Thursday, January 26, 2006

5 stars to Rang de Basanti !

Everyone is dying to see this film, thanks to the fresh n funky look in the promos and posters; the amazing music and of course Aamir Khan. Add to that the curiosity factor of controversy.

And that is exactly why I was a bit worried as I walked into the press preview for the film. Would Rang De Basanti really live up to expectations?

The answer is yes!!! This film not only lives up - it far EXCEEDS your imagination. A good film entertains you while you're in the theatre. A great film stays with you long after you've left it.

Rang de Basanti, in my opinion, is one of those greats. If Dil Chahta Hai redefined 'youth' films, Rang de Basanti takes the theme to the next level.

I will explain why, but first, a quick plot summary :

Inspired by a diary written by her grandfather, foreign kudi comes to India to make a documentary on India’s revolutionary freedom fighters – Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and others who laid down their life for the country. She casts five young men for these roles – none of whom can identify with the idea of making any such sacrifices.

‘Is desh mein hai kya? Population?? Corruption???” says one. “Mujhe to jaise degree mili I’m outta here”. Meanwhile they’re hanging loose at the masti ki ‘paathshala’.

But, somewhere along the way the reluctant actors find themselves moved by the passion of the long-dead revolutionaries. And inspired to actually stand up and take on the System.

And from the official synopsis:
In the film both the 1930s British India and the India today run parallel and intersect with each other at crucial points. As the film reaches its resolution the line between past and present blurs, as they become one in spirit..

That makes no sense now but when you see the film it will! There. I’m not going to spoil it for you by giving the actual details.

Why Rang de rocks
Rang de Basanti’s greatness lies in the fact that achieves a fine balance. Dil Chahta Hai was a light film, this one has a message. Yet it manages to be as entertaining – perhaps even more than DCH.

The easy camaraderie and bonding between the friends lights up the screen. The language is Phinglish (Punjubbi and Hindi vich occasional English) – just the kind Dilli ke bande actually use (correct me if I’m wrong here!).

The film has all the usual youth ‘types’ – bade baap ka beta. good-for-nothing with heart-of-gold, nationally integrated cast of Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-and-isaai. And yet there are no stereotypes.

In fact, the film creates new definitions of old ideas. What does it mean to be ‘patriotic’? Rang de attempts to answer the old question in a new way. It’s not about Sunny paaji single handedly immobilising the Pakistani army and half its airforce by breaking the sound barrier as he booms “JAI HIND”.

Rang de Basanti says patriotism is about standing up and doing something. Not just complaining that everything in this country is useless but to see that each one of us is responsible for the current state of affairs. And has the power to start effecting a change.

Ah, but here is where the really controversial bit comes in. Is the path chosen by these young men the right path? Yeh kai dinon tak charcha ka vishay rehne waala hai. Coz these aren't the do-gooder variety of changemakers a la Mohan Bhargava in Swades.

Again I would say the film maker has managed to achieve a balance – while the characters do embrace questionable actions and ideas, the viewer is left with some alternatives which are more acceptable: like joining the police, IAS or politics.

This is how Rakesh Mehra put it to There is a matter of making a choice and accepting the responsibility of making it - that is the turning point in the film. The big moment is the decision for them to accept that choice, and take on the consequences of their actions, not to be escapists.

The ‘taking consequences for you actions’ bit is the crucial one. That’s what takes the film beyond the vigilante justice formula we’ve seen a million times before!

The Second Coming
Director Rakesh Mehra’s first film ‘Aks’ was described as “a superior product, technically speaking, but falters in that one vital department -- story-telling”.

Well, Mehra seems to have taken the feedback very seriously because this time the story and screenplay is numero uno, and on that strong foundation rest the other stuff: stunning visuals, music, technical wizardry.

The important thing about the story is that revolves around a basic clash in values –at many different levels. Youth of 1930s vs Youth of Today is the dominant theme. But there are many other sub-conflicts touched upon.

