Saturday, August 29, 2009

Does India need 7 more IIMs?

The cabinet has just approved the setting up of 7 new IIMs over the next 2 years. Locations range from Tamil Nadu and Haryana to Chhatisgarh to J & K. A sum of Rs 1057crores has been alloted for this purpose, reports Business Standard.

My question is why - why set up SEVEN new IIMs in a single go?

There are 1000 + bschools providing management education in this country. No shortage of seats there. Yes, 'quality' education is offered only at a few but what guarantee do we have that these new institutes will live up to extraordinary standards in any case?

What does one expect from an IIM? Well:

a) Quality of students: Intake being through CAT, toughly contested etc

b) Quality of faculty: A committed set of high quality people

c) Infrastructure: Land, buildings, ek acchha campus

d) X factor: That special something in terms of academic orientation, student life and overall culture that sets it apart.

So far so good, but is all this likely to happen, all of a sudden, at seven new locations? I think not!

First of all, the idea of situating a management institute in remote areas cut off from civilisation needs to be examined. Take IIM Shillong, which I visited a few months ago. Beautiful, relaxing - but the nearest industrial town - and airport - is Guwahati, which is 3 hours away by road. How much industry exposure, CEO visits on campus or guest lectures can they hope to attract?

Not to mention placement. I *really* don't see companies taking the trouble to visit IIM Chhatisgarh when there are so many management institutes in Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon offering eager-to-work, decent quality graduates.

Coming back to our original four points:

a) Students: New IIMs are not hot destinations for the brightest of
students. Many will opt for an SP Jain, XLRI, MDI or FMS over IIM Uttaranchal. IIM Shillong has had that experience.

b) Faculty: It's tough for IIM A, B & C to get great faculty - given current payscales. Wonder what extra incentive, if any, there is for an academic to join an IIM in the middle of nowhere. That too with only teaching, no research orientation in initial years.

c) Infrastructure: Sure, the new IIMs will have great campuses
within 5 years. But today there are plenty of private bschools with very nice campuses as well - SIBM for example. It's not that big a deal.

d) X factor: This is the toughest bit. Culture is a collective energy, a vibe which is part intent, part accident. It is the asking of questions, the seeking of answers: "Who am I" and "What do I stand for".

The DNA of an institution cannot be to be an "IIM". Because by today's definition that would boil down to "best students, best placements."

We don't need more government sponsored management institutes with no particular focus. Have some USP, some reason to BE and not just exist!

In short, I think we are simply wasting Rs 1000 crores. If we need to set up new IIMs - let's figure out why, where and who is going to benefit.

If the intention is regional social development, well then let's accept that an IIM in Srinagar is not really going to do anything for the youth of J & K. Just as IIM Shillong makes no difference to the youth of the Northeast.

If you want to make a regional impact then go ahead and reserve 50% of the seats for locals. But that will dilute brand IIM, you say? Yes - so choose another name. ike we have IITs and we have NITs. And now IIITs.

Let the new institutes start with a clean slate. Let the old ones not be asked to carry new burdens.

And let it be an entire package deal: IIM + SEZ + airport. A stimulus package to grow the local economy by attracting industry, jobs and students. With the bschool being integrated - in a deep and meaningful way - with its immediate environment, and constituents.

Kapil Sibalji - are you listening??!


  1. no point investing in higher education... personally feel theres a need to invest more in primary education...

  2. Setting up a single IIM takes some doing, setting up 7 at one shot is grandiose and, I do wonder whether there will be a "brand dilution" of the IIMs in the near future. What do the current "new" and, the upcoming nascent ones plan to become ? How are going to lead them ?

    But then primary education isn't as glamorous as business education

  3. Truly agree with you on this.. Just by opening new so called IIMs u r not doing any good.. The points u have taken r very precise n they make absolute sense.. Its better to open a new body over all rather than just giving them names IIM. Me being an MBA aspirant wud never go to a college which is not in reach of industries as then there would be no exposure at all.
    All in all well said Rashmi.. I support you on this issue.

  4. Why there a consistent fear in the alumni of the first 4 IIMs that more IIMs means diluting the brand? The business world is a marketplace and a fair one at that. It will figure out what the standing of each IIM is and value students accordingly. IIM A/B/C/L need not worry about the effect the newer campuses will have on their image. As long as they maintain their standards they will get their due.

