Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

Michael Jackson is dead. As far as I am concerned, the Michael Jackson I loved died a long time ago. What went on 25th June was just the pale shadow.

What was Michael's problem, you might wonder. He had talent, he had money, he had fame, he had fans. he had 'everything' most of us can only dream about.

The trouble was none of it mattered. Deep down inside, Michael hated himself.

That's why he underwent a zillion surgeries.
That's why he went wacko in many different ways.
That's why he was taking painkillers, on which it is believed he OD'ed.

The kind of pain he had though, could not be killed with any drug. Except love.

Self love.

As another singer who's also gone somewhat cuckoo in recent times once crooned, "Learning to love yourself... is the greatest love of all"!

Remember that! Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say it to yourself:"No matter what - I love you, as you are."

And say a prayer for Michael and the little boy inside him who spent a lifetime looking, for the 'King of Pop', to say those very words.

P.S. You might want to pick up a book called 'You can Heal your Life' by Louise Hay. It will help you look into that mirror... and believe what you're saying!


  1. Very touching post Rashmi...

    I think whatever you said is absolutely true... wish somebody had told him that..

    Liked this post very much..

  2. this is what i was wondering the whole day but could not have written as well as you did in this post and moreover all my friends are in total grieve to share what i feel about MJ.............but forgettin his last few years he has given the world a special dance form which nobody has ever performed

  3. Rashmi,

    You might be correct on a few counts but dont you think it would be a gross generalization say that Mike hated himself.

    Yes, he was a great entertainer. But I guess he too went through a lot of shit to get to where was.. especially consider he was colored. Success is sweet but to the experience of getting there not very.

    So saying tht he hated himself.. in my opinion wud be pushing it a lil too far :)

  4. You talk like you have to love yourself no matter how ugly u think you are. MJ perhaps did not like the way he looked and got himself a surgery. ain't it pretty subjective, people do things to look better some go to beauty parlor some get a surgery done, its matter of affordability and convenience and most importantly personal experiences.

  5. I never followed Michael Jackson's brand of music, so don't know how great he was......but I think so many people can't be wrong that he was the "king of pop”. He suffered the same fate as many before him like Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Hendrix....well written

  6. It hurts to see a new generation which has never heard of the King of Pop.

    Case in point:

    Sad that his masterpieces are now officially on the 'Artist Dead' archives

    P.S. your blog isnt accepting comments from non-google accounts

  7. Perhaps he was scrwed up mentally and physcially but there is no denying that he was truly the king of seemed to have missed the point.

  8. Mike was very young (barely a teenager) when he achieved all that fame and got all that money. What teenager doesn't hate the way s/he looks? The difference was he had what it takes to go under the knife.

    We would perhaps never know if he hated himself - his actions were weird. But he almost always was very articulate and except for his looks and a few impulsive actions, was always a soft spoken man.

  9. very nicely abserved and described.But which one do you think is better : loved by millions and hated by one's self(Michael Jackson) or hated by millions but loved by one's self( like Hitler) ?

  10. @Rashmi

    I think we should judge people because " if you are judging people you are lossing time to love them"

    But I am sure i am going to take your tip of mirror..

    Quite useful

  11. I am still wondering how can a man hate himself when he is loved by millions?

  12. Michael Jackson may have hated himself, which means he wasn't so different from any other human being. More than that his later life was the 'self-actualizing' stage. I think more than hating his self he was trying to enjoy his freedom - the freedom which money in the can buy. He was being true to himself. Like you and me he was being as human as he could be. Though some of his actions were not socially justified and were indeed wrong, it will be an understatement to generalize him as a self-hater. Perhaps more, his early death vindicates the fact that the superstars dying early do so after living a second life (and a more truthful one) after reaching the climax of their lives.

  13. Sounds to be an interesting realisation but can a person who hates himself be a performer who presented him very differently.To present an unique identity it needs extreme belief,love and confidence in oneself is it not.Looking throughout Jacko's journey its seems very evident that he was wondering about doing things differently he had a passion for being unique and always looked for new beginings from Jackson 5 to King of Pop.He was a constant warrior against racial discrimination and offcourse has faced harsh realities in the begining of his career.This thirst for breaking monotony and taking risks disguided him somewhere..and he had pay a heavy price for his popularity too.It is very important to understand and admit that people who pesevere to be unique should be driven and guided by a strong idealogy.Lack of proper guidance,luv and idealogy has lead this genius to destroy his own self but to deliver a strong message blended in his unforgetable musical regime.
    Praying for his soul to rest in peace..