For example, the pressure from Aslam’s family to have friends from his ‘own community’ – the first time I think the ‘ghetto’ issue has been brought up on the Bollywood screen. Then there’s Laxman Pandey, a saffron party worker who’s anti-all-things-Western-and-Muslims. His attitude changes – in more ways than one – over the course of the film.

The casting – what can I say? All the characters – major and minor - don’t just play their parts. They live them. I particularly liked Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Kapoor, Atul Kulkarni, Alice Patten and Kiron Kher.

Aamir is great as usual. He looks a little old in some scenes but then he is supposed to be one of those dadas who’s still in college although he ‘passed out’ 5 years ago. And the film just would not have worked its magic on us without him.

Chhoti Baatein
I also liked the small touches. For example, the scene where Sue first steps out of Delhi airport is so true to life!

Thankfully the scriptwriters decided to give the foreign kudi Hindi speaking classes before coming to India - so we don’t have to suffer sub-titles or awkward English dialogue . And it makes for some good laughs as well.

All the threads of the story tie in together – which is rare in Bollywood. Like the RJ who makes a fleeting appearance in the first 20 minutes. Since it’s a known face (veejay Cyrus Sahukar) you wonder usne do line ka part kyun accept kiya. Well, he suddenly pops up as a ‘crucial’ part in the climax.

It’s also nice to see an ad filmmaker-turned-director NOT accepting ads in the film itself. So while there is a marketing tie up with Coke, there are no Coke bottles at all in the film. NDTV gets mega-mileage throughout – but it's not a plug. In fact, it adds authenticity to parts of the story.

It’s also nice to see the Gang hanging out at places other than standard issue coffee shops, malls and multiplexes.

They prefer omlets and chai in a sardarji da dhaba or a purana qila next to an airfield. Of course, there is one important scene in a trendy lounge bar too. This reflects more accurately the mix n match hangout culture (street food bhi khayenge, 5 star mein bhi) of actual youth – again, rarely seen on screen!

The sepia-toned depiction of the revolutionaries was also extremely well done. And illuminating. I never knew, for example, that Bhagat Singh and his comrades went on a hunger strike for 114 days because they demanded to be treated not as common criminals but ‘political prisoners’ entitled to paper, pen and a daily newspaper.

And the way Rang De manages to cut back and forth between past and present –not just as long flashbacks but from moment to moment without trivializing either era is amazing. I’m sure it’s very hard to pull off - in the movie it appears effortless.

A couple of very minor quibbles:
- India Habitat Centre appears to have been passed off as Delhi University
- Saffron party workers attacking peaceful demonstrators at India Gate? In the age of 24 hour television, sending a martyr’s mother into a coma would be an absolute PR disaster !
- Sue is shooting an entire historical documentary with a single camera and no back up unit? Chalo maaf kiya – creative license!

There is a lot more I would like to write about the film but shall wait until more of us have seen it!

I would give Rang De Basanti a 5 star rating for its thought, its passion, its careful crafting and overall entertainment value. Go see it as soon as you can beg, borrow or steal tickets!

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  1. Rashmi , thanks for the update on movie.Im in US and was waiting for its release.Will soon see this one after reading ur blog.Thanks

  2. Is it you or is it the movie that now is making me to go to a theatre to watch it ;) I have never gone to any theatre to watch a hindi movie except Yuva!!!

    Glad to see something intellectual coming out of bollywood. It'll be interesting to draw comparisons between bombay youth and delhi youth!
    on a second thought, do a survey, get some stats, do some customisations, add some creativity in designing, design a jammag for delhi youth :> :>

    Wishing you'd do more reviews - I mean not to review movies but tell us about something you strongly feel about.

  3. Now, after reading this review,the hype would increase.:). "Beg,borrow or steal"...!! Let me see if I can get hold of some tickets!

  4. I never knew, for example, that Azad and Bhagat Singh went on a hunger strike for 114 days because they demanded to be treated not as common criminals but ‘political prisoners’ entitled to paper, pen and a daily newspaper.

