Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Five Point Girlfriend

An IIT grad wanting to come back to India after working in Europe for 1.5 years in supply change management pings me on messenger.

"Know of any good jobs?" he asks.

"Er, when I hear words like supply chain management my eyes typically glaze over", I respond. "But why do you want to come back anyways?"

He gives the usual spiel about India being 'hot' and then adds, "Actually my girlfriend is in Mumbai."

"IITian with girlfriend... rare species!" I remark.

"The trend is changing," he declares,"Most IITians have girlfriends now..." He gives the example of IIT Kharagpur, where students commonly have girlfriends in Kolkata.

"Hmm... interesting. But what do these girls see in IITians?" I ask.

"Sense of humour," he says.

Or nice, stable boys who will get jobs in Supply Chain Management and make good husbands someday, I think.

Tell me, dear readers, which of the two it is :) And are IITians really inhabiting Girlfriendville right now, or only in their imagination?

I am counting on that famous 'sense of humour' in IITians who choose to respond... The others, I guess, will stay single till Mummy finds someone.

P.S. If anyone does know of an interesting opening for a Supply Chain Management professional in India - drop me a line at rashmi_b at and I'll put you in touch with Young Man Mentioned Above.


  1. i have an IIT boyfriend, with a fantastic sense of humour to boot. (he's not kharagpur, though.... will saadi dilli do?)

  2. I guess it is more of a case of girls openly going all out looking for IITians rather than the IITians making an effort to woo the girls!

    We recently hired a group of developers fresh out of college. There were around 40 of them in the induction program. During the initial round of introduction, this guy in the front row introduced himself as "Akash, Computer Science, IIT" and for the next 3 hours he completely hogged the attention of the 15 girls in the batch. It reached a stage where one of the trainers had to openly ask a girl to look at the board rather than the "front row"!
    He, however, lost the entire limelight during the lunch hour as the girls figured out he is from a local "Islamia Institute of Technology, Bangalore" and not the oh!-so-great-and-awesome IIT.
    It helped! The girls were very attentive in the post lunch training programs. They even answered some tough questions while the boys slept off due to the heavy lunch!

    I know a girl who is dating a IITian; she tells me about the boring evenings she spends listening to the awesome technical product that the guy is working on... but she is hoping she will overcome the "initial hurdle" cos "it will work out in the long run" cos "after all, he is an IITian"

  3. "Or nice, stable boys who will get jobs in Supply Chain Management and make good husbands someday, I think."

    i see the sarcasm here. tell me, how did you choose your boyfriend. was it just his sense of humor or he was someone, with a good prospect of getting high salary job and make good husbands someday ?

  4. Maybe it's both ;)
    Maybe i'm day dreaming *sigh*

  5. IIT'ians are realistic in life and to top it all they have that killer instinct:) .. though the abysmal female ratio in IIT'S have to be looked ........

  6. Hey its probably Supply "Chain" management and not Supply "Change" Management in the first paragraph

  7. IITians are great boyfrnds! They are that rare species which thinks that females are the rare species, hence they stick around with thr gals. What more do you want from a guy besides a great job!! ;-)

    Anyway this could be a very good option for Supply Chain (or Supply "change" :P) jobs... :D

  8. Hmmmm.... interesting job, Supply chain management. Oxymoron!zp

  9. IIT the brand is relly goin places...lik here wid gals.

    # i likd d title..CB style.

  10. So much stereo typing... tch tch tch

  11. Might I add .. this girl friend fad is ok .. IITians have a lot of 'fun' once they are living and working abroad ... can you imagine earning good $s at 22 ... and living the good life? I was lucky maybe ... but me and my friends from IIT (although in different US cities) had a ball and kept 'scores'.
    My take is simple - have fun when young, no point having the mindset of girl friend for life when one is 20 .... the world is huge ... one can always setlle down later ... hopefully after having gained maturity and knowing what one really wants.
    Put another way, we like to think of ourselves as equal to the best in the world. Well, then, why not lead active and healthy sex lives s everyone else does? 'Sex and the City' is not a made up scenario ... it is typical of single professionals (minus the shoes and large manhattan apt.) ... I work in banking in London now and quite often have colleagues (girls) go out hunting on Friday for some weekend fun. Work hard, play hard. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. IITians wid girlfriends are STILL a rare species :).. your friend has got his facts wrong :D
    and i dunno which company mr. ramachandran (2nd comment) works for bcoz i have been in professional life for a year now since passing out from IIT kharagpur and this has never happened to me or with any of my friends in so many different companies across india

  13. Actually IITians (yeah, I am one)
    there are 135,000 of them, but Indian girls who are both brainy and beautiful, not very easy to find.

