Thursday, April 26, 2007

'Biotech boom' - but where are the jobs?

Everyone wants to enter a field which is 'hot'. One such field is biotech. You would have read innumerable articles on the scope of bitechnology. The jobs opening up in the sector. And of course the poster pin up company Biocon.

As a report in the Hindu notes: Career counsellors and those engaged in educational guidance... are flooded with inquiries about biotechnology courses and their scope. Biotechnology today looks like what information technology was in the 1990s.

But are prospects really that bright? Today, an engineer from an average college can easily land an IT job. What about the biotech graduate?

First of all, there is this huge debate over whether biotech should be offered at all the undergrad level. M. Radhakrishna Pillai, Director of Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram, stated to the Hindu: "Biotechnology cannot exist at the B.Sc. level, where one should learn the basic science. B.Sc. Biotechnology courses have created a confused lot in Kerala, defeating the very purpose of the subject."

The same holds true of other states. A number of colleges and universities, especially the private and deemed variety are offering 'BSc Biotech'. Students who were trying for medical but failed to get through would rather opt for a biotech course than a regular BSc. At least kisi ko kehne mein to better lagta hai.

For the colleges also, it's a happy thing. Fees for an undergraduate biotech course are far higher than a BSc. One assumes this is because the college will provide better facilities, more qualified teachers etc but... sadly this is generally not the case. In most cases, Biotech students actually use the same labs as the students doing Microbiology/ Life Science!

What about PG?
At the post graduate level, JNU is the most reputed college, the toughest to get into. The combined entrance exam held by JNU can also get you into 32 other colleges offering biotech at MSc/ MTech level. BHU, Goa University, Anna University and Pune
University are some of the next best choices.

Now this is the case in every profession. Everyone can't get into the best college. However, in biotech there are certain unique problems.

JNU has a tie up with DBT (Dept of Biotechnology) which makes it easy for their students to work on live projects during the course of the MSc. Others do not have it so easy. When it comes to industrial training, you may actually have to pay for it.

For example, students of PTU (Punjab Technical University), Indore who went to IIT Delhi last year for 2 months training paid Rs 15,000 (boarding and lodging extra). This money goes towards facilities (eg kits, labs, equipment etc) and the students get to work on a live experiment.

There is the option of doing a project with a company also - some give you a stipend while others don't pay but don't charge you either. However having an IIT Delhi project on your resume will help when you go out for a job - so students don't mind paying. And for IIT, this is a way to get some additional funding for projects.

So it's a win-win for both. But still, it's a little strange...

And what about the job?
OK, so now you graduate and start looking for a job. If there is such a 'boom' happening, it must be pretty easy, right?

Unfortunately not the case.

Shweta Agrawal, an MSc Biotech, has been looking out for a job for last 6 months. "I have given 15-20 interviews. The problem is there are very few real 'biotech' jobs," she says. The company may be 'biotech' but the job expected of an MSc is database management - not experimental. "It's very hard for a fresher to get a job in QC (Quality COntrol) or R & D because most companies have small teams and there isn't much job hopping."

What's more, pharmacy graduates are preferred because they can do formulation as well as QC. A quick look at various job sites would tell you that openings for fresh MSc Biotech are few and far between. BSc Biotech ki to baat hi chhodiye.

Actually from the job point of view, even MSc Chemistry may be better for you!

An exception to all the above would be the handful who complete a BTech from IIT (KGP, Delhi and Bombay) or a Masters in biology from IISc.

"If I don't get a job of my choice soon I will start preparing for MBA," says Shweta. "The fact is, by now, an MBA from even the most unknown university would have got a job for Rs 10-15,000 p.m," she sighs.

The alternate option of course is to do a Phd - either in India or abroad. However even after a PhD, prospects in India remain limited. You would most likely join a government laboratory (that's where much of the challenging work is being done). At age 28, armed with a Phd, you would earn Rs 8-10,000 as starting salary.