    Please correct it. Azad never got caught (thats why his name was Azad, his motto was "I will die but will never surrender to britishers" and thats what he did).

  5. Thanks-though i didnot read the plot-your 5 stars definitely gives me enough motivation to see the

  6. Hey Rashmi,
    That was a nice review...very well written and nicely detailed. Really like your blog...keep writing! :)
    - Aaina.

  7. Hi Rashmi. Nice review. Interesting though, that you did not know about Bhagat Singh going on a hunger strike. I had read about it in comic books on Bhagat Singh even as a kid. It was also depicted in the movie "The Legend of Bhagat Singh". The part was extremely well portrayed by Ajay Devgan. If I'm not mistaken, the movie was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi.

    Did you miss it? It is an extremely interesting movie to watch; I very seriously recommend you to watch it if you have indeed missed it.

  8. hey rashmi....lucky for going to watch it today.....will put in my two bits about it at night after ive seen the movie...

  9. just watched the first show of rang de..
    sorry rashmi it doesn't deserve 5 stars as u said... kinda deserves 10 stars out of 5. This movie rocks... go get inspired!!!

  10. Got tickets to the show tonight.Cant wait !!

  11. hi rashmi this is vijay from bangalore.
    came back from the 3 - 6. show at rex. there was clapping at the end of the movie. seems like this film isnt even inspired from naywhere. good review:)

  12. hey nice review....
    me too really liked the film.....a film every youth in India should seee......

  13. Generally I never watch movie in the first week of its release. I wait till I hear some reviews from couple of my friends.

    But as YOU have given it 5 stars, I must go and watch it asap! :)

    BTW, I am in NJ, USA and no theatre is showing Rang De Basanti this weekend. :(. It's very unusual because NJ has biggest desi population and generally all movies are shown in theatre.

  14. OH my god............
    rashmi i just saw the movei...and im so moved and touched that i dont know what to say
    I got goosebumps when i saw the "Rubaroo" this is so good...i hope this kicks in a trend of good meaningful hindi movies in the future.......As for the moveie....what can i say:
    "Aye Sala;
    Abhi Abhi hua yakeen,
    ke aag hai hum mein kahi......
    Dhua chata khula gagan mera...nayi dagar naya safar mera....."
    also....prasoon joshi is MY god....

  15. This is not a review of the review, wellthis is what really got all my attention
    "Good thing about doing your own thing: flexible hours, can wear jeans to work all days. Bad thing about doing own thing: finding smart, funny people to work for you and stay with you; never making enough money"
    (I know u might have read this before).
    5 star rating means worth spending 250 bucks on the movie?

  16. saw the movie today & simply loved it....RDB rocks & its simply mindblowing...its worth a dekko for everyone!!!

  17. what i liked about the movie is its music and its ability to move people when people are least expecting it. ham to chale the maje karne par haalat ne hame krantikari bana diya:-). its the same inner voice thing, some of us listen to it and some dont. sometimes i wonder if its all about the moment.....just the moment....kyunki ph*t*i to sabki hai,pls excuse the expletive.

  18. Brilliant review!!
    Made me watch the movie against all odds.:P
    And you bet I will watch it again soon.

    Hope the movie strikes the right chords, everywhere.

    Movie making at its best.
    Truly 5 star material!!

  19. Hi Rashmi,
    I also watched Rang De Basanti yesterday, and I was absolutely blown away! It's been a long time since I have come out of a cinema theatre with a lump in my throat. It's a movie that cuts through your cynicism and for a brief while at least, awakenens the dormant idealist and patriot within.

    The music, was good, the cast, brilliant. The only flaw I can think of was perhaps the length, but let's not quibble. Overall a towering achievement and once again, testimony to Aamir Khans's uncanny ability to pick brilliant roles from the plethora he must be offered everyday.

