Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'The Truth about IIPM's Tall Claims': Update

It was exactly 5 years ago that JAM magazine first published the story 'The Truth about IIPM'S Tall Claims' in its issue dated Jun 15-29 2005.

This was the first time that any media in India had examined the claims made by IIPM in its ubiquitous full page advertisements where it dared students to 'dream beyond IIMs'.

As readers of this blog would be aware, IIPM carried out a malicious personal attack on me, for publishing this article. Legal action was threatened but never initiated.

We had full documentary evidence for every claim we had questioned, and wherever we had found the institute lacking.

Last week, there was a new development.

We recieved a notice from Silchar in Assam, where the Hon Civil Judge no 1 at Cachat had passed an injunction restraining us from displaying the above article. As per the court's instruction, we have temporarily removed the link to the article.

Let me assure you JAM will seek legal recourse against this injunction. As the matter is sub-judice I would not like to get into the details.

However, the following questions are pertinent:
1) If IIPM had a strong case why did it not file one in 2005. when the article was originally published?

2) The head office of JAM is in Mumbai, while that of IIPM is in New Delhi. So why has a case been filed in Silchar?

Apart from this, why does IIPM continue to fight a proxy internet campaign to malign me by spidering a blog created by 'IIPM Student-9' where I am referred to as a trickster publishing a yellow journal.

(No I am not providing a link here, the offending page appears when you type my name in google on the first page of 'search results'.)

I have faith in the country's judicial system as regards the protection of free speech. And I believe journalists must continue to write free and fair reports in the public interest, regardless of the pressures and pulls involved.

Thank you all for your love and support.


  1. Quite interesting, the google ad below this post when I read it in google reader is an IIPM ad :)

  2. Fight them. If you need money, let's run a donation. IIPM's tactics are disgusting.

    And since most of the mainstream media doesn't like to antagonize a big client, it'll take a really big effort to take them on - but I'm with you. Fight!

  3. Pathetic!

    I am sure they are filing the case because they must have met the 2005 promises in 2010 !

    I agree with Deepak.. this needs to be fought with the community. Would be glad to help in any way !

  4. Seriously terrible!
    We are with you on this...would love to be of any help.

  5. Oh well probably our mans done with counting chickens before they hatched nowm hence the delay.
    This needs to go out to the wider community as gautam says.

  6. It is important to highlight such cases. IIPM is only one such case - all over India, you will find many such cases. I guess, the first donation should come from SRK.

  7. History is repeating. The way the blogosphere charged at IIPM for this bullshit 5yrs back, am sure everyone of us will be by your side today too. I am.

    and let's get some lawyers on the board as well.

  8. Rashmi, so i guess it only goes to prove the old saying, " Never wrestle with a pig, because after some time you’ll realize that you are getting dirty and he’s enjoying it."

  9. Pathetic situation. I would love to be of any help.

  10. IIPM sucks.... go ahead Rashmi.... We are with u....

  11. What recourse do we plan to take? They (IIPM) must and should be fought is clear. What assistance may you require from the blogosphere/us?

    As you say, there is a documentary proof, the charges might be squashed in court. But is a hearing date in sight at all? Or, we have to adhere to this stay order for long?

  12. Arindam's father fought elections in Assam (claiming to have a PhD from Berlin University which doesn't give PhDs). Probably has some political connections.

  13. Thats really disgusting of them.... Would be glad to be of any help

  14. It is a case of forum shopping, don't know whether SC can take it up and have it quashed or transferred to the appropriate jurisdiction, I think it can!

  15. Rashmi,
    Count on us for full support on thei ssue.

  16. Rashmi - these guys are terrible. And don't give up - but they didn't count on the fact that we wont either. How can we help?

  17. They will need to remove the material from all such places like way back machine and Google's cache http://web.archive.org/web/20080210034840/http://www.jammag.com/careers/n/showart.php?art_id=149

  18. Education at all level has become so commercialized that a lay parent does not know who to trust any more.A few colleges have paid their own students to project their college names. A few are offering only distance learning MBA degree and charging 5-6 lacs for an SMU distance learning, making them do silly activities to justify their fee!
    I am with you.

  19. All the very best, Rashmi. We are with you.

    Here's what I read on Careers 360

    IIPM - Best only in claims? The full chronology : http://bit.ly/7zZp7q

  20. Went through the entire older article using the archive link. Great work from JAM team!!

    The way IIPM advertising is arrogant and downright smells a rot. Why can't a complaint of misleading advertising be filed against IIPM with Advertising Standards Council of India at - http://goo.gl/H8PS.

