Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A good day...

Is a day when you learn something new.

And there is so much beauty and knowledge and wisdom in this world, that every day can be good, I say!

Well, today I was in a bookstore, waiting for a friend when I picked up a hardcover called '10 10 10' by Suzy Welch. I flipped through it and essentially she says:

"When making any difficult decision think about its consequences in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years."

Wow, I thought. That *is* a great rule to live by!

Now I don't plan to read the book itself (reviews are average) but the five minutes in that shop were certainly well spent!

On the way home I tried applying the 10-10-10 rule to a few dilemmas I'm facing in life. Let's take a relatively minor one, like not being able to blog that often these days.

It isn't lack of ideas, but a question of prorities. I'm trying to complete my next book and that takes all my heart, soul, discipline and determination!

So when I feel like writing a post I often just... let it slide.

For 10 minutes: It feels bad.

In ten months: It may affect this blog's readership (sometimes I wonder, if I slow down too much would I simply lose the *desire* to blog?)

In ten years: If I write a book which touches lives and ignites minds, it would all be worth it!

So, folks, forgive my long absences and silences. And think about the 10-10-10 rule, as it applies to your life! But hey, don't overdo it....

Like today I also learnt that I can eat an entire thin crust pizza (all 8 pieces) when really really hungry. But I don't think it qualifies for the 10-10-10 treatment.

Will just compensate by eating light tomorrow!


  1. i am sure 10 months after yur blog viewership wont decline ,keep working hard on writing your next book :)

  2. ha ha ha.. thats for the pizza.. but the 10 10 10 rule rocks!

  3. Ha ha ha .. Nice post ..

    Loved the 10-10-10 rule ..

    U sounded like a great pizza fan !!

  4. @Rashmi

    Emmmm... please keep on writing like this then your viewership will not come down .
    Nice Work!


  5. perhaps you wait for the paperback edition ;)

  6. Absence from blogging is a highly common habit i practice these days!
    Your post well qualifies my mood..need to get bk to blogging!
    (10-10-10 results of not blogging,are already horrifying)

    Stay Hungry Stay Foolish was excellent! Eagerly awaiting you next!

  7. 10 10 10 rule for Pizza eating:

    10 mins - You feel great!

    10 months - It may become an addiction and you may gain 3-4 kgs in weight

    10 years - The body shall learn to accept those calories and without increasing weight any further :-)

  8. Really nice "idea"

    Sometimes, we become too obsessed by the short term benefits that we forget the long term benefits. \

    Nice tip!

  9. Rashmi- I'd like to offer another opinion than yours and all those who have posted their comments before mine.

    Your blog is as important or maybe even more important than your book. I say this because I am a super-fan of Zoe Margolis aka Abby Lee aka Girl with a One Track Mind. She has written a book too but I think she has had more hits on her blog than people who actually bought her book.

    A few reasons why I prefer blogs to books:

    1. They're free.
    2. They are easily accessible.
    3. They can be shared easily.
    4. Your blog can and will get you an int'l following faster than your book.

    Now don't get me wrong. I bought 10 copies of Stay Hungry - Stay Foolish for my team this year. Am waiting for your next book too, but please don't ignore ur blog-fans. We loveyou.



  10. 10-10-10 rule is quite interesting! I by chance noticed that u hv already applied dis rule recently...

    I was going thru ur book website "" where u chose to put up d news of SHSF crossing 50,000 copies but now when ur book crossed 1,00,000 copies, u chose to put up that news on ur old blog instead probably coz dis blog would remain popular 10 years down the line irrespective of the activity on ur individual book-websites... clearly an application of "10-10-10" rule!

  11. That's well said a message. The 10-10-10 rule sounds interesting!

  12. Nice rule eh! Sounds awesome.. Well, let me try and apply it...

    Well, frankly, most of us just apply the '10' rule.. 10min.. i mean.. nothing beyond that!

  13. Thank you for writing 'Stay hungry Stay Foolish'

  14. Anonymous8:11 PM

    great message ..

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  16. hmmm....a good thought for the day ma'am. I can see how 5 mins spent in the bookstore can change the way u look @ things. Thanks for sharing this wonderful 10-10-10 principle. Don't worry we wouldn't mind u not blogging often, just give us an even better novel than SHSF. Change is the only thing thats constant.

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