    Aamir's acting is wonderful, but then his abilities are never in doubt. The other powerhouse performances are by Atul Kulkarni and surprisingly, Sharman Joshi.

    Right now I feel that it is my duty to ask everyone i know (and even ppl i don't) and force them to see this film. :) It's that good.

  20. Hi Rashmi, I was the one to see FDFS of Rang De Basanti, few areas really touch you and I would lie if I say there was not a droplet that tasted salty on my cheek....

    Everyone would write about how good technically the movie was, how amazing Siddharth, Madhavan(in the brief appearance) were, the plot, the cinematography (I being from media line can appreciate that... but then hw many of us would really take a stock and the next morning really get up and look forward to change something, atleast something about the country. And I am n youth, 25 at that moment would have thought so many things, got inspired, but this morning as usual getting into spinning money.... Can we stop this? Who has the answer????

  21. Rashmi,

    First time on your blog. I am glad i dropped by.

    This is by far one of the best reviews of a movie i have ever read. I dont know how the movie is, but this review promises something special about the movie.

    Will difinately share my exp after i see the movie.

    Do drop in some time on my blog.

    Good to know you.


  22. hi all. I have seen the movie and enjoyed it. Actually i have written a small review at my blog
    if u have time u can read it and give some comments on it
    I will be extremely lucky if i get any comments from Rashmi because her review is far better than mine

  23. hey my mail id is

  24. Hi Rashmi, long time. This is the only decent hindi movie released here in Visag in ages so definitely gonna watch it. Btw you gave K3G (Was it?) a decent rating back in JAM, so will tread warily ;) Congrats on completing a year of blogging! Mailed you ages ago but I guess you missed it in the usual JAM deluge. Hey watch Chronicles of Narnia - decent even if a bit dull.

  25. same feeling expreesed in my hindi blog..initially thought it would be boring like swadesh but its awsome

  26. Tks for the link, no more comments from your friendly ponytailed minions?

  27. ok now i cant wait to see it!

  28. Hi Rashmi
    Wonderful review! I watched the movie on first day as i had promised myself for this particular movie. Very touchy and uncanny direction. I was just waiting somebody from the regular bloggers write something about the movie as I know it will be great treat to read. Thanks again.

    Rang De Basanti.

  29. Kal while watching the movie, I kept wondering ki what would Rashmi write about it. You said all that I would have wanted to, and more. I am still wondering aisa concept writer ke dimaag mein aaya kahaan se. Excuse my hinglish.

  30. Too Good of your observation and view of the movie !!
    I would put it in another way, the moview has a thought steering effect.
    If at all, we get a lesson form the movie its about the awakening youth. Incidently, the first 'Youth-Full' political party has just launched and on the top this rang de.. i m sure, will help many of us to make our accounts started on the same front. We can start with a small 'no-to-bribes-traffic-police'!

    You mentioned that path rang de.. team has chosen was wrong. If u rem a dialog of movie... meant 'It needs a blast for sleeping people to awake', and they have done exactly the same. Even at the cost of their lives its a well thought and balanced decision, if we consider the projections of the after effects.

    I Blog Here

  31. Hey,
    Decent blog..but well I guess it is more important to talk about the spirit the movie has transferred to us and what do we do with it..



    How STAR TV and Siddhatha Basu duped people

  33. Should plan to go see the movie sometime soon. Rashmi, know what, I created a Blogger account just so that I could comment here (and on some other journals as well)...:-)
    I blog on LiveJournal usually.

    Is wonderful reading your posts. Gives the pulse on life in B'bay, my city that I left two years back and miss so...:-(


  34. I was planning to go all the way to new york city (4 hour drive from where i stay) to see this movie. And just today, I learned that its also being shown in a bollywood cinema close to where i stay. Just read your blog; I am now way excited about this movie and waiting in anticipation. Planning to hit the cinema tommorow night alongwith some friends.

