Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Anything for you, Ma'am?" No thanks!

IIT may be the best thing invented in India since Punjabi malai paneer. And IITians the yummiest graduate students on the planet. They might be scrumptious partners at venture funded nanotech firms. Even finger lickin' good investment bankers.

But they should stop writing books. Especially books about IIT and IITians.

I mean granted, Chetan Bhagat pulled it off. But he was the first - there was novelty. More of the same starts tasting like a samosa made from yesterday's bhaji, fried in utra hua tel.

Besides, Chetan Bhagat may not have had too much style but his characters were well defined. As were their conflicts. The plot of 'Five Point Someone' was a bit far fetched, but not completely unbelievable.

The description of hostel life - and IIT in general - was well-sketched. And the idea of a guy who made it to such an institute and still felt like a 'loser' touched a chord with a whole lot of junta.

OK, to get to the point: 'Anything for you, ma'am' is a book written by Tushar Raheja, a 4th year B Tech student of IIT Delhi. The book is sub titled:"An IITians Love story" and that's all that occupies our hero Tejas Narula for 274 pages. How to somehow bunk the annual Industrial Tour and sneak off to meet his lady love in Chennai.

October this year
It was a typical October afternoon. I like this month the most. There's a cool breeze all over the place.

Yes, this is how it starts. And this is one of the deepest moments of the book..

I was speechless, again. She was right after all. If it was fun I was looking for, I better do that. But what am I looking for exactly, I thought. And the answer came to me in no time. A nice girl who loves me. I knew that. I mean I could never be happy with superficial relations with cheap girls.

Ah, I wonder if this is something of an IIT credo or more a case of sour grapes :) I mean jab ladkiyon ke upar line maarne ke mauke hi itne kam milte hain, given the sex ratio on campus, it's not hard to take the high moral ground.

On the other hand, I guess the author himself is so young.. maybe he didn't want to get into trouble at his own home, by suggesting otherwise!

I do wish I could offer some words of kind encouragement but the strange, self important style, non-existent plot, and string of crappy coincidences in the last 20 pages leave no room for that.

Truth be told, I rapidly skipped through to the end after about 75 pages. Really sloppy editing (assuming there was an editor in the first place!)

OK - one positive though irrelevant point. The idea of an attached bookmark, sponsored by Career Launcher was a nice 'marketing' touch.

Well, more than Tushar I'd say his publishers are to blame. Thinking 'Five Point Someone' bika, toh yeh bhi chal jayega they went ahed and released the book. As if there is a new market called "IIT-lit" at the price point of Rs 100.

Sorry Tushar - I am sure you will be excellent at all the regular IIT things. And your book may be bad but we forgive you coz you obviously wrote it yourself. Unlike you know who...!

P.S. Amazingly, Anything for You.. got a glowing review in the Hindu where gasp! it is described as "one of the funniest books in recent times". And compared to the 'breezy style' of P G Wodehouse.

Wonder if we both read the same book!

Methinks the bhoot of P G Wodehouse may now start roaming through IITs, to scare away any other potential authors on campus... Now there's a silly idea for the next edition of the Darna Mana hai series from RGV!


  1. Dude,
    That was a nicely written critique. The only thing that struck a sad note was the fact that the Hindu made such an error of judgement.
    Well, as the line goes.."Anything's possible"..

  2. I am thinking of writing a book too! :)

  3. Rashmi,
    I usually do like your posts but was taken aback a little by your unnecessary potshot at Kaavya.
    It actually reminded me of a similar, cheap potshot at Kaavya by our very 'original' Shobha De who made a really pathetic attempt at sympathising with Kaavya and how her publishers manipulated her.

  4. This is intriguing. How did a book review turn into a 'lets take potshots at IITians' session?

  5. IIT-Lit.. i agree on tht... Actually ppl r so hooked 2 the IIT brand tht nethin 4m tht stable, becomes a rage...

  6. i think its the enginerr-turned-bpo employees who are turning to reading in a bog way for whom these books are meant

  7. i read the hindu book review last sunday and asked the book shop guy in my company to get me the book.. now am wondering if i should actually read it..!!

  8. Well I actually bought the around 100 pages and gave it up..the writing is very mediocre...

  9. i donno abt the book but loved ur posts and so have i linked it to my blog.

