Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why do I need to go to school?

A day after her ninth birthday my daughter has posed a fundamental question:"If I want to become a fashion designer or singer why do I need to go to school?"

I don't really have a good answer.

As the participants on 'Paanchvi Paas' have demonstrated, most of us don't remember anything we actually studied in those classrooms. Forget the advanced stuff like trigonometry, basics bhi gul hain.

Looking at the class IV CBSE textbooks I would say that by the end of this year Nivedita would have learnt all the stuff we really need to know in life. ie

Reading & writing: English, Hindi
Basic maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Basic science & social studies: what is photosynthesis, different regions of India and so on.

But no, she will have to plod on to higher classes and study more. 10th, 12th and then some form of college.

Why? Well, these are the reasons I could think of:

* Because I did it, he did it, she did it, they all did it. You gotta do it to be known as 'educated'.

* Because any document you apply for - passport, visa, bank account - you will be asked for educational qualification.

* Because without a formal certificate/ diploma/ degree you will be counted in the 'illiterate' category even if you are more street smart and excel at at your profession.

Besides, I said. what if you change your mind and want to do something other than fashion design when you are 14? You can't go back and rejoin class V.

She doesn't buy it.

In my heart I know the answer. It is me as a parent who is afraid to make my child an exception to the rule. Even if I know that part of this creative little soul is dying everyday on that wooden bench, copying Q & A from the blackboard.

It is me as a parent who is also unwilling to take the responsibility of bringing her up, 'educating' her, alone. Although there are brilliant examples of parents who are choosing home schooling.

Like Cdr T R A Narayanan who withdrew his two sons from formal schooling. One of them is now a wildlife photographer and the other, an origami artist.

Our decision to pull them out came when Shivaram returned from Mumbai after wrapping up an Origami programme where over 3000 children participated. He had missed his half yearly exams and wrote them on returning. Quite predictably he did not do well as he had no time to prepare.

But, the school authorities said that we had our priorities all wrong and that his talents in this little known art would get him nowhere. Studies and marks was all that mattered to them.

So, we decided that we would not allow the system to drown our children's talents - whatever the field may be.

The Narayanans enrolled the boys in the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) which gave them ample time to develop other interests. Well, hats off to them, but I don't have the energy or the devotion to go down that path.

At the end of the day, I rationalise, Nivedita is an only child and school is where she is learning valuable social skills. And the System is also teaching her that life means buckling down and doing things you don't really want to do or like to do. Because, they have to be done.

She may want to spend the evening exploring her many birthday gifts. But that will have to wait until after she completes her workbook.

And as she does that, I continue to ponder on that question... Unable to frame an answer that will make sense to her.


  1. Hey, its a good thing that you're an aware parent, and know that your daughters creativity is being stomped out in school, and so you will take care to cultivate it at home. What of those parents who trust the schools to give their child the best?
    In part, parents are responsible. Increasingly they want schools only to focus on academics and anything they consider unimportant (or not likely to boost college admissions or ensure a fat paycheck) like art or music is not to be bothered with.
    This is a long comment. But as an early childhood education expert, it kills me to see even 4 yr old children being trained not to be curious and question and not being given an outlet to their creativity,
    So your daughter is one lucky 9 yr old to have a mom who knows how boring those desks and chairs are and knows that her daughter needs more! :)

  2. in all your post, you are pondering over why i need to go to school if i need to do "SOMETHING" for which school is not required.

    you are actually into second stage.
    most of us do not even know what is that "SOMETHING" so we keep on going to school/work until we figure out that "SOMETHING". unfortunately for most of us, we could not figure out that "SOMETHING" until end of our life.

  3. Interesting post.

    When it comes to education, I feel it is difficult to tell in advance what skills will be useful in the future. What Steve Jobs calls 'connecting the dots' [see speech on YouTube]. Not everything in school is fun, but you never know when learning a foreign language or some higher level math may come in use.

    This is not to say Indian education is great; on the contrary, I feel it often lacks creativity/curiosity. This may have a cultural background [also see some related thoughts here]. Parents should make up for this lack of creativity by doing things with their kids at home and outside school.