  35. brilliant movie and an equally brilliant review. you need to be completely heartless and insensitive of not being touched by the message the movie conveys. entire cast is of aamir khan calibre and thats a revelation. imagine having six seven aamir khans in a film. entire cast rocks.

  36. Hello Ms Bansal again!
    I saw this film, first day first show. I agree with all your comments. it was amazing how the same IHC matter, the filming matter and the supporting actors for Su's film, was my points of differences too.
    But I dint give it much weight because the idea that an Indian movie, not copied with heavy story line, dialogues and actors without songs that have 20 people clothlessly dancing around could be made, still keeps me awestruck!
    that is the reason.
    Criticism will exist always I guess, however hard the director tries. But this one was almost flawless for Indian standards.

  37. Saw the 1st Day 1st show, 1st day 3rd show, and will watch it again this sunday.

    I have never seen a FDFS for any movie and have never seen a movie twice in a theatre.

    It is too good. And so is your review.
    I am the lucky one to share printspace with your post in today's Mumbai Mirror.
    Check it out.

  38. one small disadvantage though good movie no doubt but will get get REPEAT AUDIENCE
    coz of story and btw thanks Ms bansal i first read ur review and went to movie

  39. Hello Ms. Bansal

    I had been reading ur articles in other magazines. I just stumbled across ur blog while searching for RDB. While reading when I realised it was u writing this, I was refreshed. All things about the movie, I feel this is all about youth. You represent a great deal of it n so do we.

    So RDB is a trendsetter. Not only is the movie great but a reflection of the power of the youth which is going to sweep the nation, which I m getting increasingly convinced about.
    Aamir rocks, RDB rocks, we all rock.

  40. > the scriptwriters decided to give the foreign > kudi Hindi speaking classes before coming to > India - so we don’t have to suffer sub-titles > or awkward English dialogue

    Yeah. For those of us in the South, we look forward to the Tamil remake.

  41. While the movie is good, I won't call it great. It was entertaining, and interesting, for most of the time, but the ending was...well, a dud. The makers went overboard trying to bring out similarities in the revolutionaries and today's youth, especially their ends. If you've muderers take over a radio station, what do you do? Listen to their whole speech and then kill them? No, you cut off power supply to the station, don't let them spread their propaganda, and finish them before the nation wakes up. It was so unreal...really spoilt the rest of the movie, which was excellent.

  42. Since you have already spoilt the story for the folks who have yet to see the movie, by revealing the end, Mr. Chaitanya, I think I should answer you and all the people criticing about the movie climax.
    Having killed the defence minister, what would have been the most plausible options for those "awakened" students - to remain indifferent to the whole affair, kill more corrupt people or carry on enjoying life like before. There could'nt have been more subtle climax for the movie with the message, more poignant end to a courageous mission undertaken. Sacrifice for better tomorrow, the message was clear and loud. Students took the risk at the cost of being killed thats exactly Bhagat Singh & Azad and their likes did. It was the authority who treated them like terrorist eventually. Remember, our freedom fighters were also considered terrorist by Britishers. In fact the best part and the most awe-inspiring cinema was the last 60 minutes of the movie. Rest was the usual entertainment stuff meant for masses.

  43. Well I think the five stars given to the movie are too much. The movie was entertaining but nothing great abt it. I still couldn't fathom what message it gave. What was it trying to tell. And to compare the movie to Dil Chahta Hai and Swades is totally stupid.
    Though I m a big fan of A R Rehman and I liked the songs too much but I feel that there were too many of them and somehow halted the progress of story.
    And the radio part is oft times repeated in Hindustani and Phir bhi Dil hai hindustani. Come to think of Hindustani(Kamal Hassan) it has somewhat similar theme but it was executed much better.
    All in all a timepass masala flick. Watch it once but it definitely is not a trendsetter like DCH or swadesh.

