Tuesday, April 10, 2007

'Hum hain na..' yeah right!

If I hear the tan tana na tana ta tana na jingle of ICICI Bank for a few more seconds... I will probably puke. The phone banking system of the bank which pays Shahrukh Khan several crores to give a dimpled smile and say 'hum hain na' had better do something about its phone banking services.

It's all very well to talk about 'revolution in the banking sector'. But is the idea of phone banking merely a strategy to help a relatively new bank expand aggressively? Or was it also supposed to make my life as a customer easier?

My interaction with ICICI phone banking over the last one year certainly leaves me in doubt over that question. The common problems one encounters:-
- Punch in your debit card, pin number etc etc and try to reach a phone banking officer (you may have an automated menu but it does not fulfil every need!).

"Sorry ma'am my system is down.. pl punch yr 16 digit pin number again..."

I do that.

The second person who comes on line asks me to do the same thing! And a third!!

And this is not an isolated incident. Invariably, there is some kind of accident or mishap while speaking to a phone banking officer - or you are put indefinitely on hold. Either way, it's back to hearing 'hum hain na..." tan tana tan tana tan tana tan.

Why not just change your tune to 'jingle hai na..."!

A single call to this bank can easily take 20-30 minutes. How different is that from going to the branch and standing in line there? And did you notice, it's not even a toll-free number!

Yes, on one occassion a higher-up in the phone banking chain went out of his way to help me with my net banking password. But honestly, had the bank used a better courier who would have left a 'We were here while you were away' slip (as is the standard practice) I would not have had to trouble him.

Customer 'service'
No amount of advertising can convince me of ICICI Bank's love for me. The only other time I hear from them is when they (or their DSAs) wish to sell me something. A car loan, a home loan.. whatever.

And I bet I'll get 16 calls a day if I ever default.

Service is when a phone banker calls and says,"Ma'am you have some money lying in your account which could be earning more interest. Can I put it in a fixed deposit? And by the way, a flexi-deposit may make even more sense..."

Instead they 'build the brand' by putting up giant hoardings all over screaming 9% interest. And expect us to sms our desire to participate.

But why should any bank bother? Hamara paisa pada hai to unhe fayda hai. Or so it would seem. A single call from a bank which is in my genuine interest would earn you more in goodwill and future business than you can imagine.

Perhaps all phone banking systems have these troubles - not just ICICI. Maybe ICICI customers are just more net savvy, more vocal. Here are just a few thread with complaints....

Avinash Murkute on mouthshut.com (complaint posted on April 3 2007 - and apparently taken note of).But that's just one of a looooooooooong list.

A thread on Arjun Prabhu's blog started 2 years ago which still gets customers venting their ire (ICICI seems to be monitoring this as well and responding)

And here too ICICI features prominently. Along with Indiatimes shopping and Air Deccan. (I know most of us have vowed not to fly on that airline but let me tell you, but just in case, they have a completely dysfunctional website which is being 'upgraded' for the last two months! )

The bottomline: Some kind soul from ICICI is likely to read this, email me and apologise for the 'inconvenience caused'. But, the problem is systemic.

'Hum hain na' has to be a genuine philosophy for the company. Not just an irritating advertising jingle mouthed by a charming but overpaid actor.


  1. The problem is not just with ICICI, but with all private sector banks in general. They all treat you as junk - you are just another commodity for them.

    Our good old Nationalised banks (remember SBI etc??) are light years ahead as far real "service" is concerned.The manager is ever ready to "speak" with you one-on-one. Where private banks are scoring over their public sector competitors is (1) Global reach; (2) Technology.

    I personally feel that when the nationalised banks do catch up on the technology front, we are going to see droves of customers switching back to them!!