So if you are planning to do Biotech - keep all this in mind before making your decision. Don't be lured by the idea of a boom and the fact that it sounds cool.

Take up Biotech only if you have a deep love for the subject and wish to get into research. For which you must be open to doing a PhD.

Otherwise, MBA aapke liye theek rahega. And oh, there is an MBA (Biotech) being offered as well... One last bit of advice. Don't fall for it, go for a more general degree!


  1. Excellent Post Rashmi...wish ppl getting into this field get to read this.

  2. in our college
    university institute of chemical technology mumbai( formerly udct mumbai)
    we have an undergraduate course called as B.Tech in foods
    in which students are taught food technology + microbiology + chemical engineering and pharmacy subjects it is a four year course and it was earlier offered as 2 yr tech course after
    in a single batch of foods there are only 17 students per year.
    though it is not actually a biotechnology course it is conmsidered as biotech course bu us universities also student get admitted to ms + phd programme (with scholarships) in reputed universities such as Purdue.
    this is website of uict foods department

    uict is an autonomous institute and was earlier part of mumbai university and was founded in 1934 the bsc tech foods course began in 1954 . it is a four year undergraduate course now

  3. Strange... I have held shares in BIOCON for a while now, and for the past couple of years, a constant refrain has been the difficulty of attractring talent, at entry as well as senior level.
    Perhaps that has more to do with areas like clinical testing etc, but I am pretty sure that just like any field, you cannot expect to do the 'best' work straightaway. The lady who laments database management needs to appreciate that. Even techies spend a lot of time on the bench when they start.It's more about how you utilise the time there, or absorb what you can from your surroundings.

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  5. My sister is an Msc Biotech and she did not have a job after graduation for 6 months....she went to the UK.According to her there are absolutely no jobs here in India.My friend is doing B.E Biotech from a reputed college in Bangalore...and their course is not much different from B.E chemical and again no jobs.He is joining an IT firm after graduation.

  6. Well written, Rashmi. I'm *still* confused as to what 'BioTech' falls under, and I don't seem to get a coherent response from anyone. The one person I (remotely) know who did BioTech is now in IT.

  7. Rashmi, perhaps it has more to do with the skill sets these biotech companies are looking for. Perhaps, Indian graduates fall short of the job requirements.

    Any R&D job requires analytical skills combined with research experience. Just like a BE does not automatically mean great mathematical skills, a biotech degree does not necessarily translate into research acumen.

    Perhaps, these companies are not willing to invest in training these biotech graduates when they can easily hire a Phd for the same salary.

  8. Hello Rashmi,
    I have been reading your blog for some time now.I couldn't help but comment on this post.I am doing my BTech in Biotechnology at IIT Madras(IITM also offers the course!).While a BSc. in Biotechnology may not offer many prospects as such,a BTech is in many ways equivalent to a Chemical Engineering course.We take up several courses from the Chem.Engg. Department in addition to our Major Courses dealing with Biology and Medicinal Chemistry.By the way,leave alone a BSc in Biotechnology;no BSc degree(in any branch) offers considerable prospects.If one does a BSc Course,it has to lead to a MSc and a PhD to have any meaning at all(an MBA is a viable alternative).Sadly,in India,we don't have bright students doing Science(or for that matter Arts) courses.

  9. Hi Rashmi,

    I m currently pursuing PhD program at loyola med school,Chicago.did my masters from one of the JNU colleges...tried looking in vain for experimental jobs..but none..requirements at mos of the places were post-doctoral candidates with 7 yrs experience required..i had been dissuading each and everyone since who want to get into "BIOTECH" coz of some silly article in the is indeed sad, coz I had been one of the better students in the class and had opted for Bsc hons in microbio from University of delhi instead of a engineering degree from a crappy collge unlike most of my while all of them have dollar-grabbin "IT-jobs", i toil in the lab and get pea-nuts in return..

