Friday, October 07, 2005

Lies, damned lies and fake blogs

It feels strange to issue a clarification about an imaginary expose written about on an anonymous blog created 48 hours ago with 0 links (and I won't gratify them by providing the first one). But since Gaurav has blogged about it, and it's in the public domain, here's the deal:

The anonymous blogger wrote
"An article by a dubious small-time publication called JAMMAG on IIPM was sponsored by Amity, it turns out. Aaj tak ran a sting operation where it was revealed on camera that JAMMAG, accepted money in cash from Amity group of educational institutions to write a negative story on IIPM, Amity's cmopetitor for business education programs at the post graudate and undergradute level.

The Aaj tak story has JAMMAG employees on camera talking of the deal... and referring to another such deal for a engineering college which wanted to smear the respected IIT Mumbai."

Yeah, right! And the Pope is fasting because it's the holy month of Ramzan!!

There has been no story on Aajtak re: JAM magazine.
There is no expose because there is nothing to expose.

JAM is a magazine which, in the student interest, printed an article to verify some of the claims made by MBA institute IIPM in its advertisements.

Incidentally, the institute spent Rs 5.1 crores on advertising in May 2005 alone, making it the highest advertiser in print for that month, according to the Economic Times.

As for Amity, here's what I've written about them in the recent past

Credibility Crisis
Considering how 'dubious' and 'small time' JAM is purported to be, someone out there is sure going through a LOT of trouble anyways.

A series of 'blogs' (3 created two days ago and 7 created one day ago) have sprouted up, extolling the virtues of studying at IIPM. They are named:

IIPM Infrastructure
IIPM Rankings
IIPM Rankings 'The Real Truth'
Great Lecture by Sir Geoffrey Owen at IIPM
Placements IIPM
Summer Placement in Planman
IIPM is ahead of its time
IIPM's Publication and Research
Real Gaurav Sabnis (To know what Gaurav 'flesh and blood blogger' Sabnis has to say about that click here)

And they even feature 'comments' such as this:

IIPMstudent9 said...
I dont agree - Hindustan Lever, McKinsey and Bank of America came to campus in IIPM Bangalore - but they only offer 7 lac - 8 lac packages! My friends were happy, buit I'm looking for 12 lac packages... guess the international placements will be able to do that... I heard in New York IIPM students get 20 - 25 lacs...
2005 Student

RealGauravSabnis said...
This IIPM movement is really catching on ... here in the UK everyone is talking about your institute after Prof. Arindam Chowdhry attended meetings with Prime Minister Blair, to promote his book The Great Indian Dream,... Cheers!

And oh, 'The Real Gaurav Sabnis' has also blogged about attending a lecture by Prof. Raymond Richardson from the London School of Academics...

There is nothing more I have to say. Or can say. Except send me a copy of that tape! And do mark a copy to Aajtak!!


  1. Sabnis's Blog isnt the one you have linked. Here it is

  2. to add to it all, IIPM had a course "What they don't teach you at the IIMs". I asked my friend what the course contents were, but never quite got a convincing answer, so couldn't make out what I and many more of my alumni and juniors have/will miss at the IIMs. :-)

  3. Watch out, Rashmi. Someone might start the RealRashmiBansal blog.

  4. Grow up Rashmi,
    Let's be clear about one thing. What you've written in your blog is total crap. Please don't hurt the sensibilities of intellectual readers with your loadful of shit. Remember me, I'm Subby, your batchmate at IIM Ahmedabad. Does Junta know you got kicked out in the second year because you were caught with your pants down in the women's loo (with another woman for god's sake). Grow up Rashmi. Hope you are married to a man, and have learnt to pull your pants up. Stop claiming you are from IIM A. It's a pity no one's brought that issue up...

  5. Your office is in a dirty street, with incompetent employees, who have no journalistic qualifications. You are obviously not even a graduate from IIM, as the previous posts show...

    So here's my advice - take your ridiculous allegations and shove it. I'm glad my institute has issued notices against Gaurav Sabnis (a fake name, probably you masquerading as a man again!), and I'm will request the adminsitration to issue notices against you as well..

    And having the Aaj Tak video's on air must really hurt, eh? go buy a copy of tehelka - its on page 9. i saw the Aaj tak program last evening as well,///

    Here's wishing your tiny, yellow magazine a quick death. And us students will do all we can to hasten it...

    Bon voyage down a fiery one way lane...

  6. Hey I don't agree with that. My bro is from IIM A. He says she got kicked out because she fudged her graduation degree certificate. Rashmi, can u please post your degree on the net? Also please post the photo of your husband (or wife) so that we can be sure it's a man (alongwith the sex certificate from JJ Hospital). Man, this is good. Rashmi, I'm open to any sex. If you are interested, let's hit it big. I can do some good stuff on you, whatever you are... By the way, at least you've realized how pitiable a character you are; I should say your pretensions of being a blogger are finally being destroyed. Your shit stuff on IIPM and related things is so a-s-s-h-o-l-i-s-h (if you understand the word b-i-t-c-h) because almost all the points you've written are totally false. At least write some believable stuff. At least you lizard. By the way, I've heard that in your own jammag, you screw around with the fresh joinees (there are no experienced people in jammag because they leave after tasting you, I've heard). It would be nice if you can kindly post denials from all your employees that you don't screw around with them. For the sake of information of readers, Guys, just go to jammag's website and check out how this w-h-o-r-e recruits part time employees left and right. Wow!

  7. and now that we've scouted out your office, expect us to visit often... blogging can have very real and sometimes fiery results...

    I'd love to introduce you to my friend molotov...

  8. who is writing these things in my identity? !!!

  9. I am surprised that IIPM has sent a legal notice to Gaurav SAbnis (Idiotic quiz master whom I have personally seen piss his pants at quizzes... and therefore his comments on Pranab Mukherjee the rising star in thew quiz circuit, and of course, all IIM students ,m are exceptoinlly jealous of Arindam because their seniors go and attend his workshops (check out his website to see the CEO"s names and IIM batch) t learn leadership secrets which IIM failed to teach them...) and NOT sent a legal notice yet to your tiny YELLOW journalism based filthy shit of a magazine.

    Hey you guys there at IIPM, if you are reading, or If any of the students are readin go and tell your adminstration guys to send a legal notice to JAM MAG too... and hopefully it will be closed down!

  10. Dear Rashmi,
    It's surprising to see that you have given links to only your those sites that are convenientely barking your side of the story; and not given the links of the other sites that clearly mention how you took money to defame IIPM. Isn't it true that you approach institutes for advertisement money for your web site? Isn't it also true that IIPM has refused to advertise since the past so many years on your site, which has peeved you off? Sadly, your fraud is finally exposed.

    Please don't use these blogs to earn money the blackmailing way because some mad guy might one day pass by your office and search you out physically! Yeah it could be me...

  11. i like it whn ppl fight on blogs but this is amazing. now, its not business. its personal.
    I will like to point out a few things:
    1. Blogs by OracleCoder, Jassi, Raghuveer Srinivas, IIPMStudent9 and Ansh are pretty new. Most of them have just one or two posts. Whereas Gaurav and Rashmi have been blogging for quite some time now.
    2. All of them are or were IIPM students.
    3. Some of them have made links to themselves. Someone must go and teach them about Google PageRank fundamentals.
    4. In the comments, none of them is defending IIPM but they are attacking Rashmi on a personal front. So, Rashmi is a lesbian. She got thrown out of IIM A. Do tell me how does that make IIPM a better college?

    Well, am I the only one who sees the obvious here?

  12. I don;t know whether rashmi is lying or speaking the truth, what I do know is that iipm is a big fraud which is just looting the janta.Well if the junta is ready to shell out money, it is not at all my problem. The power of money drives ppl crazy and the dumbos , bastards get admission in such fake institutes.As for Amity is concerned , it's the same story.
    I personnaly visited the iipm pune campus( gosh wtf, how can they call such a two storey shabby building as campus) God save me from this shit. take another instance , Mr. Arindam Choudhary thinks that only branding the institute by printing full page ads make the institute a world class. Sory u fuckers, the institute is made by the students the alumni.Take the NITs and IITs, it's not that they hav some great faculty(offcourse they do hav gr8 faculty compared to other engineering coleges) but it's the peer network , the peer learning that matters.And that's why
    IIT ranked 39 in the TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SURVEY .It was only becaus eof the peer learning. We can already guese the quality of the students there. Ppl like Prof.Arindam( heheh This perso calls himself a proffesor) are pimps who r sitting in the subzi mandi and selling education hehhe not a correct metaphor but still!.

    So rashmi ' tum age bado hum tumhare saath hain' Pay no heed to this bastards.

  13. dear ansh and other iipm sympapthizers, do u ppl really know the internet, or u ppl "who r taught management" r not at all versed with net.U hav that 24 hrs net access and yeah a laptoop is given i guess...kyun diya hain bhaiu..kabhi use bhi kiya karo...pehle sikh lo kaise use karna hain...bye.bye..

  14. Hi Rashmi,
    All the nasty comments that your blog has received are understandably done by some useless fellows to attack you personally and we all who are your regular readers know that those are only bullshit comments. we are with you and you need not even reply to those comments or give any clarification as all the genuine guys are with you.

  15. ok people
    Lets go and see something known as facts. I dont really know what IIPM's problem is with rashmi or with gaurav sabnis, have never met any of them,i do read their blogs quite avidly, as they are based on the TRUTH..

    THis time however, To quote colonel jessop from A Few Good Men

    Jessep: You want answers?
    Kaffee (Tom Cruise): I think I'm entitled .
    Jessep: You want answers?
    Kaffee: I want the truth!
    Jessep: You can't handle the truth

    So the junta wanted answers, JAM gave them the truth, some of us COULDN't HANDLE the truth, and hence the potshots and what nots

    Seriously, its bad enough to study at bad B schools, i know IIM's cant take Tom, Dick and Harrys and even Ramlals, Shyamlals and MOhanlals, so they have started a revolution along the lines of Che ( though the means and causes remain dubious), against two bonafide IIM grads.

    Now which part of the truth they couldn't handle, that they didnt make it or that these people did and are trying to sort the future out...

    i cant help but wonder

  16. when was the last time u saw a student angst like this about an institute. and such language ... tut tut ...maybe IIPM should hand out a bar of soap in addition to the laptop (to wash out their minds and tongues).
    i would also think that a response like this is more a reflection on the person who posts than then intended recepient of libel (oh they have libelled u in print and lets hope that they have extremely big bank balances - if you decide to go after them)

  17. I cant believe this! How can these guys writing such nasty comments assume that people will believe them! Is this what they dont teach in an IIM? Sigh! Am sure missing it then! :(

  18. IIMs are no better, why does every one treat them to be someone similar to god in the corporate world!!! They bloody don't even have half the brains unlike the other junta. I agree CAT is the toughest exam but people of other educational background also have achieved something in life without a degree from IIM. We people from IIM don't even have ethics! I accept it and let me tell i am also from IIM-L. Shashank did you ask your friend whether he has an idea about the course? Before giving your judgement about getting a unconvinced answer! People are sick, I know someone from that college and i bet she is much better than you in terms of knowledge

  19. Rashmi,
    Continue the good work.Have linked your article and posts on this issue in my post.We need more such exposes.

  20. Rashmi,

    I agree with your loyal readers-- and am in full support of you and your blog.
    Also, I sincerely doubt if those crude comments were made by IIPM students-- my guess they are IIPM-hired donkeys being paid to talk in defense of them.

    Keep up with the effort.


  21. Rashmi,
    What we could do is flag [on you're blogger bar] all these fake blogs. Thats what the facility is for really.

  22. Ouch...some dirty commenting this. Instead of Planning, these guys seem to have more to say on Pants!!!

  23. Rashmi,
    Ignore the stupid fake bloggers who have posted nasty comments. All of us know that IIPM is serious crap.
    Do IIMs,Xavier's and other do so much marketing to sell their institutes? Arindam is a salesman and not an educationalist.

    You keep up the good work.


  24. Hey Rashmi,

    Long time blog reader of Youth Curry, but a total non-commentator. You write a good and interesting blog.

    I was following the IIPM saga (anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see through the hyperbole advertising) and felt compelled to comment due to the rather idiotic IIPM "student" comments among others. It is sad these people exist.

    Just delete the comments and don't take any notice of these vile people. Just remember you have a whole community here by your side.

  25. Rashmi,

    We have to take this IIPM fraud head-on. Trust me, you have the blogosphere's support. Please do not hesitate to ask for any help. I plan to expose each one of those "fake blogs" set up by IIPM. They have clearly sunk in my eyes and I am going to eye any IIPM graduate with suspicious. The language used by supposedly-IIPM graduates is despicable and totally unworthy of so-called MBA graduates. No company in the world is going to offer them few paise let alone lakhs.