  5. Our education system is funnel based; with lots of students at the Primary level; with very few of them progressing on to complete primary education and moving on to higher education...
    Instead of working on the droplets cming out @ the end of the funnel; the HRD ministry should think of widening the funnel @ the centre, and also widening (more important) the funnel intake...

  6. why is every decision made in india .... smells vote bank politics.....

  7. Rashmi madam, all this hue and cry is against diluting the brand only. It takes 40 years in India to realize that new IITs are needed with the increasing number of students appearing in the IIT JEE. What is the selectivity ratio of student in IIMs ? Never was and will be decision taken without considering politics and economics. According to your suggestion IIMs should be opened in combination to SEZ and airports. Stimulus package is very diffcult to launch in practical conditions.Kandla is SEZ, does new IIM should be established there?

    Most of the company are concentrated in metropoiltean cities or TIER 1 cities only. Setting IIM would be like putting money in already developed or developing area. Regional social development happens because it encourages locally people to aspire and mix with national level. The benfits are not direct for the institute and people but in long run serves the purpose of putting that place on the map. IITkgp or IIM Shillong students may be getting relative less package offers in comparison to their IIMs situated in A/B.If government is giving a large part of budget on students, student will prefer IIM brand more than private colleges. There are much more aspiring students than no.of seats available. Some one correctly points out that 'The business world is a marketplace and a fair one at that. It will figure out what the standing of each IIM is and value students accordingly.' I assume ,it downs the moral little bit, it is not killing the talent inside the management student..

  8. Nice suggestions :-)

  9. I don't really believe that it will dilute the brand. It will make it more fairer.I think India should have more IIMs.

    It is a tough task to set up 7 IIMs at one go. That needs very effective execution. The government should have gone in increments over the years instead of it in one go.If the govt plan has flaws in execution, the students at the new institutes may be betrayed for the promise of providing world class education.This is the point, i am most suspicious of.

    Yes IIMs should spread in different places to balance the regional imbalances. You may not see the results. But in long term, it really spreads the awareness in the region. We have to start somewhere. Let the setting up of good institutes may be the first step. If you keep giving argument - that the place is hopeless and don't do anything. It will always be hopeless.

    The placements will not be at par with other institutes. Location certainly affects that. But guys will certainly find the opportunities.

    Lets look at the BITS pilani, it don't have any industrial hub there, but a lot companies visit there from far off regions to recruit the best.

    I certainly know it will hurt the egos of ones who have been at IIMs. But i don't think competition will be lesser than before. Each year the no of applicants are increasing.That is going to increase a lot more in coming years. And i don't think the students going to new IIMs will be lesser in intellect and attitute.

  10. Once again a show of journalism without basic data mining and research.

    Rashmi , IIM Shillong many people have taken up against SP, MDI, NITIE and about quality of students, u will definitely get shivers if you see the profile

    just to increase your site hits bad mouthing wont do

  11. Strongly agree with whatever you have written except for the SEZ part. That seems to be a far fetched idea.

    With management institutes like SP Jain, MDI, FMS, NITIE doing so well, I am really not sure how IIM Ranchi will match up to these institutes, leave alone an IIM-L. I know of many students in these institutes who didn't even care to attend IIM-S interviews.

    Also, remote locations pose unique problems. A case in point is IIM Shillong. Because it is cold during winters, students are sent away for winter internship during their first year. That is, within 5 months of joining the course. How can they add value to themselves through this internship, leave alone the company.

    Your idea of branding them as Regional Institutes of Management seems really good. In fact, this should have been started with IIM-S.

  12. Rashmi - There are 3 issues here:

    a. Does India need government sponsored high quality B-School?
    b. Should these schools be branded "IIM"
    c. DO we need these top quality schools at all the state capital?

    On the 1st issue, I dont think we would disagree on the need per se.

    The second one is really a matter of debate. Different stakeholders will view things differently.
    If I am a promoter, I would leverage the successful brand as much possible. DLF does it, Airtel does it, IIPM has done it and you know there are several other examples.
    However, if I am a customer, let's say of Maserati, I would really find it hard to swallow if Maserati introduces a new product Maserati-Santro or Maserati-Fiesta or even a Maserati-Accord
    I personally believe that if Maserati, which doesnt compete in commoditised market, starts doing all this, it will loose its premium appeal.

    On the 3rd issue, I guess, for the size and volume of people that we are, we need good schools all across. Nothing empowers a person more than 'access' to high quality education. This is good enough reason!