  10. Rashmi,

    I come from the pharmacetical industry and here are my two cents:
    a) BIOCON is not a biotech company. It makes money by selling enzymes and statins;
    b)Biotech as a career is not very happening because there are not many biotech market oppurtunities ... compare it with generic drugs which have a large market, bio-generics are a long way off..
    c) Pure biotech research cannot be done easily in India as its return on investment time frame is longer + risk profile of failure is more dangerous compared to new drug discovery and Indian companies are not open yet to taking such huge + EXPENSIVE risks.
    I cover issues on the generic drugs industry at my blog [though not biotech] here:

  11. Excellent Post Rashmi...

  12. Great post Rashmi, and i totally agree with Malu. I remember that the field used to be a hot craze during my high school days. And all the so called career counselors talked about a great future in the field. Unfortunately many students and parents got taken in by their words and end up regreting it. Almost all my friends who did biotech are now in IT. And the only one to have done masters in the field, found it easier to get a husband than a job!

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  14. Dear rasmi,
    your viwes are excellent and 100% correct.even if you do your ph.d also there is no job guarntee.even the top biotech companies are not providing jobs. Recriutment is very less and salary is also very low. your post will help lot of new comers for choosing their fields.
    indian biotech is in infant stage we dont know the future.
    thanx for your lovely suggestions to freshers

  15. Excellent comments. Good and informative reading for novices
    and people who want to pursuade this field.

  16. Nice & very timely article Rashmi- just the topic that needs to be discussed on a broader forum. Publish in JAM/ Businessworld perhaps? The MBA(Biotech) from Amity was quite a laugh...amazing what sells in the name of education nowadays..

  17. Very-informative! Thanks!

  18. I'm the Editor and Publisher of a popular youth magazine called JAM - Just Another Magazine. In print and online ( If you're a committed and creative writer do get in touch!

    Well, I'd like to get in touch!

  19. You are almost right...But one major factor for this is our Indian education system and also politics in science .Other factors include lack of adequate facilities,policy support from State/central govt...Moreover BT is involved with moral,ethical and social issues...

    But still even students get good placements in top education inst. like IIT-Mumbai,VIT-Vellore,PSG,..

    As you rightly said,BT is all about research,...

    Ever Biotechnologically yours -The First Indian Biotech Blog...

  20. You are almost right...But one major factor for this is our Indian education system and also politics in science .Other factors include lack of adequate facilities,policy support from State/central govt...Moreover BT is involved with moral,ethical and social issues...

    But still even students get good placements in top education inst. like IIT-Mumbai,VIT-Vellore,PSG,..

    As you rightly said,BT is all about research,...

    Ever Biotechnologically yours -The First Indian Biotech Blog...

  21. hi rashmi
    i think u r rht on terms of biotechnology n in a way u r also suffering.
    wel my need of the hour is ur help.
    as i m applying to mba biotech this yr from wana know is there is scope for this course.
    pls help me out
    wel i got to know from students studying over there tht avg placement is of 3 to 3.5 n highest after reading ur comments i have become doubtful .so pls pls pls help me out

  22. Your post i'm sure will help many youngsters out there who want to get into the field of biotech. Biocon could indeed be to biotech what infosys was to the IT sector. Also, maybe, biotech is going to be "the next big thing".....however, for india to achieve a global superpower status we need a few things more. We need sectors like retail, autos etc to make it global as well...Rajiv Gandhi once remarked that we missed the industrial revolution. In my opinion, we also seemed to have missed the "cultural" revolution that took place in de world. We need our music, movies,sports also to be "global" in de true sense of the term.

  23. This is a B.E. Biotechnogist.. first of all i would like to ask into which top institutes have students from VIT-vellore been placed? Can I get a list? Maybe in IT companies but not in Biotechnology.

    BT is compared with IT which is more of labor-based where as BT is totally different. How on earth can some dumb people compare these two? I really do not understand !!!

  24. I am doing SYBsc and planning to do MSc in chemistry.What are the job oppurtunities after doing it

  25. I strongly agree with you Rashmi.

    I completed BA (literature) but I am getting better job offers than my friend who spent around Rs.70,000 for her biotech course.

