Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Amity Business School sued

A student suing an educational institute is a rare and unheard of phenomenon in India. But, with education increasingly being regarded as a 'consumer product', we are going to see more of it happen.

6 former students of Amity Business School have taken the bschool to court following the withdrawal of AICTE approval to Amity's flagship course - the PGDM.

A case against Amity Business School was filed in the District Consumer Redressal Forum, Mehrauli, New Delhi which hears matters between Rs 1-5 lakhs on 29th November, 2005.

The complaint states: "That the applicant/ cancellation has no fault in the withdrawal of approval by AICTE to the respondent no 1."

"That the applicant/ complainant suffered the loss of a year of his career and valuable time, as well as mental and physical harassment by the respondents."

In addition to refund of fees paid advocate Naveen Kumar is seeking compensation of Rs 100,000 for loss of a year, financial, educational, mental and physical harassment by the respondents (Amity Business School).

That's an excerpt from an article published in the latest JAM magazine. You can read the full story here.


  1. Hi Rashmi,

    This comment is not related to this post, and I wanted to ask a question in career section of but I couldn't create jamID, so I am putting it here.

    Do you/jammag know any good non-IT related headhunting companies in India in financial modeling/consultng field? Can you please pass this info to me? You can mail me at

    Thanks a lot. Ashish.

  2. Rashimi:
    Does not look like that you have any good topics to write about these days. All I see is about B-schools. Let me state a reality check to this B-school stuff. Bottomline, B-school means nothing in the real world. Take it from a MBA grad of Duke University.

    Look around the real world and the best business man don't have any exposure to B-schools. Maybe you should start to write more about real world than B-schools.


  3. Good to see the student community fighting back and hope its the first of many such suits filed.

    With the madnesss of skyhigh claims and astronomically high fees of "top ten" B schools in India, this was really called for.

    The institues which have so far taken their admission process, upward movements in fees charged, doing whatever they feel like and have expected students/aspirants to just accept their wayward ways, had so far succeeded.

    But with the IIPM affair and now this, these are just indications to all tall-claims-hugely advertised-for-no-reason B Schools to correct their ways and not take the student community for granted. If they dont learn now, then all this will only get dirtier in future. With the B-Schools fighting cases in courts one can only imagine the type of education imparted in these.

  4. I agree with Neil.
    Being an youth magazine editor we expect more from you. ok ok this is your personal blog and you can write what ever you want.
    Anyway this is a good post and students should remember that things written in ads and news paper may turn out to be completely wrong. Be careful in choosing the right Institute.

    Good Luck

  5. Students suing their own institute is definitely not a good thing to see, but as here they suffered such a big loss, the institute should compensate for it adequately. It is really disturbing to see many such institute mushrooming not only in the management but also in engineering. Some of my friends in Bangalore have described how a few colleges there have even smaller campuses than our institute's library. The AICTE should act immediately before even more damage is done by these 'degree mills'.

    I would also like to reply to what Neil and Purushottam have said.

    If you find that this blog misses the point then why do you read it? The information about B-schools has relevance to me and many other people who read this blog.

    Not all the posts in the blogs I read are of relevance to me and I simply ignore them. I/we come to this blog because Rashmi specializes in something we are interested in. Obviously one size(/shape) doesn't fit all.

    All the reality check thing is a personal opinion and shouldn't be debated upon (my reality check gives different anweres).

    You can't blame her if there isn't much news-worthy topic to write on.

  6. Good to see the Indian Student FINALLY waking up and fighting for their Right.

  7. some info for u Ms rashmi bansal Amity i heard is hosting the next INDIAN SCIENCE Congress wat now !!! i really dunno how such a meet can be held there !!!

  8. I think the time has come to individually investigate all the BSchools in India (atleast who claim to be the top rated) for their credentials. They charge huge money from students. A public interest litigation has been filed in the Madras High Court against all Private Universities, with specific reference to ICFAI. The petitioner alleges that ICFAI has not been approved by AICTE and UGC. the report in the Hindu can be read in the following link :

  9. Ms Bansal, Ask me about Amity!
    Who ever comes to me for institute advice, gets to hear - "Amity, there is no way, you are joining that one"
    I am doing my MA Mass comm last sem from amity and I can fill in this box, the torture that we underwent as students there. I feel miserable that i spent all that money.
    another crazy secret - my Director shivers in front of AK Chauhan. This Mr Chauhan, when he gets on the diaz to make a speech there is always flutter and laughter from the audience if it is amity's students. He is so well known for his vanity. I sincerely plead all those who are reading this, not to join or advice anyone to join this institution, it is damned!

  10. hi rashmi

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