    So, I tell you, if IITians are hot,
    brainy girls with beauty are hotter, and they know that!


    PS: Take it easy every one; I dont want more murders here due to jealousy. :-)

  14. I can imagine IIT guys being hot products in the marriage market once outside, and mostly IIT guys have got the brains, and some sense of respect having lived thru yrs of books n deprivation. Guys still studying in IIT definitely are doing better than they used to some time back, and that would be helped by the contribution of nearly all the girls in IIT hooked up to one of them (mostly).

    I have an IITian boyfriend too, but I guess it's because both of us having lived n grown up in the same surroundings understand each other beter and can actually laugh at the "technical" jokes..

  15. *Sigh* As a guy in IIT Kharagpur, I have to accept. IITians are getting themselves gfs nowadays. Sense of humour, very much yes, if you can laugh at "technical" jokes.

    @Phoenix: Way to go. Spot on. :)

    I wish for a gf as romantic(AND)geeky as the girl in this XKCD comic.

    And yes, if she runs on Linux, way too good. You heard it right, runs on Linux, not runs Linux on her comp. [Reason: ]

  16. This is a case of stereotyping/typecasting.

    I must say that IITians are the most brainy people in India and they are the cream of the society academically.

    But I dont agree that IITian with GF is a rare species. I think Having GF/BF depends on how are you as a person rather than where u studied.

    Agreed that IITians being more inclined towards studies/research may not get the time required to have and maintian a relationship with opposite sex, but its not the case that they dont have GFs/BFs and dont to have one..Infact what I have observed is that IITians(or any other geniuses) tend to have GFs more(% wise NOT more GFs) than other guyz(non-IITians), as they are smart enough to priortise things and do what is required when than others.

    After all IITians also are human being first and a techie later so they too want to have GF/BF and are very much like anybody else on this front.

    I think we should not sterotype/typecast things/people this way, I was not expectiong such a post from you Rashmi.There are many better/important things to discuss rather than GFs of IITians.

    what say people?


  17. Lots of stereotyping and generalizations, there may be absolutely no association between being in possession of a sense of humor and being in possession of a degree from an IIT. True, people from IIT go places, but so do people from all over the world. You need drive and networking skills for that, not an IIT degree. As a girl, it might sound cool in the beginning to boast of an IITian boy friend/fiancee, but lets face reality... there is more to a life partner than just an IIT degree. Even IITians could be domestic violence perpetrators, sexual abusers, and anything ugly you can think of. Even they snore and scratch and are only human. You can't judge someone on his performance in one JEE at the age of 18. So get out of that dream mode and rather try finding a man with the qualities you want in a husband, IIT or no IIT. The rest will fall into place.

  18. I agree to you totally sunshine.


  19. Anonymous2:29 AM

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  20. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Have you just visited an IIT. Coz you look like you've somked something really wierd. I don't see any other reason at all for a person claiming to be the face-of-the-youth-of-the-nation being so stereotype...

    Oh! Wait a min, have we not seen n number of anti-IIT posts before as well. So its not the smoke in your head.

    Perhaps you've slept with an IITian and he never called back. And this keeps hitting back to you time and again...

    Good for him...
    And for you, Rashmi - Better luck next Life! Give me and eveyone a break from your whimsical posts.

  21. in most engg colleges, there are 4 types of students (males) found.

    type1: they eat sattu/zandu chyawanprash to prevent any pait-kharaab and worry about padhaai all the time

    type2 - bhaand mein jaaye duniya, hum bajaayein harmuniya types.

    type3 - trying to act like shahrukh khan ke chathe avtaar types.

    type4 - (they form a very small minority)..the inherently superior - like Shiva - types.

