Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life and death

48 hours after she was found hanging from her ceiling, newschannels are still speculating,"Who killed Viveka Babajee???!!!"

Methinks the frisson of excitement is for two reasons:

* The victim was a model, in fact she was the KS model. So, enough pretty pictures and rampwalking sequences to make bad news look kind of good. Which matters a great deal on television.

Plus, her friends are models, so a chance to beam more pretty faces - all of whom declare she was wonderful and strong and they are shocked. But not shocked enough to appear on TV teary-eyed, or without make-up.

* Dozens of people kill themselves everyday - who cares. But if someone who is beautiful, successful, rich and famous kills themselves... ouch! That means the majority of human beings - average-looking, unknown, living in Vasai (E), with nagging mother-in-laws and leakage in the bathroom - what hope do they have?

So - accept your Fate. Nobody is happy, samjhe?

The other aspect of this story I find sad is the glee with which anchors and columnists are placing the blame on a 'string of unhappy relationships'. That the break-up with the latest guy in her life was the straw that broke her back.

Okay. This line of thought assumes that people who get married to their boyfriends will definitely be happy and never think about killing themselves.

Let me give you a (completely imaginary but plausible) scenario B.

Ex-model marries stockbroker boyfriend.
They quickly discover, we are not 'made for each other'.

Husband sleeps around (openly).
Wife sleeps around (discreetly).

The two rage and sulk, fight and argue.
Every day, every night...

Two things can happen:
* The couple separates
* The couple sticks on

The second scenario is more likely if a child has been born. You see, the child needs a 'family' (at least in the photo album).

The woman adjusts to the 'benefits' that come with the tag of being Mrs XYZ. Bangla, gaadi, spending money she doesn't have to earn.

The man also enjoys his perks. After all, someone has to manage dhobi, cook, 'bring up' the children and keep elders happy (chalo, finally dikra settle toh ho gaya).

And so Boy and Girl stay together - for reasons of lifestyle, for convenience and for social status. There is no 'love', no real sharing or companionship. But why kill yourself over it?

You are already a part of the 'Living Dead'.

Also see: Blog I wrote back in 2006 - Depression: It could happen to you


  1. check ur mail...something more important thing than this gossip is waiting

  2. woah, you need to chill with the disdain

  3. This is so true, in our country,a relationship with no love and attachment for each other is dragged along for sake of family honor. And its in our country that if two people from different caste decide to spend their life together, they are not allowed, again, in the name of family honor.

  4. @ gaurav ?!?!!? btw i think kate winslet's character died accidentally

  5. u r so right . You are already part of the living dead if you do this..

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  8. I am sorry but what do you mean by living in Vasai east, there are 15 thousand people who lives in vasai East and many industries are there.. by stating that, do you mean people live in Vasai east are less happy then people live at Cuff parade?


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