  4. In my opinion none of your reasons are correct. You have got this totally wrong.

    We go to school not to learn, but to improve our learning capabilities.

    You talk about IITians all the time, so let us take that for example. More than 90% of my friends are not using that they learnt at IIT. It doesn't mean we should stop going there or they are bad at what they teach.

    They do not teach what you will need for the rest of your life, but they teach you how fast you can learn something new which you will need for the rest of your life :)

  5. Hey!
    Well, firstly I'm glad to be commenting upon one of my favorite blogger's space!
    Coming to the predicament of "Why School" or College for that matter? is the question that many including me ask ourselves so many times in life, but I question and then calm down realizing some obvious answers, truths, and conditions attached as well.. Not just me, take a friend of mine for example, who even after 4 years of work ex now in a well known BPO, is scared of moving out for any other opportunities, thinking he might never get in any place else.. just because he couldn't complete his B.Com grad degree.
    So, it's something that does form shape out of all that you've mentioned from the society and obvious lifestyle of ours.. but other than that.. take my word for it.. "School/College is necessary" as I realize now, for 1. It forms the basic personality of what you come across as, 2. it fills your fresh mind slate with images, experience, memories like nothing you'd ever discover without that time and education, 3. you'll meet know and understand so many different people and perspectives. and in the process would make some real "Friends for Life", 4. You can go about learning the different aspirations, expectations, skills that all around you carry too, which might in turn help you sort out your choices in life a little better..
    I could go on, but just to conclude, I'll quote something from a famous speech by Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple computer and founder Pixar Studios, who never graduated college..)
    "You can't connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something--your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever--because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path, and that will make all the difference..!"

  6. ur bang on!I think most of this in the X gen...have at some pt of time got caught in this debate..not just at schooling but at all levels...
    unfortunately schooling especially in india is more focussed on academics rather than learning per se!...
    Here in HK I do see a different aspect of schooling and teaching..
    Do hope in time there is some change we all are able to see

  7. Thought-provoking! My 2 paise worth. I think the real question ought to be "How should schooling change in order to help us be what we want to be....anytime during our mortal journey?" People who have been considering this have been sending their kids to unconventional schools like the JK foundation etc. Having said that, I believe that quite a lot of the stuff we learn during primary school are essential irrespective of what we choose to do in life. So what if you're a singer....would you not want to use some basic school knowledge to figure out your financials, your relationships, your geography etc? I think only the sophisticated parts of math and science may not be of use for someone who gets into Arts. I think it is the post-school life that we really need to tweak. And we are bound to end up studying unwanted stuff in college if we are going down the wrong path (i.e we don't know what we want to do and therefore it doesn't matter whether we study commerce or science).

    Where does this bring us to? For now, instead of rambling on....I think I'll safely conclude that

    1. We need to help children identify what they want to do/what they are good at/what holds minimum promise for a decent future as early as possible
    2. We need to realign schooling and education towards the above
    3. We need enough options for schooling and education once we identify what we want to do
    4. I agree with one of the above comments - We need to teach children how to learn so they can learn anything new anytime...

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post! And I think you have a smart girl! :-)


  8. I went on to ramble about this on *my* blog as well.... :-)


  9. Great post. Wow, what a topic. And you won't believe, but I was thinking of this since the time I read a similar piece of information in Sunday Times sometime back.

    Do we need schooling? NO, we don't.

    Lets take a case: The ashrams shown in Ramayana/Mahabharatha. What did these ashrams have in common? They not only let pupils like Arjun/Bheem pursue what they liked, in this case Archery/Wielding a Club (Ghaddha), they also taught these guys the basic stuff to live their lives. We have veered away since then.

    Interestingly, the greatest ever batsman, the man himself Sachin Tendulkar, is a high-school drop-out. But his parents recognized the 'genius' the talent he had for cricket, and let him pursue it.

    Can anybody dare to call Sachin "illiterate?"

