM placements next year.

    Recruiter : How do you best you your laptop?
    Student : By threatening to burn it, Sir.

    Recruiter : Tell me some of your positive aspects.
    Student : I am very intelligent sir. (Wow)

    Recruiter : Tell me some of your negative points.
    Student : you bas@#$#, les#$#@, g##, bull@#@@. I dont have any negatives, you as#$#%%.

    (This is an hypothetical situation at IIPM, next year. No, not because of the answers, but IIPM would now find it even more difficult to lure recruiters to their campuses. )

    Indeed, a mistake from IIPM called "Legal Notice".

    Kudos Rashmi and Gaurav. IIMs are the best. Dont ever think to look beyond that. ;-)

  95. I think the issue is about an institution with no history trying to create hype to sell itself... and in the process of it, overstepping the boundaries of decency and sense.

    Whether IIPM is good or bad has now been relegated to the hind... which is bad... because i guess this would have been an excellent time to debate upon the efficacy of such fly-by-night institutes...

    What unfortunately has started is a whole lot of public crapping... some for and some against Rashmi...

    Personally, i think Rashmi made an important point... or a pointer... with the aim of questioning the whole Mr. Chaudhari led IIPM type campaign...

    The less said about the response to the point made by her, the better... Words are wasted on the rubbish that came about...

    I think if people who stand by Mr. Chaudhari really believe in his credo... they should reason it out and not get into the rowdy roadside badmouthing approach to it...

  96. A bit of fun and sarcasm ... ;-)

    Enjoy !!


  97. Whoa, hell a lot of comments.
    IIPM sux!

  98. Rashmi....all are with you posting such comments the real face of IIPM -- Indian Institute of Professional Morons the real face of the so called MBAs is coming to the fore......bloggers are not going to rest.....keep up the good work.A huge thanks for exposing the real face of IIPM.

  99. Hey people!

    If you don't agree with something anyone has to say, attack the idea or the opinion, but not the person. This is the basic rule of fighting fair. To quote Carl Sagan, its called "Ad hominem - attacking the arguer and not the argument". What does it matter what Rashmi does or did in her personal life? That's not the issue here. If you have a problem with her article on IIPM, then bring it out in a fair debate. That takes intelligence and wit, but using her character, morals, or past as a weapon is something that is just way below even borderline intelligence!

  100. IIPM students

    Campus recruitments (or the lack of it) is not an issue for you all. Papa will give you a job like Arindam's papa did to him.

    Prof Arindam Choudary... 'noted economist'. who 'noted' him?

    Finally, it shows how good your institute is... a journalist critisizes you and you call her a lesbo. Thats the best you can come up with? Why not counter her with facts and figures? If you and your alma mater is so good why not throw a lot of stats on her?

    You didnt. Because you dont have them. So in an impotent fury, you ended up calling her a lesbo!

    Shows what trash you and your institute are.

  101. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  102. Hey IIPMites, come on , stop being abusive with a gal, come out with the facts if you think Rashmi is wrong.

    Rashmi, I hope you read this. I think many students of IIPM know the truth. But if IIPM comes into disrepute , their careers might get affected. So for the sake of that good amount of their parents hard earned money invested in IIPM, they are attacking you. Just a thought :-)

    I am not in a position to take sides here frankly, because I never had anything to do with IIM or IIPM.

    But some "first hand" observations:
    I never did MBA though I thought of doing so, after engineering college. I wasnt much informed and thought that its my ticket to a cushy job. I was applying for many colleges, and paying about Rs 500 for a form and 10 page booklet (exhorbitant, IMHO). I noticed that while costliest admission form/prospectus was of IIPM, some Rs 1000.
    Again, once you get the form , you again have to pay some moolah while submitting the form, which no other college at that time did(circa 2003). I thought that is cheating. Once a guy/gal has spent a thousand Rs to get that form, and then not filling it up for saving another sum of money is foolishness. So, in a way, you are forcing the buyer of your form to fill it up and pay up further too.

    While I was filling up the form, a friend came home and my dad too was around. He saw me filling up the form. He asked "kiska hai", I replied "IIPM ka" . He then told me "mat apply kar, jyada accha nahi hai". I asked him, why so, they seem to be pretty good in the ads. He said, that most of their claims in their ads are bogus. he also added that most of their colleges run from a single building and the photographs of the campus you see in the prospectus are not their campus. And he was doing MBA (he did BBA earlier, so one year less than my engg) from Gujarat Univ campus, and had applied to many b-schools, so he had gone through the background-check process and he knew.
    All this much before the bloggers and JAM did the article on IIPM.

    Ahh i should have joined IIPM and got an MBA. Two years of fun and frolic with hot gals in the gym. hehe.
    I wonder if any parents reading this will send their daughter to IIPM to be eye candy for other students.

    Whatever I have said is my experience with IIPM. I refrain from commenting on the laptop thing, the infrastructure, the guest faculty, quality of education,etc because I frankly dont know.

    Just a joke :-
    someone said --- personally i remember a batchmate from bihar who knew about 18 english words only when he joined, when we completed our course the same guy was one of the best presenter.---
    Hey how did he get into IIPM if he knew only 18 words in English. Are the admission criteria so low? And also how did he even complete his graduation. aah.. i forgot,.. patna university you see. Also, is IIPM a Bhojpuri medium college :-)

  103. Well i gues i'm too late in posting this comment. But i guess it is never late to show my support to u.

    The comments of the IIPM sympathsizers only made me laugh hard as it clearly portrays their mediocrity, which is wht they r taught in their "renowned","above all IIM's" school i guess.