    At the end of it, she is working for Rs. 3000 p.m from the last 6 months.So much hardwork for peanuts !!

    I really pity those who jump into this pool without realising it is empty only to crash on the hard ground.

  26. Strange..!! Yes, in biotech it is difficult being a fresher now. You have to put a lot of efforts for getting into an R&D team. Your project must be applicapble & should be of commercial viability. Otherwise we risk losing interest. It is a field with lot of promise, but one needs to put quiet some effort.

  27. Excellent article...
    Some of my M.Sc.Biotech friends are actually fed up of job hunting and are really regretting their decision to do M.Sc.

    Thanks for writing this as at least the younger people will not be misled

  28. Hi!!
    I had done a BSc Biotech from Pune Univ. So had my boyfriend from the same univ and best friend from Nirma. After grad, I decided to shift to MBA while my both my boyfriend and best friend went ahead wth a MSc in Biotechnology. My boyfriend went all the Way to UK to do his MSc. Today I have multiple job offers but sadly, neither my best friend, nor my boyfriend has any offers. He came back to India, hearing about the biotech boom. Today he is preparing to go back for his PhD while my best friend is preaparing for CAT. Whenever anyone asks me abt the scope of biotech as a career, this is the story I tell.
    Ur story is excellent, Rashmi. Somebody has to break this glossy picture that the media seems to be creating. Thnx a lot

  29. my son is a biology student and trying to get into medicals. However, in case it doesnot happen then we had identified B.Teh. Biotechnology from VIT Vellore as another options. However, after reading your blogs, I am quite nervous as there are not many options for a bio student after 12th. Please advise whether BTech BioTech from Vellore is woth taking or we have any other option in case medical doe not happen.

  30. biotech courses are just a way to make money. biotech involves a lot of concepts in various disciplines and just cannot be taught as a UG course.its not like IT where you can do a crash course and get into the field. biotech actually requires formal education and lots of infrastructure. whoever suggested scrapping BSc biotech was spot on.

  31. actually i wanna pursue my bsc biote my master degree in overseas university through student exchange if any hence i m seeking ur suggestion for whether there r satisfactory job prospective after completing my graduation in india or preferably overseas?so could u tell me that whether there is any twinning tie ups of indian universities with overseas university for bsc biotech and bsc medical biotech and could u suggest me that what should i opt for among medical biotech and biotech at undergraduate level to avail early and well reputed employment or to pursue my post graduation in biotech in any overseas university as 4 years bachelor's degree can provide me with the maximum exposure to training and ultimately opening huge access for me to enroll in overseas university for post graduation in biotech?so plz guide me with ur opinion on this field regarding course selection among bsc biotech and bsc medical biotech,employment opportunities preferably abroad and estimated expense incurrence for post graduation on overseas university!plz reply as soon as possible!

  32. i am in third year of biotechnology and was supposed 2 go 4 mba biotechnology now if u plz guide me and if explian why not to fall 4 it?

  33. tfgwhi rashmi ,this is mohan.
    whatever you said is i am a BE biotechnolgy graduate ,i am feeling very bad to say this that my course is complete waste of 4yrs.i now think that i could have taken any other course syllabuses are banal and i went in to depression for4 months (now i am recovering).now i want to do mba but i am from a poor family and i have already took education loan todo my i am feeling confused about my BE aggregate percentage is 73%....

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  38. Nice comments but after ur doctrate from a ver gud institute, prospects are gud.One shud choose proteomics, structural biology if want to join a company. Preferably one shud do their M.Sc. projects in these area. But there r lot of fellowships avlble in europe nw a daze which can be even more than a decent salary. Anywayz nice comments.

