Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sorry, we're not sorry - II

This morning Indian Express has reported that one year after the MNS attacks on taxi drivers from outside Maharashtra, not a single chargesheet has been filed in any of the 84 cases registered.

That is because the state government has not given the sanction to go ahead and prosecute Thackeray despite repeated reminders from the police. And I quote:

A senior state government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was unlikely Thackeray would ever be chargesheeted. Instead, the police might be asked to convert the cases into “A Summary”, he said, referring to a legal classification which means the case is true but undetected and ultimately closed.

Methinks the media needs to grill the Maharashtra CM and home secretary on TV about lapses like this, rather than providing the loony fringe a platform.


  1. I think this case demonstrates the amnesia of media,
    the success of politics of appeasement
    and ultimately the gullibility of us as voters and citizens of India.

    Long live democracy of India, long live the media...

    We are like that wonly!!!!

  2. Doesn't this also underscores the fact that though the means Raj Thakaray using are debatable - still his argument is valid - that the Mumbai is more mess with uncontrolled outsiders !.

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  4. I am not sure what Mr Santosh Sali is trying to highlight but whatever crap Thackrey was professing was absolutely WRONG; and that includes the means as well as the end he was trying to achieve. Every metro/cosmo city in India faces influx of people in search of better opportunities, but all of the city's woes cannot be attributed to "outsiders". There is a larger problem here: Why cannot we get out of the mentality of being employed rather than employing people? (entrepreneurship)
    If you look at it, how many people from even our premier b-schools have managed to start new ventures. Add another constraint to that- how many of these creme-de-la-creme even think of returning to their native residence and contribute to the economy there? tough questions eh?

    The points I am trying to make are:
    1. People will continue to run towards big cities- straining ever dwindling resources- as long as they have a good reason not to.
    2. The best reason you may give to such a person is that she can get equal opportunities/quality of life wherever they stay
    3. This can only be achieved by promoting a culture of entrepreneurship where people want to create jobs instead of just look for jobs


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