    Would be glad to help.

  21. I think Careers360 exposed the tall claims very recently.What is IIPM going to do about it? Send them a legal notice from a Srikakulam district court in 2014-15?

  22. Shame on IIPM , if they have any in the first place.
    I did follow the controversy and it was shocking to see at what levels would they fall to.
    I think they still do google search for IIPM controversies etc and end up on posts from ppl like you and gaurav sabnis , maybe that is why they are still scared of these articles.
    Plus with the deeper penetration of net , i think even their customer base mite get affected by the Truth coming out even in blogs and online journals.
    Please keep us posted on any updates on this front.

  23. What is it with IIPM? If they can't make good their claims, they shouldn't make them in the first place. Hope your case gets sorted for good this time and they are forced to eat their words.

  24. Hi all,
    If you want the truth to be known, please help correct the IIPM and Arindham Chaudhuri Wikipedia pages. They are again the handiwork of IIPM marketing people - esp the Arindham Chaudhuri one.

    Those well versed with the controversy and the personality of this man can help by providing their inputs to the wikipedia page.

  25. why after 5 years ?
    they wanna generate more free publicity ?

  26. But why after 5 years??? They seem to be doing this just to gain some more publicity! I'm sure you'll win in this. Let us know if any need help needed in this.

  27. Hey Rashmi

    I think you guys did a fabulous job in the IIPM case BUT

    why did JAM then started looking the other way round. Do you think IIPM is the only one who is spreading disinformation?

    Or the fact is that JAM caved in to the pressure and started being cautious about touching such instis.

    If so, why should we bother if they are hounding you (five years down the line or five days).

    It appears that you played safe thereon. So at least you are in no way a inspiration - not me. The vulnerable & impressionable readers of your blog may be - not I.


  28. I wonder at the reputed media houses and SRK...how can they keep promoting misleading Adverts.

    I think its time we start questioning such media houses and fake heroes.

  29. I am rather surprised with couple of links on this blog (career360 etc.) .

    Looks like it is clear case of fraud , isn't this a cognizable offense ?

    Can't relevant authorities take action for fraudulent activities of IIPM ?

    That is surprising - that someone can cheat so publicly and openly.

  30. As Gautam & Deepak said, "fight them". Am happy to pitch in with whatever help I can provide.

  31. Rashmi, You are really doing a great service to society by exposing such false claims and fake placements figures.. Do not worry, you have lot of support from your followers :)

  32. Rashmi,
    I have regular reader of this blog and your magazine for 10 plus years.
    I admire your courage, you have our full support.

  33. Rashmi,
    You are doing a great job. We are with you. Fight on!
    You should also plan a counter case for the harassment you are having to undergo.

  34. These fradulent people want to misuse every loophole of Indian judicial machinery. Hope the truth prevails soon. I am fed-up of crap IIPM advertisements appearing everyday in newspapers. Media should also take an ethical stand and stop publishing such advertisements which don't have even an iota of truth.

  35. IIPM is taking its students for a ride. Very recently I interviewed a few candidates for the post of Sales Officer. The guys were not upto the mark. Sadly, after spending 2 years and Rs 8 - 9 lacs even if fundamentals are not clear then there is no point in having such an education. Moreover, most of the candidates had already taken huge educational loans and the salaries were not commensurate with the EMIs they would be burdened with. Most of them happen to be small-towners with lot of aspirations but would soon land in a debt trap...thanks to glitzy IIPM ads.

  36. Ma'm,

    I thought I should let you know this.

    As I worked my way down, I found the lowest rung of Google Adsense on the right was displaying ads from - guess who - IIPM !

    I thought I should make you aware, in case it was an intended prank to malign you.

    Keep up the fight ma'm. All the Best!

  37. Lets Fight Rashmi.. we are all with you..

  38. Don't worry, you can get the case transferred to Bombay or Delhi by approaching the Supreme Court.
    They won't stand a chance. If there's any problem you can contact me.

    (I head my company's legal functions.)

  39. Hi,
    Just got this recent update related to IIPM. I thought will put it here too. UGC has declared that IIPM is not a university as per their laws and no degree BBA/BCA/MBA will be valid. They cannot grant one.


    I hope more and more people come to know of this.

  40. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=125892&l=2ce7a0d32b&id=100001186496740

    pls see this about iipm..

  41. rampant advertising malpractices and overclaiming in Indian higher education is also an indicator of lack of professional standards and regulatory oversight. more details on http://bit.ly/bKl7Qi

    Rahul Choudaha


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