Thursday, December 07, 2006

JAM Engineering Survey - Topics for Write ups

Thanks to all those who sent in write ups on their respective branches. All six of you. Yes, we still have a very long way to go. We need write ups for the following branches:

- Aerospace Engineering
- Agricultural Engineering
- Architectural Engineering
- Automotive Engineering
- Ceramic Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Computer Engineering (in any college outside Maharashtra)
- Electrical Engineering
- Electronics Engineering
- Electronics and Telecom Environmental Engineering
- Industrial Engineering
- Instrumentation Engineering
- Information Technology
- Manufacturing Engineering
- Marine Engineering
- Materials Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Mining Engineering
- Nuclear Engineering
- Ocean Engineering
- Transportation Engineering
- Petro-chemical engineering

The articles we require are anything from 400-800 words, depending on how much you have to say! Once you express an interest in writing about a particular branch, we'll send you guidelines which give you an idea of the tone and content required.

We'd also like write ups on the following :
- Choosing which IIT to join
- Choosing which NIT to join
- Choosing an offbeat program in an IIT eg 5 year programs/ integrated courses/ humanities etc

Here, we'd like many different people to narrate their experiences and views. As there can be no 'right' answer.

Lastly, we would like write ups from every state on the peculiarities of the admission procedure. And any other things specific to studying engineering in that state.

As always, drop me a line at


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Tht's sourcing journalism.

  2. i can not locate Chemical Engg. in your list.
    Is transport Engg differ than Automotive Engg.
    Marine and ocean Engg, arnt both same.
    Nuclear Engg. is not offered at graduation level

  3. Whoa!
    U shud do the ditto for Media Studies...
    And then maybe I could write about

    "Radio Station CD PLayer Engineering" - The Smack Down!

  4. Just heard about the police case thing. My sympathies are with you.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Rashmi whatz happening??
    just read Gaurav's blog about the controversy. howz everything at ur end?
    just be strong!

  7. hey rashmi

    whats happening at your end ... our (your blog reader) support are always with you, let us know if you need any help from us...

    Wish you back to world of free speach

  8. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I like your blog

  9. Anonymous5:02 AM

    You are totally beyond repair. And if you indeed are representing some common body - ALL of you are TOTALLY beyond repair.

    Is this what you train for? Is this what you study?

    > Hope to see you back where you belong - behind bars.

    i sincerely hope you get to be what you deserve to be - unemployed for life.

    P.S - For chrissake stop shamelessly playing the dalit card

  10. Can we get paid for the articles.

  11. Anonymous8:12 PM


    I like the way u write

  12. can anybody tell whats exactly happened? any links will do for me. i am not aware of the controversy!!
    Do post some link here where i can get the whole picture.

  13. Dear Rashmi,

    We heard the news, it was funny as hell. We are circulating it to all our friends.

    We like your magazine and your blog. You can count on us. Although we would like to, we wouldn't advise you to go completely nuts on these people, not just yet.

    Always faithfully yours,
    Several millions of us.

  14. Anonymous6:42 PM


  15. I hope this difficult time would pass soon. Be strong, We are with you

  16. Hi Rashmi,

    Dont worry, you have done no wrong.

    BTW, freedom of speech/expression/do whatever they like, is a right that is exclusively for Muslims, not us.

  17. well, If no one has still not turned up for Electrical Engineering, I may write one. So, pl brief me up.


  18. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I will use your blog for expanding the engineering knowledge in my business.
    thanks . Appreciate for you.

  19. i'm mostly interested in Marine Engineering... i'm looking forward to reading from you guys. thanks in advance.
    National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association

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