  2. Dear Rashmi,
    As you have rightly pointe dout, the problem is systemic.
    ICICI has grown way too much without an equivalent increase in the human resources side. They probably think that opening more ATMs/ phone banking/ net banking systems will do the job.
    Interestingly, as regards your comment on the conversion to FD, earlier ICICI has a system called 'Quantum Optima' which shifted your idle money to FD, based upon your standing instructions.
    As more an more of my friends [& me] shifted to that scheme [along with possibly lacs of other account holdrs], one day the scheme was clsoed so that the ICICI bank people could use the money again, but at Saving bank rates.
    Finally, do take a look at Traffic Signal. Here the big guy pulverises sales people from ICIBI bank or some thing... I wish I could fo the same to ICICI sales people!


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  4. I am calling customer care from past three min listening crap "our resolution officer will contact you in 20 sec." ;)

    I a constantly facing problem with their website.Whenever I go to their website either it is down my session get expired in 1 min of login.

    Now it seems that my bad experinence is shared by many. I doubt bank's managment is sleeping after years of hardwork.

    Customer delight is still is concept in India. Coporates are yet to face consequences of poor cutomser servies.Not only ICICI,we face this everywhere,you name any known "brand" and you will find thier cutomers longing for customer delight.Corporates in india find little incentives to make their customer delighted.They are busy in getting new new customer.Old customers dont have many choice since they are dealing with 2nd best brand.

    Even if I want to move to other bank from ICICI do I have better options?

    And yes, whereever there is any inefficiency,malpracties and poor consumer experinece you wil always find government doing something stupid, illogical regulatory stuff.
    No many private bank are allowed to open,MNC Bank are not allowed to give full services and to open many braches.

    Competition is the only way to ensure customer delight.Allow private bank to open offices and as many brachs as they want. Let the market be the regulator.

  5. The simple solution is to call in late at night, sometime after 10 PM as the call volumes are relatively lower then.
    But still, it depends on your service. If it involves stuff like credit card cancellation etc, you'll be given another number to call which is naturally unreachable or no one will pick it up and it works only from 9 to 5 etc.

    I had a really harrowing experience with Stan Chartered regarding a credit card. After paying all outstanding credits well before the due date, I decided to cancel the card as the service was hopeless. For two years after that I was getting monthly threatening letters, warning me that I would be blacklisted from all banks.

    Calling their number I was always told that there was nothing outstanding. Finally after two years it stopped after someone realized it hadn't been updated in another database.

    But overall my experience with Citibank with whom I've been banking for the past 5 years has been good. Their net banking system especially is convenient and hassle-free.

  6. I think the problem truly assumes the worst possible proportions with ICICI Bank. And is extremely frustrating especially when you are in a difficult situation - I lost my credit card and someone made a purchase of 17k on my card. While I was able to get through and block my card in a short time, It took me practically a day to get through again to find out about the dispute procedure. Some annoying things: a) You get a message saying that your waiting time is 4 minutes and they will keep you waiting for 15 - after which I disconnected. b) I even tried to connect to the banking division - where I got through to a representative - explained my problem and literally begged to be connected to an officer directly in the CC division. They say "definitely sir" - and put me back on to their f***ing annoying jingle. c) This one takes the cake - you cannot resolve this at a physical branch!! Even THEY had to call up the ICICI phone banking! The only physical branch this could be resolved at was the HO or something in CP. And it is not limited to Credit Cards. I curse the day I got my Corporate account with ICICI bank. Compared to ICICI, my few bad experiences with ABN AMRO and Citibank seem delightful.

  7. You know, when it comes to banks, it can be really impossible to agree. I have been with ICICI Bank for a while now, and have certainly seen the human touch go down gradually, but then you look at the numbers they have grown to, it seems natural enough. And whetever people might say, their net banking is miles ahead of comparative Indian as well as International banks. The only reason I have suffered through the occasional phone banking session is that I have had some great moments surprising people through net banking. That, plus their longer branch working hours, sms alerts etc, mark it out as a better than average BIG bank. As my wife says, it's a great place to bank with, but horrid to work with:) Though a look at their annual report reveals a tearaway jump for senior management remuneration, especially options grants.
    Smaller banks will always do better with their lower volumes, be it a Kotak Bank or effectively , even the 'giant' SBI, which has lost a huge number of its creamy accounts to private banks and has only now woken up. I have experienced this in fantastic service from Kotak initially, which is flagging off now, presumably since they have reached the volumes they wanted... Plus their managers simply have to increase face time because their systems are not as up to speed as ICICI's are.
    Simple things like SMS alerts that work, crediting cheques faster to your account have to count for more when compared with say, a chap who listens but is unable to make things happen.

