Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mumbai Writer's Retreat: Feb 14-18

dear Budding Authors

I've enjoyed reading your manuscripts over the last 2 weeks and have sent you all my feedback.

I think some of you are very promising, others need to look deeper within to develop a voice that is true and unique. But in fact all of us, including published authors, do need to take time out and reflect, work on techniques and talents.

More than anything we need to remove our blocks and flow with our thoughts and feelings because that is what great writing is all about.

As I was going through your manuscripts, I received an email about a 'Writer's Retreat' in Mumbai. This retreat is conducted by Wendy Rohm, a bestselling author and literary agent. The goal?

Develop your book, fine tune your manuscript, and perfect your writing in progress. Writers of all levels attend to generate new material, develop ideas, or perfect works in progress.

The Mumbai Writer's Retreat is being held from Feb 14-18 and I thought it might be of interest to you. Hence sharing the details!

These workshops are also held in other locations such as Paris and Thailand. There is also an online course starting February especially for writers in Asia and India. Check that out if you are interested but for whatever reason can't be present physically.

Why am I recommending this course? Purely on good faith. I would like to attend at some point (but perhaps in Paris :)

I just think sometimes we need a support group - a helping hand, a friendly ear. A place where there are like-minded people and some gentle guidance and professional mentorship. None of which is easily available to writers.

Yes the course does not cheap but sometimes you have to *invest* in yourself and your dream.

To find out more and to register email Margaret at TheRohmAgency at with a cc to me (rashmi_b at Give my name as a reference and you will get the special benefit of $100 credit toward a future 12-week online course. Or one of their conferences anywhere in the world, including the next Mumbai conference in 2012.

But do think about it and register only if you're serious and can spare the time. There's a pretty stiff cancellation policy!

Meanwhile, whether or not you attend this retreat, keep the faith, and keep writing!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. But if any of you register through me I will get a small referral fee. That's not my motivation for spreading the word, however. Ek writer hone ke naate doosre writers ka bhala chahti hoon.

I want all of you to get published coz the world needs more amazing authors and wonderful, readable books :)

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