Monday, January 19, 2009

Dope from foreign bschools

If you're a current student or recent grad of a bschool anywhere in the world apart from India, please drop me a line at rashmi_b at

I am looking to conduct some email interviews with you. Or persuade you to do a small write up. Details, when I hear from you :)

A brief update on the transcription posting - I am quite astounded by the response. 22 people have written in so far. I'll be in touch with you guys in a bit. Currently I have only a couple of interviews done, bust scheduling the rest!


  1. Please pick me! I need money for the goa trip- whatever i get!

    no really.

  2. typo ma'm -
    "...of interviews done, _bust_ scheduling the rest"

  3. Hi,

    This is Alpana here, from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (UnderGraduate)and we'd like to invite you to be a panelist for our Academic Summit that is a part of our annual intercollegiate management fest Symulate.The theme for this year's Summit is : Youth Icons-Redefined and we really think your views would add to the discussion given your experience in working for a youth-centric magazine like JAM for so long now. I'm sorry this isnt exactly the kind of comments you'd expect to your blog posts, but there are only so many ways to get in touch with famous people these days [:)]. Anyways, I've mailed a formal invitation and brief for the Summit to you jammag id ( hope you'd consider our request.

    Looking forward to your positive response and support.

    - Alpana Mallick
    GR, SCMS(UG)

  4. Hey Hi , I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful attempt to write a lovely book 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish'. I have bought it today only and have finished 2 chapters. Now busy reading posts on your blog.

  5. Anonymous12:50 AM

    That is excellent way of helping students.
    Claps !!!
    Students withing you goodluck !

  6. Hi Rashmi,

    I have already mailed you and am keenly interested to be a part of that good initiative.

  7. I am keen to know why ONLY b school grads are called in to apply. Transcriptions can be done by anyone who has some basic understanding of subjects. Or is it only b school grads are bestowed with that ability?!!! I like your blog, but you are getting too obsessed with b school issues!!!

  8. Anonymous7:45 PM

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