    Lets face it, if you look at the banking landscape, you will find that ICICI bank has done well enough to knock off most competition permanently. Stanchart, Citi, ABN etc have given up on Car loans officially, and selectively on home loans and truck loans etc. All the new banks have strategioes built around targeting the premium end of the new middle class. Ironically, something ICICI did to SBI. My bet is, ICICI will act faster than SBI did to prevent haemorrage.

  8. i too have faced similar issues with ICICI. what amazes me is that after having to enter the huge debit card and account numbers, when you finally catch hold of someone on the line, he promptly asks you again for same!!

    nationalised banks are no better. the SBI branch on my college campus merrily dumped all the ATM cards in a huge box. you had to go to the branch and wade through hundreds of cards to find your own, even though the envelope had the correct address. what were they trying to do, save some money on the courier ? i tried to convert this student account to a proper account (so that I could get a cheque book), but gave up because of the convoluted procedure.

  9. The right answer to your problem is to vote with your wallet.

    Stop banking with ICICI, and tell them why.

  10. Of course there are people who have problems in their bank accounts but consider this statistic: with approx 20 million (and growing fast) clients, I am not surprised that a few hundred (or even a few thousand) people get the bad end of customer service - but having even 0.5% clients (which in ICICI's case translates to 100,000 customers - many more than what you've linked to here) complaining about bad customer care does not make it a 'systemic problem' by any standard. Thats the kind of exaggeration that media loves to create and independent bloggers must steer clear of. Let it be known that the Indian banking system is amongst the most sophesticated banking systems in the world and moreso, with ICICI Bank talking about last-mile connectivity by rural banking.

    Personally, I have had a savings account with ICICI Bank for the last 6 years - the account is in Delhi and I administer it from Bombay and other places - and I havent had any glitches so far. I've never had to punch my number in more than once and if the customer care guy ever asked for it to be done again, I'd tell him I just did so and that'd be the end of it.

    I've also had bank accounts with Citi, HDFC and SBI. The only problematic bank account is SBI where for everything I have to go to the branch physically and often fill out forms in triplicate - who the heck in this day and age (unless they're not retired) has the time to go to the branch? So theres just a token amount in SBI which gets the dividend from some age old investments.

    The net banking at ICICI and Citi are a dream - all my bills get paid from there, all my investments get made from there and its all linked online to my demat accounts, credit card accounts and the mobile account. I've never had any issues that have'nt been solved within a week. I dont mind the lack of 'human touch' because humans here are so inefficient at that level.

    Also, why do you say that the Air Deccan website is completely dysfunctional?? Over the last 30 days I have booked about 5 tickets from there for myself and my parents.

    I have a sneaking feeling that the upper-middle or the middle class in India just loves to turn up its nose at anything that offers convenient services to people from the lower income groups. I saw that last year when a Bihari migrant couple (obviously very poor) travelling from Bombay got upgraded to 2 AC and people around were like - 'oye, ye AC hai AC, tum kidhar se aya yahan, TT ko bulata hoon'.
    I see the same attitude when the 'affluent' folks travel Air Deccan (lol, why?) and then joke about how 'as soon as the flight takes off, the cabin permeates with the smell of achar and theplas' and how the airhostesses are bad at their job. I mean, dude, for peanuts, dont expect to be treated like a king - theres a thing called 'first class' for that in case one likes to stay away from the hoi polloi.

  11. folks ! i have moved from private banks to PSU banks and am very happy about the PSU experience. i have the branch manager's direct number and whatever i need gets done. General transactions are also quite efficient. i am talking from my experience with Canara bank and PNB in Bangalore.

  12. The problem with ICICI is that they focus entirely on technology and treat the people behind the machines shabbily. I guess ICICI would have the highest attrition. That's why the problem is systemic.