    ICGEB, New Delhi

  39. Hi Rashmi,
    I am very much impressed by reading your post.I have also done my MSc in Biotech .its been 1 year and I am still unable to find a good job for me. Yes the prospects are not good in this field , basically in India . Unless one has a Doctorate or post doctoral degree and he has spent about 5-10 years in this field gaining experiance he can never think of earning a good sum. So before opting for biotech as a career one must think of the time he has to give into it.

  40. hai rashmi..
    really fabulous message,
    but i'm very nervous abt my future after hearing ur message,any how good luck,..

  41. hai rashmi.
    fabulous message,
    but i'm very nervous abt my future after hearing ur message,
    any how good message,

  42. Hi rashmi
    I guess u kind of summed up whats been going in my mind fer doin BSc biotechnology and yet to start with my final year and im already facing hassles regarding what to do next coz im more interested in MBA than RnD...n gaining any job experience fer d same has proved futile!

  43. Hi Rashmi,
    Thanks a lot for
    your blog. we were
    in confusion whether
    to do a masters in biotech and MBA.
    but now we will never
    give a second thought to it.

  44. m totally confused 4m ur answer rashmi. I've completed my B.E(biotechnology) n planning 2 take up MBA(biotechnology) 4m amity university tat 2 on loan basis. plz suggest me,"is it safe or not" coz m expecting atleast 4.5lakhs p.a 4m this p.g degree.I wanna earn more so if i can't hope 4m this then i will start preparing 4 CAT2008 2 join different stream rather than biotechnology.

  45. i am doin my Bsc honours in biotech from ccs university meerut,,,what rashmi says is true,,if u want to stay in india after doin a bsc or btech in biotechnology then goin for a MBA after BSC/MSC/ BTECH IS A SAFER OPTION,,IF U WANT TO DO RESEARCH,,,THEN GOIN ABROAD will be a better option,,,plant biotechnology has no value in india,,,SO GOD BLESS POOR INDIAN PEOPLE PURSUING BIOTECH,,,,friends sadly we all are sailing on the same boat ,,,only things we can do is to work really hard and leave the rest on luck,,,BEST OF LUCK TO ALL MY FELLOW BIOTECHNOLOGISTS

  46. hi rashmi...!!
    i jus got admission in Amity Institute of Biotechnology in Noida campus....!!
    for d course (Biotechnology)...
    pls tell me is there any scope or future of an amitian after doing Biotech frm this university....!!
    however i`ve heard dat amity gives 100% placement 4 Biotech pass out students...!!
    one more thing, i also get selected in B.pharm in MDU campus(Rohtak)...!!
    i also get selected in BDS...!!
    pls advice me wat is best....!!
    waiting 4 ur reply...!!

  47. any biology subject including medicine is a very tedious, low paying high consuming journey which requires the zealots to be zealous throughout their career sans any booster. and those who chose Ph.D. are now being considered as destitutes who have no other option left but to fall merrily in this abyss with all his illusions to aid his descent.the other touching thing is the tradition of saas bahoo between teacher and student, often leading to divorce of the bahoo from the spouse- read Ph.D. now regarding jobs. the media has raised the ego to zenith by trumpetting lies while the reward segment has shown the nadir. this has resulted in loss of highly productive youthful age not accounting the unharnessed potentials of lakhs due loss of confidence, betrayals and death of personalities. So i think that instead of going into research we should first attain job skills and being there should proceed to develops skills into technology which is simply put new skill. and this should happen after plus two and not graduation because most of us are of the background which cannot support us without salary for six months or more which is the case with fellowships. I anyway ask those who are already on this road to ignite their insatiable appetite not only for their course but also of related technologies that shall aid them, give confidence and above all soothe their frutrations of negative results and give themm the feel of positive happy life. all the best. may the omnipotent make happiness of the worthy omnipresent.