    (there are some other types that can be a combination of some of the above)

    Now each of these types can have a gf depending on the "type" of the girl. But to have a girl who has a high stock price so to speak, one needs to be in type4, which is a rarity in any engg college, IIT included. Unfortunately, such attraction can neither be triggered by a college degree nor be understood logically.

  22. Reply 1:

    I am an IIT Kharagpur grad working in USA, and dying to come back to India. I also have a very good sense of humour. No more comments. ;)


    Reply 2:

    Seriously, is this even an issue to debate upon. Surely more IITians are having GFs (percent wise), but so are the rest of Indian guys. It is just because the society in general is opening up.

    You remind me of the classic Rediff post where they claim left-parting hairstyles make more successful CEOs. Same logic.

    Makes a nice topic to have fun with, but hardly serious enough to rack brains on.

  23. Bigboss (comment #21), if you happen to read this:

    You sound like an IIT-M guy. Can you confirm if you are indeed one?

  24. girls getting investment savvy I guess :) the IIT brand is a good investment anyday...

  25. @Sunshine,well done sunshine,after certain stage of life,brain sucks,doesnt matter being from IIT or any other top end coll.Like NITs.and sense of humour? God i have been still hitting by my frnds for being so witty.27 through with 5 Gfs so far now ready to tie the knot with a gal picked up by my mummy!! every guy needs a gal!

  26. I think its only because of the "stability" of the IITians. I have some IITian friends with really good sense of humour, but in general girls go for brainy guys because they can make a living in any circumstances. Its not valid just for IITians, but for any well-educated guy, an IIM, ISB... any good institute

  27. Anonymous3:01 AM

    @ Ambuj...

    Nope...IIT B it is...

    but we do know each other... ;)

  28. Hi all, I am one of the primates who wanders in the jungles of IIT Kharagpur. And I AM single. The notion of Kgpians havin girlfriends in Kolkata is not accurate (unfortunately ofcourse). Actually , kgp has many guys wid kolkata as their hometown. So out of all those beings, some are fortunate enough to enjoy the proximal company of the fairer sex :).You can modify the statement to read that "If at all due to some cosmic interference, some IIT Kharagpur guy manages to have a girlfriend, chances are that she is in Kolkata"

  29. Just curious... does anyone have an IIT-ian girlfriend? :)

  30. Yup iit does help (ask me).. but does iim? (will figure out in 2 yrs and let u know)

    I wish.. (dreaming)

  31. well, this is just a witty read.. RB, I am sure you are not talking seriously..

    IIT, IIM or for that matter MIT and HBS are more of open platforms.. people can take enormous benefits from these or can not be changed at all after coming out.. there are complete rascals at these places as there are great people.. so is the case with people who do not attend these instis..

    the irony of any selection process is that there can always be type 1/2 errors.. additionally, the selection takes care of only a couple dimensions.. and if you think that there can be selection process for good human being or an indicator of success at age 18.. please pass me some of what you are smoking

    pity to those who look for stamps in relationship.. shows the maturity.. any guy/gal falling for someone who looks for stamps is not worth it.. in a kafkaesque sort of way..

    btw, the people who mattered the most to the world (or are highly successful by traditional measures) are the one who gave the colleges an altogether pass

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  33. guy mentioned above sound like a poor sod

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. a rather stupid comment coming from a seemingly intelligent person. You really cannot belittle any job - coz yours' not the best anyway... do get some origial ideas for a change.

  36. Though an exception to the clan, I was also fortunate enough to run into an IITian with a charm [:P]

    I do believe, we must give every IITian a fair chance [:)] U never know...if you are in front of that one exception who unknowingly slipped thru' the JEE - 'Joint distribution of Extremely intelligent and Exclusively pragmatic individuals' [:P]

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Many IITians have a girlfriend.

    The girls just don't know it yet :D

    And some never will! :D

    Seriously, IITians quite often end up dating those from their or other IITs. Not uncommon.

    Also, a sizable number of IITians are brilliant in a uni-dimensional way. Excellent in a few subjects, but a little lacking in the social skills and such.

    Add to that the IIT environment doesn't facilitate their mixing with the outside world (IIT-B, D, K, KGP are all little elf-contained worlds of their own), so their exposure to different types of people is not as much.

