Friday, December 01, 2006

Sorry state

A customer is unhappy with your service. Do you instantly say sorry and promise to look into the matter? Or do you promise to look into the matter and then decide whether you really owe an apology?

A smart company would go for option 1. But that doesn't always happen, does it? Govind has a take on customer relations after a less than satisfactory experience with Jet Airways.


  1. I agree India is changing by the day. But since the retail sector is so ridiculously fragmented, the word 'Sorry' is never uttered by the Seller. Although I have seen at big corps but still seldomnly.

    Indian working class needs to get in to a mind-set that when they utter the word 'sorry' on behalf of the company, it is not self dis-respect, they are doing the company and themselves a favor.

    I can tell this attitude will take some time - 'Delhi doooooooor hein'

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  3. the biggest names in the business are guilty of pathetically low and indifferent standards of customer service.

    nokia. who refused to exchange a handset after fitting a wrong battery on it, when it was within warranty. i had to use my contacts at the highest level in order to get a handset replaced.
    but how many can do that ?
    later, i sent them a four page e mail with detailed feedback on what was wrong with their customer service and how they could remedy it including details like the fact that their counter staff didnt even wear name badges so how on earth could we identify who had spoken to us ? things havent changed, but.
    recently, i argued for over 20 minutes with so called "customer care associates" on the nokia helpline which is an STD call - against their so called company policy which didnt allow me to exchange a brand new sealed handset for one with a better display - a requirement for my old parents. in disgust and after slamming the phone down on their indifference, i went back to the retailer who exchanged it without a murmur. not only did i upgrade the handset, i switched to samsung.
    another pathetic version of customer care exists at HDFC bank who steadfastly refuses to change the billing cycle dates on my credit card.

    on the other hand, hutch and american express never cease to amaze me with their helpfulness, politeness and willingness to do what they can in order to help me.

    emphasis on this vital aspect of business is a function of top management involvement. its plain as day where it matters and where it doesnt !!!

    11:36 AM

  4. well normally after checking up, Jet does a pretty good job of making it up to the complainant.

  5. hiiiiiiiii
    this is syed imran from mumbai
    very excellent

  6. Anonymous1:07 AM

    More often than not, the companies may neither say sorry nor promise to look into the matter! On the other hand, they may even argue with you about the lack of care and caution on your part. And, even if they promise to look into the matter, it remains a promise only and is not translated into action unless you keep reminding them. I have had experience of having to complain upto 50 times in a period of 10 days! Yet no action. So, ultimately I had to close that particular service. I have had similar other experiences.

  7. Education instead of enlightening is creating arrogance in CRE and managers. But they forgat that today you can nit dupe a customer and get away with it. Some where or the other it gets reflected in your Brand Equity.


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