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  14. Hi Rashmi,

    First of all..its really nice to read your blog after so long...

    I think if we need to set up new institutes like IIM it's more appropriate to start afresh with a new brand name and probably a different niche in management education...IIIT being aptly pointed out by you...Also that would waive off the psychological burden on the new institutes being set-up,helping in starting afresh!

  15. Point is to have more B-Schools as we do not have many in good standards across the country. So there is a very good need for many more IIMs. They may call it IIM or whatever they want to name it. But let them implement it and let the standards be good. It will be very good to see one IIM (like) in all the states across India.

  16. we do need more IIMs...more than 7 perhaps. have you seen the number of CAT takers these days? should IIM grads be proud of this scarcity principle and keep on feeding their ego for the rest of their life that they got through and its keeps on getting difficult as each year passes by!

    Open new IIMs and let the market forces decide how good or bad they are! Maybe its these grads from new IIMs who may create some kind of a social change in their respective areas!

  17. this is all to attract votes , no one bothers of education and areas which you have highlighted mam ,elections are up in haryana and the local government has started boasting of progress of bringing iim to state , same with rajasthan congress trying to stabilise roots there, they dont have any concern with infrastructure of town or airports or industrial exposure , just vote vote and vote politics !!!

  18. Do we need more IIMs? Yes

    Do IIMs in non-cosmopolitan cities serve an important purpose? YES (I fail to understand what purpose an IIT Kharagpur or IIT Kanpur served in terms of location - but they are world renowned institutions now). Or take the eg of TAPMI - Manipal is in the boondocks - but companies recruit there.

    Will it happen all of a sudden - no. But thats how the backbone of any country's educational system is built. You dont build one, wait for 20 yrs to see if its a success and then build another. IIMs as a model have been extremely successful in turning out managers. It is time to replicate.

    Will the quality of managers be diluted? No. A country like India has enough talent to fill up innumerable IIMs - just because an interviewer at IIMA didnt like how a guy sounded should not relegate him to a 2nd tier institution. Plus talent is not born, it is nurtured. I have seen extremely idiotic people get into IIMs and come out as respected managers (I being one of them).

  19. The saddest part is that some of the weakest decision related to education have come during the tenure of the most educated Prime minister we have had.

  20. Many years back, Kozhikode and Indore were also in a similar situation I would presume. It would be very useful to analyze how these cities and these IIMs have fared over the last 6 - 8 years or so that they have been in existence. This would probably give a good indicator of how probably the new IIMs might also do (I dont think Kozhikode or Indore were big hubs either before the IIMs were set up)

    I heard once the dean of IIT Madras (in an Inter IIT meet) say that India needs more IITs because upto around 12000 people, there was hardly any quality difference except for 1 mark here and there. Only after that, there was a significant drop in the quality of the answers / marks. In CAT, that might also be the case. The top 5 - 6k might be all within the difference of very few marks. Just on the luck of one doing 1 question extra, someone gets an IIM brand and someone else does not. There is probably an inflection point after which the quality just keeps dropping significantly. We should expand IIMs till the no. of seats is at least upto this inflection point.

    Now whether more IIMs need to be opened or the same IIMs can expand to fill up these seats - thats a question for the existing IIMs to answer based on what their infra etc. hold. As for faculty etc. that of course is another question altogether.

  21. Difficult question to answer. Yes and No

    Yes - India needs more institutes of the quality IIM.

    No - they does not have to be called IIMs if they can recreate the quality of education that IIMs are known for.

    I believe educational institutes is a nation's infrastructure. And India needs more quality institutes at the primary and secondary levels too! So pitching one against the other is unfair.

    What is shocking is the lack of a knowledge sharing culture in Indian education! The investments can be doubled and trebled if we adopted virtual learning technologies.

    So I have 3 questions to the education minister
    1) Why can't lectures from IIT og IIM be shared as Open Courses to other similar institutes? spread the wealth - afterall these institues are funded by taxpayers.

    2) Why is there no knowledge sharing network between teachers at their respective levels and across levels? (levels = universities, colleges and secondary schools, primary schools)

    3) Why are textbooks and other printed material not made available online?

    My suggestion:
    Create a nation-wide virtual learning portal and provide teachers with tools to create and publish learning content.