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  49. hii rashmi i m goldy here ..i m an merchant navy office in singapore. i m basically from india..can u plz help me out, actually my sis is doin bsc biotech in india. she is in 2nd wat is better 4 her to do after her graduation. she realy want to do job but as there is no such scop in boitech, wat else she can do 4 good future. i realy dnt know abt this line as i m an plz help me if u can...thanx mail me at

  50. Well, the other side is always green... split up drug discovery cycle, understand it, YOu can browse and find a lot new companies in this sector.
    Understanding Outsourcing, offshoring in the biotechnology industry, the CRO's,Microaaray,Bio-IT, contract research ...watelse update yourself like what the computer guys used to... you can get in ...right now it may look like a striving model to excel.... The longer spell is a knowledge and value model...
    My suggestion is ..instead of being pensive about..would like all to envision for a better healthier life....

  51. First of all we must understand what biotechnology is.
    Biotechnology is not a single subject as many people think, its a mixture of many subjects of applied life sciences which are commonly grouped under a single roof ie., Biotechnology.
    Biotechnology has many different subjects in it like Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Biophysics, Biostatistics, Clinical research, Enzymology, Genetic Engineering, Plant Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and many more.
    All this have something in common and thus they can be grouped under a common heading which is called biotechnology.
    If you take up biotechnology course you are studying all these subjects but none of them in detail, its something like JACK IN ALL TRADES AND MASTER IN NONE.
    Now, why will any company hire a person who has done his Masters in general biotechnology? Because they have not mastered any one particular branch of biotechnology that is required by the industry and the biotechnology industries are not ready to invest huge amounts of money on anybody just to train them in the field that the industry requires.
    Thats the reason people who have done their masters in general biotechnology are not getting decent jobs.

    Whats the solution for this?
    I feel that discontinuing your education and joining call center job or shifting to MBA is a better option if at all you are interested in taking up biotechnology as a subject at masters level.
    Other than this, if you are interested to continue in the field of biotechnology, you have to first identify your interests ie., which branch of biotechnology are you interested in and then take up that subject as your subject at the masters level eg: M.Sc Biochemistry, M.Sc Molecular Biology, M.Sc Clinical research etc.
    Again you must be really competent in the field that you have chosen to get a good job after your masters in the same.
    Its true that its very difficult to get a job in any biotechnology company even after specializing in a particular subject in biotechnology but you must not forget that biotechnology is a new subject and it takes its own time to get established and especially in India nobody can guess the time that it may take to get established, but i'm sure that biotechnology will rule one day if not at present because it is the only solution for most of the problems that the human race is facing at present eg: Pollution control, Fuel scarcity, Disease control, Agriculture improvement, Waste management etc. Biotechnology has a potential answer to all these problems.
    Companies are fearing to invest in biotechnology fearing failure because none of the research results are guaranteed and the chance of loss is greater than profit at present, but the time has come that the companies realize that one success in biotechnology can easily beat 1000 failures in the same and then they will automatically invest in this field and thus many jobs are expected to be generated in this field shortly.
    I personally feel that there is nothing to regret for those who has taken up biotechnology because once there is a real biotechnology boom (its just a imaginary boom that exists at present, especially in India) all the people who already have biotechnology degrees will be at the top positions and those who enter the field later would be guided by you.
    In short:
    Biotechnology as a career requires lot of planning, patience and dedication.

    Never lose hope, keep trying
    All the Best

  52. Searching for d bst colleges offering msc biotech, i found this blogspot......
    Thanks for getting d boom of biotech in India 2 eyes...

  53. anika n ravneet said
    well this is a v true saying that biotechnology is the subject of future..we being biotechnologists dnt regret for anyhtning,we got wat we aspired of and nobody forced us for anything..beside saying that we feeling regret of this..we must feel proud that we THE BIOTECHNOLOGISTS can any time shift to IT field but my dear frds IT people can never be placed in biotech field as we can see our bright future ahead

  54. hello,i request for your advise from all of you. i am preparing for PMT-2008. but not sure of selection. so i decided to purse biotechnology from VIT-Vellore. but after reading Rashmi’s views & the comments on biotechnology(on which you also have commented), i am totally confused; whether to purse a biotechnology from VIT-Vellore or not.
    is it real that after biotechnology, i MUST do, then Ph.D. ??
    what if after biotechnology from VIT-Vellore, i purse MBA ??
    Please please, guide me.(sorry, i didnt have any other way to contact you)
    please mail me-

