Friday, March 25, 2005

Aadmi aur Eve

Yesterday a 13 year old and her two friends had acid thrown on them outside their school, situated in Mumbai's Chembur suburb.

The attacker undertook the 'job' for a mere Rs 300. The chap who paid the money was a 32 year old, rightly described by Mid-day as a pervert. He decide to teach a lesson to the poor kid he'd become infatuated with for 'spurning' his advances.

What is it with Indian men? OK, before you exclaim "don't generalise!" I'll qualify that. Sure, there are honourable exceptions.

But there really has to be something wrong with the section of mankind which is in the news on a regular basis for :
a) Getting infatuated with underage girls
b) Trying to physically harm the object of their unwanted affections.

Acid attacks, in particular, are I am sure a phenomenon seen nowhere else in the civilised world.

Get a life!
Taking 'revenge' with someone you've actually had a relationship with is somewhat understandable - although not something I would condone.

Physically harming a person who had nothing to do with you in the first place is crazy. Men in other cultures simply shift their gaze to other women. They eventually find someone who reciprocates.

If not as a species, at least a subspecies of Indian man has an extremely delicate ego which can be shattered by the slightest rejection.

And the young women of this country are the ones paying the price for it.

Some person you're barely aware of could get infatuated with you and when you say 'sorry, not interested', the consequences could be dire!

Surely girls also go through one sided infatuations and get rejected. But I am yet to hear of a single guy who's had acid thrown on him by such a young woman.

Scheming bahus and vixen nanads may be the staple of soap opera television, there's no disputing the fact that in real life women would never ever stoop as low as men can.

And do.


  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Sad...ya right..its defintely got to do something with an Indian man's ego. Well even i would be hurt by rejection..but to do such a thing is disgusting..that too to a child.. cant think of a solution to this.. maybe u should come up with something in one of ur posts...

  2. Anonymous4:14 AM

    The act is ridiculously stupid. But the real party to blame would be our Judicial system, which lets these acts go unpunished. The day one of these culprits gets their due punishment, others will think twice before doing something similar. So in true sense, what you ascribe to 'Indian male Ego', is in reality due to the fact that one can get away with an act like this.

  3. The disgust at the incident is completely justified. But I thought that the diatribe against the male population was more of a "heat of the moment" outburst. The emphatic statement that "women can never stoop as low as men" is quite ridiculous!! Just mention the name "Loretta Bobbit" to your husband at night...he is sure to have a few sleepless nights!!

  4. Have to agree with Sandy. This is a tragic incident but saying "women dont stoop so low" is ridiculous

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    No one can justify the act of that animal, yeah he is not human, but would like to ask you to re-think of your negative claim about Indian males. Don't write for the sake of writing, your blogs come across everyone.

  6. i must say though the incident is indeed disgusting and shocking, so is taking it as a pretext to go on and on against men. 'women dont stoop as low as men'? thats a laughable statement.maybe women dont throw acid around(or maybe they do) but there are other equally(if not more) disgusting senseless things that women, indian or otherwise, do....and dont forget that the females of the homosapein species are the more foolishly emotional ones, and u never know what they might do in the heat of a moment!!! cmon women, stop givin men a tough time!!!


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