    That is how the Knowledge Commission can come to life! see

  22. I agree with ur all points as it is convincing if I look at things ur way.
    But You may not disagree that INDIA needs more B-schools, then what's the harm if Government is trying to capitalise the brand name IIM.
    Giving it another name may become a reason for its failure as it may not attract best students and faculty.

  23. disagree with the notion that more IIMs are bad. this is a chicken and egg problem. do you wait for industries to come to these parts or do you catalyze the reaction. maybe it doesnt look all that good from students perspective in first 5-10 years but that is not the time horizon here. i am sure when IIM B was opened in seventies and when IIM L was opened in eighties, there might have been similar reactions. not to mention I and K in nineties. So please take a longer term view.

    Also, private enterpreneurs wont solve issues at this level (maybe they will open an ISB once in 50 years but that is it). So the whole argument that there is a SPJ or SIBM doesnt fly. it is core infrastructure of the country and govt better play a major part in it till private players are strong enough to compete with Ivy Leagues.

    I also sense a touch of what is "crossed the bridge syndrome". there might be a better name of it in sociology / anthrop. however the summary is once someone crosses the bridge, the tendency is to lift the bridge so that there is no more crossing. the loyalties change as soon as one is on the other (safer) side. very same phenom happens in immigration.

    Let the thousand flowers bloom.

    I am an IIM alum (graduated 10 years ago). We have the same attitude towards IIM K and I. I strongly support not only these 7 but at least 10 more IIMs. The quality of students not making to the IIMs by 3-4 marks is very high (btw, who can claim that a random test is the measure of one's potential to become a good manager. but that is a discussion for later).

    US with 1/3rd the population has 10times more institute of the similar / better quality than IIM. Why cant India have at least 50 IIMs and 100 IITs and become the engine of education for its youth and global hub of world class institutions. Indians have been great teachers (all the way back from Krishna's time :)) and this is a great opportunity for the nation as a whole.

    Let us get out of elitist mindset and sense the limitless opportunities.

    Looking forward to visit IIM Raipur (btw, Raipur is connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad by daily direct flights)

  24. Hi

    Have been a fan of your blog for many years - But its my first comment here

    7 more IIM's is a welcome move

    - Rebranding them with a diff name might not promote success.

    Best eg of such govt owned B Schools are FMS and JBIMS. There are still many aspirants who forgo FMS and join IIM K - just for the IIM Tag or wait for next year CAT exam.

    Giving them an IIM tag will help attracting quality students and New Age Entrepreneurs and Regional Employers.

    I am sure the Quality of Education may not be comparable to the SIX IIMS (BLACKI)in the initial years - But the course content there will still be very rigorous. If the Current Capacity of 7 IIM's is 1500 Output - if the new 7 IIM's provide the same output, we would still have better educated managers in India Inc.

    Education from the new 7 IIM's would definitely be any day better than Distance Learning MBA Programs or the 1 Year Certificate programs that the Older IIM's Offer


    P.S: The launch of new IIM campus, will only force the Legacy IIM Campuses (BLACKI) to come up with newer courses, pedagogy and focus on Research

  25. i dont think we expect a baby to walk as soon as he is out out his mother's womb. we expect it to toddle and then strive to walk and then, finally, one day usain bolt!
    i am sorry but the comments on the page are more mature than the write-up.
    when you took admissions, the number of iim aspirants was way lesser than it is today.
    this year, its suppose to cross 3.5 lakhs or more by most estimates.
    forget that, iim's are not just about exclusivity. infact, you smell of elitism to say the least.
    i don't think you are doing any service to the nation by writing what you have written. yopu should rather write about what these iim's can do to make life easier for them. and yeah, here is another little sippet, iim-a will soon lose its sheen in the coming years. why you may ask? here is my answer. how many wannabe writers like you are continuing to get admitted there now? almost none. the selection criteria for iim-a will kills its differentiated identity :) anyway, thats for a later discussion. as of now, i seriously hope you rather look into this matter objectively. how can you as an educated person in india want less education institutes? in terms of education and the standard of it, for a country with 1.15 billion population and growing, we will always require MORE and NOT less educational institutes. SIMPLE PLAIN LOGIC.

  26. I disagree with you here, maybe for an entrepreneur it doesn’t sound good to take investment decision of Rs. 1000 cr. with doubt about market & customer. But the risk is worth to take. We talk about good primary education, but what happen to those who got that so called good primary education. They cannot get admission in a IIMs or any other top rated B-School because of 1 mark here & there. About brand IIM somebody nicely put its,” The business world is a marketplace and a fair one at that.”

