Tuesday, May 30, 2006

JAM Engineering College Ratings

JAM magazine is in the process of compiling information that will help us publish state wise engineering college ratings.

The idea is to assist those who may not get into the 'best' colleges - which everyone knows about anyways. So, instead of trying to figure if IIT-K is better than IIT-B, we're focusing attention on the vast number of other colleges.

Some of these colleges are good, several are average and a few are really bad. You don't want to end up in the last category and waste 4 years of your life.

Secondly, unlike magazines like India Today we believe that students' feedback, opinions and experiences must be reflected most strongly in rating exercises. However, they seldom are.

So, if you're an engineering college student, or have graduated from one within the last 2 years, please spare 10 minutes to fill out a short questionnaire for JAM.

Drop me an email at rashmi_b@yahoo.com and I'll send it across to you!


  1. Rashmi,

    Can you please check the link for 'india today'. Apparently it is not working.


  2. link fixed

  3. Is it possible to get inputs from the professors too? They can contribute with a different perspective.

  4. How about using Wikipedia for the same?


  5. Thats true.

    Students view should be given more weightage.I am from a college which is not so well rated...but in reality my college had profs which were more helpful in studies than the profs of other colleges where my friends studied.

  6. couldn't have imagined a better way of improving hit rates to the 'JAM' website :-)

  7. Nice Initiative, BTW when is the magazine expected to be out ?

  8. Hey, am not an engineering student, but just wanted to say that I appreciate what you are doing.

  9. This is really need of the day with so many Engineering colleges coming up everyday, But please try to focus more on the "DEPARTMENT/BRANCH" thing, i mean one college may have good placement in Comp. Sc. but other departments may not have good faculty, SO PLEASE FOCUS ON THE DEPARTMENT THING more as in India Industries other than software dont have huge demands so there is little or no scope for other branches.

    And you are right we know IITs are the best, but if i have to choose from Private colleges which one should i choose??

    I mailed you but as other comments say a questionairre on survey sites is better option

  10. hey rashmi;
    reminds me of the days when i did the engineering college rankings for JAM......those were the days!!
    I miss it.....lemme know if i can help in someway...for this article or anything else....
    BTW just for the record....i think SPCE is STILL the BESt engg college around ;)

  11. I want to know are you also including the goverment colleges in this rating - colleges which are good and lesser known, but their admissions are restricted to the students of a particular state.

  12. Thanks Arun. I was able to view the article.


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