Friday, December 17, 2010

Letting go

A lot has been written about 'scaling up'. But there is hardly any literature, or guidance, on scaling down.

I might have to write a book about this - someday :)

Anyhow. As JAM leaves its office of 12 years, there is a lot of physical, emotional and statutory cleaning up to be done.

In simple words, we have a good amount of furniture, fixtures and computers which we can't take with us. Some of it in good condition, rest of it so-so but all working.

If you are a start-up you may actually be able to make good use of it. So do get in touch, come inspect it and make a fair offer.

The office is in Prabhadevi. Exact address is no 51, gr flr, Kaliandas udyog Bhavan, a 2 min walk down the lane next to Century Bazar. You can call Yatin on 98673 43443 and fix up a time to come over.

Or email me: rashmi_b at


  1. hey! could you please tell me where can i find ' connecting the dots'??
    an e-copy would do too!

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  3. A very big decision taken by you of breaking the JAM's production. How r u sleeping in the nights after that?


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