  44. watched the movie today...
    at last a movie which makes a lot of sense...
    the whole AWAKENING was carried on so smoothly..
    How I wish that the message from the movie remain with us forever!!
    as students we talk about such issues day in and day out...the whole scenario holds so true even today the only difference being that in that era the people we were fighting against were different...den they were the foreigners and now our own people, who know us in and out and know how best they can hurt us... the last sequence was so symbolic to the parliament attack case where there exist no survivor all were graded as muslims...
    the period comparison was brilliant and all roles were fully justified
    the only role that still is hard to absorb that why was soha's presence missing from the climax and why was she not there as a part of begining to a revolution in the "all India Radio sequence" and why was she left to take care of the mother in the end. just because she was a woman who had responsibility towards the deceased mother, and only the men were sent to die at the station??
    why did the director let that link loose?? was her pain any less then the friends of the commander...
    it would have been a truly radical movie at something had changed from history where women are not mentioned a against now now wen v play such a crucial role in our society...y cant v die for something dat is so close 2 our hearts...??
    still looking for an answer!!

  45. Woala...the trio is not complete in the movie... Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru...
    but to my astonishment Sukhdev is not there in the whole scene...Fail to understand why?? One cant conveniently delete an important hero from the history, because every indian knows about the trio who led the militant foundations and became martyrs after the parliament attack and struggle against the mistreatment of prisoners in jail...he's so effortlessly removed from the scene, it's not funny...Question remains why as individuals we fail to read between lines and let a mistake like this pass so easily from under our noses!

  46. Before watching the movie in theatre I read dozen of blogs, scores of reviews. Only a fraction of the articles reflected movie was mediocre. Which simply accentuated the fact that movie was going to be great one.
    After I have walked out of theatre the message still lingers, disturbingly pricking my conscience.
    Aamir Khan and Rakyesh Mehra has done what hundreds of Netas post independence have'nt been able to do. They have ignited the spark of nationalism in true sense. It moved me and it might have done so to others too. I never realised the power of film media until now. I would most certainly do my bit in whichever way possible to make India my homeland a better place to live. I love my country even more now.

  47. Hey Rashmi!!
    Excellent review!! After reading your review and hearing about the movie from friends, I couldn't resist my urge to watch the movie and somehow booked tickets and went to watch it! TRULY Amazing movie, every scene went deep down us!!! Very subtle messages conveyed over the course of the movie.. I just couldn't control my tears at times, oblivious of the fact that it was not a real life incident too..
    Looking at it from a different perspective, should the present day youth resort to such killings and then get killed or fight the corrupt on a different platform, like challenging the corrupt from a democratic perspective. Now, the media too is empowered to expose any corruption, and I think some of the channels/newspapers are doing a great job. But, the director may have resorted to this idea to send a strong message.. That the present day youth want nothing else but transparency and clean dealings. And, I was shocked to know that 206 MIGs had crashed over the past 15 years. I am sad that our netas and babus blame the pilots instead of identifying and uprooting the criminals among them. My salute to our IAF men for their bravery!!
    One depressing fact, at least for me. Most of the BGM and song music were repetitive. A R Rahman often apes his own music. For those who celebrate the bhangra song "Rang De Basanti", A R Rahman has adopted the music for this song ditto from one of his earlier songs - from the movie "Paarthalae Paravasam". Probably he has run out of any more tunes??!!!

  48. Well it is surprising that one gets to love his nation more after watching a stupid movie like RDB. Wait on dude the feeling will fall as soon as it has risen.
    And ya we all know that AR copies his south indian songs in Hindi movies. But what is wrong in that?Atleast we north indian audience get to listen those nice songs.

  49. Thanks for the movie review. While it is fine to say that one has a choice of action over criticism, I would also like to emphasize that real change comes only when things go out of control like liberalization came only when foriegn exchange reserves were close to zero. Without danger,one cannot really go beyond danger though there is no harm in trying.

  50. Very good review..but on one point I beg to differ and that is Rang de Basanti is more entertaining than DCH.I think DCH is one of the most entertaining movies with no strong message and Rang de Basanti is better than DCH because It also gives you a strong message in very casula style..