  55. hello,i request for advise from all of you. i am preparing for PMT-2008. but not sure of selection. so i decided to purse biotechnology from VIT-Vellore. but after reading Rashmi’s views & the comments on biotechnology(on which you also have commented), i am totally confused; whether to purse a biotechnology from VIT-Vellore or not.
    is it real that after biotechnology, i MUST do, then Ph.D. ??
    what if after biotechnology from VIT-Vellore, i purse MBA ??
    Please please, guide me.(sorry, i didnt have any other way to contact you)
    please mail me-

  56. Hi i want to become a scientist as though i took the biotech course in spec affiliated to anna university... I want to my higher studies in India or other countries .. please guide me to improve my skills and improve my qualities to get selected...
    Iam now in IInd year alone noone is revealing wat i should do to make my qualities well established...
    I need to know about minimum aggregates to get selected in a interview with a university.. number of projects i must do and number of papers i must present...
    Please do guide me and tell these informations to me.. i will never forget you in my life...

    Thank you... please...

  57. hi rashmi...dis is sudha...m now pursuing my final year in(genetics,microbiology,chemistry) am very much intrested in research oriented works,i am planning to do my masters i.e Msc in biotechnolgy...but after seeing all these comments i am very much doubted on my career tat am goin in a right way or not...after so many comments i came to konw tat there r very very n very fewer opportunities to have ahandsome salary for ppl who took biotechnology as their career option.........but even though am intrested all da experienced comments make me very nervous in opting such a field.....plz help me out...i donno y am gettin nervous...m unable 2 judge my self now

  58. tHaNk u sOoOoOoOo mUcH...i was so confused that i almost asked anyone and evryone who was studying biotech about its future prospects...after reading the posts im much out of the mess ..i have just completed my +2 wid biotech as an extra subjct and used to score the highest..kindf wanted to pursue it for further studies but the job opportunities were not clear...m thankful tat i came across dis blog...
    hopfully othr ppl like me getto kno dis...

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. hi,
    i'm into my 3rd yr biotech & have a keen interest in research.i would b happy if u would provide info as 2 whether doin' an integrated phd wud get me any closer 2 my aspirations.

  62. I Completely agree with has to pursue a specialised msc biotech course to land up in a good job

  63. hi rashmi !
    my name is ramesh i am a microbiology lecturer. itotally agree with u.i did my microbiology, after completion of my pg i immediately got lecturer job but of no use i get 6000 after 3yrs of my classmates shifted to chemistry they are getting 10000 to 18000.all life science people are don't go into this field of biotech micro biochemistry (all life science).i will give u one more classic example we were 3 friends ramesh(me), tarun, sravan studied intermediate together Bi.P.C after completion i continued with B.Sc microbiology my riends shifted to BCA(bachelor of computer application), they even advised me to change but i haven't.They both completed MBA and MCA both earning 60000 per month i am earning my pity i was the more clever and got more marks i passed in 1st division they passed in 2nd division.Its not ability but its about opportunity.don't take opinions of few people who have gone to depth like sukesh and others, go with the majority.please people dont spoil ur life by taking biotech or any life science its just the education boom to make money.

  64. hii rashmi
    i m in second year in bsc biotechnology from mumbai university. after reading ur article i m afraid about my future. is it too late? what other course can i do now so that i dont regret in future?
    from archana.