  27. Rashmi, I have been your avid blog follower since last 3 years, but never commented...probabaly this time I am in complete disagreement to your views.

    I think every region has the right to get developed, if you don't plant a seed someday you'll never grow a tree. If all the development has to take place in metros...i think you are denying the "right to develop" for other location in India.It's quite possible that in initial years these institutes may not come up to desired parameters but certainly oneday these institutes of great value could be torch bearer to development for the so called backward region.

    I think we should look beyond the boardroom definitions of "vision" and let govt do its job without much criticism.

    Just to conclude..50 yrs back what was Ahemdabad like or Kharagpur, Jamshedpur.It must have been similar to the cities like today...but now everbody knows them and respects them for the IIMs, IITs and XLs

  28. Probably the government is trying to compensate for the back-door quota(OBC) which it introduced sometime back by setting up new IIMs. In that way, the total number of general merit students entering IIMs is not reduced... But where does the govt have so much money do set up in a single go.. ?? thats the big question...

  29. Every one in the comments section has argued on dilution/ growth in non metro cities etc.

    HOw about focussing on how/ where do we get the faculty for these 7 new institutes?

    I am sure, all of tou are reading the IIT faculty issue that has been in the media in last few days of Aug.

  30. Good post, but (and I've pointed this before) your blog is more like 'Insights on IIMs / MBA' more that 'Insights on Indian Youth'

    I mean, there are many more issues, right?

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I used to feel the same way about brand dilation and was very protective about them, especially with having both IIT and IIM brand on my back.

    But I slowly realized, its was just that, possessiveness and protectiveness rather than anything else. Given the kind of competition with top 1-2% only qualifying, there is actually severe need to get more IIMs and IITs into place. There is hardly much talent difference between 99th%ile and say 97th percentile. So why should the 97th percentile not share the advantage that comes from being part of that brand IIT or IIM.

    If you will notice, increase and having larger batches of IITs over the years haven’t diluted the brand, Infact with more student coming => more probability that the alumni will make name for themselves, adding name to the brand. They now churn close to 3500+ ppl per year, compared to around 1500 for IIMs.

    And if a 20-30th ranked MBA school can get placement, no reason why a new IIM even in remote are cant get placement. Yes, the quality of placement will decrease in the newer IIMs, but that is one thing that can only come with time. What IIM tag does is provide the initial leg up and put a certain standard maintenance pressure on the institute, a huge advantage.

  33. I think we should appreciate government investment in education. This is pretty much the more IIT debate all over again. The basic reason for people to have an opposition is because there are twice as many iitians who are gonna get produced every year so your eliticism in some sense in reduced. This is the reason why current students/ alumni raise a voice against such moves. It happens in every political debate that only the ones who are unhappy shout, hence the only voices everybody hears is that of people against these changes by the govt. The truth I believe is that a lot of us would support such a move by the government. I am myself in IITK, which arguably has one of the best CS programs in the country but I should be ready to prove myself to be better than any other CS kid. The fact that I am good at CS should reflect from my knowledge and not from my degree from IITK. Similarly, if you are a good manager, you would prove yourself. Why are you denying hundreds of other people a chance to study management just to call yourself elite.

  34. Agree with dreamcatcher. Please, do some research before posting. Just venting out your feelings does not help you.. Still sticking to this blog hoping the quality improves.

  35. In short, this post shows your ignorance in Education, Economy and developmental policies. More over you are not good enough to view a policy in long term perspective. Just because so many peoples are viewing this blog, spreading your short view to them and creating hatred towards a great policy is not fare.

    a) studends : definitly students normally going to tier 2 college will prefer for IIM brand. so there wont be any shortage of bright students

    2) Faculty : Everyone needs a learning curve. no one can be perfect from the start. hope the faculty will be become world class in the next few years. ( Every great professors started their carrier as normal people). So the great professors will emerge from the college. just give opportunity. ( like to mention the example of ISB whic in 10 years became the worlds 15th best b school) even these new IIM can become world class depending on the management.

    c)Infrastructure : Your point is absurd. We are developing country and there are lot of young aspiring induvidual fighting for the opportunity. how will you give opportunity?? Do you know more than 90,000 students are going abroad seeking better education. Arent we good enough to provide them good education? (after studiying they are working in those country to develop their economy). If we want the bright students to stay in our country and develop our economy we have to create more schools with better facility. If you provide this facility they will work for our economy and develop our country.