  26. What makes you write about IIPM in this uninformed and cynical way? Have you examined the value-add the institute creates for students? Do you understand the value to India as a nation, by providing essential entrepreneurial and business skills to thousands of students from every part of India - the econonmy as a whole benefits dramatically...

    I have studied at IIPM Delhi (1999 Batch), and Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri was a great professor, highly respected... Our faculty at IIPM is drawn from the best in IIT Dehi (for Operations Research), FMS, MDI and many others.

    We even had courses on alternative Leadership teachniques based on religious texts; and experential learning models that no one in India uses at b-schools today.

    I am still invited as an alumni to every event that IIPM hosts - from Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame, to Michael Porter, to recenty Zig Ziglar... I had the opportunity to visit the new Delhi campus, and have to admit, its beautiful! IIPM's infrastructure was never great (as the government doesn't give 100 acres of land to private insittutions, like IIM A has 100 acres for less than 200 students - wonder what eachstudent does with a half acre!)... but IIPM always had the essentials of a great library and classrooms...

    But now the laptops, Wifi, AC classrooomns...faculty from every top15 b school... its awesome...

    You should visit it...

    And I am going to report your blog to IIPM Webmaster, and I hope they drag you into the courts for defamation (although no one reads your ranting)...

    Remove this ridiculous lies from this non-credible site immediately, and do more productive things...

    And the blgosphere's irresponsbility will be the end of it... the mainstream media may be easily corrupted, but they understand their responsibilities
    (refer Chomsky, 'Media Control') I teach at Haas (UCLA) while I'm completing my phD, and recently met Sandeepan Deb (Editor - Outlook Magazine), who is an IITian and recently wrote a book on his alum mater...he was all prasies for IIPM - based on a campus visit and reporting... thatis responsibility.

    So if you wantto write about something, know it well...

  27. Dear Rashmi,

    I've been a long-time reader of JAM magazine, right from when I was a student at XAvier's. I was pleased to find your blog online, and have been following it ever since you started writing.

    Please do not take to heart the crass words of these crude IIPMians and their vulgar attitude.

    I will not ask you to ignore them. In fact, I would love to see you sue them for libel or slander !

    Just know, that your usual readers are supporting you in full force. We at Desipundit are closely following the issue and have sent out a clarion call for blogger support for all you guys.

    Take care.


  28. and a REAL journalist, like say sandeepan Deb (Author, The IITians)(Editor - Outlook Magazine), has a responsibility to his readers... you obviously dont, Rashmi.

    YOu have not asked IIPM for its views in the story.

    You do not have a modicum of fairness.

    You have significant bias and slant in the story.

    Anyone who understands reporting would see through your writing. And they would label it - Yellow.

    Slandering an institute(s) or person(s) as you have, under the cover of being a journalist, is low and makes you a bad human being.

    There are, I bleieve, over 3000 students at IIPM this year... some of thme are apparently fanatically posting rude messages on your blog. Nothing condones that. But 3000 students, with clubs,associations and bodies,can easily fight on their own if they feel pronmises made in prmotional material have nopt been delivered.

    IIPM students have no complaints. None. 3000 students. No complaints. They benfit from the best value add in the country, arguably. Their entrepreurial skills move the economy forward.

    I'm proud of my alum mater, and where it has reached, without governemnt subsidies or interference. (Each IIM student costs the tax payer 15 lacs - refer five year plans)

    I teachPhD students at Haas...(UCLA).. and am saddened by your lack of responsibility. The Indian IT revolution empowers people... but where is your responsibility with that power?

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. I am not in anyway affiliated with IIPM.
    But I am interested in the concepts of FREE SPEECH as well as the misconception that free speech need not come with responsibilities.

    IIPM's full page advertisements irritate me with their nonsensical uncouth design and layout. It sucks. It is not representative of a top class institution IIPM claims itself to be. It is an example of the worst aesthetics, appeal, approach and typeset a advt. professional can come up with.

    The Information contained in it is not comprehensive to read at a glance, understandable without effort nor coherent.
    The Advertisement is cluttered with so much text with no clear topical organisation, sentences thrown hapazardly with no regard for context, no page layout or stylesheets to go with them, in short, it looks like a Kidnapper's ransom note. I bet it was designed on Microsoft Word.

    The Advertisement design tells me more about IIPM than the writing in it. The tone comes off as DESPERATE and its self-comparisions with IIMs childish.
    All these only prove one point: That the IIPM are not media sawvy, have no sense of marketing and that they are not definetely India-class, let alone world class.
    Their marketing campaign strategy seems to be simple: To bombard all newspapers with huge advertisements with lots of promises, oooph factors, jargons etc. Period. It is just like the sex and violence movies made for the front benchers.

    Having said that, Serious Blogging is still in its infancy in India now.

    'Rather gate' fiasco of Littlegreenfootballs kind of fantastic Blogosphere revolutions are still a long way to go. So at present, Bloggers must be extra careful not to take things egoistically and vengefully.

    Before posting, give your thoughts a night's sleep. And post very responsibly.

    I urge that this IIPM issue not turn into a pissing competition. So may I propose a few ground rules?

    1. Students who are studying AT PRESENT at IIPM depend solely on the reputation of the institute for ther placements. Your posts should be eloquent enough not to damage the reputation of the institute ipso facto. That is, don't attack the reputation of the Institute, but rather the post should reflect the aim of placing well researched and supportable facts and facts alone without much explaination, similies and sarcasm to decorate it.

    2. Facts in a straight forward way can enhance credibility. Don't resort to ad-homi. Just because one is posting the truth does not automatically give him/her the right to call names. You may be right, but no need to attack the persona opposing your view.

    3. If anybody affiliated with IIPM wishes to refute any of the points, a fair chance and equal coverage (frontpage or focuslight) be given to him/her/them. In fact, since the position of the blog writing on IIPM is known, the refutation points should be made still more prominent then the postings supportive of the blog.

    4. Civility even if missing from the other side will point to who is automatically right.

    5. Every side should endeavor to get the high moral gound. Gandhi and the non-violence movement won exactly and solely because of its total monopoly of the high moral gound.

    6. When you are giving an opinion, make it clear that it is your opinion. No body can sue you for your opinions, however and whatever they might be.
    But if you try to promote your opinions in the garb of gospel truth, that is liable for slander and libel.
    Any facts if presented along with references would be welcome to the whole audience.

    Lastly, please don't screw this whole issue up that it appears skewed in the main-press/media. As such professional journalists are pretty worried about the pyjamas clad blogosphere enroaching their turf. Don't give them a chance to malign us and make us look irresponsible, undependable and merry-go-blabbering/firing. This is serious for the future credibility of the Blogosphere to stand up to the fourth estate.

    Disclaimer: Everything above is my opinion which may be facts. I do not claim them to be facts as such.

  31. DesiHowardRoark

    Dear me, you need to try harder, child - and here's a tip: truth, logic and brevity will go further in supporting your case than a corny name (DesiHowardRoark - doesn't leave much to imagination, does it? Well, not till you read the diatribe).

    Our faculty at IIPM is drawn from the best in IIT Dehi (for Operations Research), FMS, MDI and many others... What! The great IIPM stoops to include faculty from these local institutes? No no no no no. You must be mistaken Mr. Roark - it is drawn from the BEST in Harvard, Yale, Stanford et al, surely. Don't mislead us, now.

    Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame, to Michael Porter, to recenty Zig Ziglar... Are you sure you're not confusing IIPM with that other shining light of higher education in India: the Amity group? No? Well, to their credit, Amity has been organizing a number of these lecture/ talks but even they didn't get Porter out here. IIPM, of course, must be doing these events for select audiences and in a low-key, advertising-eschewing way that's their signature style (and that's why the rest of haven't heard of it till you wrote of it).

    ridiculous lies from this non-credible site immediately, and do more productive things... Why bother, dear Howard? These ridiculous lies are going to be seen for what they are anyway. But here's a tip: If leading lights such as you leave comments, won't that rob this blog of its "non-credible" status quickly? Think about it: even if she doesn't have more productive things to do, you surely have, right? Like, maybe, proofing, one of IIPM's advertisements?

    the mainstream media may be easily corrupted, but they understand their responsibilities... Oh yes, Rs. 40-odd crore of media spend engenders a lot of responsibility, so keep reading the mainstream media, Mr. Roark. So, if this blog is NOT in the mainstream and printed things are, then is JAM in the mainstream or not? Why/not?

    I'm proud of my alum mater... Umm, desiHR, my friend; I think you may want to be prouder of your alma mater (The school, college, or university that one has attended); than your alum mater. Alum is something else totally (Any of various double sulfates of a trivalent metal and a univalent metal, widely used in industry as clarifiers, hardeners, and purifiers and medicinally as topical astringents and styptics.)

    And finally - heartiest congratulations on your rapid career advancement: from your first comment - where you say "I teach at Haas (UCLA) while I'm completing my phD"..., you have made amazing strides by your second post "I teachPhD students at Haas...(UCLA)".... I am convinced that it is the IIPM degree of 6 years ago which is propelling you so quickly through the ranks. Don't bother to update us - by the time your post gets uploaded, you are sure to have moved through a few more levels once again.



  32. Rashmi,

    I've followed your articles for some time, and as others have expressed, I fully support not just your view of IIPM, but your right to publish it. I've written my own views on the matter here, but I just cannot go away without responding to some of the disgusting comments here.

    OracleCoder, IIPMStudent9, RaghuveerSrinivas:

    So all you can do to defend IIPM is shower obscenities on Rashmi. I think you're the one who needs to grow up, and respect intellectuals, here. She's presented facts and you are spewing complete nonsense. Has the idea of rebutting a factual and logical argument with logic or facts ever occurred to you? You guys have blogs that are basically one-post-wonders. You are countering intellectual and factual opinion on an educational institution with disgusting and obscene comments that makes one even doubt that you received an education. And you talk about respecting intellectuals?


    I think you know the answer to why JAM wasn't sent a letter - the legal summons is laughable. "Judicially notarized email"? "Phone numbers recorded" for arrest? "President of the legal IIPM Cell"? Give me a break.


    You forget to note that Rashmi could have easily deleted all of your comments which include links to your blogs. She has chosen not to do so and your points of view are in fact represented. Despite the disgusting and loathsome content of some of them, I might add.


    Your institution claims to be at the leading edge of technological infrastructure. Well, in case you hadn't noticed, a part of such an infrastructure usually happens to be this thing we call the Internet. Coupled with a rather nice provision in the Constitution of the Republic of India called the right to free speech, this means Rashmi, you and me are all entitled to our own opinions. If you want to answer criticism by suppressing it, I suggest you find a dictatorship to give you citizenship. I respect your opinion that IIPM Delhi was a meaningful educational experience for you. That doesn't mean that others cannot have, and express, their own opinions and factual findings about IIPM.

  33. Rashmi....ignore those idiotic and vulgar commets, and continue to do what you do. They can create as many overnight blogs as they wont....and it wont change a thing.

    I'm sorry you have to go through this kind of abuse too.

    The blogsphere is with you. If you need any support (these idiots shouldn't be too hard to handle.....including the "real" gaurav sabnis :-)), just yell, and you have our support in any way you need.

  34. DesiHowardRoark,

    "I teach at Haas (UCLA) while I'm completing my phD,"

    So u r doing PhD at Haas (UCLA) err PhD under Mr. Conman Arindam Chaudhri...I guess u showed your stupidity...

    Haas is at UC - Berkeley...not UCLA....Didnt Aridam Chaudhri...even teach you how to search the internet...I pity your parents...for they gave birth to some one of your intelligence....guess what, your comments amd IIPM's dirt will now show up at 50 of my friends blog...

  35. With you Reshmi.....

  36. Two words to say abt the comments: Impossibly dumb. No one in the right mind would give comments like this so that the author stops writing. It aggravates the issue multifold. In the end, IIPM good-seekers might even be able to ruffle up a few people using their might, but the bad mouth is going to go on for years. Its really downnright impossibly dumb.

  37. he he ha ha ha ha! this is really funny. ppl are "jealous" bcoz they dont have "good" profs like this aridam chaudhari guy! he he ha ha ha ha ha!!! what a joke!!

    you guys from IIPM are really funny. maybe you should try the great indian comedy show instead of management.

    why have this aridam chaudhari monkeys all of a sudden started spamming on the internet. they full page ads in the dailies were more than enough to let ppl know what kind of a con job you are trying to pull anyways.