    Can anybody ask any document to Sachin becoz he wants to apply for new bank account, apply for credit cards and so on?

    I understand your concerns as a parent, especially considering you yourself studied in the best of educational institute like the IIM-A. Sooner or later my generation will have to answer questions like these. And I pray to the Almighty that till then we have something to tell them.

  10. i think just going to school will not give us push back but if all of our Indians achivce The meaning of going to school than will be rocking to the world


  12. Also, I think, schools in India have long past stopped "Educating" and have just learnt to get us "qualification"!

    We are taught to "pass" the exams and not "learn". Unless we make a change to this fundamental attitude, our progress will be negligible.

  13. Since there is a lot I read about the very purpose of admitting a child in the school. Here is a thought of a friend of mine; I would like to share it.

    A friend of mine had been asked a question by the principal of a school when he had gone to take admission for his son in the school. The question was “What would you like your child to become in the future?”.

    My friend answered the school principal that he would really let his son to go by his liking and his own well thought choice. “I would never mind, if my son does not do well in his opted profession or with his monthly or annually earning. I would like my son to become a good person…a good human being. I believe that school as an institution plays a vital role in the socialization process of my child; after me and my family do. So I want my child go to school. I do not want my child to believe that sheer academic and professional success is the key to become a successful person in the life. As far as attaining professional skills to earn good money through approved means is concerned, very soon my child is going to realize that he needs no scholastic or academic success to do that.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Rashmi,

    Check out this link. I read your post yesterday and its a strange coincidence that I am reading this article today..

    I hope it throws more light into the purpose of education.

  16. She may have learnt basic English and Hindi communication skills, but do you want her language skills at par with those who seek franship in orkut? The whole schooling process is a continuous learning experience. Taking case of language itself, first we start with the basics that everyone should know (like comprehension), then we move on to expression, then admiration and criticism. You can fill your yourself which part is played in primary and which at masters level. Same case is with other subjects as well. For example, if your kid drops out of school now, she runs the risk on not knowing the importance of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in Indian History, our Fundamental Rights, the monsoon phenomenon, and even her own body! You surely don't want her to be left baffled while trying to figure out her tax liability, or even interest on loans. Or not being able to write a simple User Interface. I could have just said that "there are many things you learn in school", but I am writing all these just to make a point that there is so much diversity in what you learn at school and it is not useless. Of course, the higher you go, the more useless things you learn: Things like what in the internal structure of atoms and how to make electricity. Surely she will figure out many of these by herself as she grows up, but it is critical to understand that she doesn't know what she doesn't know. For each thing that she learns on her own, there will be ten she never knew she should have learnt.

    In fact, there's more to schooling than information gathering. In school you learn how to learn, you learn how to interact with a vast spectrum of people with unique personalities and learn to be tolerant towards them, you learn discipline, you learn to respect authority, and finally you learn what you want to do with all this.

    So next time your daughter asks why she needs to go to school, tell her what my teacher always used to tell me in high school: "That you will learn in higher classes".

  17. @Vijayendra Darode

    I find your argument flawed. Different cultures have different needs. The life in the Dwapar Yug was much simpler than it is now. such is the exponential expansion in our information base that a recent study indicated that a week's worth of New York Times contains more information than a person in 18th century would encounter in lifetime. I am not trying to say you will need all of it, but just indicating the trend. In order to survive in today's world, you need a whole lot of extra skills in addition to just shooting arrows or hitting cricket balls. Even Sachin Tendulkar had to learn how to sign a cheque, or use ATM, or act in commercials and TV interviews; all products of recent technology. I strongly recommend you to watch "The Gods Must Be Crazy", which has a satirical take on this whole issue.

    Interesting for you to give example of the Little Master himself to prove your point. Are you trying to imply that every school drop-out will eventually become as great as Sachin himself. Or are you just saying that those parents who see the potential in their children to become great genius should let them follow their passion and drop out of school. I may agree with you if you meant the second one, but there is a big problem. Parents are usually too optimistic of their child's potential and more often than not, their judgement will be disastrous for the child. The decision is best left with children, and they usually don't become mature enough to make the important decision till they pass higher secondary school. Some have to complete graduation before they figure out their calling, and some never do.