    The simple solution is they should treat their employees better and build some more human touch.

    Technology wise they are way ahead of the other guys for sure.

  13. What I related was my experience - over a period of time. If even 0.05% of customers have such an experience, does that mean nothing should be done abt it?

    Similarly with Air Deccan - I have had more than one bad experience and esp. so with the website. Trying to cancel or reschedule a ticket has been a nightmare. It takes over half an hour to get thru to their call centre.

    And my ground experience has been pretty bad too - Air Deccan is my airline of 'last choice'.

    And generally, I don't use my blog to 'complain' but ICICI touched a raw nerve. Like I said, a particular person may go out of his way for you and that's great. But even systems should function more smoothly and a human touch is important.

  14. don't even get them started on making service calls! according to them everyone of their offers and plans will be in your genuine interest.
    Life seems much easier when you are a still a student!i have to deal only with sluggish telephone service providers which sucks enough life outof me.

  15. hmmm..similar case with MNC banks also..had some documentation problems with Citibank and they closed my account w/o intimation.After numerous letters and requests, one mth later and my a/c wasn't still re-opened. Then some wierd idea struck me and i wrote a stinker of a mail from my company email id to the CEO, Chairman of Suvidha banking,VP,Business heads and everyone in Citibank India whose names i could google out - firstname.lastname@citicorp.com:-).Thankyou MS Outlook! Next day i get a call apologising from some Business mgr and 3 days later i had recd my cheque book,atm card,pin and internet pwd by courier!
    sometimes things jus work if u fire the rite ppl i guess!

  16. this post is gonna get you maximum number of comments and page views.

    Coz there are thousands and thousands of irate customers not just of ICICI but of many other service providers of all kinds with deplorable customer service who will truly empathize with you.

  17. I wont disagree with the discomfort you experienced while "phone-banking".

    However, I cant but disagree on your point that "service" is when ICICI rep. calls you to let you know about their latest offer. If that happens, most people would be screaming their heads off that theyr'e receiving unwanted calls from ICICI representatives who are bothering them 24x7 ...

  18. ICICI has, IMO, reached the same level of Air Deccan - have bitten off more than they can chew. So now that they have so many customers but - oops! - not enough infrastructure to handle them, everyone's getting pissed off. Air Deccan's delayed flights, lack of airport counters, crowd mishandling is a direct parallel to ICICI's ineptness.

    I guess "Success Management" needs to be a course tought in the B-Schools :)

  19. I feel there is a possible solution for this problem. Do check out here
    In the name of wooing new customers, they are disturbing people in the midst of their busy meeting, so why can’t they call someone in need, instead. Or else will they at least give an option to fix an appointment with their customer service representatives thru SMS, so that we don’t need to wait till their off-peak hours but can clarify the issues on our free time.

  20. Anonymous3:18 AM

    I agree with you too. I'm planning to post on ICICI but in another week or two. Here is an article I just posted about SBI on my blog:


  21. raccoon had some good points..

    and consumer is right that the bank could be doing so many good things as well you might have missed for any reason.

    Your point "does that mean nothing should be done abt it?" depends purely on the bank's realization of the fact that how much is the bad word of mouth will impact their business. If they think to get rid of the "systemic" problem demands more time, effort and investments than returns then why would they do it?

    The reason for the service they are providing is that despite this service they continue to succeed, for which there could be n number of reasons:

    1. Other banks dont even match upto what they provide.
    2. They have something bad but they have something else which is more valuable to the customer.
    3. These cases being written by so many people in so many places are even less than 0.5% of the total number.
    4. The number of people who would be happy and would be willing to recommend ICICI(like consumer and roccon) could be more than the number of people recommending.

    One important factor is - If customer is unhappy he/she will write blogs, he/she will complain to the manager, he/she will tell friends not to fall in the same trap, he/she will do anything to make their vocie be heard against their traumas and attrocities, but.........
    if a customer is happy/satisfied/finds his.her expectations met, then - he does not go to the manager telling how his expectations were met, he/she does not write blogs praising thes ervice provider, and would not elaborate the case to his freins in case the friend is going to choose a new bank for account.