    Yeah you are definitely ahead of the IIMs in terms of stupidity....vulgarity...etc etc.

    but still i loved the jealous not getting aridam to teach joke! ha ha

  38. Oye DesiHowardPork,

    Haas is not in UCLA.. you fool...When you wanna write crap and lies why dont u search the net once man?
    I am from IIM(B'lore) in Chennai :-)) LOL
    And I liked you ALUM Mater !!!
    What the heck is ALUM mater mate?

    Jhoot bolne se pehle decide tho karlo ki kya kehna hai..

  39. Hi Rashmi
    My eyes nearly fell out when I read the libelous comments above. What do these clowns think they are going to accomplish. I think there could be grounds for a lawsuit because the commenters above are clearly in the employ of IIPM and are trying to smear your good name.

  40. If IIPM considers Amity their competition it again speaks volumes for them! Some of the Amity's program has been derecognized by AICTE recently. And a student of their engineering college committed suicide.

    Rashmi, keep up the good work, ignore the idiots.

  41. i dont think its even worth commenting abt IIPM after what they have shown themselves to be here....

    on a diff note...hey ashi..lets meet for coffee today at Nescafe??? after all u r in IIML, rite???
    btw, in ur last comment(, u were lambasting the same instis u r now proclaiming to be part of lolz...:D

    sad...i can never understand as to y ppl indulge in 'my-bschool-is-best' fights..after all, once we pass out, its our work that will matter and not the insti...

  42. Amazing, the number of people who support their, ahem, institute.

    One assumes many are fees-paid-up students. Sad; they're going to move the country forward, and they can't put together a logical argument with substantiated facts. Or even spell.

    Long live the alum mater.

  43. Alum matters indeed. Need a lot of alum to settle this mud!All the best for that.
    Really wouldnt dare to think beyond the IIMs. Rashmi, great post once again!

  44. Hi

    That guy who says he is the President of the legal unit is actually the head of planmans PR division, icpar delhi.

    The place is by one meganomaliac and his sycophants;who would cause even some political chamchas to be ashamed at the kind of ass licking ponytail receives. HEHE

    For Ponytail 90% of his revenue comes from IIPM 10% from planman.

    I know lot of dirt abt ponytail n his people. Ponytail could do nothing when some of his employees got sick of licking asses n resigned enmass n formed a company n took some of his clients. LOL

  45. I remember once mentioning to my friend (he did his M. Tech. from IIT Chennai and MBA from IIM Calcutta), upon seeing the photograph of Arindham Chaudhary, "This Arindham guy looks cool."

    "Nah!" my friend had replied. "Whatever he says is crap."

    People who have commented in favor of his insitute (in proper way, they have all the right to) have only succeeded sullying his image further.


  46. I think you are all doing desi howardroark a big injustice - if he says he is proud of his alu mutter, then we must cheer him for this accomplishment. after a degree from IIPM and PhD from er, whatever, he still is modest enough to boast only about his culinary skills.

    (Rashmi, go for it!)


  47. I havent' had so much to laugh about in a long time. The idiocy of people never ceases to surprise me.
    IF desi howard roarke could read and had managed to read fountain head he would know that howard roarke (the lead character) is expelled from university - because he thinks that the curriculum is crap and doesn't let him be 'creative'.

    We even had courses on alternative Leadership teachniques based on religious texts; and experential learning models that no one in India uses at b-schools today.

    there are two reasons why it may not be used a) no one has thought of it, b) they have, then gone on to examine it, and then abandoned it. Not many people dye their hair purple either.

    and finally alum mutter sounds very bad for your digestive system :)

  48. Hey Rashmi ... have been away from blogging for a bit and only just read about all of this. Just wanted to say, we're with you all the way. IIPM is dropping its pants for sure.

  49. I wonder if these people actually think they are increasing their institute's credibility by posting these comments. Maybe they're actually against IIPM, and they are posing as IIPM people to discredit it even further - just a thought. :)

    I think it is very impressive that you've kept these comments up, in spite of their nature, and there is no greater argument against them than the very fact of their existence.

    I just want to agree with all the proper bloggers up there and say that the blogosphere is with you all the way.

  50. "The pope is fasting b'cos of ramzan." ROTFL :)

    I read 2 other articles on this issue b4 i landed in urs and i have the same thing to say "bigger the ad,lesser the quality".

  51. Hi Rashmi,

    Just to say that I think these *new* bloggers are complete bastards! I love your magazine and your blog and well you can read how I feel about IIPM right here:


  52. That is:

  53. If graduates of great B-school IIPM write such posts,it reflects what they were taught at IIPM.One gets clear idea of their Marketing/Management skills and Leadership qualities.IIPM should have faculty to teach students good manners.

  54. Hey Rashmi,
    This whole episode sounds to me more like a Hindi movie story happening in todays technologically advanced world! The story can be put like;
    A person is being straight forward about her opinions/thoughts & is penning them down in a magazine. One day she decides to write about a legally & politically correct FRAUD being promoted heavily in the country (& is virtually wasting a lot of parents hard earned money.) The scamster gets hurt/insecure by the ruthless allegations... & then the scamster/s getting all set to defame her by all sorts of ridiculus allegations. Just add in 2 love songs, 1 quwaali, a dance troupe, foriegn locations, (maybe a fight sequence when you confront the guys who threaten you of visiting your office)some stunts & you have a super-duper Hindi filum ready!! Hit hai boss hit hai!
    Line lag jayegi box office pe.

    But apart from this would like to tell you 1 more thing. That this anger/hatred the IIPM guys have towards you & your magazine is quite obvious. The way you f**k people & their activities is merciless. Your satire & sense of humor can & would be pricking like hell to the receiver. Anyways what we love in JAM is this Ruthless but Honest portrayal of opinions.

    I have been a passive supporter/admirer of your work through JAM & otherwise & I would like to tell you that I support you & stand by your side of the story. Maaro un kamino ki.....!

  55. does anyone know when arindam chaudhury studied? that would be an interesting piece of information.
    rashmi i'm a fellow wimwian and with you all the way. wonder how your sexual preferences can change your investigation into the matter...maybe you shunned an advance from the great great AC himself ;)
    keep up the good work. man! this discussion is all over the internet, including a guitar site and our very own!

  56. this is from the arindam chaudhury website:
    M.A with Honours in Economics, Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management (MBA) and Fellowship of I.I.P.M.
    Professor Chaudhuri has been amongst the toppers during his B.A. Economics, M.A. Economics and MBA. He was the recipient of the Academic Gold Medal while completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management from IIPM.

    thats hilarious! he got the gold medal in his own college!

    ha ha ha!!!!
    thats the joke of the century
    fucking loser

  57. Hi Rashmi,

    I am a reader of your blog since your very first post & I would like to extend you my support.


  58. Hi Rashmi,

    I am an avid reader of your blog and would like to let you know that I fully support you.

    Go ahead and sue them.


  59. Hi Rashmi,
    I'm with you all the way. IIPM's behaviour is despicable and downright lowly. Stinks even.

  60. I don't even want to insult my intelligence by replying to THOSE comments. Rashmi, I just want you to all we all are here to support you. Not that they can do a thing. Keep the good thing up.

  61. I don't think OracleCoder, IIPMStudent9 and RaghuveerSrinivasare are worth responding to. Intellect and Intellectualising are also not needed.

    Rashmi, dont do anything about it such shit does not deserve a thought.

    Evereyone knows what IIPM is. There advertisements are self explainatory.

    Rashmi think about it, I mean I have been observing certain things, Opposites hold so much in this world, we have IIMs that hardly advertise and talk about them, and we have IIPMs on the front page of all national dailies bragging about 150 companies came to placements and what not. .

    Sometimes to know the truth of a situation you dont need to do much research you know, just invert whats projected . .

    just invert whats projected by OracleCoder, IIPMStudent9 and RaghuveerSrinivasare and you would know a better story, close to what the truth is, about them, about IIPM

  62. Hi Rashmi

    This fight is cool.

    Ponytail must be hopping mad.

    His Sidekicks is the only smart guy there A Sandeep that is.

    The rest are just ass lickers.


  63. Going by the commnets on your blog by (alleged) IIPM students, IIPM stands to lose much more than you or Gaurav. IIPM's credibility, morality, and ethics are in question here. The blogging community is firmly on your side.

    There's maybe not much we can all do, but we can definitely help spread the word about this institution's claims and, going by the comments on your blog, its uncouth students.

    I have posted about this here: A Call to Arms.

  64. Hi Rashmi

    I dont think the vile comments are from iipm studnets but from the PR divion of planman, icpar

    Dipali Sakhare i guess, shes a bitch, a slut n whore of the highest order.

  65. Rashmi,
    Those who read your blog regularly know who is right. Keep the faith.
    We are supporting you

  66. Dear Rashmi

    Please take this issue head along and prove to "IIPM" that finally truth does prevail.


  67. I too am very proud of my alu mutter. Very proud indeed.
    Keep it goin' RB! I'm amazed at how the Blogosphere seems to be shutting Ac down here.
    Hey, my word verification term was 'hilaon' - so keep on 'hilaoning'...

  68. Wow....just look at all those abuses about Rashmi, just the thing that says how effective her writings are. I wud love if my detractors wrote such comments , coz that wud surely mean i got my message across and it has really hit em where it really hurts...Kudos to Rashmi. Maybe just one such incident will go on increase your popularity...after all as always controversies are gud in India.

  69. After a great article you have done a greator work of leaving the comments untouched.I have made a point to circulate the link to all I know and will try my best to ensure that best emerges out of this situation.Needless to say that our total support goes with you.
    Good work BTW.

  70. Carry on Rashmi --- You are going great guns --

    FYI, we have already exposed Hindi version of the book "count your eggs ...."
    see yourself here- पहचानी डगर का एक और पथप्रदर्शक


  71. As far as i can see from the comments above, so-called IIPM bloggers have just resorted to personal attacks. Whether Rashmi is a lesbian or not is hardly the issue here. Even if she was, don't lesbians have rights too? Credibility is always based on facts, and I'm probably repeating what other sensible bloggers have posted on the issue.

  72. hi rashmi, i am a current student at iipm and i have read jammag, your site, other blogs and frankly, i feel you have given very biased comments from your side about iipm.

    i have also heard from an iipm faculty that even your firm has received a legal court notice about this case. somehow, i appreciated that a lot because the reality is, not only iipm students across india, but even our alumnii is pretty convinced about you have not researched the truth about iipm. we’ve been here for an year and we really know the amount of effort that iipm takes. but despite iipm having such a massive effort on ensuring the highest quality of academics and infrastructure and placements (and of course, despite daring to think beyond…; a statement which peeves of many from a particular bunch of institutes) a very one-sided viewpoint from you and some other bloggers - some of whom are iim passouts - seem steeped in blogging utterly wrong information. all you need to do is to walk in yourself to any iipm campus and ask any student about what is iipm.

    frankly, have you personally visited any iipm campus and on the campus talked to faculty or student? you yourself would accept you personally have never visited any iipm campus. i repeat “on the campus” because you have never done that yourself. it seems that your junior journalist - who might have been part time - has gone really overboard with inexperience in journalism.

    further, if there is an institute that dares to think beyond iims, u of course would have read the various news articles from iipm where iipm actually extolls the virtues of iims being there and being benchmarks in management. show me one article where any iipm faculty has said that iims are bad. the fact is that we are really thankful there are institutes like iims that are world benchmarks. if iipm cannot dare to think beyond the iims, what is the information being passed out to us. never dare? that seems one-sided. at least for once, do not be so one sided.

    and seriously, at least now, please do visit any campus and on the campus talk to faculty and students instead of just keeping on referring to blogs and emails, which anyways have no credibily (not even this post should be taken for granted, pleas confirm yourself).

    because finally it’s not about a war where you believe you are fighting against iipm, it’s about realizing that there is an institution that at least is contributing with a lot of sincere and dedicated effort to studentss and corporations. that is why the confidence in my statement that you yourself should come to any campus and talk to any student on the campus.

    do not please have such a one sided viewpoint. i (and my friends) have failed to understand the reason why your article and other viewpoints are so one sided.

    i am sure your journalistic standards would prevail.


