Sunday, December 05, 2010

A new beginning

Change is life.
Change is growth.
Change is good.

Sometimes, it comes upon us gently, and sometimes with a giant boom-crash-and-bang.

Either way, after the initial chaos, I believe change always leads you to a better and happier place. And it's something to embrace and welcome, to smile and feel good about.

What change am I talking of?

JAM magazine is changing. We are suspending the print publication, to focus all energies on the online space. As well as events and youth research.

The print magazine will - hopefully - come back in a month or two, with a new, improved design, format, content. And most importantly, a better business model.

But, if the online magazine serves its purpose - we won't have to.

Ideally, we could have managed both simultaneously. But, the logistical and financial burden of printing a fortnightly magazine was always upon us.

What point is there when life becomes a compulsory treadmill? You have to get off and get a breath of fresh air, take a walk in the park.

So, walk we will. I don't know the exact place JAM is going or how we get there. But this is where it starts.

Change means shifting out of 51, Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan. It means letting go of people, of physical things and most importantly, 'the way things have always been done'.

There is a lot more I want to say, but I will share it in the days to come.

In the meanwhile, I need the help and support of readers past and present. JAM never made a lot of money (and at this point, there are some debts to fulfil).

What we have earned over 15 years is enormous goodwill.

I seek the services of a couple of crack programmers - students in engineering colleges or recent grads - who can help me implement the online vision. A clean and simple, reader-driven, user-friendly website.

A platform for young people to express their thoughts and showcase their talents.

The original mission of JAM, which we must rediscover.

To become a cult classic, for a new generation. And the next.

P.S. As always, you can email me at rashmi_b at

P.P.S. This blog appears as a matter of public record. We are in the process of personally communicating to subscribers, vendors, advertisers, suppliers, friends and well wishers.

Thank you all for your love and support.


  1. Oh My... a very sad notification to all the readers of JAM. and I think this is the reason why I never got JAM at the book stores I always got..

    Very sad to hear this and I hope u will fight enormously and come with sumthing new.. I have a big hope on you. thanks.

  2. Rashmi, I feel sometimes there might be cases where you have been forced to adapt change or to do change.It always not beneficial..Sometimes you change to a job which screws you further..So how can you say that change leads to good ?

  3. Pata tha, jaise hi mera article chaapega paper band ho jayega! :( Anyways here's hoping that the online avatar of JAM is a super-duper-Rajnikanth starrer movie maafik-epic success ;) Do keep us posted on the goings on & I will continue to keep sending my articles across. All said & done though it will be sad to never hold that chikna magazine paper in between our fingers...& sad even for the raddiwala & bhel puri wala :P

  4. I have been a subscriber to the print version of JAM while I was in Mumbai. No doubt, I feel kinda sad, but I think this is a step in the right direction. And while the right thing may involve temporary pain, it is good for everyone and the business in the longer run.

    All the best...

  5. Thats really a rational and bold move. I know somepeople who are s o attached with their publications , they run it even though they are not able to make any money though it is supposed to be their main source of income.

  6. Good luck to you and JAM. Still remember getting the first ever issue while standing in queue for Malhar 1995.

    I'm sure you guys will continue to rock in any avatar.

  7. Rashmi, this is very sad to know, cause till date. I was subscribing to the print copy of JAM magazine since my college days.

    All the best to the JAM Team, where ever you are, you will be doing a great job.

    The magazine when launches in its new avatar, know for fact that i will be the first the person to grab the copy.

  8. A new beginning.. lot more to explore.. still remember the wait for the new issue and reading it when travelling to college. JAM is where I saw my name in print for the first time at a national level and being called a 'True Blue Jammer' was the highest point in my life.

    All the very best to the JAM junta! more power to you!

  9. Hey Rashmi,

    I liked ur blogs and would like to share mine as well ....Reason!! to join ur team as a writer. So go ahead and read my blogs at

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    Do Follow it and Share knowledge to as many as you can, Sharing Knowledge would be the best gift you can ever give.

  11. Looks like a Great initiative for a greener tomorrow.By the way, it's easier to maintain an online media than a print media.Wishing you all the best for the upcoming new Online JAM avatar.

  12. This decision comes as a shock...! I mean its a brave decision to get off the shelf at this stage. I am not sure what your plans are, I am sure they are futuristic & thought about, but I am not totally convinced. I dont think an online version can replace the good old paper back format.
    Maybe technically or financially it wont be a viable option but logically or emtionally it aint a positve thing to know. I have been a JAM fan/follower for the past 8-9-10 years or more & would like to admit that I am not happy or okay with the decision. Wold also like to vouch my support in any which way possible/expected to assist you.

  13. Rashmi, congratulations! Change is good! :)

  14. "Change is good", because i am a manager and i once read "Who Moved my Cheese" which my manager asked me to read to brainwash me :)

  15. I know this is a wrong place, but I did not have any contact - I know Mangesh Mahajan, aka Skinny, and can pass along his details (that I have) to you. Drop me a line at choombak at gmail dot com

  16. I actually never read JAM mag in hard copy (not a avid mag reader) but happens to spend half of my day on net. Its gud. Only one polite suggestion : plz restructure the website n no ads plz. it steals the cool...

    waiting 4 new avtar .........

  17. Rashmi,

    That takes guts!! Been following JAM since its inception and during college days, we used to wait for the next print issue to come out.

    I am sure you will come out equally snazzier, if not more in your new avataar!!

    To create, destruction is natural!!

    Wish you happy creation!! Go invent!

    All the best!

  18. This may sound greek to you but using something like Joomla!
    or Drupal will help you in implementing the simple and reader driven website you are aiming to make . Hmm and you could take some cues from facebook or google for a cleaner design .

    -- Yours truly


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