  22. You've ytouched a nerv here.. I have been struggling with ICICI as well.

    I opened a ICICI direct account with them , they dispactched the courier to my address, I never received it. I go to the bank branch, they ask me to call the Phone Banking . I call phone banking they either have no clue how to handle this issue or they ask me to get in touch with the guy who took my application and this guy is no longer with ICICI.

    What proof do i have that I have been calling the Phone Banking or trying to get in touch with the Bank, nothing. All I get is oral communication nothing written.

    My expericnes with Citi have been far better. In the past 2 years not once have i had to call Citi up coz they fouled up something.

    Once they charged me on my credit card for the insurance crap they offer. I told thanks, but I dont want it and it was reverted back. As simple as that. I request for statements online, cheque books, call them up and in 5 minutes my work is done.

    ICICI is surely not something I would recommend to anyone. Stay away from them and stay happy.

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  25. It is about the way any entity is designed. A public sector unit, in essence , design and spirit is for the public.

    So even if they are inefficient and slow and what not, in spirit they are good. That they are not able to 100% achieve the aims which at times might seem utopian is another thing. But a private sector unit is one which is solely for the interest of a person or a group. And its their interest which is tries to cater to. It does so by selling something for the public is another thing. BUt in the end, its reason or existence is the owner(s).

    And more often than not, the private interest is to maximise profit. And that can be done in a many number of ways, which even though perfectly legal might not be the most ethical ones. A public unit will still have its charter as a guiding spirit which says is to serve the customer the best.

    All said and done about 8 to 8 banking etc etc blah blah, ICICI is the most customer unfriendly one.

    3 months back, my brother tried to encash a traveller's cheque. ICICI asked for all sort of identification, a visa, passport, all of them in order and in the end said they could not encash it because of some loophole in the rules pertaining to NRI's which were set by the bank (not even RBI). SBI, all they did was have a look at the passport and encashed it. 15 minutes flat was all it took.

    The manager when heard about my brother's ICICI experience summed it up aptly "Saab, dekho, hum tie pehanke nahin bhaitenge, naa hee aap aaye to smile karenge, and na hee yahan bank mein aapko music sunai dega and naa hee koi angrezi mein baat karega. Lekin aapka kaam zaroor hoga and shayad aap bhi bank kaam karvane kee liye hee aye hai".

    Another example would be the way Reliance treats its customers. Public systems are so large after they have grown at a pace where the support could have been matched by the customer base. Whereas, private sector in the rush to be No.1 might increase market share by hogging marketing mindspace, but simply buckle down they moment the system requires support.

  26. p.s

    how can a bank issue an ATM card (without your name and pic), Chequebook and pin number without processing your application. Well thats what ICICI does... I was shocked of my pants when the customer interaction exec (or something stupid name they gave to their salesman) handed me the "KIT", even before he took my application.

    I mean how can you use an ATM card without name. If the card gets lost you do not even need to punch in the pin number to make a purchase. Also there is a time lag between someone losing the card and realising and reporting it to the bank and getting it locked. And all the person who uses the card has to do it forge the sign at the bank of the card, if it is there something which most shops do not even verify and no hassle at all, if there is no sign at the back. The customer even cannot question the shopowner how he cleared the card without verifying whether the owner of the card was the person holding it since there is no name on the card and since there is no pic too there is no question of verifying completely...

    i mean it seriously is a security lapse.

  27. Unfortunately there are problems with every damn service! whether it is banks or credit cards or laptops or fridges or telecom service providers - they all are pathetic. Here's one of my own experiences with ICICI, where I eventually managed to give them an equally hard time due to their incompetence.

  28. May be, just may be, they figured out that you weren't a very profitable customer, and wanted to kick you out!

  29. Customer services generally sucks in all departments, never mind the bank.

    The phone call always costs, your always on hold for about 20 minutes, even at 2 in the morning.

    The people never really answer your questions and often just 'fob' you off with some lies to get you to go away, especially on technical calls.