  73. hi guys, i had replied to mridula on another site. again, adding the reply out here so that it could assist in your post debate. regards and thanks.

    dear mridula, your question is logical and i hope i can give an answer to it; though it might not be the official one. here goes.

    your question is, why does iipm advertise full page ads and iims do not. there could be two straightforward reasons to the same as i see them. one is that iipm has seven branches across india compared to other institutes that have only one branch and need to advertise only once. iipm also has two sessions per year, that could further double up the already seven multiple on the ads (making it 14 times). and compared to the perception premium that fms or xlri might already have, on which i would not be able to put a figure, but a figure of double could be at least figuratively placed, making the number of ads to be at least 28 timesin a year.

    if you additionally add the fact that iipm has to advertise for its bba programs also, apart from the mba programs (even tho many ads carry both together) now that would amount to almost one ad every two weeks throughout the year. now i really don’t know the number of times the iipm ad has come out - i really have not counted - but it is safe to say that my insti would be advertising around this average. that’s the first reason.

    secondly, you write that if an institute were providing such wonderful placements, students must be falling over each other to join it is your second question. i should say that that happens across iipm campuses. at the same time i should also clearly mention that while only around 40000 apply to iipm entrance exams, almost 3 lakh plus apply to iims, thus there is a huge difference between the application numbers between iims and iipm, and that difference is accepted by me. just for calculations (to be honest, not precisely, but just approximately) i was just aggregating the no of students in all the campuses in mba and bba programmes; the total students in all the seven campuses of iipm would be approx equal to 8000 plus. but you’ll have to factor in the fact that around 25% are bba students; still you’llhave a humongous 6000 or so mba. you’ll again have to factor in the fact that there are two batches etc etc.

    now for placements, it is a fact that around 25%of the batch doesn’t apply for placements. now i really don’t know how you would take it but i didn’t believe the figure myself till i became part of the placement coordination committee (i’m not the secretary tho, that’s brijesh prasad under a.sharma). almost 25% of the batch are sons and daughters of businessmen or people who wish to start their own businesses or people who are laterally placed before the last term starts. if one were to go by the companies that came this year, from sap, to oracle, to max, to a.paints and so on so forth, i can tell you this much that at least as far as my investigations could reveal, placements were really good. in one of my posts, you would’ve noticed that i wrote about rashmi not doing correct journalism. for example, one of her statements was that students got into hln and not HLL. she did not mention that hln (or hindustan levers network) is a division of HLL (hindustan levers limited) and that it was actually HLL that recruited the students? if an iipm student got into the nescafe division of nestle, would it be wrong to write that the student has been recruited by nestle. or should one keep writing only nescafe (which might sound a little inane)?

    that is why i was somehow confused on why did rashmi write each and every statement so negatively. since i have been here, i have had almost around 15 ivy league professors who have come to iipm campuses and have taken seminars at iipm. when our professors met rashmi at her office and asked her why she wrote, apart from other false statements, another false statement that no such professor had come over to iipm, she responded that these professors only took seminars with iipm students and not sessions (??!!??!!)
    you can ask rashmi the truth behind this statement of mine and if she really is honest, she won’t be able to deny even one part of this statement as our professor provided us all the details of his meeting with her that happened in front of three other people, including another journalist that rashmi knows herself.

    the fact is, rashmi knows she has lied on more parts than one. and that is something that is so bad of a person who says she is a journalist.
    she writes that there is no wi-fi in any of iipm campuses and that no student has any laptop. i believe her part-time journalist pulled a fast one on rashmi herself (because when i see her blogs, she sounds sensible; that is why i am really surprised she wrote this). all students have laptops provided by iipm and all students have access to wi-fi in all our campuses.
    that is why i requested rashmi to come herself to the campus and ask any student (any student) whether the student has a laptop or whether the campus has or doesn’t have a wi-fi connection. if rashmi were to do that, i am so sure she would withdraw her own comments because that is truly not journalism.

    mridula, coming to your final point, you say that iit kanpur would not bat an eyelid if people write about it. if you write something about iit kanpur, the guys there are not going to bat an eyelid. neither would iipm bat an eyelid. but how would iit kanpur professors react if some journalist were to hire part-time journalists, take out a print journal (jammag is a print journal) and write false things about iit kanpur.

    to quote the case of iit kanpur, you can ask any of the professors of iit kanpur how they jumped up at journalists when their center for enterprise technology (cet), a private company started by iit kanpur in collaboration with EL-NET (go ahead, ask IIT Kanpur professors, they won’t be able to deny even one word of it) left thousands of students across india high and dry after eating away a lot of their money. journalists wrote about how iit kanpur had usurped money of thousands of students. iit kanpur went up in arms agains many such net sites and journalists claiming that it was EL-NET that cheated students and that iit kanpur was just the testing and certifying agency.

    the example i am quoting is for telling you that it’s not about iit kanpur or iipm, but about a journalist writing false things (or being given false articles by her hired hands). if there were something that could be attempted, it could be a truthful debate rather than blog slur which is what i feel is neither ineffective nor adequate.
    regards and wishes,

  74. the kind of comments that have been wriiten against rashmi show their level of thinking. all u guys who r making such foul commenst abt rashmi, i wanna ask u, why do u need to talk abt her being caught in a loo or her being married to a man or not?
    just quote ur facts and substantiate them with proper links na
    rashmi, just wanted u to know that u r not alone in this

  75. n btw, gaurav sabnis rocks for his decision to quit that publishing house

  76. Hi Rashmi,

    I've been reading your blog for sometime now but was a total non-commentor (like someone up there in this long list of comments). Came back here after a while and found this *interesting* post!

    Well, hope that none of this bulls*** bothers you. Because when people start talking about alum maters (ROTFL) you can seriously stop paying heed.

    You run a great magazine. And I love reading it.


  77. Way to go, Rashmi. Keep up the good work.

    formerly from Haas (Berkeley).

  78. Hi Rashmi

    I was directed here by the post on IndiaUncut. I read your article and also all the posts by Gaurav and others at DesiPundit. I totally support you. The facts you stated in the article have never been refuted by any of the foul mouthed commentors. They are utilizing the "attack the messenger" strategy.

    Current students at IIPM will feel outraged and threatened about their future. To all IIPM students: You are doing harm to your institute's reputation and your own career by posting such comments. Instead, go and demand the stuff promised in the ads from your management.

    If anyone from the IIPM management is doing this... then I guess there is no hope. What management education can one expect from an institute which doesn't know how to handle simple criticism? IF this is how you defend reputation then soon there will be nothing left to defend.



    Here goes my post on the same.

    I am going to email few famous bloggers to create more awareness on the same.

  80. Hi Rashmi,

    Am here via India Uncut. This is crazy stuff! I've been reading the entire saga, and have been astounded to say the least!

    Way to go lady!


  81. please Please PLEASE !!!!
    i CANNOT stop LAUGHING !!!
    OMG OMG OMG !!
    ok i read through maybe about HALF the comments section here...

    for one
    i think all the IIPM side of the comments are by 1 or 2 fulltime IIPM-blog-managers. So now they've probably opened up a new Blogger Department.

    As for Rashmi... well... I'm sure you wont think i'm being insensitive by NOT trying to comfort you after their harsh words. OMG you DONT need comforting..coz I'm sure you must be laughing your ass off as well !

    OMG is this for REAL ???
    are we talking about a B school or a B GRADE school ?! I'm a tad confused.

    Well well... thanks for the entertainment though :)
    cheers and carry on !

  82. ashmi, why don't you delete all these offensive comments?

  83. Just came through Sudhish's blogspot..Losers of IIPM...I understand that you have paid some fee and cannot leave your school now...DesiHowardRoark - better call yourself DesiPeterKeating....protecting your ass since you are in idiots at IIPM need to know that bloggers know when you start blogging...creating false blogs...just to protect your ass and to start hatemail...I hope the world recognizes this and stops recognizing your institute...your website (IIPM) says free laptop...ha..haha..what is free after you pay 4 lakhs or more...just buy a second hand Laptop for Rs.50000 and get an online MBA that would be better than getting a degree at IIPM..its time can still strike and get your money back from IIPM and still do it...since rashmi did not allow anonymous guys started your own blogs to you know that whoever comments here...the ip can be detected to a point that we can pinpoint your location...just to let you know since you are new to blogging...and I am sure your institute did not teach you that. I think you need to change your slogan from "Count your chickens b4 they hatch" to "We are chickens and we chicken out" ...Next time you comment you eggheads....try making an omlette...instead of counting chicks...

  84. To further take this case, I called up the telephone number listed on their contact page for their IIPM's Toronto Research Center, Canada; which is listed at The Indian Institute of Planning & Management; Suite 806; 150 Cosburn Avenue, Toronto: M4J2L9; CANADA Phone: +1-416-424-4649

    All I get is a recorded message followed by a human voice speaking the seven digit number. What is this, a bucket shop ?? Does anyone familiar with Toronto know where this is ?

    OK now this is big......

    Just as I finished typing this sentence, my cell rings and a person by the name of Sanjeev calls back saying that I had called his telephone and he was returning the call. I said that I had called because this telephone number was posted on their site and I wanted to find out more about the institute. He categorically told me that they had nothing to do with IIPM. I asked him if there was a center there and he said “nothing is there because nothing worked out and its not like what they say on their website”.

    I now leave it to you to decide what’s going on !!

  85. HI rashmi, saw a reference to howard roark in one of these blogs. Didn't read enuff to see in wat way he was referring to u, but this is my input: this is the kind of situation ayn rand would have written up in one of her novels. You had the guts to stand up for what you believe was right, and you get clobbered for it. The zealots who sent you hate mail are no worse than the "second-handers" ayn rand refers to. Do not lose heart, I believe the truth will carry the day, and decency will follow in its wake.

  86. HI Arzan

    the toronto canada thing - u want to know the truth

    Heres the dirt

    There was some chick from Planman Delhi who got married and settlled in Canada.

    IIPM toronto is her house number and stuff

    Its like if my employees leaves my company n goes to London i have a London Office. That fucked up assholes they have

  87. I know u have many of ur avid readers supporting still another vote still brings u more joy than the previous...

    I am wit u !!!

    I think sensible ppl who hav read teh coments know wt crap thoz iipm guys hav written...
    Their trick is backfiring them...

  88. i am surprised no one had a conspiracy theory on rashmi doing all this for comments on her blog!!
    rashmi, i think you should seriously think about suing these guys for defamation and character assassination...

  89. Hi Jammers,

    Well, it's good that someone reads these ads adn questions them. Keep it up.

    You can always take the help of Advertising Standards Council of India if people trouble you.

  90. I've been an reader of JAM for around 7 years, more than that maybe...
    came to know of the IIPM controversy thru DesiPundit and got the link to your blog thru the same.

    I used to wonder seeing those full page ads in HINDU why these guys were creating such a publicity...
    I really am lazy to write to JAM though I've a lot to say. Hope u wont mind me leaving comments abt JAM on your BLOG.

  91. Rashmi: I've always respected your opinions on colleges and universities. You're kind of an authority on that.

    NOT A NICE MAN TO KNOW: tell me more!

  92. Was hilarious to see how the stupid students of IIPM have been responding to that what they taught them at IIPM??

    An institute that needs to advertise itself as much as IIPM does, needs to be ignored - an instt's name is not because of advertisements or tall claims (which have proven to be entirely false) but because of the quality of students - and we have seen that up here already...

    thanks for the expose`...I am not surprised that the print media hasnt taken this up - what with IIPM being a major its left to magazines like yours...maybe some news channel should do a sting..I always thought Arindam Dutta was more faff than fact too!

  93. Rashmi,
    Keep up the good work...

  94. more power to you, rashmi! keep up the good work.

  95. woohoo nice blog!

    btw for all you know, those comments on your blog aren't even IIPMians.. just some pranksters probably.

    and if they _are_ IIPM students - well you guys better keep quiet and let the issue die (plus revoke the lawsuit on GS etc etc).. else you'll be guilty of rolling this up into something really big more than anyone else!

  96. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  97. If you are reading this after digging through 100 odd comments supporting and at times offending you, here is what I have to say, “I support you and your case.”
    As for IIPM students (phony or otherwise), except for Andy, here is a piece of advice… SHUT UP!
    Andy… if IIPM is so benevolent and clean-n-clear why has it retorted to stupid threats like burning IBM laptops and barging into office of JAM? Why don’t they just sue Gaurav and Rashmi as they say in their legal notice… and win 250 corers after substantiating their claims made in advertisements and refuting information published in JAM and other blog post?

  98. Hi Rashmi & Others, this is Ved from IIMA 1994.

    Having come to the party late, I scanned the blogs for any comments left by officials of IIPM. After the sick shit I see on the blogs by so called IIPM students, I was hoping to see a message by the institute distancing itself from the comments but I don't see any such statement. C'est La Vie.

    Silly me, I thought we'd gone past this inane debate about MBA institutes in the last century. Still I wonder if the so called IIPM students' realize how much their personal attacks on Rashmi says about their education and how little it says about anything else.

    I shall do my own homework and be back with more.


  99. IIPM should be on spree currently - asking each and every member of their organisation to respond to blogs and thats what keep the keywork IIPm at the top on technorati.
    well, abt the blogosphere - each one of us shud be with rashmi and gaurav. Lets face IIPM with more and more posts on our blogs.
    Keep posted..

