Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sorry, we're not sorry!

Three very agitated women tried their best to get Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik to admit on CNN IBN's Face the Nation that he has no adhikaar to decide what is 'Indian culture'.

Sadly, they failed. They failed because you cannot use reason or logic with a man who wishes to give a memorandum to the Karnataka CM and police requesting them not to allow the celebration of 'Valenteens Day'.

"Agar.. agar.. agar police aapke memorandum par act nahin ki to aap kya karenge.." sputtered Sagarika Ghose, in shock and excitement.

Muthalik will 'request' shopkeepers not to sell cards as it leads their mas and behens astray.

"Aapko kaun adhikaar deta hai bhartiya sanskriti ke thekedaar banne ka", thundered the true-blue English news anchor, frantically trying to string together thoughts in Hindi.

Yes, talking of 'setting the agenda' at the very least he got CNN IBN to hold a half hour discussion with him in the rashtrabhasha!

The truth is yesterday Muthalik was a nobody. Today he got half an hour on prime time television to loftily declare that "hazaaron lakhon log hamara saath de rahe hain".

If I were a politician looking to make a 'national launch' I would run to the nearest pub, beat up a few women and send the tape to all news channels.

Then I would powder up and wait for my turn to beam to the camera and declare,"2008 mein Feb 14 ko Mumbai mein aath ladkiyon ke upar atyachar hua.. aur Dilli mein 17 ladkiyon par!"

Yes, there are voices which say 'fight back' but it is one thing to join a group on Facebook and another to actually fight back when a bunch of hooligans try to tear off your clothes.

Wish you all a happy Valenteens Day.


  1. people like pramod muthalik and raj thackery are self promoted leaders of the indian culture.They even do not know about compassion or unity in diversity words prevailing in our culture.You cannot fight with them by logics as they do not want democratic cultured society but just their own goondaraj.Focus of media should be there to put these goons under proper scrutiny and force the government for strict action.These gunda people never take any step for ban of alcohol,tobacco or ciggarates in their region or community.And they talk about the culture..

    Pub culture is not truly inherited indian culture but is adpated from the west.But no one has right to decide fate of an independent idea and lifestyle.

  2. Yeah. Or may be I would beat up some people from other states and then claim that I was fighting for my manoos. ;)

    This is a new way for these politicians to try to come to the mainstream and the media gives them the required coverage too. Truly frustrating to see that a huge % of junta believes them as well. The day isn't far when we will have many more of such goons trying to decide the morality of the whole country in their own twisted way.

  3. I am not citing research findings or trying to provide any kind of empirical evidence. However, logic would suggest, that exposure, knowledge, education, upbringing, lifestyle have progressively changed over the years. Choosing conditions of the past as the barometer to judge current status is highly convenient and blatantly incorrect. By trying to extrapolate the sentiments of a select few onto an entire generation, the zealots are severely underestimating the wisdom of today’s youth. They aught to realize that their uproar finds root in a sense of insecurity about not being able to break the archaic shackles that bind them. We have tones of diversity co-existing for ages. The youth does not demand for them to change, however no coaxing will make the youth change. Accept us or leave us.

  4. I don't want to name him but very recently a politician "MP".....did the same thing in the parliament with some unnecessary comment on the Mumbai investigations ......I think I've put forward my point....remember that so-called secularist ???

  5. O.K the News channels are aired 24 hours and there is competetion for being the first. But it is too much to give every piece of news as sensational news. In search of the sensational news, these news channels scurry and run behind any person who says "I am giving a press meet". Is it not shame on the so called intelligent correspondents to go and thrust the mic before any idiot who mumbles some nonsense. They think whether it is senseful or senseless, it can be aired in TV for two days. Yesterday, I saw a news scroll and news blare that indian cricketers went to teh dinner hosted by Sri Lankan president in Jeans and T-Shirt. How would you go?. Bare assed?. O.K. They didn't wear coat and suit. What is there?. Is it a news. They are making every crap a news. God save the nation. These foreign channels are making us Zombies.

  6. Can't help wonder at the pointlessness of what people here feel. You can write what you want on the internet but i want to see how people react when actually 10 goons come to assault you when you are with your girlfriend. Try giving various reasoning then, try venting out your angst at that time. If you have some balls try hitting them back.

    One must understand that the fact that not a vast majority is out there opposing these hooligans they somewhere think the cause they are fighting is not entirely wrong. Why can't you employ the army to keep them in check or tell the police to shoot on sight??
    No politician , no government can take such a risk yet. Because there will always be opposition. Whether you like it or nor there are a lot of non-violent and violent supporters of moral policing and anti-westernisation.

    We are just too many. And there are people with all kinds of point of views in this country.

    We need something radical. Something like an anti-anti-moral brigade ready to protect people on V-day.

    Are there even 10,000 people who can come on the streets protesting what happened in Mangalore and force the government to do something?

    No one cares what urbanites think. Half of you dont vote and hence you are hardly matters even if 200 people agree with rashmi bansal and comment on the blog. too insignificant. too few.

    i think a society evolves with time. we need time. so that the MAJORITY can force these politicos to not run after these issues. problem is: there are people who vote based on these issues. you get what you deserve. it will take some time before we evolve.

    If muthalik was told directly or indirectly that he will get recognition and cnn-ibn kind of fame if he built a hospital (or did something noble) and that he will lose politically if he did moral policing...he will do what is in his interest. the MAJORITY still hasnt sent that message to him or raj thackeray. till then you will get what you deserve.

  7. media instead of focusing on the shameful attack outrage; the television/political debate has moved to "ARE PUBS AGAINST INDIAN CULTURE"

  8. That man is actually giving out vile threats on television, and nobody (the police, government) seems to be wanting to curb him.

    The concept of a "free country" is getting redefined

  9. It think how these people are trying to prove a point is really disgusting..They have no right to interfere in personal matters.. Pubbing is a choice, not imposed, so no one has the right to step in.

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  10. THE RISE OF TALIBAN IN wot comes to my mind. Next is WOT about our Constitunal rights ?????

    "Kuch kar guzar ne ko Khoon jala" this is the song from the movie rang de basanti which for no reason i have been hearing since last couple of days.

    The only way to stop such autocrat was by banning such political parties or only if all the youth of this country unite and bash this particular party so hard that no one dares to repeat such incidence.. It is very difficult for me to understand that on one side they preach about our SANSKRIT I and on the other side they bash women like stray dogs,it is indeed very disturbing for me. But i believe the fault is also of the youth of our country, because we allow such incidence.We do not realize that if we don't do anything now, than this will become some fashion and today it could be some stranger tomorrow it could be our girlfriends/sisters and later our children/grand children's. It is the youth of the country who has to decide on what is to be done.............

    "The Choice is ours"

  11. I think the youth pretty much are minding their own business, its only certain religious and political groups which have a so called 'awakening' who suddenly realize certain acts are immoral and wrong..

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  12. I think u know what actually ..
    You have lots of time in hands .. these days doing nothing than watching TVs CNN IBNs and start taking on people, whom you , incidentally, envy. A cute looking news reader, a blatant youngster ,.. and blaber something over here..which no one can essentially do anything 'coz its ur own space to fart anything. am i right..
    Which is pretty evident, the number of readers of ur blog has gone down drastically replicating the challenging economic scenario :) LOL ...
    And the mileage what you gained from chasing Arindam Choudhary has gone Bubble blast after people have seen your real avatar and what are you upto .having a couple of glances at ur blog ..

    And finally .. stop considering urself a psuedo intellectual .. which does no good than letting every openly know what are the standards of IIM in India UPTO ..

    I challenge you to publish this comment in your blog ..

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