Friday, June 26, 2009

Lift ke side effects

Anyone who's ever worked at Nariman Point knows that the elevators suck. It can easily take you 15-20 minutes to get from the ground floor to the desired point.

Well, the head of a company who has an office in one such building made an interesting observation today. He said and I quote:

"Ever since smoking was banned in public places you can't hang out just outside the office, or in the stairwell, and grab a smoke. You have to walk down and smoke outside the building."

(Not sure if even *that* is allowed but I guess there are fewer chances of getting into trouble)

"Well, the long and short of it is that with the lift situation being what it is, junta is forced to use the stairs. In the process, most smoking types have either lost a helluva lotta weight. Or simply cut down on smoking."

From half a pack a day they're down to 2-3 suttas - at least during working hours.

So in case you're wondering, the ban on smoking in public IS having an impact...

And the next time you cool your heels at Express Towers remember - the humble elevator is also playing its part!


  1. Interesting observation!

  2. I work in Express Towers..If nothing it has only increased our smoking as now we smoke atleast two at a time when we come down and besides climbing down or up fifteen floors is not a possibilty.. so we have decoded all lift possibilities..
    Dnt know how much it has worked in anyway for us other then the fact that yeah you got to wait for the lift all the time..

  3. @Rashmi

    hmmm.. It seems you have Lot of time now days...


  4. I think, it must also have increased usage of lifts in office buildings consuming (wasting) more electricity in India which is already in power crisis.

  5. A Yemeni airliner with 150 people aboard has crashed in the Indian Ocean off the island nation of Comoros

    I told you it was Air Bus

  6. Maybe someday someone will do a matrix calculating how many people have actually reduced their smokes due to the ban!
    Im all for the ban! :)

  7. Yeah quite an interesting observation

  8. first time to your blog, yea interesting observation. It does have an impact as you rightly stated. Ciao:))

  9. If it helps prevent passive smoking, then it's probably good.

  10. @Anjaan: And I am all for banning sex, so that no one gets AIDS!

  11. I think it definitely has made an impact...even if it is just marginal..


  12. 'Lift ke side effects' a funny topic. Although it is true that using lift is not beneficial for health yet it is used in multi flour buildings as it is necessary. But if you can do it, it will improve your health. Nowadays more and more people are using stairs.
    Michael Swann

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