  18. Have you read, "Totto Chan"? It is a old, hard-to-find japanese book, biography of a young girl who wasn't a usual student. Because she didn't fit in, her school expelled her. Her mother then enrolled her in a different school - and my! what an experience. The 'different' school was led by a visionary educator who used railway compartments as classrooms and encouraged students to bring 'something from land and something from water' for lunch everyday....

    I recommend that book to every mother. Such schools don't exist anymore, but parents can learn a lot from that story. I personally think that after having read that book, the way I interact with children has changed.

    I highly highly recommend you that book Rashmi.

  19. Thank you Chandrashekhar! for referring to the article on ‘knowledge.Wharton’. It is agreed that the real objective of education is learning, and not teaching, and we all are victims of introduction of mass education system and its objectives. However, can we dare to explain this fact to our children and can we dare to answer them why they have been made part of this education system; when we know that this system does not serve real purpose of education...i.e.learning.

    What we can do better in this scenario is, at least we show our children an unbiased way of learning and motivating them to learn true methods of learning.

  20. @Ambuj Saxena

    Ambuj said "In order to survive in today's world, you need a whole lot of extra skills in addition to just shooting arrows or hitting cricket balls. Even Sachin Tendulkar had to learn how to sign a cheque, or use ATM, or act in commercials and TV interviews; all products of recent technology."

    Vijayendra says "As far as I know they don't teach how to use ATM, act in commercials and TV interviews or even sign a cheque in schools. Yes, these skills can not be ignored, but any genius like Sachin would know how to go about acquiring these skills. I agree that the objective of education is learning, not teaching.

    Ambuj said "Interesting for you to give example of the Little Master himself to prove your point. Are you trying to imply that every school drop-out will eventually become as great as Sachin himself. Or are you just saying that those parents who see the potential in their children to become great genius should let them follow their passion and drop out of school."

    Vijayendra says "Yes, every school-drop may go on to carve a niche for himself, if the drop-out invests the time in training, learning, practising and applying the skills. Why wudn't he? The drop-out should be lucky to have parents who have the faith, and a guru who believes in the talent. Why wouldn't you succeed if you invest your time in training, learning, practising and applying your shooting skills (like Abhinav Bindra for example). India would be one gold richer! Becoz all you know and all you do is shooting.

    Ambuj said "Or are you just saying that those parents who see the potential in their children to become great genius should let them follow their passion and drop out of school."

    Vijayendra says "Yes, parents should be able to make a choice: do they want their child to do what they did, that is, 25 yrs (approx) of education, a 9 to 5 job, 3 bed-room flat, a small car and so on OR do they want their child to re-write history? or atleast come close to doing so, like our Vijendra Kumar, or Sushil Kumar. That choice my friend is all that matters."

    Ambuj said" I may agree with you if you meant the second one, but there is a big problem. Parents are usually too optimistic of their child's potential and more often than not, their judgement will be disastrous for the child. The decision is best left with children, and they usually don't become mature enough to make the important decision till they pass higher secondary school. Some have to complete graduation before they figure out their calling, and some never do."

    Vijayendra says "I remember a line from my fav song by Baz Luhrmann "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)". The line goes like this: "Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life…the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t." And you said just that, albeit in a different tone. I agree with you this, but...I don't however agree that the decision is best left with the child. Are you trying to imply that Sachin (that man again!) knew at that tender age that he wanted to be a cricketer? NO. His parents/elder brother saw that 'spark' and a guru like Achrekar Sir made that spark into a Fireball.

  21. @Vijayendra Darode

    I hate to repeat things, that's why I purposefully didn't write useful things taught at school and gave examples of products of technology not taught at school, because the case in point was not usefulness of school education, but complicated nature of today's society. I thought the fact that none of the things mentioned are taught in school would give you a hint that something is wrong. Go back to my previous comment (my first one), and substitute Rashmi's daughter for Sachin. To save you some typing...Yes, I do consider Sachin to be lesser [educated] person if he didn't know the importance of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in Indian History. You may disagree on it, and it is understandable.