  100. Hi Rashmi,

    Missed your blog for a week and it turns out I missed all the action. IIPM has done itself all the harm by itself now. I stand by you and Gaurav.


  101. I thought I would make it 102. The IIPMs are getting what they deserve. I hope Arindam and others who seek to give credibility to thw institutes are flayed by the media. Good post. Keep up the good work.

  102. Great stuff Rashmi! This reminds me of a quote "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win " M.K Gandhi.

  103. That the IIPMs are now beyond the Rubicon of "daring to think beyond the IIMs" is known.
    I think beyond suggesting the obvious iabout its unredeemable status the more pressing concern must be about the 'cream' of the country, right?
    Atleast I am concerned. You are after all the representatives of my country. What you think. How you think, pertains proportionally to its prospects to rise out of its current slumber.
    So here are my two cents of concern:
    1. IIPMs aggressive marketing in newspapers is being pronounced as an unpleasant trend. I hope its just because of the lies and inaccuracies they depict. I hope I am not seeing (as I think I am) an old Indian attitude of active hostility towards comercial merchandising coming from our future honchos of the corporate world :(
    2. The emphasis on genuine "Degrees" (or the lack of it)as a yardstick to measure a man's credibility, overlooking the achievement of having authored a published bestseller, like it doesnt matter at all; in a country that produces half a million engineering graduates every year but has not a single resident author who won the Nobel Litereature Prize since Tagore (out of context for a Business book but still)
    3. The paint all IIPM students with the same brush and the "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith us Lords" attitude, and still claim the higher moral ground?
    4. The world's toughest B-School to get into are ranked nowhere in the top thirty and have fewer startups than this country's premier technology college
    Ofcourse, the views are mine and can be ignored. But these "We support you in this War of Good against Evil" theatrics are a little funny

  104. Umm ....
    .... would it do you any good to extend my support for you? ... to let you know I stand by you in the face of quite a lot of mindless verbal carnage?
    ...for now, I would only like to tell you, that however much your sympathizers have stressed on their whole-hearted support for your (worthy) cause, I, but only, seek a few clarifications :

    1) I went to this guy, Chaudhuri's site. And from all I've seen here, everyone just gets a snapshot of his (not-so-credible) academic credentials. But, it is also true, that the people mentioned in the list of "What some corporate leaders say..." are one of the mighty influential (and proven) leaders of our times. And yes, they speak of him (and his work) in quite a glorifying manner. (So were these statements made by the real guys or a planned act of misleading the masses by IIPM folks?)
    2) Questioning the authenticity of a book's content based on claims like "have all been taught previously by IIM (etc.) profs. and he merely collated and published them". Well then, he surely seems to have done a great job and there's no point labelling the book as crap coz maybe you didnt like it. (No i haven't read it, and hv no mind to either :)).

    I am not here to take a stand.(Though i must admit those claiming-to-be-IIPMers did make it hard for me not to believe in all tht you've been writing). If inspite of what you try to achieve through a fact based exposure drive against IIPM doesnt prevent him from raking in the moolahs, I could only but wonder how much of your life you're willing to devote for your cause.

    So far so good, I shall keep my fingers crossed for you. Cheers!

  105. First to the authors of the lewd, slanderous comments against Rashmi:

    If you folks really had balls, you'd leave your names and REAL phone numbers here. I just wanted to know if you had any balls at all in any case, since I do believe you are eunuchs. If this is all your oh so great IIPM taught you (sexual harrassment), be assured that the best jobs you will ever get to is cleaning IIPM toilets with your tongues....but then, I think you are doing that already or are very close to being promoted to that job. Your posts show that. I hope IIPM pays you well for cleaning up its shit.

    To non-eunuchs and Rashmi:

    If there was ever a perfect example of a stupid, ham handed, mismanaged and tactless way to handle an issue like this, IIPM is now basking in glory for perfecting the art.

    Managers are taught the skill of handling things in the most efficient way. THis could never, ever have been even close. What were the IIPM morons thinking! Looking at the shameful way in which they've handled themselves, I don't think IIPM and the pony tail ought to be in the business of management skills. They most certainly excel at mismanagement though. Ever tried getting government contracts guys? The babus certainly could do with a lesson or two from you! But then, you would go and bungle things up even there.

    Also, if this is what you teach your students, you can be rest assured that I am not hiring an IIPM grad ever. In fact, anyone who approaches me with a certificate from IIPM will be out of the reckoning before you can say ponytail.

    I think we have a good way of getting back at them. Could someone make a coherent mail with all the links and stuff and start mailing it to every corporate higher up that you know of? Please point out the lies that were being spread around by IIPM (the Aaj Tak story) in that mail and make a complete presentation. I'd personally send it to a 100 people myself. When patrons find out what a worthless bunch IIPM is, perhaps ponytail might think twice before getting his legal cell to crap out of their mouths. Lets hit them where it hurts.

    What say?

  106. hi rashmi,
    i've read a few of your columns from JAM earlier, and have always respected your opinion. the courage that you and gaurav have displayed is amazing. i only wish that more of us were like the two of you!

  107. I'd love to be present at these kids' placement interviews in a couple of years.

    "So, young man, how do you deal with criticism?"
    "I call my critic a lesbian, sir."

  108. This is another example how powerful blogs are in spreading the information around. No doubt the side-effects being, that quite a few can twist and turn it to their own personal agendas.

    So far the blogs claiming the sting operation seem to be using another blogger as their source or hearsay, and that other blogger does the same and on and on it's moving in circles.

    Emailed Aaj Tak to issue a clarification, which you should too and publish it here to shut the mischief mongers up.

    All the best!

  109. bj:

    You're right, of course. Degrees are overemphasised in India, and educational institutions should have every right to advertise, without being derided for going commercial or 'selling out'.

    But this 'War of Good against Evil' is hardly about the points you've raised. It's about:

    1. Making misleading claims in advertising, which is stupid and ends up pissing off your customers.
    2. IIPM using strong-arm and smear tactics to discredit criticism.

    When you have someone resorting to personal attacks such as those in the comments above, or bulllying somebody into a position where they have to quit their job, 'War against Evil' tactics aren't funny. They're justified.

    Sticking by your principles to defend what you've written is good. Lying to your prospective students is evil. Making personal attacks based on lies is evil.

    If the IIMs aren't in the top 30, or don't produce startups as business schools do, that's regrettable. It's not evil.

  110. To folks abusing Rashmi here.
    1. You guys don’t have any credibility while RB has tons.
    2. Your abuses are actually back firing and giving a bad name to the institute you are defending unsuccessfully.
    3. As RB said if you know off an expose done against JAM and Rashmi please inform us. Please post a link to Tehlka or Aajtak. If you can’t find that aajtak clip online get a copy from aajtak and upload it on a website. Here is a free site to upload it. –
    We all will appreciate that. If you cant do that then just SHUT UP.
    4. If IIPM found the article done on it by JAM lacking or misrepresenting the facts why dont you guys tell us about your side of story in civil words? Making empty threats are not helping your case.

  111. How juvenile can people be? After reading it seems that studying at IIPM must be like a holiday in the sun, complete with bikini clad babes grunting "go get them ponytail". Whew. Morons, grow a life, and a tiny brain to sit on.

  112. my gawwdd you DesiHowardRoark you don't know whose name you've spoilt....Rand would've torn you apart for bringing libel upon her most famous character's name...and Rashmi jus don't give a fu** about these idiots who are proud alum maters of their desparetly-trying-to-get-attention-by-keeping-a-name-close-to-IIM institute...we are all here for you..jus go ahead and sue them!

  113. Rashmi, fantastic support for you from all around !! Great post. Carry on with the good work.

  114. Hi Rashmi

    Positive things from this incident :-
    1) Suddenly u r (in)famous not just in India but around the globe.
    2) The blogville has come together for freedom of expression on blogs
    3) I am going to pick up ur mag's next issue for sure.

    Ok, jokes apart. I think IIPM has blown it to extremely silly proportions. I dont think any credible institute would have done such a thing.
    So IIPM's reaction in a way justifies whatever u wrote about them. They just gave u the proof. I would have expected MBAs from such a "presitigious(my foot)" institute to have better knowledge of tactics.

    My full support to you and and everyone who has got affected by this.
    and I repeat my question once again - why cant IIPM be sued back ?

    My current blog url is

  115. Arindam Chaudhuri surely has dug himself a deep hole full of shit by attacking the bloggers of the land they call India. One of the finest examples of democracies in this world.

  116. >>I heard in New York IIPM students get 20 - 25 lacs...
    2005 Student

    blue collars get paid higher in NY

  117. HI

    IIPM now wants Rs 175 Cr from Varna, I think ponytail has gone senile.


    He must be mad, coz iipm is his bread n butter, the movie lost him lot of money.

    Just wondering about IIPMs finacial status, he must me making huge lease payments for those buildings if hes leasing, or if hes bought them then huge interest payments on the loans for those buildings

  118. Hi

    Read Micheal Higgins that was great

    This IIPM blog war reminds me of the following quote

    King Solomon: "What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun." - Ecclesiastes 1:9

    Rishi Ved Vyasa: "What is found here, may be found elsewhere. What is not found here, will not be found elsewhere." Mahabharat, Adiparva

  119. Hey

    U might me hurting the other IIPMs HEHE

    Indian Institute for Production Management

    Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing



    HOW Come ponytail doesnt sue them

  120. Hello Rashmi,

    I landed here through many posts on IIPM when it became the top search on

    The whole issue and the personal defaming posts state its own story.

    From the blogger community I am with you. Just writing to get added in the supporters.


  121. a couple more IIPMs

    International Institute Of Project Management- Chennai

    Irish Institute of Pensions Managers

  122. as a foreigner of indian origin, i'm amazed by this issue ...first, i didnt know indian bloggers were so unethical to resort to personal villification on a story like this.I dont find it any fair for anyone to villify reshmi's personality for this what if she was a dropout of lesbian...who farking cares dude! The issue is the controversy and ligitimacy of the claims made on Jam mag ...

    I'm from malaysia and this story has reached our most prominent blog on corporate government and freedom of speech (voted freeblog of the year internationally)

    Anyway, to put an end to this saga, all the institute need to do is to post proof that the JAM allegation are wrong and put an end to it....if they dont have proof to support the ligitimacy of their ad, then the government should take action for misleading public, if Indian even has such laws... Gaurav has suppurt from manay malaysian blgggers! U'll see more soon!

    Whats with the gangster mentality of IIPM? of bullying individuals who condemn it's advertising ethics? It's sad and pathetic, and anyone who supports IIPM by not clarifying the facts are equally shallow beingS

    BTW, u can refer to asia's freedom blog ofthe year here:

    and look at article: Blogger and IBM India


  123. Hi All,

    I am not a blogger nor affiliated to either side on this dispute but having been lead here thru a series of forwarded links, I felt it was neccessary to share my views on the whole topic. I am not exactly sure why this simple issue has been blown out of proportion. In my opinion freedom of speech is what democracy is all about. No matter what the magazine has actually written about the institute, it is totally unacceptable for a few people to make such personal verbal assaults on any individual. In case there are some totally baseless allegations in the story then the concerned people should have provided sufficient proof and made the magazine actually retract its story with an apology. I am sure that it could have ended there. Instead they actually go on rampage making wild accusations using the worst form of language possible. I have thus formed the conclusion that these guys are the missing link in the evolution of man, they havent fully evolved into homosapiens. I request them to take up a copy of OED and look up a couple of words, CULTURED and CIVILIZED. Hopefully more sense prevails and they apologize profusely to Rashmi for the sort of language used in their posts. In case the students of the institute actually know these guys, please caution them against putting up such posts bcos it actually reinforces any negative opinion (whether right or wrong) on the institute. Having said all this, I extend my support to Gaurav, Rashmi and the others though I must stress that I have nothing against the institute or its students even now.

  124. Common guys,IIPM is our Harvard.LOL!!!
    From the day one I was suspicious about this(IIPM) publicity.

  125. इस चर्चा में तो रावण-दहन का आनन्द आ रहा है ।

  126. This is crazy - I haven't read all the posts but please sue IIPM. I would be happy to help both financially and with my time.

  127. Rashmi,
    I support your article in JAM completely and please don't mind the kinky comments posted by so-called IIPM students. We shall stand by you in your fight against the movement to curb freedom of speech!
    Truth alone triumps!

  128. There is no death for true courage...The comments are totally condemnable...shows the lack of substance of the students and hence the institute itself. Why bother to defame you or drag you to courts if your claims are even true? If they have kept silent, things would have been better, but by barking they have proved that there is something dangerously wrong with them and where they hail from. In the end everywhere, Truth and Justice prevails...take them by their horns...come on...don't give up. The powerful blog community is with you so take them on right away and sue them for defamation. Good Luck!

