Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Sorry, we goofed up!"

Those may not be the exact words used but two reputed Indian bschools have now acknowledged errors in their admissions procedure and made amends.

The Symbiosis group received a good deal of flak for lack of transparency in its SNAP exam. Most students complained of 'less marks' than expected and wanted to see the answer key to understand where they went wrong.

I wrote to Symbiosis asking for their side of the story and was promised a reply by Jan 21. But none ever came.

Well the latest development is that Symbiosis has come out with scorecards again after revaluation. Says Ankit Doshi, "A lot of students are now getting marks that they actually deserved in the first place".

The result is that they will honour interveiw calls for students who have already been given calls. They will also send out calls to students who make the grade after the revaluation.

IMI Delhi is another institute which took heed of the hue and cry raised by the student community. This bschool had assigned a very low weightage to CAT score (only 40%) and given a lot of importance to class 10 and 12 marks without 'normalising' scores across various boards.

IMI has now changed its selection procedure and come out with a revised list.

Says Ankit, "Whether the new procedure is ideal or no i dont know. But one thing is for sure that they have a lot of courage!"

I wish IIM Ahmedabad would also address the issue of normalisation... Because admitting a mistake only raises the stature of any individual or institution!


  1. Is the news about symbiosis confirmed, because even i had lost 15 marks but didnt hear anything from them.

  2. @fakhri

    check this page: http://oams.blueshift.com/snapscorecard/Login.aspx

    read the bullet points.

  3. hi,

    the descripancies in the snap scores were about 10-25 marks, majority of the students got less marks then expected.the candidates were too angry and all have critisized symbiosis int. uni. a lot and some of them has filed RTI application and PIL too.

    so just response to that some days before symbiosis intenationl uni. came with re-evaluated marks, and all got an increase of about 3-7 marks which is actually nothing compared to descripancies of 10-25 marks,

    this step is taken just to ease the anger of the students and to maintain its reputation among other b-schools,

  4. Oh gosh, it's costly, such mistakes! Look how they can make students feel miserable....good to know it was finally corrected though. Hope such irresponsible mistakes dont happen in the future.

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    All is well that ends well.

  6. Not only the admission process should be more transparent....but as recession hit economies offer lesser job opportunities.....B schools should retract from their policy of arbitrarily high fees.....if they can't offer jobs through their campus...they don't have any right to claim such high fees........the factor which drove MBA fees to astronomical heights has failed the whole world........the economic boom period is over....hence every sector needs to do its bit

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  8. Even i believe increase in marks was an eyewash...most have a standard increase of 6 to 10 marks...few marks are unchanged and very few got what they deserved...what astonises me is the fact that scores in gk are different from expected...i dont think i will be applying to symbi ever again...i dont need is another matter :)
    If at all symbi wants to come out of this mess, they should make answer keys public

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  13. I have Called them and they have only this information regarding 2009 admissions.
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  14. Wow, interesting. I didn't know they had owned up to it!

    Nice blog btw! I'm rolling you. Hope to come back to read more :)


  15. What the hell they r doing?This is not fair.Anyway this is my first visit in this blog.it's good.

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  17. IIMs are no different, ask the satellite program students .... They are worse in fact with no accountability

  18. Anonymous3:29 PM

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