    Care to explain why you think being extra-ordinarily talented in Cricketing would translate to being a good TV commercial actor? I see no correlation between the two skills.

    Your second argument may have looked convincing should you have chosen a more suitable example. Abhinav Bindra spent Rs. 10 crore on training. Not that he wasted money, but the training required for his skills was actually expensive. Need I say more.

    Coming back to the flawed argument itself, you seem to have over-estimated the role of nurture (as against nature) in our upbringing. I strongly recommend you to read "Genome" by Matt Ridley to dispel your myths. It is a very well researched book, drawing from hundreds of references, yet is an easy read for a novice. The essence is that, nature does play a role, but is very limited as against that defined by our genes. Quoting a simple example from the book: It is found that children of child abusers grow up to become child abusers themselves. But controlling for various parameters, it was found that this is true only when their biological parents are child abusers. Thus, if they were separated at birth from their biological parents, and lived with loving parents and a supportive peer group, they would still grow up to child abusers. Ditto for many other cases like getting divorced, and even in case of talent! I can go on, but I hate to mess with copyrights issues. Abhinav Bindra had the talent and nurtured it. If I had invested it on my shooting skills, I might have been able to hit the board occasionally, forget bulls eye.

    Coming to your next argument, about parents' choice of their son to re-write history, I find myself at a loss of words to see you live in a Utopian world. My friend, there is something called mediocrity, and it is perfectly normal for most of us to have it. Everyone is not "meant for bigger things in life". If you choose to live in the Utopian world, your choice, but please don't blame me that I never warned. Before you pounce on me for being negative, let me admit that some people are meant for bigger things in life. But again, they are some, not all. Again, strongly recommend you to read "Genome".

    The next argument regarding who decides what's right for the child, again, giving examples hardly help. There are general trends and there are exceptions. Sachin is an exception. How many Sachins do you know India (or for that matter the World) has produced for every million people. Using the same flawed and pointless logic that you use, I can go on to say that the world has produced more self-made men (and women) than parent/peer nurtured.

    1) Read "Genome" for clear understanding of role of nature vs nurture. It is way better than reading the inspirational newsletters that temporarily give you a reason to be happy about but hardly help to realize the hardships of the world.
    2) Watch "The Gods Must Be Crazy" and amuse yourself with what stupidity we humans have bestowed upon ourselves in the name of development. It is not a preaching movie, and is extremely entertaining.

  22. The schooling system is meant to be boring . It was designed to prepare humans for the Industrial age . To work on the industry/factory floor . Hence the bells,whistles,authority figures and tedium . But we're out of that age now but schools are not .That is the problem .Anyone who researches the origins of the schooling system will stumble on the above .

  23. this is a great discussion topic.. me thinks you are commenting on a school that doesnt educate but teaches some lessons.. remember "brick on the wall" by Floyd..

    the primary objective of education is to open mental doors and let the student experience and learn..

    in Indian education system (or many other parts of the world) the schools and teachers are actually bricks on the wall that divide the kid and the real world experiences.. but what are the options..

    sadly there are too few.. even if you want to enroll in an open school or home education, inadvertently you will start to project your personality and biases on the kid.. becoming other brick

    i guess a good parent understands the constraints for practicing ideal learning / education put forward different perspectives on any subject to let the kid weigh those and discuss from all angles.. to show the diversity in real world..

    easier said than done 'coz in the process the parent pretty soon realizes that s/he is almost as uneducated as the kid is :)) on almost everything.. 'coz the parent themselves are produce of a system that creates walls without doors..

    well, all the best in your journey of parenthood

  24. PS: just read a few comments. particular interest is one of nature vs nurture (Ambuj)..

    dear friend, i do not disagree with your logical construct (genes and all that good stuff). just want to point out that genetics and genealogy is too under developed to be actionable..