  129. Hi

    This is ponytails future dhanda

    He got in thro this via the Great India Dream Foundation n one more charity named after his deceased brother.

    I am sure u will have enough fools out there to vote ponytail or his father to get them into parlaiment

    Some how i think ponytail is slow, coz politics is the first refuge of the scoundrel in india, he is entering a bit late


  130. I think the language being used by the so-called IIPM students is absolutely disgusting. You guys need to learn some manners(I guess your parents never taught you that) or atleast be more professional (I guess IIPM does not teach you that, either). It's surprising that inspite of IIPM's great technological infrastructure, you nasty commenters have not realised that Gaurav Sabnis has been posting for quite a while, whereas the new posts like iipmstudent9, realgauravsabnis have come into existence only in this month. Do you really think it is possible for Gaurav to recreate a couple of years worth of blogging overnight and that too to pretend to be a student of a 3rd rate institute, when he's from one of the best instis in the country.

    If IIPM really wanted to protest about the original Jammag article or related blogs, then they should come out with some proof- I'm sure that one half page advt would be enough. And it'll be just a tiny proportion of its regular advt budget. Why not do that, rather than come out with such ridiculous comments. And these new blogs are also rather hilarious- its worth going there just to check out the fact that these IIPM guys advertise the girl presence in the gyms as one of their strengths!!!!

  131. Rashmi, I am so sorry that in my name you have to suffer such a big and inarticulate reply from Andy.

    Andy, as I said before, stop copying and pasting your inarticulate comment in name of replying to me. If you wish come over to my site.

    And give me a relevant link to IIT K story. And you see, they are not bothered by your comments or rants on our blogs. Now that is called reputation, that can not be unmade by sundry comments.

    You have begin to irritate me.

    Rashmi, of course you have all my support.

  132. एक बार तीन आईआईटी के छात्र और तीन आईआईएम के छात्र रेल के डिब्बे में एकसाथ सफर कर रहे थे. आईआईटी के छात्रों के पास एक ही टिकट था. आईआईएम के छात्रों ने देखा कि टीटी के आने से एक मिनट पहले तीनों आईआईटी के छात्र शौचालय मे एकसाथ घुस गये. टीटी के शौचालय का दरवाजा खटखटाने पर एक ही हाथ बाहर निकला टिकट के साथ. टीटी के जाने पर आईआईटी के छात्र बाहर आकर आईआईएम के छात्रों पर हँसने लगे और अपनी चतुराई पर अपनी ही पीठ ठोंकने लगे. वापसी की यात्रा में आईआईएम के छात्रों ने आईआईटी के छात्रों को सबक सिखाने का निर्णय लिया. टीटी के आने से दो मिनट पहले तीनों आईआईएम के छात्र शौचालय मे एकसाथ घुस गये. यह देख कर आईआईटी के दो छात्र दूसरे शौचालय मे एकसाथ घुस गये, तीसरे ने उस शौचलय जिसमें आईआईएम के छात्र घुसे थे, का दरवाजा खटखटाकर कड़क आवाज में कहा "टीटी". यह सुनकर एक ही हाथ बाहर निकला टिकट के साथ. आईआईटी का छात्र वह टिकट लपककर दूसरे शौचालय मे घुस गया. टीटी को इस बाथरूम से पहले की तरह टिकट मिल गया पर आईआईएम की शान में गुस्ताखी हो गई.

  133. Hi Rashmi,

    Let the truth prevail. Many people above has suggested that you should delete the posts by IIPM donkeys but my humble request is that you keep it there to let the world see that not only the IIPM educational facilities are crap but more importantly their products have

    1) No integrity
    2) No respect for counter view
    3) No communication skills
    4) Are certainly not tech savvy
    5) Are trying to covert the truth by totally unrealted talks
    6) Eligible to join hands with Laloo

    Let the corporate world know that they are piece of craps.


  134. Hi Rashmi,

    My saying anything is not going to make any difference but can't help throwing in my own two cents.

    I have always known that all this IIPM hulla is crap; afterall the propogator has made his name in spreading the crap hasn't he?

    Posts by the IIPM supporters - half of them seem to be written by the same person - same track, same kinda language and same your-batchmate-saw-that-know-that kinda stories. As someone has already pointed out, none tried saying anything in defense of IIPM, tried to give any counter-arguments or tried to prove any of the allegations false.

    Going through their posts, one thing is pretty clear, at IIPM they give good lessons on "how to invent unbelievable stories and then make them sound real".

    I am with you Rashmi.

  135. Satyameva Jayate !!!!!

    Rashmi and Gaurav - The whole of India's intelligent junta is behind you. Please keep up the fight for the truth.

    Even if these losers at IIPM continue the slander, please ignore them. We can ruin this IIPM by simply publishing the truth in each and every Engineering and Science - Commerce colleges of Mumbai and Pune. We can follow up by going to numerous HR departments of leading companies. Also an article in the Economic times or Financial Express will suffice. Please keep away from politicians though !!!

    Jai Hind

  136. Good Work Rashmi!!

    keep it up!!


  137. hi rashmi
    i have been an avid reader of your blogs and i am in full support of your battle against iipm.
    keep up ur spirits. IIPM will certainly pay for its blunders.

  138. is it still working???

  139. Hi Rashmi, after a long, long while :o)

    Having come to this controversy late (have been travelling), there's plenty of commenters on here who have captured my thoughts on this issue very well.

    Nonetheless, I just thought I'd add my tuppence of support. I am glad you, JAM and Gaurav are not intimidated by this crap that's being flung at you.

  140. Dear Rashmi,

    It is really courageous of you not to delete these comments from your blog. Kudos!!!

    I was a management student till May 2005 and had been to one of the "Business Quizzes" organized by IIPM.

    There, we saw this written on the classroom walls: "Dumadam, dhanadhan, Arindham."

    I do not know how good or bad IIPM or Mr. Arindam Chaudhari is, either personally or professionally. But I now surely know what his own students think of him.

    Guess I need to say more?


  141. Rashmi,
    u must be having a good laugh reading all these posts.

    For all the stupid men, who cannot match your intelligence think they can piss u off by commenting on your sexuality or sexual orientation - get a life boys...

    I have always wanted to raise my voice about the screwed up education system but never got around to doing it...


  142. Rashmi can u pls clarify whether you were really kicked out of IIMA? I am on your side and appreciate what you have done. I am also not concerned with your sexual preferences. But it was a bit disturbing to know that you were expelled from an IIM for forgery.

  143. We are getting sick and tired of all this bullshit against iipm.

    Just because none check you on the blogs you think you can ruin our reputation? Who read all this crap anyways.

    Everything can be bought in this world. You journalists are the first ones to sell yourself.
    We all laugh at you and the time you are wasting. Seems you have no life or work.

    We are looking everything and will get all of you. Screw all the journalists!!
    You have no brains. You wouldn’t even get admission in iipm

    Stop messing our life or else….

  144. we support you Rashmi and Gavrav. The guys posting as IIPM students have shown their culture and manners (not mentioning their intellect) by vilifying RB and IIPM has proved that all talks about culture, values, passions and moral (Mr. Chaudhury talked about these things in his so called bestseller Count Your Chicket Befor they Hatch) are nowhere in practice.
    Probably, this is going to put mr. chaudhury under test and challenge him to show his problme solving and leadership skills to come clean. Sadly, I do not see any hope for him.

  145. To iipmstudentx: or else what, dude? What'r ya gonna do? Boo. Poke. Show us what you're *really* made of.

  146. if the real issue is about IIPM and its credibility it doesnt simply make sense why rashmi is being personally attacked,why her sexuality is being talked about or why she's being asked to post her "degree" to gratify a bunch of assholes.why see her as a female at all??the point of contention was a MBA skool and a magazine and a editor..see them as well for everyone.

    why dont all ye guys adhere to your valid points of disagreement and maintain grace even while arguing?a female makes you insecure and u find no other way other than attacking her yet again proves that men are inherently weak...

    go ahead Rashmi,its not about being good or bad,or right or wrong.its simply about belief in one's convictions

  147. Good work Rashmi. At last someone brought out the truth about those ads. But they don't limit themselves to management I guess. Remember that over-hyped, over-advertised dud of a film called Rok Sako To Rok Lo? hehe

  148. Keep up the good work Rashmi

  149. Hi Rashmi,
    I was going thru the comments aka allegations made against u on ur blog. Forgive me, but I couldn't stop laughing at those guys who made such allegations. I have my doubts if they are at all from any b-school. How can somebody be so immature as to write those allegations?

    If they believe their dignity has been hurt bcoz of ur actions, there are proper ways to get back to u. But pointing finger at somebody personally and abusing them is not a professional attitude. I doubt if they know what is the meaning of "Professionalism."

    Anyways, thanks for bringing out the issue in public. Whether your claims are correct or not will be proven in due course of time, but at least ur blog puts things in right perspective, that there exists no independent authority to check the claims made by private educational institutes in any field of study, be it medicine, law or management. Students are taken for a ride day-in, day-out by many such institutes. Why only IIPM, even IIMs should come under the radar and their course content, placement records checked and improvements suggested by experts to ensure that the best standards are adhered to.

    Hope some real positive changes will take place after this incident.


  150. I study at the London School of Economics, and just to make sure everything is in order, Ray Richardson is not a professor. He is a reader, and is deputy director, but Prof. Raymond Richardson isn't the right title for him, it's Dr. Richardson! Oh wait... what do you know... it's on IIPM's home page :)

  151. Some wonderful publicity for a trivial issue. As for the 'fake blogs',they wouldnt have come up if you would have allowed anonymous comments.

    On the brighter side, its wonderful to know there are hundreds of Indian Bloggers and that Indian blogs can also create controversies. Great going everyone.

  152. Rashmi,

    Too much has been said for me to add anything relevant if you're still reading the 150 odd comments. For what it's worth this is my post in support

    I respect you for your stand in a way I cannot respect these spurious commenters.

    With you.

  153. Rashmi we support you

    I always thought Arindham Chaudhri was a
    knowledgeble person.
    He even quote's Karl Marx
    but hardly lives up to any of his ideals
    Lets start a boycott IIPM and their publication Business and Economy
    Hit them where it hurt's

    I have already decided to stop reading B&E

    Anyone with me ?

    Feel free to ask any help whenever required

  154. BTW

    Here is the blogspot of Jawaharlal Nehru
    University Students

    In their fight against corporitization of education they recently kicked out Criminal corporation Nestle from their campus

    The NSUI(National students union of India ) which has members all over India has its base and leadership in JNU and Delhi

    If you can get in touch with them
    and get them on to our side then
    we could have demonstrations all around India and gherao IIPM institutions
    and blow the issue so big that this news finally gets its deserved place in the papers and everyone will teach IIPM a lesson they will remember

    Don't allow this issue to die out and fade away !

    All the best

  155. Very interesting turn of events! Keep jabbing at those stinkers.

    It's shocking enough that they're trying to manipulate the media, but the way they're playing with the federate blogging machine is ridiculous.

  156. an interesting blog...

    I havnt had pleasure of frquently changing moods while having entertainment ( i mean switching on to different channels frequently while watching TV)
    for past few weeks. 2 main reason for this were: 1) unavialability of remote ( dont know where it is lying) at my hostel @ IIFT
    2) poor reception of cable operator @ home..

    but I really enjoyed the whole stuff.

    I guess someone needs to take lessons from other institutes/Org in india, the way they handle any such issue.

  157. Great stuff! Wish you all the best, Rashmi

  158. there are three sides to very story ! they are your, mine and the truth. keeping this in mind i'am open to perceptions. believe me as i'm an ex student in their pg batch, we have awesome external and internal faculty drawn from the best professionals around. people like prof. shubo s bhattacherjee, prof. a. sandeep and prof. navin chamoli are people who really do facilitate and deliver excellent material to ideate and implement in projects based on information which can linger for a lifetime. And there are loads of them in iipm.
    the fault lies to an extent with the students, the reason for this is most of them got into the institute simply because they had no where to go. while students appearing for cat have a vision and goal before joining a b-school, most of the students who join iipm have none cause they are from business families and they don't even apply for placements. a small % of students really do know what their goal is and work towards it. in the industry you can find iipm people who are doing really well. creativity is stressed on in iipm, as well as loads of case study to sharpen one's perception and abilities. personally i remember a batchmate from bihar who knew about 18 english words only when he joined, when we completed our course the same guy was one of the best presenter. there may be flaws in the institute but ultimately people from iipm with excellent skillsets really contribute for the organisation they are placed in, many are entreptreuners too. the industry acknowledges this and therefore they pick up people from iipm. Also planman is one of the best consultant firm in india. all this hue and cry will stop if you do a search and track down iipm's ex- students working in the industry.
    every one will agree that iipm is one of the most successful branding campaign in india. their brand equity is awesome. the people(students) who are focused do achieve their goal and are very successful in their careers.
    you would also agree that this spat could ruin the lives of those serious stubents who have invested a lot of money,energy and time to achieve their goals.yeah we did have divergent views from time to time but iipm is not arindam choudhry only, organisation are based on people and iipm have some of the best people in management education. Oh yes i did enjoy my time there as well as learn many aspects of live and laterally use them. thats all.