  51. Hey Rashmi,
    I went to watch the movie this weekend with great expectations after reading your review. I feel that RDB doesn't deserve 5 star rating. I posted this on my blog Thoda Yeah Thoda Woh. Check my blog when you have some time. I'm not very regular with my posts like you, as I'm hardly able to take out some time from my profession of Tech Writing/Curriculum Development, and IT training. :)

  52. I did not like the movie after all that hype. It was a huge disappointment. Its a total contrast. They kill Minister, but announce on radio that they are sorry and dont want others to follow in their steps; they want others to join military, appear for civil services, join the political system to change it. But the example they themselves set is quite the opposite! I did a short review of it on my blog, where I have explained in detail why I disliked it. I wont give this movie 5 *'s

  53. Can anyone tell me what exactly is the meaning of "Rang De Basanti" hindi is just good enough to understand literal able that it has something to do with patriotism..but i cant get the meaning!

  54. Well! Rashmi,
    You're getting so emotional about the purana quilla and stuff.. And your knowledge of India Habitat Center not being Delhi university is impressive but out of context since RDB is a movie, not a documentary on DU. Btw, i loved the movie and i think the movie will create an impact it wants to. One of the best I've seen lately. The issues of the choice taken by the five brave men in RDB is a non-issue looking at the end they meet and die laughin coz they believed that the Ends justify the Means. Your five stars are highly appreciated. Thanks for giving five stars. Only a few quibbles:
    1) I hope what you write is not original you coz the phrases you use are cliched. Please try to be original and refreshing.

  55. After watching the movie yesterday, I second Rashmi's enthusiasm but the killing shown in the end is neither a practically feasible or a sustainable long term solution. Politicians are the effects not really the root cause if you go into the depth of the matter.

  56. Just saw the movie and enjoyed it to the core.
    As pointed was a light hearted movie at the beginning and we enjoyed the jokes and when we left the theatre...we couldnt help discussing it till we got home.

    Also liked the small points as pointed by Rashmi...Enjoying food at Roadside Dhabas.After a while..the popcorn at the theatre just didnt satisfy me..had a sudden craving for Paratha..Definitely hitting the Punjabi Dhaba for Dinner tonite ;)

    And on the topic of no endorsements..i for one felt NDTV did get great mileage out of this..even though it added to the would think there is no other news channel in India.
    Another brand that got its share of coverage was the beer..HAYWARDS it just me or did anyone else also notice that?What is wrong with me? :P

    Casting was also brilliant.

    Amazing movie.

  57. this movie surely rocks.and yes it has a youth appeal as dil chahta hai however rang de is much more thought provoking..and entertaining!it surely ignited somethng inside my heart making it feel that i've to do something for this earth before i leave this earth.and the movie exhibits a typical delhi university kinda fun,going to dhabas and to lounge bars as well!! this flick has a very real feel to it and all of us can relate to it in some way or the other.

  58. Hey Rashmi I saw the movie and yes I did miss Delhi. Having studied in North Campus there were too many things that struck a chord. Great movie, never mind you liked K3G. You can check out my views on my blog - btw the take no survivors dictate is SO MUCH CRAP

  59. Hi Rashmi,

    your is one of the few Blogs that visit. I guess i am too old for all this.

    I hated the movie. I have put in some thoughts on why here..

    Since you run Jam Mag, which idnetiifies with teh youth. i would love to get your reaction to this. I have very strong feelings about this. Is it possible to get this across to JAM Mag.. how do i go aboutdoing that?

    Do get back to me about this here

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  62. I agree with SriKanth. I appreciated the whole idea until they decided to kill the minister, because I believe all forms of violence are unacceptable and I thought it was a dangerous message to leave todays youth with. In a time when terrorists abound, there is only the finest of lines separating what these students did and something that constitutes an act of terror. There were so many other alternatives that werent so dramatic but I guess that doesn't whip up feverish bational sentiment or sell as many tickets

  63. hi rashmi...

    great fact i have posted my own review on my blog - but its not more bout da movie story...i wud rather let the people see it and take an example...neway u did state one thing wrong...there is a scene where a Coca Cola bottle is distinctly seen on screen...I dont kno whether neone else has mentioned it to u till now...but i did see it...