    This however can - not always - get corrected in the workplace.

  39. IIT ians fail as boy friends cos they are too technical....and girls cant get along with these creatures easily ...and the IITians dont mind it as they live in thier own world...they actually do pretty well without girfriends... Well, I am a chartered accountant and believe that our professional community do not suffer from this IIT syndrome.

  40. I have a frnd from IIT and he's a cool guy( i mean who doesnt want to be a millionaire?), grt sense of humour and icing on the cake is his brains!
    I dont think girls should have a problem and they r rare species(my frnd has a tummy at 22 not all of them) nd abt the money prospective which indian girl doesnt want to have a secured future?

  41. @bigboss

    I am curious why you choose to speak IIT-M lingo in IIT-B. You said "[...]have we not seen n number of anti-IIT posts[...]", which is typical of IIT-M. In IIT-B, the same would be said as "[...]have we not seen inf number of anti-IIT posts[...]"

  42. hhaahahahah they still pretty much the nerds... and some girls do fall for them! :)

  43. Most women marry for money. According to a survey by Prince & Associates, a Connecticut-based wealth-research firm, two-thirds of women and half of the men said they were "very" or "extremely" willing to marry for money.

    In places where girls want boyfriends who one day would be their husbands, is it surprising that they look at the boyfriends' "wealth generating potential"? Given the fact that on an average, someone who went to IIT does well than someone who didn't go there coupled with the easy diffusion of information, IITians should be in demand.

    Sense of humor works two ways: The best humor is often subtle, and if the recepient fails to look beyond the obvious, s/he would definitely not appreciate humor. IITians do "transmit" humor like non-IITians, if there aren't enough working "receptors", the defective "receptors" tend to be a little less forgiving and end up stereotyping. But then, did anyone say life has to be fair?

  44. More of Education

  45. interesting my opinion we really need to think beyond these stereotypes...and i do agree that indian society is opening up...and if indian guys and girls (IIT or non-IIT) are looking to date before marriage, maybe we can do with some education on the topic because our parents don't teach us dating at home.....

  46. If such is the case of IITan guys, what about IITan girls? Anyone has an IITan gf or an IITan female has a non-iiTan bf? (must be rare, isn't it?)

  47. I am not from IIT and dont think I ever was....nor would they have me, but I do have a a good senseless humor.

    Apun ke paas to itna sense of humor hai ke aaj kal EXPORT karta hoon..

  48. Hi
    I have two aspects to answering your question

    a) When u say IITians, they represent a specific set of engineering colleges : What i call as the 'non dreamland college' where there is a high probability that u wont find a girl : this article tells u why

    b)As for the trend of IITians getting more girls recently (as quoted by the supply chain guy) ,the penultimate paragraph of this article says it all about IITians in 2006 AD (the supply chain guy might have been there id he's from IITB)

    Do let me know ur take dear IITians

  49. haha..! who says IITians don't have girlfriends...

    6 out of 10 in my batch had girlfriends. Damn Pretty ones. The rest like us were simply too lazy and a little disinterested in the entire gimmick thing. Or we would have completed the score.

    Starting on having a girlfriend is not difficult. Treading along the path is.

    And IIT is just another college. Its not in Xion buried a kilometre inside earth.

    Nice post though, Bansal. It feels good to be under the hammer. Keeps you rooted deep.

  50. Bad Mayank, bad(elongated, ala Southpark style - Kyle's mom). It's Zion, not Xion.

    Yeah, it does feel good to be under the hammer. Ouch.


  51. IITians with GFs is not a rare phenomenon... take a stoll thru IIT Delhi and u'll realize it... within IIT there are GFs & BFs and if u visit any event, u will discover how many IITians actually have GFs from all the girls colleges in Delhi.. Makes sense... for a guy (IITian, like me... girls are rare.. (look at the pathetic ration !!) and for Girls... brand IIT spell a great future... Simple Give & take.. ;)

  52. @Ambuj Saxena : you justify the post!! :P


  53. What a crappy issue to waste your breath on when love is not a luxury many can afford.

    Rashmi, Head of a youth magazine, seems to be bitten by the 24x7 new channel bug. Kuch bhi dikhayenge, likhenge, chal hi jayega.

