Thursday, August 14, 2008

Personal blogathon, starting 11 am

Many people complain they don't know what to blog about. With me, at times, it is the opposite. There is so much I want to write about... but then there are other pressing matters. The moment passes and the energy dissipates.

But today is one of those days. Koi khaas kaam nahin, koi deadline nahin, so here I am. Embarking on a personal blogathon.

The idea is to
* post as often as the desire to do so pops up in my head
* post raw and uncut, without too much polishing up
* post even about things which might be relatively insignificant


There is no particular reason, objective or goal.
So here goes... I declare the Blogathon open!

May the Force be with me and the postings begin!


  1. Hey Rashmi,

    I am a daily visitor to your blog. Love your writing style. At times envy that i do not have the talent. Good luck with blogathon. Today, will visit as often as I can.


  2. Good Luck for Blogathon.. fundoo term.. blogathon!!

  3. I have subscribed to your blog and am reading it regularly.

    You have really inspired me to do a blogathon of my own. There are so many things to blog about, but no time. Anyways, the long weekend is coming ( tom 15th August ), so I think I will do it !



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