  10. Ahh another 1 in the series of Lets bash the IITians :P
    The book aint bad as u say , Wat i dont get is why every1 keeps cribbing about the way Chetan bhagat or this guy wrote and still became a bestseller.
    I guess the "General" public likes it instead of hardcore novel readers..In the end its the numbers that matters :)

  11. why only iitian authors...? even students from other collges too can write books..mebbe i too must try my hand at writing

  12. i loved the book too.. your article reflects bias against IITians... found the book real funny..

  13. The Hindu..haa haa haa. If the Hindu is bad at one thing, that reviews, be it a movie or a book or for that matter World Cup football. I have not read the book myself, but remember the bad review that Hindu gave to A.R Rahman's music score for the movie Bombay.

  14. Apart from the fact that I really loved the book, I see the review is extremely poorly done. Rashmi, who is an Editor should do better with reviews. There is no objectivity and potrays the reviewer as a frustrated unpublished wannabe. I am no blogger, had to create a profile as I strongly cricticse the review and equally, if not more, strongly recommend the book. And dear Rashmi, there are some things that are not suited to one's palate, one can not review them adequately as you showed. Readers like you should give the book a miss and give a miss you should to your pompous reviews too. Or else inventive writing would be given a miss by starved readers, who I see are influenced by irresponsible Bloggers.

  15. The problem with the world around is they can't see iitians do whteva they want... Atleast not love.. and why - coz you should have 50% sex ratio and ready-to-ramp-walk babes in your class to let the little organ tickle.. Thats what Miss Rashmi seems to suggest..
    PS: Mr. Tushar Raheja - please change your beliefs about love, coz morality isn't so natural to many ppl around.

  16. Well said Life...An extremely distasteful aricle. Wonder they should have censors for blogging. The comments about girls by the lady and about IIT are obnoxious, and do little to attract "fresh writing talent" that the lady advertises at the top of the page.

  17. dear badreview are you by any chance from IIPM..Because you are using language like students of that esteemed institute.


    Rashmi must have done a lot of them during her useful stint at IIM... there she learnt how to market poor written blogs well!

    well everybody is entitled to have an opinion about the book... as for me, i liked the lightness and the romance of the book... i also feel that there was a heavy dose of coincidences and some heavy description... it depends on individual tastes and choice...

    and Rashmi has her own tastes...
    she writes a "review"... and she criticises the book... very well...
    but how?????

    1. October this year
    It was a typical October afternoon. I like this month the most. There's a cool breeze all over the place.

    Yes, this is how it starts. And this is one of the deepest moments of the book..

    Well rashmi... u certainly skipped many pages... u missed the wonderful roof top dinner...
    u missed the heart-felt talk which tejas had with his elder sister...

    Forgotten, eh???... or the IIM studies and "morality" discussions have eaten up your emotional and romantic quotient?

    Tell me Rashmi... have u ever been to a romantic dinner... once in life? have u ever had deep talks with someone close? No? well tabhi i guess....

    2. Coming to morality vs. choice issue

    Ah, I wonder if this is something of an IIT credo or more a case of sour grapes :) I mean jab ladkiyon ke upar line maarne ke mauke hi itne kam milte hain, given the sex ratio on campus, it's not hard to take the high moral ground."

    kya masala stuff likha hai!!!
    why did u write this rashmi??? just to get more number of website hits??

    Rashmi believes that morality is either due to highly skewed sex ratio or the fear of parents...
    This means that a person with parents living far away and having a nice working environment of a pleasant sex ratio finds it hard to take the "high moral ground".

    RUBBISH... morality comes for within... baaki sab bahaane hai... excuses...these choices and parental fear stuff...

    i mean no personal assault on rashmi... but this is how her brain works!!!
    Do these ideas of morality exist at IIM??? tell me.. coz i am giving CAT next year... how is the sex ratio there mam??? i wud be living far away from my parents..... and a good sex-ratio may weaken my morals.....

    And the mention of IIM comes in my comment often.... no hard feelings for IIM... even i wanna be there....but me being an alumnus of IIT cannot stand the baseless IIT bashing...

    "But they should stop writing books. Especially books about IIT and IITians. "

    One thing more rashmi... continue to write such crappy stuff on this blog... it will surely bring more and more ppl on ur website... some may agree and many wont agree ... but this will help quite a lot:

    1. Marketing of "anything for u mam" - being discussed and badmouthed is better than not to be discussed at all.

    2. the pic of the book cover is one nice advertisement stuff...

    3. many commentators who claim that "even i can write a book" will take heart that writers like u exist.