    I'm happy that u never wasted a valuable minute of urs in replying to these shit comments.

  104. A long time ago, DesiHowardRoark said that he teaches phd students at Haas (UCLA)...

    Thing though is, Haas is the B school of UC Berkeley and not UCLA.

    Go Figure.

    Aeshdni Namaritnia Avalfi to you IIPM people.

  105. Hi Rashmi....been reading your writings in print and on blog,so much for the moral turpitude Arindam Chowdhury exhorts to his students.Maybe its time these kids took 'Geeta ' lessons from Swami Parthasarthy than Arindam and his cronies.

  106. Anonymous3:22 PM

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  108. shit!!! man this is one smear campaign i really cant believe......cant imagine that ppl can be so ignominious at slandering you......but hats off to you certainly blew the lid off the iipm "scandal" that has been goin on for so long now......will look forward to more reports from you......

  109. to OracleCoder, IIPMStudent9 and RaghuveerSrinivasare:

    alu IIPM really a b-school? i guess your personal attack on rashmi is just the external manifestation of your internal frustations. a friendly suggestion, have ishabgool with ganga water before going off to sleep at night and everything would get cleared by morning.

    to rashmi:

    a request, please dont delete those comments from those respectable IIPM students. when we would have a bad day we can atleast have a look at them and have a good laugh at their expense.

  110. I have little idea about IIPM and dont hold any opinion against them. But just looking at the comments of few individuals here, I cannot help but doubt if they call themselves educated. IIPM may(may not) be a good institute, but if you are defending your institute using B-grade language and making personal comments to a journalist/ person, then you do little to justify the greatness of your institute. Infact your comments really make me wonder about whether you were ever educated in some institute leave aside the institute being great.

    Please stop degrading the name of your institute further and come forth with some rational/factual comments if you can. Else its better for your institute that you remain silent.

  111. Around this time last year, the reputation of flogs (or fake blogs) had been all but completely destroyed. “Marketing experts” attempted to jump on the blog bandwagon, but did so in such a way as to hide the association between brand & blog.
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  112. I am from KJsom and I visited IIM-A at Chaos (annual meet).
    The kind of students they have there leaves you in awe. All you IIM guys shouldnt retort to comments from IIPM guys. Chill out guys. Let IIPM give one page ads and all and let them have more international placements than IIM. Why should we care? We dont need one page ads to proclaim ourselves. Further, I think people who join IIPM because of the one page ads are probably too dumb to be taken care of. Atleast IIPM is trying to make managers out of thats good...right???

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  114. hey guyz i just found another blog which we can find interesting thing concern this topic.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Hahahaha..i was laughing at all the posts written here. The way Miss rashmi made herself famous by degrading arindam shows the brand of arindam.I was always amused by Big B school guys why are they so much frustrated over IIPM while there are so many other frustrations they can think of..for example ISB being better than IIM or ICFAI taking the label of best finance college in india.The point is noone like arindam in any B school has made his brand value like him. The XLRI superstar who just commented above me,should know that Arindam has not passed any CAT exam and is earning so much that you cannot ever imagine and cannot even think of. He is giving a international degree just as ISB is doing being in india. While ISB too faced AICTE issues IIPM was made the scapegoat of media and the top B school losers. These guys mostly babble and to be frank i have seen their penis gets broken when they meet someone from Havard or Berkley.These guys will use all government money and will show their naked ass to people when the time comes to work in India.Most of you dont know but IIPM has people from IIM and IITs even to make it more professional in work and attitude.The great A sandeep is a example who has worked hard to make what IIPM is today.Its the same as like IIPMites are working WITH iimS AND IIts in other companies.Well i remember a training session when a person from redwoodbridge a symbiosis alumni asked me what was arindam chadhuary and i told him if he stands beside you then people will not look or hear you but hear him and his words.I feel very poor for arindam as that guy ahs not got respect because he has not cleared he didnt wanted to be a rat to be in a rat race.I dare IIMites and other B schools to develop themselves and become as strong as arindam and then have the attitude to malign or criticize the other.I think if u dont have the balls to respect someone then u should speak much about him. Clearing a exam like CAT doesnot prove anything.The lehmann brothers is classic example how iilusions can cause disasters. this is for shashank that its not easy from IIPM even. Those who dont study in IIPM , never pass. In my batch of 80 only 10 got the degree. With 136 papers to clear its not easy to pass without showing your metel.

    The National Economic Planning is a amazing aspect of IIPM. It gives a indepth experience of economy and helps to develop presentation skills. The objective of IIPM is not to develop the aleardy developed ones but to polish the crude ones to make a diamond..

    so finally i should ask Miss Rashmi how much u asked to mr arindam to stop this thing..may be people dont find any other ways to earn money

  118. Rashmi
    pls visit IIPM once and then blog like this shit which spited from you mouth dear. You should really visit it. It seems that you are doing nothing and you got the topic to get the publicity and you done it. how strange you are! sorry but really your thinking is of no use dear.

  119. Just came across this blog , Very Interesting Comments ,even though I am against the obscene comments , I dont' think its' a one sided affair , after all it takes two hands to clap ! may be its a collaboration to gain more publicity , you just cannot trust any of these guys !

  120. Hi Rashmi,

    I am a reader of your blog since your very first post & I would like to extend you my support. Lifestyle on the Net Lifestyle on the Net

  121. I cant believe this! How can these guys writing such nasty comments assume that people will believe them! Lifestyle on the Net Lifestyle on the Net

  122. Anonymous12:20 PM

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