  65. hi rashmi
    this is d real truth.......behind d scene......,freshers shud d same happened wid school days everybody talked abt d boom of i had taken biotech as d optional subject at +2 doing biotech 4m ICG jpr.
    currently i m in III yr...n truely yaar i was v. much confused abt my future,whether to do or m.b.a....although having lot of talks wid with N no. of ppl.....i hv decided 2 do m.b.a. n preparing 4 CAT 08 from TIME JPR.......till date i had a lot of fear that whether i m doing right or not. i had no confidence........but really dear aftr reading this article i m proud of myself that finally i had taken a right decision!!! i m safe. thanx buddy.
    but a problm i hv right now is- as i m from bio field n had interest in bio n chem subjects i donno in which field i shud do my M.B.A.??options which i know are-HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT,HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT,PHARMA MNGMT OR M.B.A. IN BIOTECH(for which many said is not a gud option....atleast if u do it 4m amity).
    really i need ur help........i'll never 4get u in my life!!
    thanx again.
    my email add. is or

    i'll be v. thankful 2 u.
    god bless u n all d v. best 2 u all.

  66. hi
    this is d real truth but i think 1 can be a lecturer in good colleges, after doing in any subject n clearing NET n can do p.hd. during lecturership.
    i think this can be d way for ppl who had done their masters in biotech or chemistry.

  67. hi rashmi i read ur comment its a real fact that i had experienced but i have done my Msc in applied genetics from bangalore university and i have completed my clinical research post graduate diplomo so i m trying in so many companies pl help me out and i m thinking to go for abroad for higher studies pl help me out in this issue


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  70. Hey Rashmi Excellent post..!!
    well i m a final yr. BSc.Biotech student...wish to continue in heard of biomedical genetics but dont really know wat the course is all abt.. n how r d job prospects...can U plz help me wid this...also any othr course in genetics....plzzzz guide me..!!

  71. Hey Rashmi Excellent post..!!
    well i m a final yr. BSc.Biotech student...wish to continue in heard of biomedical genetics but dont really know wat the course is all abt.. n how r d job prospects...can U plz help me wid this...also any othr course in genetics....plzzzz guide me..!!

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  73. Hi dear,
    Ur Post z practically v. true. I m a B.Tech( biotech), 3rd yr student planning to do M.Tech in Microbiology. So, preparing 4 GATE n odr related xams. I m unable to predict my future whedr I vl b settled well or not. I m vry mch in need of ur guidance..
    Plz help me out..
    My Email :
    Waiting 4 ur response..

  74. heya
    nyc blog
    well after many failures i took up B.Sc. lIFE sciences in maitreyi colg. ,delhi university
    thot it wud b a nyc sbject
    i used to dream of pursuin biotech cuz dis "boom in biotech" thingy
    bt seems job prospects r really less
    though i hv taken journalism as my syd course(in case dat can do good)
    i thot of preparin well for d JNU for biotechnology
    bt now m in doubt wha shall i pursue next
    newaz thanx

  75. Hi Rashmi,
    I am 101% agree with your Article.
    I dont why media and people are shouting about the boom in BioTechnology?
    After my 12th my all Friends went to Enginnering and I went for a Bsc Microbiology instead of a Biology ans the ppl in fuled say that you must do grad. in any particular Subject in Biotect.
    First 2 years were good,whereas last year was just Miserable as all were thinking what to do next after this.

    Now I have shifted to MCA and no Now happy which was not gained while doing BSC Lide scienses.

    Please not that Bio Tech students are not treated as Technical or professional Persons in the Corporate world.

    Continuing Education upto Phd sounds fine for stable financial Background students,but what will be the other students do ?
    Instead of that any grad in It can give you a MIn start of Rs 10000 immediate after Graduation.

    These courses for people who have a Great stamina to Continue to Studies.

    After all when there is a need of Money,all that matters is immediate Employment.

    There are many things we Muist Consider while doing Bsc/Msc/Phd?
    1.How Long are you support your Education ?
    2.Do you have intrest in Research and dont require immediate money(min after 3 yrs).
    3.After all we all Study for gainging Money,

    4.What will we gain if we are gaining Less than our Friends,even after having a Higher Qualification ?

    IF the answers of all these questionds are mostly Positive,I think the person is Suitable for Boom called BIOTECH.


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