Friday, February 22, 2008

Oops he did it again!

I first saw this video on the TV unit of the treadmill in my gym. There was no sound, only visuals and this is what it looked like:

A man in a Greek lungi and Jesus-like hair, complete with crown of thorns, showing off a scrawny, Wipro babysoft chest. ("I know Mummy, I really should have had my Horlicks!")

So I came home and searched for it on Youtube. The song is called 'Soona Soona' and it's from his new semi-classical album. The video is described as 'Krishna meets Christ meets Eros' (which explains the peacock feather on his back I guess!).

I just don't see this taking off... Once again, the guy who is so good at Bollywood side of his career is making a hash of it by trying too hard. Semi classical + Soft romance + Corny costumes is like Paratha eaten with Strawberry and Vinegar.

In effect it's one of those vanity albums which won't sell but will have people nodding, arre yeh to classical bhi accha gaata hai. Is liye kapde pehen kar bhi gaya ja sakta tha!

Then there's Amit Sana (the guy who lost to Abhijit Sawant in the Indian Idol finals some years ago). He's out with a new song, imaginatively titled Yaadein, and a new image to go with it. The nerd look is replaced with contact lenses and shoulder length locks. Yep, long hair is the killer makeover option for any and all young Indian men these days.

Anyhow, on a first listen the song was okay - not too memorable but he sings well. Trouble is it's all too dark. See the girl hasn't just left the guy - she's left this world. And they tell us how, in the video.

They're in this under-construction building. He puts a blindfold for her (how smart is that!). She is laughing one moment and the next oops! The babe has fallen right off...

Actually, it's like one of my worst nightmares come true. So many times I shuddered at the thought of walking out of the human-size slit in the wall right next to my room in dorm 11 @ IIMA.

Getting back to the song, it's neither a feel-good love song or a 'Woh Lamhe' which is essentially a dance number with lovey dovey lyrics. This is aaaaargh main lut gaya...

Enough said. Back to the treadmill for now!


  1. U r right. I dunno why SonuNigam does it again n again. If u remember he also tried to do a movie sometime back. God !!! Plz save this wannabe.(uughhhhh...)
    Somebody plz tell him to carryon with singing and to stop being the Judge on every music show.

    And Amit Sana I couldnt care less about whatevr he does. His fame was over with Indian Idol.

  2. Hey Rashmi..

    well.. i do like sonu nigam's new album .. its very well done and melodious fusion.. and one can definitely not doubt the fact that he is a superb singer.. where he fucks it all up is by doing his wannabe vedio's maybe if he is more human then he can make these genuinely be appreciated.. most people just get put off by the vedio itself to not even try listening to his album which is good..
    Also as far as sa re ga ma pa lil champs and his judging is concerned i think he is an extremely grounded person wen it comes to singing and he is a definite good teacher and encourager of those young ones.. so i think hes doing a good job on that one atleast..

    Amit sana.. well i dnt blame him if in this mad competitive world even he had to try and dawn the i m the cool yo look .. the song yaadein gets lost because it seems very run on the mill the entire topic treatment of the song.. so how well he sings kind of gets lost..

    feel that they all should be natural and they automatically would work but incase of amit sana i guess its also a difficult task when u r struggling to rise.. then u r at the hands of the music companies who obviously use their stupid brains to figure out the trends and do a bad pepsi kind of judgement of the young called YOUNGISTAN.. :D

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  4. Hi Rashmi.

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  5. hahaha...amit sana does not have the physique to carry long hair..he looks so malnourished.

  6. i completely agree with u regarding synopsis of both the wot hurts most is to look at sonu nigam n see his desperation...u could have been more devastating in ur comments...i mean to say i dnt understand classical atleast i knw music is sumthing which feels nice to ears...and dis sonu song really goes haywire...i m sorry to say bt my fav singer has come out with his most pathetic number...

  7. I must say that you are cynicism to its best. There are someone out there who are trying to experiment with the medium. Tell different stories than the usual boy meets girl. Why can someone be courageous enough to have Danise Clark play percussions on a semi classical song? Why can some Eros meet Krishna? Why can there be stronger mythologies blended into a concept? Why does a Sonu be the same Sonu all the time. Its not about showing his bare body. Its a larger concept we all miss since we are out there to hound on anyone who wants to do things differently in this country.
    And this is the prime reason why we continue to have the same old cliches hounding us day and night on the channels because our audience is so avert to experimentation! If you see the video with an open mind, its no less than a U2 Losing one's religion... Its incredible how the director has managed to get the myth of Krishna blend so seamlessly with that of Eros and make the concept so universal just like music which has no space or time to itself.
    I am sorry if you find my words a little harsh, but I happened to have visited your blog through the links and I was very surprised to read your feedback... If the intellectual bunch of this country is so closed to accepting change, how can we blame the common man?

  8. well guys i agree with most of u here... i mean mr nigam has certainly got the talent but he is taking a risk by doing something never done in the music video genre in india. nways i hope the songs are as cool as this one here

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