  64. Hey there,

    This was an EXCELLENT review. Great great props for the entire team of Rang de Basanti to weave such a complicated and controversial theme into a seemingly light hearted yet serious and thought provoking film.

    I thought there were only two kinds of films -
    Ones that leave your mind as soon as you walk out of the theatre.
    Ones that you want to drive out of your mind as soon as you walk of out of the theatre.
    Yesterday, I discovered there was a third kind... The ones that are so powerfully thought provoking, that you cannot stop thinking about!

  65. just to add to your minor quibbles...

    40 year-old college students who never actually attend college..:)

  66. hi rashmi... I ain't sure you will be reading my comment which I guess is the 70th one...

    the movie... is no doubt awesum...more than the story... I found the use of shaky hand camera and the rough edges in sound editing brilliantly used...

    but just wanted to point out that the airport shown is apna Mumbai ka airport...

    another bit... incase you haven't read ebert or james... famous hollywood film critic... please do... will help ya with your reviews...

    keep up the good work..

    By the way... You still haven't told me your age...

  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. Hello!
    I'm not sure if you'll actually read this!But when a well-known blogger like yourself says RDB deserves five stars,I thought it was time I put in my first comment on your blog.

    I hate it when today's youth sudden find themselves 'Indian' after watching the movie.The 'yo' generation has lost touch with their roots and a movie like RDB might temporarily awaken patriotic feelings for one's country.But how long will this effect last.I doubt it'd last long enough for people to actually do something for the country.

    Also a 40 year old playing someone who's passed out of college five years earlier needs three and a half pudin haras to digest.Also hard to digest is the sermonising by Om Puri to Kunal Kapoor.Does every movie have to have that 2.3kgs of political correctness?!
    I can still go on.

    A sincere attempt no doubt, but when it gets more credit and acclaim than it deserves,we do need to rush to the nearest store for another pack of Pudin Hara.

  69. A very nice review Rashmi Mam, being a an afficianado of indian-not-so-famous-martyer's history I actually knew about the hunger strike and always wondered why they did not get the respect and sometimes publisity as Mr. MK Gandhi. But that will ignite another fire. It seems you did not, perticularly, like performance of sidhdharth (Karan in the movie) but i thought the scene with his dad and one in radio station was really Up to the mark.

  70. I think your review is too one-sided. Rang de basanti is good movie, but thats as far as it goes. It has numerous ideological flaws - too many to list here.I expected a more rational and informed opinion from an editor of a magazine.

  71. The movie as an entertainer is worth watching , as it went towards the climax ,for a sec i started thinkin hold on "Is it the same director? " .

    The flow got cut when the director's idea of presenting this...,

    the british lady aroused patriotism in this youth -->
    Immediately , they have shown it in killin the defense minister.

    And the monster break up , it was the climax the police simply kills the youth. (I guess encounters take place in forests :-) not in radio stations ) .

  72. hey rashmi and all other commentators,
    Surprising to see such extreme a point it becomes quite blurry whether the review is being reviewed or the movie. I have to say a gr8 review but i guess it was important to mention that the movie has much reality as it has metaphors.

    (Towards the commentators) examples arent meant to be followed, they are meant to be learnt from. And i do support the ending, "extreme situations require extreme measure", that doesnt mean i encourage violence, it just means that to change the system somethin extreme has to be done. Also, patriotism hasnt been inculcated into the youth, only the realization that the system is out of place.

    kudos again and take care

  73. The movie was awesome. I saw it twice.
    The story is like something coming out unexpectedly in an expected environment
    Bravo director.. Kudos for you

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