Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quota Chaos

Summer follows winter, June comes after May. These are natural cycles but we have man made ones as well

IIMs declare results before other institutes. Yes, a few do try to force students to make a quick decision, even put down large (non refundable) deposits. But eventually, nature has its way.

Students simply shift to what they perceive is the 'better institute'. Forgoing any time or money already invested.

In this light, it's hard to understand the government asking the IIMs to put their admissions on hold. The new quotas introduced were incremental. Declaring those who've made it from the general / SC/ ST list does not affect anyone.

But delays will lead to chaos for MBA admissions in general.

I also fail to understand why it took the Hon. Supreme Court 9 months to hear the petition. These are constitutional matters and the court must have a busy schedule but the lives of thousands of students are affected!

The next SC hearing is on April 23. If appeals and counter appeals are a must, can the time frame at least be compressed?

The new academic year starts in June. Or will that too be held ransom by Mr Arjun Singh and his government?


  1. Find the root cause of the presnt crisis. Quata is not the new issue. This time it has entangled the most important academic entrance of the country. You must ponder over the root cause. Litigation is basically the after effect. Like any other litigation this too has its rounds of hearings.You must be knowing that more than 2 crore cases are pending in indian judiciary and 30 thousand odd are in supreme court alone.
    So the root cause of quota roadblock?
    It is indian bearucracy that has created the chaos. They are inherent do-no-real-workers, they wok simply for themselves. Amassing huge real estate, langushing in AC chambers and dilli-dallying with netas, this is the full time job given by GOI to our babus.
    If you do not abhore hindi blogs, pl visit mine.

    - Rajesh Gupta

  2. This quota issue is just a load of crap. The govt. should be focusing on providing primary education to the children of backward castes.

    Quite funny, the most incompetent people in the country are the ones running it.


  3. The unwarranted delay in declaring IIM results has created a sadistic confusion, especially with other B-schools results out and first installments for admissions due. Many would opt for non-IIMs like XL, SPJ compared to K, L, I (few unwillingly though) rather than running the risk of losing out first installment amounts, which will be non-refundable within 15-20 days of payment.

    There have been instances in the past including a case, wherein self was involved and the hon’ble S C swiftly made the decision in less than a month. The sluggishness in this case, I hope is just one out of the way incident and doesn’t get on as a trend. Possibly, the political and media attention as the above case brushes with ‘Quota issue’ would be a reason for the delay by SC. Anyways, on a more general note – Democracy was never meant to create equality of conditions, but equality of opportunites.

  4. I love this country!!!

  5. In fact the IIM directors had been requested by the govt to hold up the results, indefinitely.

  6. Screw root cause.
    The point is thousands of students may now lose lakhs of rupees in admissions and re-admission as and when the IIM's final list and waiting lists get cleared.
    Those familiar with the process will know what i'm talking about. The Govt. is clueless. They are busy justifying how the 1931 census is a valid ground for arriving at the figure of 27%.

  7. quota system will make the whole sytem deficit..either in education or in corporate world..All such games in the name of politics will ruin our country...

  8. i just can't understand the thought process of the policy makers! we need a change... visionary people to lead us... not these narrow minded, short sighted bastards...

  9. I really dont understand the outcry over reservations in IIMs, why its such a big deal... IIMs (and their alumnis) should not bother much about reservations except for the infrastructure to accomodate them.... even if some incompetant person gets thru IIMs he has to survive the rigour of the course... and we all know its not easy... and if these OBC ppl are really good then whats the deal... its fine... people accept that life is not fair always everywhere.. but when it comes to IIM admissions they have a problem... blaming govt wont help. how many of us are willing to join politics to reform the govt?

  10. what happened to those directors of IIMs who were shouting from roof tops when MM Joshi proposed to reduce fees ? the life of no student was being affected, the government had even said that they would make up for the shortfall in money.

    Now the future of hundreds of people is hanging in balance and the IIM directors meekly follow the dictates of the ministry ??

  11. The tragedy in this decision is 2 fold as the iim's could well have declared results for all but 27% of the seats.

    a. It shows how weak the IIM board has become following the departure of NRN Murthy

    b. Educational institutions yoked to the whims of a neta and babu will always give the student a short shrift.Its a pointer to the start of the decline of the IIMs.

  12. Now that you have raised the question of Quota, let me give you perspective from the OBC side.

    After completing your schooling, one fine day you come to know that you belong to the OBC quota...this is because of the parents for whom OBC has not mattered a great deal all the life...they got everything under the General Category ...the hard way

    So, life is a bed of roses...not really !!

    If you have been fortunate enough to have a certificate of your own..apart from that of ur parents...the deal is done.

    But if not, then be prepared to run from pillar to post haggling after all the essential documents.. something which proves that you have been in the state since 18 years..How on earth would you produce an 18-yr old document is still a puzzle.

    If you are lucky enough, you can patao the babus and get the certificates....but if you are one of the straight-forward species, then gear up for Part II.

    Obviously, pass something under the table and get the thing done !

    So, life set for the Bajajs ?....not really..

    There comes something called the Caste Validity Certificate and the Cramy Layer and the Non-Creamy Layer Certificate.

    The Caste Certificate which has been ur prized possession till now has to be submitted back to the government who will verify everything and get back to you.

    Again the dear certificate will be lost among the thousands of scraps which lie around strewn helplessly....this will continue till u keep reminding the babus.

    Frustrated you patao the peon and get the certificate back without any Caste Validity Certificate..So have a ceertificate that proves you are an OBC but you dont have a certificate that proves that the earlier certificate is true !!

    Then one fine day after you graduate you think of pursuing MBA and get to know that u might get a chance through the CET.

    Now you need the non-creamy layer certificate to prove you are poor.
    You line up to the advocate for an affidavit, spend around a thousand bucks and complete all the formalities. You spend so much to prove that you are poor...

    If lady luck is smiling on you, you might get the needed certificate in a few weeks and you can get into any of the coveted B-Schools..and if not, then be prepared to bribe again.

    So,now you have everything that you need : a certificate of ur caste, a certificate to show u r poor, a certificate to show that u are able to pursue MBA (CET score card)..

    Now you need to pay the fees..something around a lakh..similar to the open category but the only difference is that you would be getting a major chunk back.

    I am still finding out how a student recognised by the govt. as not being able to afford the huge amount needs to pay the same amount after all the ordeal he has gone through..someon who just got certified that th family's annual income is less than 4 lakhs...needs to cough uplakh to get his seat.

    After this, if the life is good then it is 'sone pe suhaga' but if not then even being from an OBC quota does not help.

    And it is not surprising if 50% of the OBC quota students are not even OBCs in the first place..they have the right 'connections'

    I think the student should get the seat not because he deserves to be an MBA, but because he has learnt how to manage his life in the midst of such bureaucratic hassles.

    He has mastered management !!

  13. Like Shilpa pointed out it is very difficult to prove you deserve reservation (atleast for the ones who actually need them) and hence the general category students get even more frustrated when they see other students (who don't even deserve reservation) get through. This is the anger which is becoming the new divide in the nation and the politicians are playing the game of vote banks.

    Will it stop? I don't think so. Should it stop? Definitely.

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