  54. I've been a regular reader of this blog for quite some time now and rarely have I seen such a baseless discussion going on here.. Come on guys give it a go!! It all just depends on the guys and the place they are in, I expect IIT-D to have a better ration of guys having gf comapred to may be Kgp or G coz of their location... Guys are almost the same everywhere and in most colleges, just that IIT guys don't have many chances to interact with girls so instead of this being a question of being IITian or not..
    It is the more basic question, the question of demand and supply...
    And ofcourse once you get into a premier insti, there is very less chance that you will find a gf material in such a collg.. though a fact remains that almost all the girls in such colleges are committed with guys their college...
    These are all just my observation so don't creamte me if any thing looks eroneous to you...

  55. Have been reading this blog for a while now..Some articles did seem sort of relevant..But this is complete non-sense. The Editor of a Youth Magazine writing random baseless crap and involving the name of IIT just to grab some publicity. Ms. Rashmi you seriously need to get more logical and start writing like a journalist..You say something, your magazine does the opposite..Remember your post regarding Mood I..Now talk to people in your magazine who were dying to sponsor Mood I 07..And now this article...The most pathetic form og Generalization one can find on the net...I really wish you luck for much better and sensible posts in future :)


  56. First things First, Cheers to the rare species ' IITian '.

    If the Editor's IITian friend himself says that he has a girlfriend in mumbai, that means IItians are inhabiting in the GirlsVille now..and more aptly a few lucky girls have found the best ever they could achieve. And the verdict that this IITian is the best of the lot can only be held high if the dear girlfriend of that IITian herself says that, but - one point to take note - nowadays no one is willing to settle with anything second class.

    While a few girls can make it to the league of the girlfriend of an IITian, others do so in dreams only, which is what i believe is one of the reasons for such a write-up from the editor of Just Another Magazine (may be literally too).

    And Finally, I believe the IITian friend of the writer is doing the best from 'Sense of Humour" perspective, if one understands that Humour itself is "Hum-Our". I wish him all the best for getting a job in india.

    Well, if the editor still have problems understanding these things, I can only end with this saying, and there is nothing personal about it, it just fits well.

    "Haathi Chale bazaar, Kutte Bhuke hazaar"

  57. You guys - the author and every one who commented has reduced the whole issue to a business. As if getting a GF was a status symbol and getting a BF was securing the future.
    What happened to the good ol' love??
    There is More to life than a show off GF/BF... though most iitians w/o a girl would beg to differ...
    On a honest note, it's just that girls and iitians were a disjoint set earlier with those out of the city campuses. but with newer modes of communication, better intermingling, its but obvious people would meet, fall in love (with money, status, whatever) and such posts would be written...

  58. "The bottom line is..
    ...."stable boys who will get jobs in Supply Chain Management and make good husbands someday, I think."

  59. i know of posiitons in kolkata in scm

  60. Wooooah, i am looking for an female IITian, a five point someone will surely do, with the same sense of humour

  61. i was lucky to have to have a sweetheart in IIT ! although the ratio is unfavorable, the sorroundings are very congenial for romancing ;)
    the memories of walking around the Powai lake and hiking the mountain top after a night out are the sweetest!

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. This guy's that "galz go after IIT-ians coz of their sense of humor" does reflect his sardonic sense of humor :-P

    Notwithstanding the moot point of sense of humor, one thingz for sure - IIT-ians are definitely more desirable than accountants! Sigh!

    Kitnay valentines day aaye aur gaye...par apni to haalat hai abhi bhi wohi.......
    Ki pal bhar kay liye koi humey pyaar kar lay.....JHOOTA HEE SAHEE :( :(

  64. Girls falling for IITians is as normal as them falling for the latest Bollywood sensation. It's not something they should be criticized for. It's the people around them who build images as if an IITian is a heroic combination Peter Parker (the quintessential geek), Bruce Wayne (shits money) and The Incredible Hulk ("Amma says make him angry just before bedtime").