  14. Hey.i logged in to compliment your post and really u have articulated the very thought of MJ abt hw did he feel abt himself very well.
    But after reading every1's comments, i somehow felt..oh ma god!!! He was a real star..who was always in news..people kept following him and i think dy will keep following him..
    Ahmed, i hav nvr seen so many comments in any of ur post...Seariously, Michael Jackson rocks!!!

  15. hi Rashmi,
    A great post..I won't get into whether MJ hated himself or not...but the best part of the post was : 'look into mirror and say: no matter what, i love myself'..

  16. I could neva appreciate his high pitched singing. But the moonwalk was a real rocker thingy.

    As of his looks, I simply adored his big innocent sparkling eyes and the dazzling million dollar smile framed on his 11 year old face.

  17. strange, very atypical post.

    rather superficial. very out of character.

  18. Michael Jackson was destiny's child and he remianed so until his death...

    He was that stubborn child who wanted to change everything he could..his body, face, colour which reflected a sort of rediscovering his lost and troubled childhood...

    he was a great entertainer and his songs touched billions of hearts...he splurged money (donated millions) and he desrved it!!!

    all this aside and merits of ur argument, i believe one ought to say a few goods words for a person who has just bring forth the unfortunate part of MJs life and being so crass just makes one feel like you r portraying urself as a great GYAANI who passes comments on others lives but is herself good for nothing..

  19. Well,I don't think he hated himself...In some way it made me feel bad for him that mankind never understand him...what people say or what US legal system say...he is a great of the kind..He lost himself in showing mankind a path that will change this world..

    Being MJ can never be understood by us..With all his power and popularity he tried to do something good which appeared to be weird and bizarre to the world.

    I don't say he is Mr.Perfect..but he is not strange..If we talk about plastic surgeries..actually he has a disease called vitiligo which killed his skin pigmentation..As a popular entertainer he should make himself look better to sing before world..and surgeries are not started by him..every Hollywood actor or actress has something plastic in their appearances..

    Now he was got weird with out him.. Its a tragic end.. he don't even know how much he is loved..RIP

  20. Mannn... Michael Jackson was a terrible loss for everyone. I still cant believe he's gone. I dont believe he's dead... I wish he were still alive... =(

  21. I think whatever you said is absolutely true... wish somebody had told him that..
    Very touching post Rashmi... Lifestyle on the Net Lifestyle on the Net

  22. You are yet another member of the public who was manipulated by media lies. Your venomous and hateful viewpoint also reflects your extreme lack of understanding about a fellow human being who had a positive influence on millions around the world. Michael Jackson was a blessing to this world through his persistent messages of love and hope. His unique work remains alive through his admirers.
    He was actually a shy and humble man. However, as a result of his fame and wealth, he was able to express love for humanity in ways that you and I cannot. It’s not just in Jackson's unparalleled artistry that his ultimate greatness lies, but in his unparalleled humanity. His music and dance are an expression of love, compassion and humanity toward his fellow human beings and our planet.

    Jackson's intense ability to think and feel deeply made him a caring and loving human being.
    We don’t know the reasons why Jackson felt compelled to submit to plastic surgery. What matters more is something your petty opinion did not address: despite being the target of ridicule and cruelty, he remained beautiful inside. To millions around the world, his physical appearance reflected that inner strength and they love him for this very reason. People like you dissect and ridicule him for your personal satisfaction—to make you feel better about yourself—but what are we to think about your inner visage? Why not do some research and learn about the pain of people who suffer, as Jackson did, from vitilago and lupus? Examine the influence these skin disorders have on one's emotions and physicality. Would these problems require plastic surgery to keep one’s face from becoming unbearably disfigured? You could have done a favor to society by educating your fellow man about Jackson’s life of extreme health challenges, instead of positing your uncharitable opinion about something for which only Jackson can provide the answer. Discussing Jackson's appearance and his inner thoughts the way you did gives us a clue about your inner journey. Please don't use and internet blog to feed your salacious thoughts to fellow man.


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