  159. Hi Rashmi,

    IIPM adverts always make hollow promises. A look at them and you can make out how much of what is being touted is true. I can still remember full page adverts extolling their own greatness. I am sure Arindam Chaudhuri believes IIPM is better than IIMs. If somebody can be gullible enough to go by the adverts, I am not too sure about their management aptitude. I wish them and IIPM conjugal bliss.

    I am not taking anything away from IIPM. They may be imparting very sound knowledge, but I am not one of those who would judge the quality of an institute by the adverts they run in the newspapers. In fact, I feel it reflects badly on them.

    Any case, thanks for enlightening the world about the truth - it always does prevail.

    Good Luck,

  160. Hell to all you bloggers.
    Efen the worst iipm student is better then u all

  161. well, i'm not a mangement or economics person. my field is languages and cultural studies. but all i can say is that this arindam chaudhuri guy cultivates an image thru the media and all that is quite self-consciously wannabe and vulgar. and as others have noted before here, the ads in question use incorrect english and are eyesores.

    but even if we forget all these things, and even if we assume what you said is not completely true (which i dont assume) the pro-IIPM have almost left us helpless to feel any sympathy for their cause thru their vicious personal maligning and all. i hvnt ever read ur blog, i may not end up as a regular reader once this thing blows off, but i want to express my solidarity with you people just for the cause of freedom of speech and the freedom of the blogging community which shud find a way to keep out this motivated infiltrators like oraclecoder and all. ciao.

  162. hi,
    well.. was wondering few things
    why do all genuine students of IIPM have blogs starting oct,2005??
    (ok i agree i too don't have much of "history", but nevertheless)
    wasn't the movie "rok sako tou rok lo", was more sort of 'dekh sako tou dekh lo' ???

    and last but not the least, will anyone read this? :)

  163. Hi Rashmi,

    I think the dirty comments left on your page by "iipm students" will manage to dent the institute's credibility even more than your article did! here's hoping Jam continues to expose such fradulent advertising, cheers.

  164. Hi rashmi

    Joining in late on this topic, but still just wanted to tell you to keep up the Good work.

  165. just look at the comments posted in support of iipm. i hope im not the only one who is noticing the pattern. it started off as plain abusive venting of rage (the honorable jassi et al). following the response these comments got from the community, the language was toned down, but still the anger remained. in a vain attempt to look intellectual or sagely or whatever he finally failed to look like our desi version of roark tried to present a case which amounted to nothing more than babble. esq roark got exactly what he deserved. now we have nimrod0in on the other side using language that is desperately pleading to be heard. civilized, i should agree. still nothing to counter anything that has been said.

    what happened to all the faculty from yale, stanford and god knows where else? now the blame is conveniently placed on the students who joined iipm. are they the ones who continue putting full page ads making all these false claims? this nimrod0in gentleman claims that most of the students who join are from business families and do not sit for campus recruitment. despite this iipm fails to get 100% placements?

    dont even get started on branding exercises. iipm may be india's most successful false branding campaign. and brand equity worth more than iims?

    finally the nimrod0in gentleman ends with an appealing note. to think about the future of teh students who have joined. but doesnt he think that this debate on this blog save many a prospective student's future? just two questions for nimrod0in. what else is iipm other than arindam chaudhri? who are these 'some of the best people in management education' that iipm has?

    Well, someone from the other side is definitely paying attention to this blog. And trying hard to make good use of the feedback.

    Hats off to Rashmi for making this possible…


  166. eye eye pee emm sucks... anyone with enuf intelligence knows it... and how does rashmi's sexual preferences affect the fact the ol' AC is a fake show??? & I know what they dont teach at the IIMs which is taught at eye eye pee emm.....
    how to abuse on others blogs.....

  167. I came in via Dan Gillmor's blog and its interesting to see the bile and vitriol exhibited by India's "finest" from IIPM and their friends. One would have thought there would be a reasoned argument to explain IIPM's side of the story. Instead we see a Craigslist type rant and "goondas" from IIPM intimidating a journalist. I can clearly see how these so-called future grads of IIPM will perform in the workplace. I would much rather hire a hundred monkeys and hope that at least a couple will work for Lenova even entertaining a call from the IIPM nutcases I wish they had told them to take a hike. Too bad...

  168. shameful stuff here!...rashmi excellent article..and thanks for exposing the IIPM fraud. I was wondering who was ever going to step up and make that happen , we need a lot more investigatory journalism like this...well done. Some of the nonsense on these comments reminds me of online fights i used to have when i was 16 on ICQ hhahahaha, its hilarious and yet embarassing....

  169. where are all the 6000 students that IIPM enroll each year? how come they haven't put their laptops and wi-fi on campus to good use??? i find it had to believe with so many current students as well as alumni there are but a handul who have come to the support of IIPM. Actually its a good thing. They would have landed up tarnishing the image (not sure) further.

    Whats the PR agency doing? I heard that most if not all the guys at IIPM's PR agency are the students who didnt get placed anywhere else.

    - g

  170. Hi Rashmi,

    Its very horrible to see that instead of believing the truth , the IIPM students are attacking you on your personal front.
    i remembered clearly the 1 page advertisement that used to come in dailies showing a pic of Arindam Choudhary. I don't know how he is a so called 'Management guru' for sake of carrying on his father's legacy treacherously. Its just shocking how IIPM students didn't ever raised a voice against the institute.
    I think they shoulld come forward to save the youngsters from getting jeopardized.

    You don't have to worry Rashmi. However IIPM Students!!, its bitter but

  171. Hi Rashmi,
    Of course you have done a great job. I think the battle is won but the war has just started. You have started it, I can give my support. Please find out more such instis which are sucking up hard earned money from the Indian middle class in the name of education.

    Besides that, I think the IIPM supporters have really helped us a lot to start all of this. If there filthy comments had not been there , hardly tens or hundreds of us who regularly read you blog would have known about it. Thankx to them for making it the headlines and giving it all the required exposure.

    You carry your good work, and let the IIPM and similar corporate backed junta give such work a nice exposure and let us (fellow bloggers) write and comments and blog entries - Then I think blogging would come to age in India.

    A sincere request to all the players here, keep on with your good work and a special note of thanks to Rashmi for initiating it.

  172. Scene at IIPM placements next year.

    Recruiter : How do you best you your laptop?
    Student : By threatening to burn it, Sir.

    Recruiter : Tell me some of your positive aspects.
    Student : I am very intelligent sir. (Wow)

    Recruiter : Tell me some of your negative points.
    Student : you bas@#$#, les#$#@, g##, bull@#@@. I dont have any negatives, you as#$#%%.

    (This is an hypothetical situation at IIPM, next year. No, not because of the answers, but IIPM would now find it even more difficult to lure recruiters to their campuses. )

    Indeed, a mistake from IIPM called "Legal Notice".

    Kudos Rashmi and Gaurav. IIMs are the best. Dont ever think to look beyond that. ;-)

  173. i am just a casual-browser and i dont know what the hell is going on over here. But I was reading this IIPM alumni's long post where he said he was in Hass, UCLA. What a loser!!.. Haas business school is in Berkley..Anderson is in UCLA!! What a bunch of fakes..these guys suck! Man..oh! Man

  174. I think the issue is about an institution with no history trying to create hype to sell itself... and in the process of it, overstepping the boundaries of decency and sense.

    Whether IIPM is good or bad has now been relegated to the hind... which is bad... because i guess this would have been an excellent time to debate upon the efficacy of such fly-by-night institutes...

    What unfortunately has started is a whole lot of public crapping... some for and some against Rashmi...

    Personally, i think Rashmi made an important point... or a pointer... with the aim of questioning the whole Mr. Chaudhari led IIPM type campaign...

    The less said about the response to the point made by her, the better... Words are wasted on the rubbish that came about...

    I think if people who stand by Mr. Chaudhari really believe in his credo... they should reason it out and not get into the rowdy roadside badmouthing approach to it...

  175. A bit of fun and sarcasm ... ;-)

    Enjoy !!


  176. Whoa, hell a lot of comments.
    IIPM sux!

  177. OH my goodness's
    Who ever started this hit the IIPM where it Hurt most. MAN! what in the world is this all abt OK Agreed IIPM is not the worst institute of its kind( read private). But what ever they pose to the students is an Bundle of lies and gimmicks with little hope. but certainly They Don't Stand any where in the line of Top institutes, leave alone the top 10.
    and any way what the Heck is this "IIPM was Ranked 4th in Industry Interface" posted by IIPMstudent9 some time back. MAN Come to the ground reality, the gross fact is that not only these Advertisements are misleading and morphed to present the brighter side of the picture (which is not even a picture in it self).
    and now to make it worse the IIPM i think Haas filled a LAW SUITE for what expressing your self and that to telling just the facts

    NOW writing crap abt the person and making personal comments is the best the guys who support the IIPM can do i guess BCoz the reality HURTS man and it really does.

    and hey Rashmi well this should just be the beginning from ur side there are a Bunch of colleges like these and even worse i hope you get the courage to take them all to this path one by one as they ruin the life and money of many students

  178. Rashmi I may not agree with u over all issues but certainly I am gonna be right by ur side if the ppl at the INFERNAL INSTITUTE OF PESTILENTIAL MORONS try to act smart. Good work KIU

    And to morons IIPM :

    I d recommend that before posting plz rethink about the religious leadership classes u have and put ur new lappys to some use by a particular entity called GOOGLE that is if u have had time frm watcihg ur female students doing their workout in ur "worldclass" GYM from ur by now frozen due to cold swimming pool or if u have not burnt ur laptops yet

  179. Hi Rahmi,

    U may say to Arindam Chaudhari "ROK SAKO TO ROK LO"!!!!!

  180. IIPM students have exhibited the class they belong to, a fraud institute can only nurture substandard brains.Just a few logics which are so obvious to any thinking mind:-
    1. How is Sexual preference of someone related to professional quality output? Even if we belive the crap stated by so called IIPM students.
    2. Logic counters logic....where is the logic for the counter argument. When people or even animals are cornered they retort by threatening to attack and finally attack....IIPM and it's fraud community is exactly on the path. Beware Rashmi!! This can be serious!!!
    3. Throwing names of Professors and facility comes only after a respectable deed.....when the deeds (blogs and reactions) are so vulgar.....who cares , who taught these guys and how??
    Conclusively.....Rashmi and gaurav just brought things to open...IIPM and it's students have sealed the facts with their confirmation. Thanks IIPM and the students for making so easy for all the bystander to understand

  181. An exciting new development -

    I'm happy the truth is coming out, and will follow this closely...

  182. Rashmi....all are with you posting such comments the real face of IIPM -- Indian Institute of Professional Morons the real face of the so called MBAs is coming to the fore......bloggers are not going to rest.....keep up the good work.A huge thanks for exposing the real face of IIPM.

  183. Hey people!

    If you don't agree with something anyone has to say, attack the idea or the opinion, but not the person. This is the basic rule of fighting fair. To quote Carl Sagan, its called "Ad hominem - attacking the arguer and not the argument". What does it matter what Rashmi does or did in her personal life? That's not the issue here. If you have a problem with her article on IIPM, then bring it out in a fair debate. That takes intelligence and wit, but using her character, morals, or past as a weapon is something that is just way below even borderline intelligence!

  184. Who cares?!?!

    IIPM aint nothing but a bunch of crockshit. I honestly believe most of this so called "management" ho-ho-hum is nothing but elitist bullshit peddled in the name of capitalist dharma and the human condition. But I would still agree that IIMs are better place to work your way up in this world and make yourself a good career (MEANING MONEY).

    What management? Mr Ponytail Bakchod has the gift of gab, most of these so called management "gurus" are all very gifted in that sense. I am not taking away their credibility in building corporate dreams into realities but for real "management" try reading J Krishnamurthy or take a course in Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology (any order) and see how this so called elitist bullshit MBAs disappear. They aint nothing but country clubs of education in the case of IIMs and IIPM is just the tip of the fucking "temples of education" iceberg. Well I guess the need of the hour is worker ants and not thinkers. Check out any of the umpteen number of shacks pervading as "quality education institutes" around our pyaara Bharat desh where education is the No 1 business it seems. Look at politicians owning colleges, education trusts and what not.