    Customer services might as well be called 'waste of time' or 'liars on a phone'

    I run a used vauxhall car part and i try to give my customers the best customer support since all calls come to me and i deal with them on a personal one to one basis, and calls are only local rate.

    I know my used vauxhall car part business will be small compared to a bank, but the customer service team could be more interested in my problem.

    And as you said you might as well walk into the branch and wait in line. at least then you will speak to someone who can help.

    Jonathan (used vauxhall car part manager)

  30. I do not see any easy solutions for these. And ICICI Bank is no exception. Customer service on phone is a real pain. It is a well known fact that once you are a customer, the treatment is different from that if you are a prospect. But it was a shock to know that at times, even if you are a prospect wanting to buy a service, you have to deal with similar service. Check this article published in The Brand Reporter.



  31. As an ex-ICICIan who has worked in their retail banking business, I do understand the innumerable complaints that we used to get from across the country. I would not say that the bank does not have customer-focus; at least, we do know internally, the premium attached to customer service. But where the bank has lost out is by focussing all its attention on sales and marketing. There is just not enough training given to handle products which keep tumbling out of the heads of MBAs. So, every week you have a new product that is launched, either to meet your appraisal demands or merely to stay ahead in the market. The attitude has always been of being the first mover; we will handle the problems part separately. Customer service does not attract the best talent in the industry. Being a part of the call centre and handle customer calls is something that is not part of any training; that is left to the numerous Phone Banking officers who are recruited. How will the person, who's never ever received a customer feedback, in a position to understand the bottlenecks in his amazing product. ICICI was always the Australian cricket team never the Brazilian football team -you don't like it but you know they are the No. 1 guys.

    Coming to public sector banks, I have always been extremely disappointed by their attitudes. After being abused by a Corporation bank official, I wrote to the MD in anger and only then my problem was heard, not even resolved. The moment my problem was finally resolved, I shut down the account. My SBH internet banking account has not been activated for more than 7 months now and I have got tired of visiting the branch every week. It seems there is no one who knows how to handle the query and the Manager gave me a number whom to contact to deal with this issue but no one ever lifts the phone there. I don’t buy the idea of PSBs being better merely because they don’t have frills but do the work. The attitude is highly deplorable and my experience has made me extremely wary of approaching them.

  32. good shot jonathan, vauxhall used cars!.. i like your spirit...

  33. Rashmi,

    if you can do it for just one post, please go and change your HTML templete on blogger to show it as 34 complaints, rather than 34 comments... would be a tad more relevant

  34. http://nirnimesh.blogspot.com/2007/04/shitty-bank.html

    may be this can help in finding solace that all banks are like that or may be in other words no bank is 100% free of unhappy customers.

  35. ya its really true,, when icici bank was started and back 4 to 5 yrs ago that was really alluring and benefits were really good... first of all atm was biggest surprise and exciting. i always used to go to atm nearby my house to withdraw even Rs.100 oh!!! my goodness what a wonderfull experience was that and most important was to get rid of standing in long queue of local banks..... and to deal with government babus....

    but when icici introduced some limitations on withdrawal through atm without intimating to customers and i became victim. I HAD TO PAY RS. 500 as penalty.. on the very next day when i got monthly statement. i closed my account....

  36. PROCRASTINATION Warrants FINANCIAL despair, disparity

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    A monumental effort is it not. The bank can proudly display this in their advertisements.
    Of course, if you put value to all the above it would equal out the product and net result. Outdone

    Dear readers
    This bank holds good and apparently serves better to you to have 4 a/cs thus best describes you are not less than a crorepathy / millionaire.
    When persons like me find to hold and operate one a/c, it is indeed, where the bank has failed to consider our unfortunate financial constraints.
    Those who are lucky and felt the satisfaction as one in a million, certainly not a testimony to provide a purpose, role, or function of the bank for the people of this country.
    The bank has so many negative remarks from length and breadth this nation and we must understand the heat with which the people of our country are burnt.

  37. I had written here earlier about a credit card fraud. I learnt now that ICICI Bank's fraud investigation is a sham!

  38. Anonymous5:38 AM

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