Monday, April 20, 2009

JAM Engineering Guide - updated edition

I am in the process of updating the Engineering Admissions Guide published by JAM last year. And once again, I need your help :)

The guide was a labour of love, made possible by so many of you sharing your experiences and participating in our survey. Although I can't claim it is a 'best seller' I know it has helped a lot of students. And I feel it is my duty to update the content, as every incoming batch needs a credible source of information!

So here's what I'll be doing:

* The ratings remain unchanged (as I don't think colleges move in terms of quality in a single year). A fresh survey will be conducted over the course of this year and published in 2010.

* The cover design is being changed, and any factual errors which crept in will be taken care of :)

* The articles will be refreshed - and here is where I need your inputs.

Much has changed over the last year. The idea that engineering guarantees you a software job no longer holds. Neither is it a passport into other glamorous sectors like i-banking. 'Core' is once again king.

How does this affect the engineering aspirant? I've listed some of the topics on which I would like small articles or inputs from readers of this blog.

From engineers working in the industry:
1) What is a 'core' job? What are the work and growth prospects like.
Inputs wanted from
* Civil
* Chemical
* Mechanical
* Petrochemical
and all other branches

2) Exciting things Indian engineers have done recently:
- produced the Nano car
- built the Delhi metro
- sent Chandrayaan into space

Anyone who has worked with these projects and would like to share the excitement - please do write a small piece to inspire the next generation. Idea is for at least some students to take up engineering out of a sense of passion!

3) How to achieve despite being from a lesser known engineering college.
We all know that only a few can make it to IITs. But the truth is you don't have to be from a brand name college to be 'successful' in life. If you are from a relatively 'unknown' college but doing well in your chosen career, please share your story!

4) Engineers who have become entrepreneurs.
We would love to have some stories - again to open young minds to the various possibilities.

5) 'I am an engineer but my current job/ career has nothing to do with engineering'.
Yes, many engineers are now film makers, IAS officers, musicians, bankers - and what have you. The truth is you can study anything and make a career in a completely separate field. Does engineering provide a solid foundation for life? Pls feel free to share your views & experiences!

From engineering students:
1) If a core job is what you want, you need more than a superficial knowledge of your subject.
Share the hows and whys of falling deeply and madly in love with your branch of engineering. Even if it was not your 'first choice'! Even if the college wasn't the one you always dream of joining

2) Extra curriculars that add value to your CV

3) Think your college is an 'unsung hero'?
An institute that more students should know about? Send us a small write up!

4) 'Why I am doing MTech'

5) Exciting things engineering students are doing.
Whether it's making a racing car, a robot dog or..a computer program to make girls fall for you (just kidding). If you've done anything worth trumpeting, let us know.

6) Small tidbits about engineering college & hostel life

7) And yeah, some boring but 'most wanted' tips on how to crack various engg entrance exams. Just share what worked for you.

The above is an indicative list. If any of the topics touches a chord (or you have a topic apart from this you'd like to write on) drop me a line at rashmi_b at

You can either:

* Write the article yourself (ideally)
* Answer a short q'nnaire by email

You will get credits and a copy of the book when it comes out :)

Lastly, if any of you is 'in between jobs' or just has a bit of time on their hands - I have a small (miserably paid but v meaningful) assignment for you. Can be done from any location in India as it's mainly online based.

Will send details to those who are specifically interested.

Phew. That was quite a long list of requests. Kya karoon. Yeh kaam bahut zaroori hai, aur main ise akele nahin kar sakti.

I know, as always, you folks will chip in and make it possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. I could be of some help to you (this is not for that assignment of yours). I can help you with the MTech and ChE career options stuff. Can you tell me by when do you want the inputs?

  2. I am a student from Vasavi college of engineering, Osmania University. Even though I was from a little known college, I worked hard and I achieved some firsts for a student from my college. I consider myself to be successful, and I would interested to contribute an article that explains what I did right and what I should have done right. I hope that it will be useful for people going to small colleges to be successful. Please let me know when you need the inputs. My home page is

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  4. Those rankings were pretty faulty, and not correcting a mistake is doing it all over again. It's saving you time, effort and money for sure, but you are presenting a wrong picture to the world.

    *rankings don't change over a year*
    is almost entirely true, it doesn't hold if:
    *they were incorrect in the first place*
    Think about it.

  5. Thanks for volunteering, Vinay and Mansu! Pls drop me a line at rashmi_b at and I will send you the details.

    Akash we had provided 'ratings' not rankings and of course there is always room for improvement. If you have any specific feedback re: where corrections need to be made I would be glad to hear it. Again, drop me a mail or send me your no and I can call you!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi,

    I am pass out of SPCE (Sardar Patel College of Engg., Andheri)and have done post Grad of IIMC. If you need any inputs on Engineer working in Non-engineering field and also about SPCE contact me. I am linked to you on linkedin. You can visit the same at (to check the suitability)


  8. Hi Rashmi,

    Being in a management institute with intake of all engineers, let me know in case we can be of some help to you!

  9. When is this year's book going to be published? My daughter is appearing for the JEE this year and so, should I buy the old version or wait for the new one? Will it be out by June end?

  10. Hi i'm currently in between jobs right now! And am very interested in that assignment if you already haven't assigned it to somebody! Currently i am in Aurangabad.

  11. Hi Rashmi I am from a lesser known "University" ....Actually i think it must have been famous by now but the reality is that it is not. Please have a look at LNMIIT jaipur. It has very good faculty and infrastructure and students are also competitive and one of very few colleges where Reservation is Zero.
    FYI ..I completed my Engg. last year and currently working in CSC Chennai.

  12. Whats your email id? I would like to send you my comments.

  13. Rahul & Ankur - my email id is rashmi_b at Drop me a line! Mayank - we did cover LNMIT but if you'd like to write abt the experience in more detail you are welcome. Manju - you can pick up the 2008-9 edition right now. Updated one will be out in July, but if it is earlier I will let you know. Do drop me a line with yr tel no.

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  15. Thanks for volunteering, Vinay and Mansu! Pls drop me a line at rashmi_b at and I will send you the details. Lifestyle on the Net Lifestyle on the Net


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