  65. IITians having girlfriend is RARE.. like 1%
    but that's a lot of imrovement I GUESS

  66. IITans are the true boyfriends because they worked for what they should.They went in IIT amidst heavy competition,complete their rigorous 4 year under-graduate or post-graduation with a lot of work daily.So,they normally dont think about girls ,but their negligence on girls make them good boy friends because a girl can confirm that he will not look at other girl due to sheer negligence.

  67. Fact is that even today most-IITians don't have gf's (boy:girl ratio is approx 10/15:1 :() the no of IIT'ian with gf may be increased..but that is due to cultural changes in India ,nthing specific to IIT's

  68. It was only an imagination till 2006, the year I passed, I dont know if scenario has changed now.....but I do know that girlfriendsville is a place where an IITian would very much like to frequent but he wont be able to bear the dwellers of this place......the finickiness of girls about things that IITians dont even notice........and girls be beware of the sense of humour of IITians, its one of the best in world but its leg-pulling nature can be too much for you.....most of the girls I have met cant stand it......and the list of the reasons for incompatibility of IITians and girls is very long, being an insider I know it and you can further generalize these reasons by replacing IITian by engineer.

  69. @Pulkit :Situation is the same. Awesomely summed up. Females get pained all the time for that lil extra dose of humour. :P

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  75. IITians generally don't like all that 'bandiyaap' characteristics as they are the people with logic and point to point talking..
    All that butter talks often perceived by girls as romantic dialogues just kinda disgust them..
    The thing is girls with brains and logic application behavior are rather hard to find... Though there are some of these type of girls (VOILA !!) in IIT's themselves..
    So one would see that a lot of IITian girls are in relationship with IITian guys (Ya coz they are charming ;) )...
    While due to the odd girls:boys ratio, most of the guys either lose interest in girls for the duration of the graduation or some lucky ones find their matches outside or some other desperate ones leave their likes aside just for experiencing what this whole BF/GF thing is all about.. (Coz most of the IITians hadnt enjoyed their high school times they have actually never had a girlfriend experience)

    P.S.- U must hav guessed it by now, But still, to an IIT i belong..

  76. Well lets come to the point..
    IITians are the best gals can EVER get..
    Be it money,looks,intelligence or anything !!!
    And There's nothing wrong in a gal being attarcted towards such a "divine" species..
    Of all the UGs in the world,the author chose IITians to write on itself speaks volumes in favour of IITians..
    and yeah, There are Good Gals in IITs.. Physical Appearance, of course.
    And the guy who said IITians dont get enough exposure doesnt knw ANY thing about IITs..
    I know IITians who are better in any given field than Noniitians i know..

  77. @ vishal , you seem desperate to win a girl with your comment :P. Dont worry I do not blame you . I agree IITians think a bit more than normal junta and have the right exposure during their stay at IIT but you seem to go to the extent of idolizing them (which includes you too btw)
    Also the only reason IITians fall for girls (a bit too) easily can be blamed to such abysmal gender ratio's that it would make Antarctica look more populated.This lack of exposure of how to handle the opposite sex makes us easy prey in the real world (:o). Girls that's the reason why reason fall into your hands that easily (no offense meant ) . Btw iam an iitian too :)

  78. Girls Like FPS
    and other ones CB books too why?

    1800 technical colleges in INDIA
    Each One Of Them knows the value of A boy from IIT
    Obviously the girls from non iit colleges are desperate for IIT guys

    i am saying that i am myself from a tier 3 enginnering college in kanpur
    and the girls are crazy after them
    and i know IIT guys get at least one offer per month for friendship in GTLAK ;i mean real one::::::::
    what else every middle class parent want their daughter to get apartn from a stable life
    true now a days; really true now a days
    lakhs of underpaid or unpaid engineers are out there:

    my own experience
    the girl i was crazy after never gave a "schitt" to my intellect

    but was in "deep friendship
    " with IIT guys
    i know this since i somehow guessed her IM PASSWORD and read all her chat histories


    i even don't have courage to approach girls who have the even one contact IN IIT
    as i know
    IIT guys a are better than any other techie guys in the nation
    really better

    NON IIT GUYS WITH GIRLFRIENDsss also feel envy and unsafe once they even smell that the girl got a friend request from an IIT guy on ORKUT/FB

    this is latest news


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