    4. Career launcher gets more publicity.

    well... i heard about a rashmi bansal of JAM... never read her... never got accross her things... but she seems to be disappointing... i hope i had some good words for her... will have to read a lot of well written stuff from her to change my opinion!

  19. Dear Babbar
    This blog had already become a page for personal bashing, after Rashmi's insipid attack on the auhtor. You do well to carry forward the trend. How does it matter if I am from IIPM or not?

  20. This is just superiority complex of iitians .. just because Rashmi has adverse opinion of a book from an iitian..All IITians are thinking insecure. Top Gun is no different.. I think after staying in IIT jungle ..he is forgetting human decency..

  21. I m not from IIT and i still say the Review is simply wrong and too damn harsh.
    What i fail to understand is why some writers who write in a simple nice funny manner are usually tagged with the Label of being incapable of being good writer.
    In case most of Critics forgot , Simplicity is the always the top requirement of a good writing style.

    P.s:Doing personal attacks on any1 is not a right thing.Please avoid that.

  22. neither am I from IIT.. n someone tries to tag me IIPM.. dunno how..with push button publishing everyone is a critic these days..and simplicity is the best..n i thought that the book had a nice unique flow n style..anyways the book is doing well and that speaks for itself..teksons has it in bestseller list..

  23. forget all crappy comments n reviews.. read the book on ur own n find out wat a treat it is...loved every second of it..

  24. Writing is Ok. IIT too is OK (Ok, Great!). But sell your writing on the write up's worth. But here it seems the book is sweetened by the 'IIT's love story' tag. I guess this was Rashmi's point to be conveyed.

  25. hi babbar sher... bash up iit if u have a valid point... if u dont... u shud have the decency to be bashed up...

    the "jungle (iit)" boy
    neways thanx for the name....

    P.S. I feel rashmi should respond to the comments to make this a discussion... that way we will know that she didnt write the "review" in a fit of frustration, and she sincerely believes in what she said... just blurting out some words without giving explanations and justifications is unprofessional... we all would like to discuss this... right people?
    Right Rashmi?

  26. Top Gun..Your language shows who is decent and who is not..I rest my argument..

  27. yeah babbar sher.... with due respect... if this how u want me to say...

    u should definitely rest your case... because u have already said:

    This is just superiority complex of iitians ....
    ...All IITians are thinking insecure....
    ....after staying in IIT jungle.....

    u have seriously spoken too much with your "baseless" decency... definitely rest ur case... u hit someone and dont expect the person to shout!!!

    anyways we should nto divert form the topic... which is about the novel - anything for u mam...

    i hope i dint sound indecent this time!!! as i dint intend this time and the previous times too.. its just when someone puts his point with a stomp... people feel that one is slinging mud!

  28. Babbar, you talking about decency doesnt sound nice. Making fun of institutions yourself..anyways.. TopGun, I feel is bang on. And lady Rashmi should reply here, who has been the most indecent of the lot. I read another review of the book in DT. Fantastic again.

  29. well Rashmi, two things in your review seems noticeable to me -

    1. you especially notice the marketing effort gone into anything. this is evident also in your Krishh article. now can we brand this as a remnant of your IIM days, where you notice the marketing effort and not the the fact all you sell is soap and salt ... nothing wrong in doing that, but a parchoon wallah also does that, and you will turn up your nose at this association, no doubt

    2. how long will you keep trying to justify your not getting into IIT ? it is OK to not enter IIT. you are allowed to do that, and not keep justifying till the end of your life.

  30. If someone knows Miss Rashmi personally, could he/she ask her to comment back to so many responses she has got. Or else she better remove this section. But I guess ma'am knows its not "good marketing"

  31. Well miss I think you're being a little too hard on the poor guy.. Agreed that the book wasn't exactly a 'blast' but then it wasn't that bad either...

    Being an editor yourself, you're taking to peices, when actually it's supposed to be plain simple fun. The author probably thought to himself why he couldn't write a book when others like him already had (specially when they did well..). Anyway, the point being, if you compare the book to maybe the Alchemist, yes it seems a little out of bounds...

    Either way, happy reading to all :)

  32. hahahahahaha----------

  33. iitians with just a bit of extra confidence and knowledge are still normal people...
    and like everybody conscience and morality play an important role in our decisions watever is the case........
    iitians dont have any superiority complex or insecure feelings....its only that other people feel a bit inferior to iitians....
    as far as the book is considered it is a complete timepass...the life of an iitian described in both '5point someone' and 'anything for u maam' do not reflect a general iitians only gives you insight of life of a few iitians and it also doesnot reflect the life and conditions of a normal indian thats why the book may not interest a few people.........

