Thursday, January 15, 2009

Transcriptions, anyone?

I have started the interviews for my next book and am looking for someone who would be able to transcribe them.

If you have prior experience, great. Otherwise, no problem. The important thing is you must be a stickler for accuracy.

You could be a student with time on their hands or anyone at all, looking for freelance home-based work.

You could be based anywhere in India although co-ordinating despatches of tapes/ CDs would be faster and easier if you're in Mumbai.

Drop me a line at rashmi_b at if interested and we'll take it from there!


  1. Hello,

    Please email me the complete details/terms and conditions etc. I am just interested in knowing; may suggest a friend!

    I had heard about you in the past, even read JAM for a year! Most recently I recall reading about your crusade against the II(P)M!

    Even I can do it but If you need someone to do it urgently, I will express my inability ( I am researching for my own book - a critique of the UPSC Civil Services Examination). I am interested in details, just the same. Click here to visit my blog.

    Research Scholar,
    JNU, Delhi.

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