Friday, January 01, 2016

Back where I belong

My New Year Resolution is to start writing again. I mean, do it single-mindedly, dedicatedly, every single day. Whether I ‘feel’ like it or not. Whether I am ‘inspired’ or not. Whether I am ‘tired’ or not.

Because this is what I was born for.

Because this is what keeps me sane.

My target is 3 hours a day - coz it’s best to start with baby steps. Writing would include - books, columns, blogs, maybe even poetry. Depends what comes out of me once I start.

My inspiration for this resolution is Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’. A somewhat preachy but stimulating book on leading the creative life. There’s plenty of pithy advice for every kind of writer and artist - including those still in the closet. But even a published author like me needs reminding. That writing is not about ‘wanting to write’ or ‘planning to write’. It’s about actually writing. A few lines from ‘Big Magic’ which rang true for me:

‘I do not know of any creative soul who does not dream of calm, cool, grass-growing days in which to work without interruption’. (it never happens - you gotta do it in the midst of chaos.).

‘Most things have already been done - but they have not been done by you.’ (yeah - there are pretty much 6 or 7 stories which are told and retold. It’s the voice which makes it fresh/ unique).

‘Most of my writing life consists of nothing more than unglamorous, disciplined labour… but sometimes it is Fairy Dust’. (what I need to get back to is the discipline and the labour, the fairy dust is a bonus).

So like Elizabeth Gilbert puts it, it’s time to ‘sneak off and have an affair with your most creative self.’

This year I shall flirt with words and seduce ideas… may the fun and games begin!

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