  34. neat review. not yet read the book, but i did flick through it, and what i did see, just felt too flaky. i shall deign to trust your opinion rather than that of the many *extremely* ineloquent ones who'v posted theirs.

  35. Got this book as a gift, and that too after my repeated requests. One word to wrap it up -- "Cheap", wonder my IIT days wud never have been this way, mediocre writing -- "Repetitive usage of first person tenses", most importantly sloppy editing, am now forced to read the whole book since I have it, but for others, an easy pick to let go !!!!

  36. agreed! bad writing, combined with an entirely melodramatic set of characters. But there's no need to be so harsh with the Mr. Raheja, he just wrote a book! " But IITians should stop writing books." .. .seriously, what crap!

  37. girl..i just want to comment on one thing..about the price, i think it is quite a sensible move.. People will just pick up the book n will not think twice about price.. And incase if u didnt know..this book has sold nearly 20,000 copies in a single year.. How do I know this..well.. My book is all set to be released by the same publishers..

  38. Hi Rashmi,

    I love writing but haven't indulged much in it for a while now. I have my own blog ( but haven't been able to find any inspiration to update it for sometime. I'm looking for any freelance opportunities. Would appreciate if you let me know of any window to reignite my interest for writing.

    Thanks :o)

  39. Anonymous12:52 AM

    hii thr

    well afrnd of mine suggested me this book...

    neway,,,this is such a goddamn crappy book...
    iv never read nething as bad as this one...


  40. hey i likes the cricts but ... having read the book its the only one even near to five piont someone in todays times... i also read above average and love both by iitan authors and they could be rated as the crappiest of all in terms of entertainment ....that atleast this book provides you with... thumbs up to tusahr raheja ... hes done a fairly good job as a rookie...

  41. i think the book was not too bad...
    the kind of language he used was that every college srtudent will enjoy...
    although these much of coincidences were stange but it was a story yaar its a fiction and stories are to enjoy....
    i think the book was good,interesting and enjoyable....
    it was not as bad as u said... at some point of time i also agree with ur critics but its jst that it need some improvements but to say that it was not good is itself not correct..... i like and enjoy "anything for u ma'am"....

  42. you know wat...some times reaidng ur comments its quite difficult to decide a gud book or not...but it looks might not be a very gud book for hardcore readers..but might be a light book for general one of the guys said..mass matters...and its clear it s a hit for itians...wel actually th reson is one or the character of the book or the events reminds the reader fo his days i the colg..actually this is wat happene whe i was reading 5.somoone..and this is wat i got from all the readers know personally..but if somebody seriously wanna tak abt it..mail me at hope i get this book in maurtius. and really...let me tell u one more grandmother was a renowned writer in india.. and i learnt something from her even writing a bad book is not easy and let me tel u...just to get a book in the mind of reader is not easy....
    hope i get a mail from someone who really is a admirer of this book world..we hav in u knw nowadays..very few gud books to read

  43. i think the review was more entertaining than the book, really slick and crisp.le li.. :)
    i think everyone's entitled to an opinion, if you have a problem dont read the all those with censorship aSSpirations should fuck off.

  44. Whatever whatever. I liked the book very much. I t was indded one of the nice book i have come across. It was easy for me to understand cause most of the examples which he has given in the book are from music industries famous artist like great Louis armstring song -- what a wonderful world, Sir paul macartney - Hope of deliverance Like cehtan bhagat had in his book from Pink floyd etc. it seems like he was inspired by lot of western music. Thats what one can think of after going through out his book. I loved it.
    A class act cheers to you mr.tushar raheja

  45. Babita............

    it is the first book which i read in my life. it is an interesting book it made me to read other books in my life.

  46. rashmi i mst say i do agree wid mst of d things u rote in ur review(if we can cal it dat) dunno hw....i still liked d buk...its dis crappy piece of of riting dat sumhw clicked wid me...mayb coz i a diehard romantic..

  47. i really dono which way to go. intially i like the book a bit, but as i proceeds it got crap and crapper.literature wise if author him self really respect the art of writing, then he he must read it by himself. he won't attempt to write again.

  48. Anonymous9:11 AM

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