    Remember we need an average of 100 new CEOs each year to provide employment opportunity to the young students coming out of college. only If we create more IIMs and world class Bschools we can create more CEOs in our country else foreign company will get work from our people and the generate profit for them and develop their economy.

    At the last few paragraph clearly shows your short view.

    You should remember if you give education to students, the students will find new ways of developing the economy. government cant do all necessary and give you a luxury life. we are part of the government and we have to improve our knowledge and standards and help our country instead of blaming the politicians who are making really good poilicies.

    Better learn more about how to develop long term economy and doing business in the 21st centuary(SEZ and airport are not mandatory for starting a business) before writing such a baseless post.

  36. "And let it be an entire package deal: IIM + SEZ + airport"

    I really liked this idea.

  37. The step to set up 7 new IIMs in one go will surely damage the brand "IIM" . I am from Raipur ( where one of the IIM is supposed to be set up)and i know the DNA of the city , in no sense it deserves an IIM, the city has no major industrial house , forget about IT park.... not a single IT centre of nameworthy.....service industry Zero. I wonder , what the govt is going to do by investing Rs 250 crore. Its nothing but MHRD's policy to keep regional leaders in fools paradise. If at all , the govt is willing the broaden the horizon of business education in INDIA then opening one IIM in 3 years ( with proper incubation and location) CAN be considered as mindful act.

  38. totally agree with you.. even i was wondering that whats the point in investing so much in IIMs.. this will only create brand dilution of IIMs and beside I think cos wld always prefer a XLRI candidate than a IIM Chattisgarh...

  39. Rashmi
    I guess a good brand throws open the possibility of franchisees. Lesson learnt from McDonalds and Dunkin Donut is being brought into higher education ;). Upgrading the infrastructure of the existing 5000 MBA institutes to a common minimum standard would be a good short term and long term goal.
    Nice post.

  40. Rashmi
    I guess a good brand throws open the possibility of franchisees. Lesson learnt from McDonalds and Dunkin Donut is being brought into higher education ;). Upgrading the infrastructure of the existing 5000 MBA institutes to a common minimum standard would be a good short term and long term goal.
    Nice post.

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  42. Rashmi,
    I wanted to write a long reply to this but I guess a lot of people have already written about what I wanted to write.
    I am not sure if there are any IIM alumni who support the idea of 7 more IIMS. I am one for sure.
    There are far too many bright people in this country and too few good enough institutes of higher education.

    A good 10 years back (close to when I took CAT), it was good enough to be 99 percentile to get into an IIM. The number today might be upwards of 99.5.

    Brand IIM would not only attract students, but also better teachers. It might be infinitely difficult to open a new brand of B-Schools to get better trained talents. The NIT example does not apply as those institutes were already there. All that the government had to do was to set a framework around them (and not open new institutes as such).

    Other points are moot and I won't mention them (as many other have).

    Let us not be elitist and think about the GREATER GOOD for once.

    Take care and keep writing.

  43. The larger issue remains. First, Opening the IIMs in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities would bring value addition to the place. This might sound silly, but its the fact. There are myriad examples of such places, in India and the west. Take for example - Kharagpur, Vellore etc. Having an IIM where you have an SEZ and also an airport would develop the place even more and ignore the TIER 2 cities.

    Second, Why would it dilute the IIM brand? Each IIM has it own standard. We know the difference between the IIM A and IIM K for instance.

    Third, Are you against opening up of more number of institution? USA for that matter has innumerable colleges and all of them have their respective brand value. India's MBA colleges when compared with the world stand nowhere barring a few exceptions.

  44. i loved your book " stay hungry stay foolish"

  45. So new iims favors regionalism.. my two pence... if you look at the demographical spread of IIMs and IITs student you will find that local region( where the institution is situated) do not get the majority neither the culture inside the institution shows any favor to any religion/class/state. Then why there is sudden cry of regionalism.?

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. This country(government)still doesnt have a bill to give a minumum education.Govt scools both central and state look like a gladiator arena.As mat farrell in die hard4.0 movie quote"Everything in this world manipulated by corporates whatever we dont need they push into us".this is one of its kind

  48. your comments are indeed interesting, but there so many bright students who still want to study at IIM'S cannot make it due to shortage of seats.An IIM still n
    ot in Maharastra is quite surprising.


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