    IIPM aint no different. They just jumped around too much, shouted too loudly and fell like a pack of cards. They are just trying to cash into the mentality of the aam-desi junta. I guess even IIMs do the same. Look at their fee hikes. No offense for you IIM-ites. That aint no slur. They are making good money. Think about it, what have IIMs really contributed to the country? I might sound naive, but really I don't see anything on their part to suggest social responsibility. Well than I guess Management and Capitalist dharma doesn't really care a scratch about the social itch anyways.

    Poor Arindam thought he was a "management guru". Poor bastard wanted to count his chickens before they hatched. That was his mistake. Now his balls are on the line. I think he and his papa dearest are planning to liquidate their assets and start a new IIPM Global Resource Ceenter in Banda Aceh.

    Strategies, mantras, HRs, PRs, responses, McKinsey, IIM, IIPM, Harvard, verticals, analysts...every word in the management lexicon reeks of elitist crap. I guess JAMMAG has done a public disservice by reminding the sorry state of affairs in our country. The normal urban India is definitely in a state of self-denial. Look at government schools Rashmi, look at third-rate kuccha towns, look at statistics, look at these IIM "Dons" (now they are a fucking Mafia), look at these big guys hiking the fees like IIMs run on crude oil.

    I have been a MSM journalist in Hyderabad. I didnt quite like my experience. It is about getting the "best faces" in the paper, the "hot" shits not the people who serve you chai, your kacchra-waala, your kaamwali...there aint no glamour boss. Who wants to see those "ugly folks"...there is no respite to soul-homicide in India. More like soul-suicide. There is no real journalism because there is no real education. There is no real education because there is no real "need". Who wants to be a philosophical retard when you can mint your fucking oochies-into Bank of America.

    So all you management junkies out there reaffirm your faith in your shining temples, your priests and please, please, please don't EVER tell US that you care. Because we don't want more liars like IIPM. Yeah IIMs can also kiss my 'left' buttock.


  185. Hello Rashmi,
    There will always be some cry babies around, those who will try to subvert the truth and try to live a world of make-believe. But how many times has a Josef Goebbels succeeded ? How many times has some one been able to do good based on a pack of lies?

    I am not from IIPM and just know 1 or 2 students from that institute, hence I am in no position to either corroborate your story or deny it. But from the looks of it, it seems true.

    But what I would like to commend you is for taking that the brave step in bringing out some inconsistencies in what a money organization has been stating. Do keep it up. I am sure that the truth will in will in the end.

  186. Just joined blogging for the express purpose of posting comments to this issue so don't expect anything award winning or moving on my blog.

    Pls forgive me for entering this so late. Gaurav "da man" Sabnis happens to be a good friend. Point I'm making....he's real (thought I read somewhere that Rashmi herself writes his blog? No dude)

    By the way...what the hell is OracleCoder? Do try and come up with something more representative like....FakeLegalNoticeSender, PonyTailWaxer, FakeGlaresPincher, KhotaSikkaMaker...etc.

    The quality of the reprisals leads me to believe it's probably Arindumb writing these things himself. He totally fits into the profile of the mediocre wannabe who wants to succeed at any cost and who sulks and stomps around in frustration when things go against him.

    What appalling language. And what interesting conjecture!! And what sexual frustration!! They can't make up their minds over dropped pants or fudged certis. Jesus H. Christ!! Please get a life, dictionary and another management education (not necessarily in that order)

  187. Yeah man!!! Hell to all us bloggers!!! Even the worst IIPM student is better than us!! Yeah!!! Cmon man...let's check out the chix man!!! Yeah man!!! Cmon man!!!!

  188. IIPM students

    Campus recruitments (or the lack of it) is not an issue for you all. Papa will give you a job like Arindam's papa did to him.

    Prof Arindam Choudary... 'noted economist'. who 'noted' him?

    Finally, it shows how good your institute is... a journalist critisizes you and you call her a lesbo. Thats the best you can come up with? Why not counter her with facts and figures? If you and your alma mater is so good why not throw a lot of stats on her?

    You didnt. Because you dont have them. So in an impotent fury, you ended up calling her a lesbo!

    Shows what trash you and your institute are.

  189. Me and a friend of mine are having a debate of who really should have won the school presidency, in the movie Napolean Dynamite, he says Summer cause she is hot. I say Pedro cause he looked like a burned out stoner. So please cast your vote and help us settle this argument. This vote will end one year from 11/24/2005 at midnight EST.

  190. On a different note, the way IIPM students reacted to Gaurav Sabnis's episode by threatening to burn their IBM thinkpad laptops is the craziest think.

    In a country where education is still a privillege and not a right - its so silly of these rich punks of burning the laptops.

    If I were a senior leader in IBM, I would have gone all out to protect Gaurav Sabnis. Had IBM done this - they would have had great respect in the talent market. Gaurav should not have succumbed to these IIPM mickey mouses.

  191. Hey Rashmi
    That was a great post. The guys who wrote against you have something in common. All of them are masquerading as bloggers, who don't know the ABC of blogging. Well, no one really falls in the IIPM trap. Actually I look forward to the one page article by that blockhead Arindam Chaudary cos its so funny. I cant help laughing at it. He so successfully makes an ass of himself. It was so funny to see him on headlines today after the day i gave CAT. The ass who wouldn't have scored more than 50 percentile in CAT was putting fundaes, but he was sucking the discussion to the topic of IIPMs while the discussion was on the CAT exam. He was so hillarious. Being from an IIT and then an IIM, I know that people always try to belittle such great institute of learnings, but never succeed. AC is an ass and everyone only laughs at his ads. Only a blockhead could think of joining that crap institute.

  192. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  193. Hey IIPMites, come on , stop being abusive with a gal, come out with the facts if you think Rashmi is wrong.

    Rashmi, I hope you read this. I think many students of IIPM know the truth. But if IIPM comes into disrepute , their careers might get affected. So for the sake of that good amount of their parents hard earned money invested in IIPM, they are attacking you. Just a thought :-)

    I am not in a position to take sides here frankly, because I never had anything to do with IIM or IIPM.

    But some "first hand" observations:
    I never did MBA though I thought of doing so, after engineering college. I wasnt much informed and thought that its my ticket to a cushy job. I was applying for many colleges, and paying about Rs 500 for a form and 10 page booklet (exhorbitant, IMHO). I noticed that while costliest admission form/prospectus was of IIPM, some Rs 1000.
    Again, once you get the form , you again have to pay some moolah while submitting the form, which no other college at that time did(circa 2003). I thought that is cheating. Once a guy/gal has spent a thousand Rs to get that form, and then not filling it up for saving another sum of money is foolishness. So, in a way, you are forcing the buyer of your form to fill it up and pay up further too.

    While I was filling up the form, a friend came home and my dad too was around. He saw me filling up the form. He asked "kiska hai", I replied "IIPM ka" . He then told me "mat apply kar, jyada accha nahi hai". I asked him, why so, they seem to be pretty good in the ads. He said, that most of their claims in their ads are bogus. he also added that most of their colleges run from a single building and the photographs of the campus you see in the prospectus are not their campus. And he was doing MBA (he did BBA earlier, so one year less than my engg) from Gujarat Univ campus, and had applied to many b-schools, so he had gone through the background-check process and he knew.
    All this much before the bloggers and JAM did the article on IIPM.

    Ahh i should have joined IIPM and got an MBA. Two years of fun and frolic with hot gals in the gym. hehe.
    I wonder if any parents reading this will send their daughter to IIPM to be eye candy for other students.

    Whatever I have said is my experience with IIPM. I refrain from commenting on the laptop thing, the infrastructure, the guest faculty, quality of education,etc because I frankly dont know.

    Just a joke :-
    someone said --- personally i remember a batchmate from bihar who knew about 18 english words only when he joined, when we completed our course the same guy was one of the best presenter.---
    Hey how did he get into IIPM if he knew only 18 words in English. Are the admission criteria so low? And also how did he even complete his graduation. aah.. i forgot,.. patna university you see. Also, is IIPM a Bhojpuri medium college :-)

  194. Well i gues i'm too late in posting this comment. But i guess it is never late to show my support to u.

    The comments of the IIPM sympathsizers only made me laugh hard as it clearly portrays their mediocrity, which is wht they r taught in their "renowned","above all IIM's" school i guess.

    I'm happy that u never wasted a valuable minute of urs in replying to these shit comments.

  195. Hi all,
    Most of the comments written here are true. We are exixting students of IIPM Delhi and we find it disgusting when Mr. Ponytail cheats students generation after generation. Therefore to support the motion against him and his dictatorship we have launched a website...
    please visit the link, post your comments in the guest book and take the poll. It's the total inside out of IIPm and the chaudhari duo...

    thanks for ur support..

    please SPREAD THE WORD...


    Hi Guys

    Here is my small experience with Planman Films which i wish to shar.

    My letter to Dr.Chaudhari and others in his esteemed organisation is posted blow )ofcourse no reply from them



    Dear Dr. Chaudhari

    I would like to bring to your notice the total irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour of your people at Planman Films.

    I run a paragliding school at Kamshet , we have a small guest house where we house our students and adventure activity participants.

    I was approached by your Production House in Mumbai by Ms Sreesha on Thursday 24th of August after they visited our premises , wherein she confirmed our place for housing you film crew for 3 Nights Checking in on Aug 30th Checking out on Sept 2nd for 28 participants.

    Our other rooms were pre-booked , so she asked if we could cancel them and allot them to Planman.

    Our Normal Price being 750/- Rs per head per day she asked us for a reduction since they would not be having meals here which I agreed at 600/- , she then said that she would send across the payment on Friday the 25th. , and i e-mailed and faxed our invoice to her for 28 x 3 x 600 – 50400/-

    On Friday when I contacted her she said the accountant was not available and the dates were confirmed , cheque would be delivered on Saturday to our office in Bombay.

    I was at kamshet on Saturday and I get a call from a Mr.Dipankar saying that the accountant is not in and can he pay on the 30th at Kamshet,, we do not have banking there and I wanted the payment cleared before occupation.

    He then asks if we can reduce our prices (again) I tell him we have done so and no further reduction will be possible so he agrees to have the cheque for 50,400/- would be delivered on Monday morning.

    On Sunday your people visit our premises again and a Mr. Rohit informs our caretaker Mr.Pushkar that he will ensure the payment is made after he gets back to Mumbai.

    I called up Ms Sreesha on Monday morning and she sounded surprised that the cheque had not yet been delivered and assured me she would follow up.

    I call again this evening and she says that she will get back in 2 minutes, half an hour later I still have no news , so I message here again.

    I now get a call from Mr. Dipankar who says there is a water problem at kamshet, I assure him we have 25000 litres of water in underground tanks and will have no problems for the 28 people for 5 days as we have back up plans with water suppliers as well

    Now the disgusting part !!!

    He tells me at the n-th hour that our prices are too high and he will pay only 200/- per head ……

    I inform him that the price has been agreed upoun , he says he never agreed to It , someone else did !!! Does this mean every time we get a confirmation I should ask to speak to the CEO of the company and if he has seen the place and agrees to our terms !!!

    I tell him that after 4 days of assurances of the cheque being on its way it has come to this and I will not accept this , he tells me that they can go to lonavala and stay, I tell him that he is welcome to , he replys that oh but we don’t want to do that .

    Finally I tell him that’s not negotiable , he says he will get back…

    We had blocked the dates based on your “Professional Companies” reputation / name and turned away another corporate group who wanted to use our place for Team Building activites.

    We have lost revenue and work because of this.

    We intend to publish this to the Press and on every possible BLOG cautioning people on dealing with Planman , am sure they will enjoy reading my little !! adventure.

    It is indeed a shame to see a Professional Company such as yours dealing like a Baniya Outfit !!! Un-Planned Man is what I call it !!!

    We have dealt with many corporates in our past but never had such shabby treatment / behaviour.

    I regret this but am totally pissed off !!!

    Best Regards

    Sanjay & Astrid Rao

    Nirvana Adventures “Only Adventure”

    Native Place “The Art of Doing Nothing”

  197. A long time ago, DesiHowardRoark said that he teaches phd students at Haas (UCLA)...

    Thing though is, Haas is the B school of UC Berkeley and not UCLA.

    Go Figure.

    Aeshdni Namaritnia Avalfi to you IIPM people.

  198. Hi Rashmi....been reading your writings in print and on blog,so much for the moral turpitude Arindam Chowdhury exhorts to his students.Maybe its time these kids took 'Geeta ' lessons from Swami Parthasarthy than Arindam and his cronies.


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