    basing sociological decisions on genetics sounds a simplistic target that undermines the diversity among humans that made them special.. recall that biology (parent of genetics) and statistics were the top subjects of choice in Nazi Germany.. and Nazi believed that they are a better race based on sketchy, self-serving data..

    so do not go down this path as one can do more harm with half-truths than complete lies.. sociological decisions can and should be based only on one premise that all human beings are equal.. any other premise and you are starting down a path of total destruction

  25. @abcd

    I agree with you when you say that Nazis used self-serving data to promote eugenics. I also agree with you when you say that half-truths can do more harm than complete lies. What I do not agree to is what half-truths you are trying to passed off with these two statements.

    First of all, genetics/genealogy/eugenics is actionable. In fact, we have been doing it for ages - ever since man first discovered that selective cross-breeding between two animal species can lead to better (more desirable) quality of animals. Among human beings also, the practice of shunning marriages between close relatives (which carries higher risk of birth defects in the new-born) also stems from genetics, and is an age-old practice among many societies and cultures. It is just the complexity of application that is increasing with advancement of technology. For example, now we know that the chance of having a Down-syndrome baby increases with mother's age: being 1 in 2300 at the age of twenty, and 1 in 100 at forty. Thus in many countries, older mothers are advised to take the amniocentesis test (to test the presence of Down-syndrome in fetus), and are then offered abortion if the result turn out positive. That is, the mothers are now left to decide whether they want to have a mentally-retarded child who will possibly die young or do they anyway want to have that child. I can't find anything wrong in that.

    It is definitely noble to have a society where all human beings are equal. Equality of human rights is one of the things I have always supported. However, any assumption on the capabilities of human beings (which I believe is the point in question) is certainly flawed, and this is true both physically and mentally. A child born with Down-syndrome cannot hope to compete in intelligence with other "normal"-born human beings. A child born with Spina bifida cannot hope to out-run a "normal"-born child in a sprint.

    Even among the masses of healthy born individuals, there is marked differences in physical and mental capabilities. Taking example (which I admit again rarely help) from the recently concluded Olympics, the success of Michael Phelps is credited to (among other things) his unusually large span of arms which allows him to have a significantly larger stroke. It is also a commonly known fact (and scientifically proven by physics, not genetics) that other things being equal, a taller person can run faster than a shorter one. The examples are endless.

    While it is important to realize that no science has ever reached completion, this should not stop us from using what we know for our betterment. Imagine if everyone was required to have a complete understanding of astrophysics before they were allowed to hurl a stone in the air. A slippery-slope argument, but I think it does well to illustrate the point in question. I do not say what we (or those big-bad corporations) are doing in the name of genetics is good (like genetically modified crops), but this does not criminalize a whole field of science whose basic purpose is to serve humanity, and create the very just society that we have always aspired to achieve.

  26. i know i wasted most of the golden years in smelly classrooms and rigid teachers with no love whatsoever for education nor was so mechanical come to the class punish a few, pet a few and the rest would be asleep.....the idea of exception to the rule is such a true emotion...thanks for putting it in one sentence...

  27. Hey!
    Rather late with the comments, but then I want to say some stuff.

    I think its important to go to school and learn different things in order to learn 'how to learn'. And, improve our IQ steadily, so that having dealt with problems of increasing complexity, we can tackle the problems (in situ actually) which come up later in life. After all, people with high IQs, or better abilities, especially the ones who study at the premier institutes in the country, are not using what they studied. But, having been 'at competition' and having constantly exercising their mind, keeping themselves trained.. they can solve quite a few complex problems. And that's why they're so sought after. Of course, being sought after does not justify doing something. You should do it if you want to/like it.

    I used to love watching Discovery too as a teenager (that's when Discovery started full time broadcast to India, and when we got cable :P). I've to say, I learnt more from the channels (Discovery, Star world/movies, HBO etc) regarding what's out there, than from my textbooks. Texts cannot and do not get updated/upgraded easily, so the net and TV are best sources for info. I've never actually hated the TV ever. Its been my friend :)

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